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↠ Suck My Cosmos ↠ StevenCampbell - Suck My Cosmos, Suck My Cosmos Life is tough on the space station Belvaille Not for the aristocratic nobles that call it home but for the poor slobs like Hank Hank is considered a celebrated cutthroat and the oldest living person
  • Title: Suck My Cosmos
  • Author: StevenCampbell
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  • Page: 146
  • Format: Kindle Edition

↠ Suck My Cosmos ↠ StevenCampbell, Suck My Cosmos, StevenCampbell, Suck My Cosmos Life is tough on the space station Belvaille Not for the aristocratic nobles that call it home but for the poor slobs like Hank Hank is considered a celebrated cutthroat and the oldest living person in the city His occupation is to be hired muscle for those people who don t want to get their hands dirty but still want dirty things done He possesses a mutation that aLife is tough on ↠ Suck My Cosmos ↠ StevenCampbell - Suck My Cosmos, Suck My Cosmos Life is tough on the space station Belvaille Not for the aristocratic nobles that call it home but for the poor slobs like Hank Hank is considered a celebrated cutthroat and the oldest living person
  • ↠ Suck My Cosmos ↠ StevenCampbell
Suck My Cosmos

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  1. StevenCampbell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Suck My Cosmos book, this is one of the most wanted StevenCampbell author readers around the world.

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  1. HARD LUCK HANK SUCK MY COSMOS is the fourth novel in the Hard Luck Hank series The series changes every volume with the station of Belvaille going through a variety of social and economic changes In this volume, Hank s efforts in the previous books have paid huge dividends and it s gone from being Mos Eisley to a combination of Manhattan, Vegas, and Dubai Hank can barely afford to to live on the station now and only manages to do so by doing the odd favor for the city s upper class.In this volum [...]

  2. Liked this better than 3 I listen to these books whenever I m working on the house so they are a great way to keep me entertained while painting.

  3. Hank continues to make me laugh.The HLH stories have always been sort of a guilty pleasure for me when I want a light and funny read Although I usually give them 5 stars, I have this one 4 only because I didn t laugh hard enough to wake my wife up from sleep lol Anyway, looking forward to reading the next installment Keep up the good work.

  4. This is the 4th book in the hard luck Hank series I didn t think there would be another one after the third so I was pleasantly surprised to see this pop up in my list I ve generally enjoyed all of these books However I feel this one wasn t the strongest of the series Hanks is still Hank and his cast of characters are all there and they progress and develop but the story wasn t as strong Don t get me wrong I still enjoyed it but I found myself not nearly as engrossed as I was before If you re a [...]

  5. They aren t high literature, but I enjoy them The stories ramble around quite a bit, but I like Hank and the people he deals with.

  6. Five things I ve learned from reading Suck my Cosmos 1 A space station full of gangs and murderous thieves it s way safer than one full of power hungry nobles and nouveau riche.2 When the protagonist is like a bull in a china shop full of bulls, even the most tense situation gloriously conflagrate in a mess, violence and hilarity.3 Replacing internal organs is a messy business.4 Hank it s not a mutant, he s a poorly nourished kick ass alien 5 Campbell has earned my trust for at least ten books. [...]

  7. 5 stars Recommend to Sci Fi Humor fans I believe everyone would enjoy Steven Campbell s wonderful creation Hank and the wonderful sense of humor that comes from Hank s point of view 5 stars is Amazing on , and this is not Amazing , but I love it and am not going to give 4 stars when other where s it would easily rate I love it 5 star status.Folks who make honest attempts to review a later book in a series of books and does not want to include spoilers is stuck with saying little than, Wow, this [...]

  8. Another Hard Luck Hank book, a super strong bulletproof mutant living hundreds of years on a space station in the middle of nowhere Time has passed and the station is a super expensive place to live, and only the supremely wealthy live there Hank does odd jobs and is asked by a woman to watch her extremely wealthy husband for evidence of infidelity Thus starts a story involving assassinations, gun battles, explosions and , a typical Hank book Lots of humor, a treat to read, my favorite Hank book [...]

  9. I really hate to give this review because HLH is such a great character with so much potential Unfortunately, after the first of the series Screw the Galaxy the series went downhill, and it is all due to the writing I am sincere when I say it pains me to say write that but I just don t see it improving if any HLHs are coming Specifically, the writing plot problems are characters and situations are introduced and then never mentioned again I don t like reading reviews that have, so I will refrai [...]

  10. Back to fighting trim 50 years later, Hank still has bad luck and noir humor while attempting to deal with aristocrats and immigrants It s a mess, but that s pretty much his sort of job.

  11. Hard Luck Hank Suck My Cosmos delivers some fun summertime reading If you liked the first three novels you really want to check this one out.Hank is back again giving as good as he gets, mostly.All your favorite supporting characters return as well Garm, MTB, Delovoa.Whats great is that Campbell has mixed things up again in this novel Everyones role has changed and the space station is completely different from the last time we saw it in Prince of Suck.This is one of the strengths of the Hard Lu [...]

