Shadow's Blade

[PDF] Shadow's Blade | by ✓ David B. Coe - Shadow's Blade, Shadow s Blade Book in The Case Files of Justis Fearsson the critically acclaimed contemporary fantasy series from fantasy all star David B Coe A hardboiled magic using private detective fights dark sorcerers in
  • Title: Shadow's Blade
  • Author: David B. Coe
  • ISBN: 9781476781259
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Shadow's Blade | by ✓ David B. Coe, Shadow's Blade, David B. Coe, Shadow s Blade Book in The Case Files of Justis Fearsson the critically acclaimed contemporary fantasy series from fantasy all star David B Coe A hardboiled magic using private detective fights dark sorcerers in Phoenix Arizona Justis Fearsson is a weremyste and a private detective He wields potent magic but every month on the full moon he loses his mind His battles with insBook in The C [PDF] Shadow's Blade | by ✓ David B. Coe - Shadow's Blade, Shadow s Blade Book in The Case Files of Justis Fearsson the critically acclaimed contemporary fantasy series from fantasy all star David B Coe A hardboiled magic using private detective fights dark sorcerers in

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  • [PDF] Shadow's Blade | by ✓ David B. Coe
    204 David B. Coe
Shadow's Blade

About Author

  1. David B Coe is an author of fantasy novels and short stories He lives with his wife, Nancy Berner, and their two daughters on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.He has begun writing a new historical fantasy series under the pen name D.B Jackson The first one is titled Thieftaker, published in 2012.

One thought on “Shadow's Blade

  1. Another good addition to this series Except now I have concerns, because Justis has leveled up way too much by the end, which often means things are going to be pretty ho hum going forward Here s hoping that isn t the case for this series.

  2. I liked it It was a satisfying ending of the initial arc while still leaving room for books if the series continues.

  3. Strong beginning with a mother and children in jeopardy Sucked me right in I really enjoy the magic and gripping action scenes often magical duels in this series The new character, Gracie, was very well done, prickly and believable to the point where Billie started to look a bit bland I also really like Justis s relationship with his troubled weremyste father.Quibble I had a bit of trouble investing in the mystery element magic weapon, blah, blah, blah Seen this so many times before.

  4. Buena historia, que empieza con un secuestro desaparici n de una madre y sus hijos y que se complica cada vez m s con la inclusi n de muchos interesados en l suerte de esa familia Lo nico malo es que el protagonista ha subido tantos niveles de experiencia en un solo libro que los siguientes, si hay, van a ser contra enemigos demasiado poderosos, y a ver c mo maneja eso el autor B

  5. Sad to see this series end, for the most part I wasn t as fond of it, but David B Coe s ability to tell an amazing story is why it has a 4 He has a way with words that could make any story worth reading, even it isn t something that one is fond of.

  6. I read this book in 4 hours It is as good as 1 and 2, if not better I hope happen Coe change his stories a little bit for the next book, because soon this become formula Still really good urban fantasy.

  7. This series feels a little bit like a mash up of Kevin Hearne s Iron Druid and Jim Butcher s Dresden Files It s excellent.

  8. Frustrated that there isn t a 4 ready for me to read I am thoroughly enjoying this series The writing holds true through each title Looking forward to the next one.

  9. Before starting this book I remember glancing through a few reviews of it on , on Popular, they claimed that this was the best Fearsson novel to date, maybe even Coe s best yet After the first 60 70 pages, I have to admit, I was far from convinced.I mean, it was good, but it d also taken me three days to reach that point I was by no means flying through it Shadow s Blade also features a return adversary from the previous story As a veteran of Coe s Thieftaker series penned under the pseudonym, D [...]

  10. Shadow s Blade by David B CoeThis is an urban fantasy with were and runemysters which are for want of a better definition magic casters Coe has developed his own lexicon for the Justin Fearsson Investigations Inc story line Justin, as a magic wielding private eye, is enveloped in a life threatening case by, a heart is not gold, gangster who is not a black arts practitioner Justin is tasked to find a missing woman and her children Coe has an appealing style that draws you in quickly and then crea [...]

  11. David B Coe has a third tale of PI Justis Fearsson, and ex cop, weremyste able to work magic This time the case involves a woman with two kids on the run, mainly because she s found Shadow s Blade hard from Baen and some very bad blood mages are after her, including one who can totally drain a person s blood with a touch and use it to create powerful spells There s a trail of dead bodies, and the bad guys even use helicopters There s a trail of dead bodies around Phoenix, including ones his ex p [...]

  12. Note I did not read the first book in the series.Fearsson is a Private Investigator, an ex cop, and a magic welding sorcerer He is brought into a new case of a rogue mom with two kids trying to run away from other were creatures and magic users The book is surprisingly good it really sucked me into it and I didnt even notice that I was getting to the end I got this book through GoodRead s Giveaways an excellent source of interesting books

  13. 3.5 starsA good conclusion to what I hope is only stage 1 of Justis s files I rated this one a 3.5 because the big climax is a result of what seems to be a sudden jump in skill Otherwise, it is a well written tale with engaging characters, except for the bad guys, who are REALLY bad, in both actions and intentions.

  14. I enjoyed this book a great deal I think this author just gets better with each new book The writing on Shadow s Blade is great, the plot intriguing, and the characters strong Can t wait to read from this author

  15. Having not read the other books in this series, I was surprised at how easy it was to dive into this new world and enjoy it Excellent story that is well told I ll have to pick up the rest of this series and add this author on my list of those to watch.

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