The Soul Thief

The Soul Thief Best Read || [Leah Cutter] - The Soul Thief, The Soul Thief Ghosts get stuck sometimes Franklin sees it as his duty to help them along get them to pass from this earth to the Beyond But some ghosts start returning Haunting Franklin Destroying his crops Frankl
  • Title: The Soul Thief
  • Author: Leah Cutter
  • ISBN: 9781611385267
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback

The Soul Thief Best Read || [Leah Cutter], The Soul Thief, Leah Cutter, The Soul Thief Ghosts get stuck sometimes Franklin sees it as his duty to help them along get them to pass from this earth to the Beyond But some ghosts start returning Haunting Franklin Destroying his crops Franklin learns he must use an ancient powerful blade to force the ghosts back Beyond However someone else wants that blade for purposes that involve life and death not juGhosts get stuck The Soul Thief Best Read || [Leah Cutter] - The Soul Thief, The Soul Thief Ghosts get stuck sometimes Franklin sees it as his duty to help them along get them to pass from this earth to the Beyond But some ghosts start returning Haunting Franklin Destroying his crops Frankl

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  • The Soul Thief Best Read || [Leah Cutter]
    457 Leah Cutter
The Soul Thief

About Author

  1. Leah Cutter writes page turning fiction in exotic locations, such as New Orleans, ancient China, the Oregon coast, rural Kentucky, Seattle, Minneapolis, Budapest, and other places.Her fiction includes literary, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and horror, and has been published in magazines, anthologies, and on the web Read stories by Leah Cutter at KnottedRoadPress.Follow her blog at LeahCutter.

One thought on “The Soul Thief

  1. I have to get my hands on the first book The style is unique, written from a time long gone but modern it s a curious eclectic twist with a unique storyline that caught my by surprise numerous times It s hard not to fall in love with Franklin, he s gentle and innocent and a real old fashioned gent He isn t like the modern dreamy stud muffins, which is a refreshing change to have a guy whose down to earth and loveable as a person rather than the most endearing feature being his muscles Beware, th [...]

  2. Another one that Leah Cutter knocks out of the park In this one, Franklin s ghosts are coming back after finding their peace He thinks that maybe using Eddie s blade on them might set them to rest but a crazy doctor comes and steals it from him Franklin has to stop the doctor before he misuses the blade s power I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

  3. Another cosy ghost story, only this time Franklin defeats a human and saves an ancient artefact as well Fortunately, he still has his popcorn and his girlfriend.A good story idea, but I would ve preferred a little development.

  4. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is a cute ghost story in honour of Friday the 13th I say cute because the story follows a nice farmer and his ghost adventures in the midst of his interactions with family and his girlfriend, Julie It felt for the most part like a nice, wholesome story.I didn t read the first book in the series and that doesn t seem to have hampered my reading at all The author gives enough information in this book on what happened in the last [...]

  5. This is a continuation of the Popcorn Thief but can be read alone.Franklin continues to work with ghosts that have problems passing through, somehow they get confused of what they re supposed to do so he just helps them along But now instead of being there and needing help, they howl loudly and look horrible where their eyes were are now dark holes, like they ve lost their souls.So Franklin with the help of his brother, unbury an obsidian knife, thinking that will help the ghosts But a doctor co [...]

  6. Ghosts haunt Franklin, and he helps them move on Now, they re no longer moving on but instead are coming back, howling and hollow What Franklin has to do now is find out why, and then stop it I like the premise of the book The characters were okay, if a bit thin, but maybe that s just because Franklin s basically a nice guy, the book s entirely in his POV, and most people just aren t basically nice More seriously, though, there just didn t seem to be enough plot here to make a novel It felt like [...]

  7. Franklin, a young African American farmer, has a unique gift that of leading ghosts to their final place at the gates of heaven He and his friend and rival Karl sell produce together and are occasionally hassled by the local Sheriff Lately however, the ghosts have been increasing and howling Something sinister is afoot Franklin attempts to solve the mystery but is cajoled into accepting the help of his white girlfriend Julie To help dissolve the ghosts Franklin must dig up a special knife that h [...]

  8. The Soul Thief,narrated wonderfully by Michael Gilboe,is the continuation of the story of a man,ghosts and his popcorn crop.This man and many of his kin have special abilities,like seeing ghosts,or spirit,etc.Franklin is now in business with his old popcorn rival and neighbor ,who now believes and allows for Franklins need to be out helping ghosts head in the right direction.This time there is a terrible Doctor collecting souls Will Frankiln be able to fix this with the help of his friends and f [...]

  9. Franklin is a ghost whisperer who helps souls pass on but when those passed over souls start coming back, howling mad well something just has to be done about it Told with a southern flair reminiscent of Charlaine Harris s Sookie Stackhouse novels and with the supernatural edge and plenty of action to match This story is a treat to read I hope there are stores of Franklin to come.

  10. Story reviewInteresting story Not something I usually would read but the idea of it sounding interesting and fun to read.Narrator reviewThe narrator was pretty good at bringing life to the characters This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com L.

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