Free Read Soaked - by Stacy Kestwick - Soaked, Soaked Having hope was her weakness If Sadie Mullins hadn t started to believe in love again hadn t let herself fall for him she wouldn t be feeling this way Wouldn t have her heart breaking Wouldn t regre
  • Title: Soaked
  • Author: Stacy Kestwick
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Ebook

Free Read Soaked - by Stacy Kestwick, Soaked, Stacy Kestwick, Soaked Having hope was her weakness If Sadie Mullins hadn t started to believe in love again hadn t let herself fall for him she wouldn t be feeling this way Wouldn t have her heart breaking Wouldn t regret meeting West Montgomery The cocky bastard should have left her alone let her forget about him Let her move on with her life Of course he didn t That could have been the enHaving hope was he Free Read Soaked - by Stacy Kestwick - Soaked, Soaked Having hope was her weakness If Sadie Mullins hadn t started to believe in love again hadn t let herself fall for him she wouldn t be feeling this way Wouldn t have her heart breaking Wouldn t regre
  • Free Read Soaked - by Stacy Kestwick
    369Stacy Kestwick

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  1. USA Today Bestseller Stacy Kestwick is a Southern girl who firmly believes mornings should be outlawed.Her perfect day would include puppies, carbohydrates, and lounging on a hammock with a good book No adulting, cleaning, or bacon allowed Social Media Facebookfacebook StacyKestwickAuthorReader Group on Facebook facebook groups StacyNewsletter with a free monthly download in 2017 early 2018 stacykestwick mailingWebsite see where I m signing, buy signed paperbacks, see what books I recommend stacykestwickTwitter twitter stacykestwickInstagram instagram stacykestwick

One thought on “Soaked

  1. While Wet was enjoyable despite its many flaws, Soaked kinda jumped the shark for me.The main conflict was a holdover from the previous book I expected this book to go deeper into West and Sadie s relationship or the lack of it and delve deeper into the reason for their breakup in the first place Instead, we get a pseudo conflict where another guy and her ex fiance were involved It took me out of the main conflict about West and how he constantly puts an ex of his above Sadie s It was jarring Th [...]

  2. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review This book cannot be read as a standalone Must read Wet before reading Soaked She filled my arms and my heart and all my fantasies She d wake up in my bed in the morning, the sheets still smelling like us And I d make love to her all over again I didn t need sweet dreams with a reality like that So after I took the plunge with Stacy Keswick s debut book, Wet, I was ready for I had to know what awaits for West Montgomery and Sadie Mullins An [...]

  3. This is not an accusation I make lightly, but I suspect this book might have been laced with crack I mean, I m not sure how else to explain how it kept me coming back for Ignoring my children and my grown up responsibilities, I sat for nearly every waking moment nose buried in my Kindle, jaw slackened, heart racing, then breaking, then hoping, then racing again as I let Stacy Kestwick ease me down from the ledge she left me dangling on at the end of Wet.I m safely off the ledge now, and I m bur [...]

  4. 2 StarsOverall Opinion This is going to be a little ranty, so I apology in advanceI had some huge issues with both characters in this one I should ve given up with the first one, but I was just so darn curious as to what happens with them Oh well In the end I didn t really care about their HEA which I felt like I didn t even get , because I didn t necessarily like either character BOTH of them were in the wrong and acted stupidly at times maybe that s what made them so perfect for each other sar [...]

  5. Soaked was just as good as the first book and picked up right where Wet left off I liked the push and pull between West and Sadie but it never felt like it was too much They needed to work some things out but did it in a way where it was believable The chemistry was once again off the charts hot my one qualm was that I got tired of reading about her damn nipples all the timeybe it s just me but damn This was a fun and sexy read and rounded out West and Sadie s story perfectly

  6. Great sequel I m so glad I found this author when I did Looking forward to reading with the rest of the characters bring on Grady and Rue s book

  7. Sadie is done with West Resolved that he s just used up his last chance to prove himself the kind of man she s been hoping he would, its time to move on, and with her upcoming trip to shoot promotional photos for Grady s new resort just around the corner, it couldn t come at a better time.In the end it doesn t matter if he s got an excuse for his behavior, it doesn t even matter if its a legitimate excuse, since the way their relationship has gone, there has always been the need for excuses, and [...]

