Verde Bianco Rosso

Unlimited Verde Bianco Rosso - by Billy London - Verde Bianco Rosso, Verde Bianco Rosso Widow Sister Mother All those labels hung from Emmanuella Harrison like the A of shame After so many years of playing it straight she d forgotten who the real Ella was Sometimes whenever she manage
  • Title: Verde Bianco Rosso
  • Author: Billy London
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Verde Bianco Rosso - by Billy London, Verde Bianco Rosso, Billy London, Verde Bianco Rosso Widow Sister Mother All those labels hung from Emmanuella Harrison like the A of shame After so many years of playing it straight she d forgotten who the real Ella was Sometimes whenever she managed to make the severe Durante Da Canaveze smile the sparkle of the woman she d been a long time ago ignited in her But the Mother label needed to be first and foremostWidow Sister M Unlimited Verde Bianco Rosso - by Billy London - Verde Bianco Rosso, Verde Bianco Rosso Widow Sister Mother All those labels hung from Emmanuella Harrison like the A of shame After so many years of playing it straight she d forgotten who the real Ella was Sometimes whenever she manage

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  • Unlimited Verde Bianco Rosso - by Billy London
    431 Billy London
Verde Bianco Rosso

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  1. Ah, poor Billy The only girl between two boys who each have nearly a foot on her Didn t stop her from starting physical fights with them She still thinks she can take them So while she used to hide away in her wardrobe to read a book or four, she started to question why the heroines in those books would just lie there and take it No, not just sex, but downright James Bond backhand slapping, do as you re told woman, inappropriate lie there and take it She couldn t understand it These women were just playing that mental woman from Coming to America, Miss Whatever You Like who barked like a dog and hopped on one foot Billy didn t want to do that Definitely not because one empty headed fool with different anatomy told her to So she started to create characters and worlds where the women could own their sexuality, their intelligence, their right to turn around and say jog on, mate without apology The small problem was that other people wanted to read what she was had written Erwhy didn t cut it as an answer After years of prodding and pleading and come on and for goodness sake, what s the point otherwise, she closed her eyes and pressed submit Actually, she had Prosecco, limencello and white wine, then pressed submit Who would have thought people would actually enjoy reading about the crazy characters who live in her head But they have done, and Billy feels rather proud of that connection with her fellow man Billy lives in London with the most patient family in the world and doesn t forget for a minute how lucky she is Well, she wouldn t mind a BBC adaptation of one of her novels Ooh, with Richard Armitage

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  1. At first, I was really captivated by this story But then, I ran into some significant lag at the 70% mark After that, this story lost its mojo, just didn t have the same zing that Ms London s novels used to have As a matter of fact, the drama that occurred in the last 10 15% of the story, just felt rushed and half done.I expected better, and as a reader with an itchy 1 click finger, I should have gotten better than what I was given.Giving this one 2.75 stars

  2. I just love, love, love the Italian Knight series so much My very first book by author Billy London was Windows which is Book 1 of the series.Widow Emmanuella Harrison aka Ella came to Tuscany, escaping the suffrage of her immediate family to set up home and shop for her and her son Rufus Oftentimes it s good to change scenery especially when a betrayal so deep causes you to question your entire family and when your sister was sleeping with the now dead husband, so the best thing to do is put an [...]

  3. I finished this book right before going to bed I might or might not had a dream featuring Duranteoh my No time for a long ass review, but will leave you with some random thoughts I loved that, again, Billy proved that mature couples make great romance reads Loved Ella and Durante She was nutty, and he the calm to her crazy I liked that the personalities of the characters were captured in the tone and cadance of the narrative And Durante that name is so on point On the side characters I like how [...]

  4. I was so excited to read this book Durante made an appearance in A life Sublime He was described as Nick and Paul s hot uncle I loved the dynamic and chemistry between Durante and Ella This is a story of finding love when you have so much baggage and demons that will not allow you to lay them to rest The supporting characters added to the story You are introduced to Ella, her son Rufus and her crazy family in London I loved that Rufus was a miniature Ella, in his frankness It s like God s cosmic [...]

  5. 4.5 StarsThis story gets back to why I loved The Italian Knights series to begin with It s romance meets Mr Mrs Smith I fucking laughed til I had tears in my eyes I can t stand a precocious child, but with a name like Rufus, all is forgiven Ella Harrison one of these names is my own is a semi grieving widow who has sorta fled to Italy to get her mind right after her husband s untimely death I initially did not like Ella after she appeared to have abandoned her son with her overbearing mother, bu [...]

  6. It was a really nice read Reminded me some of that movie with Diane Lane, Under the Tuscan Sun.I was a really good story, the stuff at the ending had me like wha Like it was pulled out of the blue This is my frist book on the saga, so it might be that.Some things also felt rushed and just very quickly set on stone Other than that I kept confusing who said what.Recommended who like their romance mature not in the sexual way there is a bit of that yes , in the older 30 something mother second chan [...]

  7. I truly enjoy this series This installment was no exception Durante and Ella make a great couple They both are the sums of their past, but have remade themselves into the beings they are presently Add in Rufus and Arlo and a family is made My only dislike was that there wasn t much family action until the end of the book The other books were filled with the animosities between the families involved Still love the series.

  8. 4.5 stars Really enjoyed this one.Starting to appreciate a good romance with older characters.ess that comes with age but I loved Durante and Ella Rufus and Arlo were just like real brothers and loved each other as such.Rufus just was too smart for his own goodlolbut that Angela.

  9. Love this seriesThis book falls in line with the series perfectly, though I often have a hard time understanding what is being said, I work it out I loved that it is written the way they speak Nothing made up or falsely added, but perfectly British This is a fun book, with romance and some added violence, just how I like.

  10. Love it.This book was a great addition to this series I was wondering what happen to Durante Now it got me wondering what Ema did before she married David What s going to happen to Arlo next I wonder.

  11. The latest Italian Knights book, showcase Durante and Ella Both in their 40 s and learning to live in the now rather than in the past Not letting the past define who they are Another wonderful look at second chances and love at a later age.

  12. Enjoyed it This was a good book The book before it was much better, but this was really good too.I m glad I was able to meet the brother and learned about him and his lady Great read and great writing.

  13. PrimeWelcome back ms london I ve terribly missed you Ella was a beast total surprise and her son was bout some business not a whimpering wuss I just loved the daily as a whole I don t think you can top this one but I will gladly read any other efforts

  14. I did not expect to love this book, but I did I guess I m getting to the age where I appreciate a good romance with older characters.

  15. A true Knights FanI love this series This was a great next addition to the series I can t give it enough thumbs up Please keep them coming

  16. RossoAnother well written novel from Billy I didn t even want to put it down I just finished this book This book made me laugh out loud and want I m happy Well done

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