  12. Words fail me Anytime I find myself with an uninterrupted stretch of time, free of the responsibilities of a regular day, I like to explore a new book I started reading the Hard Luck Hank series in one of thee times and despite middle school level writing, slapstick humor and general low browedness yep it s a word I just invented it I find myself totally unable to disengage from these books and time and again look over, after what can only be described as one of the most enjoyable literary train [...]

  13. Probably the most mixed book of the series There s a lot to like about it, including the usual great character moments and interactions and also some of the new characters Unfortunately it suffers from a really weak ending with way too many unanswered questions and dangling plot threads and a not all that great climax.None of this makes it not worth buying and reading and at least the flaws work as lead ins to the next book And it s a nice change from the depressing though still good third book [...]

  14. Hank only gets better with age I ve been a big fan of the Hard Luck Hank series since being introduced to it as an audiobook Since then I ve voraciously devoured the ebooks This latest one is as funny as the previous entries but leaves a few loose ends which I presume will be tied up in the next book Nevertheless it s worth mentioning as it s really the first time that a HLH book doesn t resolve the major story by the end Nevertheless a fun and very funny read.

  15. Another excellent book in the series, actually better than the last installment as the self deprecating humor from the first two Hank books came back to the fore in this one This book had a detailed yet fast paced story with a familiar cast of characters and a host of new ones a definite recommendation for anyone who likes their Sci Fi lighthearted and a touch of Chandler esque detective mystery.

  16. Hank is like a friendI don t think that the writing is outstanding but Mr Campbell s creation of Hank is compelling I am writing this review because I found myself wishing for another book about Hank Hank is a likable guy that has become a sort of friend that I wish to visit Granted he s a violent murdering thug but still I like hearing from him Anyways if a book makes me want I have to say that the book, actually the entire series, is a success.

  17. I m only rating it 4 stars because it s over too soonOn the whole the entire series is five stars Urban science fiction that isn t depressing Characters that are almost real Thankfully, I would not want to meet Wallow It s a fun ride I d recommend it to almost any one It isn t for kIds, unless they re on the cusp between senior in college and freshman.

  18. Good continuing story of HankA lot of the same from previous books in the series In this book, the characters seemed a little one dimensional None of them besides Hank got much development The humor was widespread throughout the book and it suited my dry slightly sarcastic sense of humors Overall recommended, but could have been quite a bit better.

  19. The whole Hard Luck Hank series is a tonne of fun The storyline is mostly of the serious variety bad guys destroying the space station or galaxy or what have you for nefarious reasons, but the way that the hero goes about his business is truly delightful.Highly recommend to anyone who s looking for a fun read.

  20. I want to hang with Hank This book is no literary masterpiece but it is fun I was concerned after the last book that there was nowhere else to go with this character but the universe centered around Belvale keeps spitting out challenges for poor Hank Love this and will continue to read about Belvale.

  21. Better than all the othersI don t know why, but it took until this book for me to really understand these are mystery detective books Knowing that, I liked them all a little bit Read this book even if you haven t read any of the other ones It s fun and the characters make me happy.

  22. This is a suck face reviewI have read all of the hard luck hank books This one lived up to it s name Suck face Campbell and keep writing these books A rare combination of creativity mixed with comedy I was laughing out loud His butler was a great addition Nice to see some of the old characters

  23. The 4th book in the series still has funny moments It s some time after last book and life on the station is completely different Only very very rich live here with their servants Hank gets involved in high class politics, but not everyone even remembers him.We have some old characters but also a few interesting and funny new ones.

  24. Good ol Hank Oh how I love thee If you haven t read this series yet, and you like slightly silly, but highly enjoyable sci fi noir, full of a wide range of interesting characters, then get to it.

  25. Once again, Hank delivers the goodsI came across these books and just feel in love with the characters and the authors style of writing My only regret is that I now believe I am out of hard luck hank books

  26. I can t imagine reading this series, because of the fabulous job Liam Owen does with the narration When I need a listen with pure comic relief, Hank fits the bill along with his buddy Delovoa, as they squabble back and forth saving Bellvail from sure destruction.

  27. A great book, fun to read.This is the best of the series, a farcical romp through Belvaille, with a good story line with the further adventures of Hank Excellent humor throughout.

  28. This was probably my favorite Hank book so far I laughed out loud several times Apologies to my fellow drivers, who undoubtedly questioned my sanity THUCK, THUCK FACE Update Finishing my third time through the series, still chuckle all the way through.

  29. Although I think Hank has been dumbed down a little it was still head and shoulders above the competition It was lol funny and top notch entertainment I was also happy to see Hank getting some action.

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