  8. Review by Lisa KaneWhen Wet ended on that tidal wave of a cliffy, I was furious with West Montgomery He tangled himself up with his ex whatever she is, Aubrey and poor Sadie Mullins had had enough I have to admit, I did too West could sail off on his boat, the Vitamin Sea and never come back.But I have to admit, that there was to his story than we readers knew When he returned after Sadie saw him carrying Aubrey on to the dock he tried to get a hold of Sadie But she was having no parts of it Sh [...]

  9. Very very disappointing which is sad because I was really looking forward to this book I don t know what the hell happened but I didn t expect the direction this book was going It s so incredibly boring that I fell asleep at some point Literally.Maybe it s just me or maybe the novelty just wore off on me See this is the problem with me That s what happens when authors release their books so far in between We just lose interest.

  10. A great ending for this couple, but all that self doubt for a second part in a two part series it s blah as it goes the first book is excellent but I think this failed a little in capturing my attention completely at times So I enjoyed it but it didn t get my heart pumping for the second time but overall a good read

  11. Freaking Loved ItI am not sure why requires 20 words for reviews I don t like to give spoilers, and am not sure everyone is interested in why I like or dislike a certain book This book is about a girl with a camera There That s all you re getting from me It s really good, and you should read it.

  12. My 5 star review of SoakedI love new authors, and any time one of them can write and do it well, I turn into a major fan girl I read a little book called Wet in 2015, and I loved it It was actually in my top 10 from 2015 I really loved the way she wrote, her content flowed really easily, and I was invested in these characters Stacy s newest follow up, Soaked, was no different It had everything I wanted, of course the HEA I so desperately needed from her even if it took me the entire book to get [...]

  13. I have been waiting forever forSoakedafter I readWet What I loved West he was so damn charming in this book I probably fainted like a hundred timeshis love for Sadie was totally shining.The sex scenes SO HOT Definitely intense than the first book What I didn t love Kind of a rant haha Sadie s attitude She kept being a total b ch I m pretty sure I am not the only one who felt this wayThere were many scenes where I thought Sadie should have been forgiving but no she wanted everyone to pity her a [...]

  14. 5 Cranky Stars After being left suspended by one finger on a cliff Stacey Kestwick saved us Her first book Wet captivated me, and Soaked captured and repaired my broken heart.Sadie leaves West and their broken relationship behind to find and heal herself to work with Grady on a new resort She gets than she bargains for when her flirty seat mate on the plane turns out to be the second photographer for the job.West is back home yet she still sees him everywhere He s ingrained in her heart and sou [...]

  15. Sadie is my new hero After reading Wet and falling in love with Stacey Kestwick s writing, I couldn t wait to get ahold of Soaked She writes amazingly real characters that pull every emotion out of you.At the end of Wet we re left hanging off a cliff by one finger gasping for air Soaked picks up right at that point Sadie is done with West She can t believe how much her heart hurts as she was so sure West was the real deal She takes off to help her friend with promotional photos for a new resort [...]

  16. I devoured this book in a day I was a little mad at the ending of Wet, but this book than made up for it I loved West before, but in Soaked, he was amazing Dedicated, romantic, and alpha hot as hell It was great to see Sadie grow and come into her own, and watch West fight like hell for the woman he loved I ll never look at a donut or paper airplane without thinking of these two Great writing, tons of hotness, and a fabulous read

  17. This is the book after a killer cliffhanger And I loved the way the heroine dealt with what she saw I would have done the same thing I was basically reading this to see how the hero would redeem himself And did he you may ask In my opinion NOT ENOUGH You see, when an entire book is based on the fact that a hero is bad communicator and doesn t see how much his being around another woman is hurting the one he s supposedly wants, he s a tool And when the heroine doesn t explain to the hero all the [...]

  18. Ok, series wise this was a yes for me The side characters were set up perfectly and made me want to keep reading As for these two books being the same couple though, I really do think it was a bit much Their miscommunications and drama could ve easily been narrowed down to one book and then saved the second book for one of the other couples that I can t wait to read about.

  19. Soaked by Stacy KestwickPurchased Kindle 2.99 Pre Order Price Received copy from Author in exchange for honest review My Rating 5 of 5 Stars Spoiler Free 3What s It All About Having hope was her weakness.If Sadie Mullins hadn t started to believe in love again, hadn t let herself fall for him, she wouldn t be feeling this way.Wouldn t have her heart breaking.Wouldn t regret meeting West Montgomery.The cocky bastard should have left her alone, let her forget about him.Let her move on with her lif [...]

  20. Loved it even though I wanted to smack West in the back of the head because he was so clueless.Great follow up to Wet and even though the ending gives me a notion of what s to happen and it was very satisfying, it left me wanting I can only hope, there s a book 3 and I ll get of West and Sadie Also need to know Rue s story and Theo needs a girl A non stalkerish girl.

  21. 2 1 2 stars With as much as I liked Wet , I thought for sure I d be head over heels for Soaked Unfortunately, that wasn t the case This follow up to Wet was OK, and I m certainly NOT sorry I read it It s just that I was disappointed that my hunk of salty goodness West, went from being salty, sexy, playful, and fun in Wet , to some whacked out neanderthal Me, West You, mine He didn t feel like the same character to me And don t get me started on the whole Aubrey situation Sure, he FINALLY got it [...]

  22. Soaked the long awaiting continuation of Wet by Stacy Kestwick did not disappoint I can tell you that.The book begins were we left off in Wet with Sadie seeing West carrying Aubrey off the pier So if you haven t read Wet you have to prior to reading Soaked For the most part of this book it was a little cat has to chase the mouse with West trying to prove to Sadie that he is all in with her Sadie for her part is feeling like she is going down the same road as she did before with the creep of a e [...]

  23. It was sad to see the end of West and Sadie, but it also made me happy because I needed to know how their story ends Book 1 left me with a huge book hangover so I couldn t wait to jump head first into book 2 At the end of book 1, we are left wondering what will happen between West and Sadie and oh boy did this book bring on the drama Between old flames and tons of miscommunication West and Sadie definitely gave me a near heart attack several times throughout this book One minute I was angry at h [...]

  24. I have been waiting for this one since I finished Wet The prologue of Soaked is in West s POV So, we get to see the events the ended Wet through his eyes and we see what happened In the beginning I was nervous for where Sadie and West s relationship would go I was wondering if there would be a HEA for West and Sadie I was definitely hoping there would be Asher, Sadie s ex pops up in this one and does a crazy thing There are ups and downs, funny parts, and omg parts in this story I hooked me in a [...]

  25. After the cliffhanger ending from Wet, I couldn t wait to read Soaked, and Stacy Kestwick than delivered on my expectations I loved getting to know Sadie better in this book I can t say much without revealing spoilers, but I was SO PROUD of her I want to take her out for a beer And WESSSSSTTTTTTTTTT Oh, this dreamy piece of man candy moved up several notches on my book boyfriend list after Soaked He is perfectiond that hair tie from Wet swoon One thing I loved about Wet was the readability, and [...]

  26. 2.75 stars I didn t like this one as much as the first After that cliffhanger I thought maybe we d get answers or something Instead we have a heroine who acts flighty and to me kinda acts immature Sure she s been burned before but honestly some communication would have been better A whole lot of angst too Hero is not that much better well he at least tried to right things But main thing he should have settled is the devious clinger ex Hers well he s really pond scum Thank goodness for at least m [...]

  27. Loved this story, was so worth the wait We finally get to continue on with the love story of West Sadie Will they be able to have a relationship or is there just too many hurdles to overcome You HAVE to read this book to find out My favorite line in the book is I d never cared about waking up next to a girl, or trying to figure out how to make her smile, or wanting to show her all the things I loved until you tried to rescue me out in the waves that day You did save me I just hadn t realized it [...]

  28. Me gust mucho el primero, pero ste se torn tenso y cansado, al principio sent a que la prota ten a raz n pero ya despu s era como ya b jale dos rayas al drama, adem s que los protas se ven como 3 veces en todo el libro y se aman muy r pido de forever Me gustaron los personajes secundarios y los escenarios pintados, creo que a la autora si le falt en completar las peque as historias dentro de la historia.3 estrellas de entretenimiento Espero el de Rue sea mejor

  29. This was a really great conclusions to West and Sadie s story It filled in all the holes and was just an overall easy, fun, and sexy read I was so relieved to finally get this one because the cliffhanger from Wet was brutal But this one wrapped it all up into an awesome story.

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