The Shootout Solution

[PDF] The Shootout Solution | by ↠ Michael R. Underwood - The Shootout Solution, The Shootout Solution Leah Tang just died on stage Well not literally Not yet Leah s stand up career isn t going well But she understands the power of fiction and when she s offered employment with the mysterious Genrena
  • Title: The Shootout Solution
  • Author: Michael R. Underwood
  • ISBN: 9780765385321
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Shootout Solution | by ↠ Michael R. Underwood, The Shootout Solution, Michael R. Underwood, The Shootout Solution Leah Tang just died on stage Well not literally Not yet Leah s stand up career isn t going well But she understands the power of fiction and when she s offered employment with the mysterious Genrenauts Foundation she soon discovers that literally dying on stage is a hazard of the job Her first assignment takes her to a Western world When a cowboy tale slips off itsLeah Tan [PDF] The Shootout Solution | by ↠ Michael R. Underwood - The Shootout Solution, The Shootout Solution Leah Tang just died on stage Well not literally Not yet Leah s stand up career isn t going well But she understands the power of fiction and when she s offered employment with the mysterious Genrena
  • [PDF] The Shootout Solution | by ↠ Michael R. Underwood
    420Michael R. Underwood
The Shootout Solution

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  1. Mike is the author of Genrenauts a Science Fiction Adventure series in novellas, about a group of storytellers that travel between dimensions to the worlds where genres live to fix broken stories Starts with The Shootout Solution.The Ree Reyes urban fantasy series Geekomancy, Celebromancy, Attack the Geek, Hexomancy about magicians who channel the power of popular culture Starts with.Shield and Crocus, a superheroes meets epic fantasy novel where an aging revolutionary makes a deal with his most deadly foe to turn the tide of a fifty year long fight to free his city.Supernatural Thriller The Younger Gods follows the white sheep member of a family of demon worshippers as he tries to stop his family from ending the world Mike started telling stories when he learned to talk and hasn t seen a reason to stop yet He grew up playing video games, CCGs, RPGs, and many other delightful games with acronyms As a teenager, the friendly local game store was his home away from home, and the site of his apprenticeship in geekdom.Mike earned a B.A in Creative Mythology and in East Asian Studies from Indiana University, and a M.A in Folklore Studies from the University of Oregon Basically, destined to be a novelist Properly equipped with lots of ways to develop story ideas, Mike set about accumulating a ridiculous job history, including bear builder, barista, bookseller, webmaster, web design instructor, and TV DVD reviewer Mike is a graduate of the 2007 Clarion West Writers Workshop Mike lives with his wife in Balti, MD By day, Mike is the North American Sales Marketing Manager for Angry Robot Books, and in his dwindling free time, he keeps up with comics TV movies and makes home made pizzas.

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  1. This is SF Well, actually, it s Western, but since I don t want to bother making a shelf for that and it really is SF without being Westworld, I ll leave it as SF.Except It s also a writing manual, giving us all the insides of How To Write A Story as the means to live while being inside one Or three Or eighteen stories Or however many Tau Heinleinesque The Number of the Beast alternate universes there are when genres spin into umbrella universes that split even further into sub genres that split [...]

  2. Our world is surrounded by genre worlds only slightly removed from us in the dimension of narrative, and they have an effect on us via a thematic semiotic lol resonance And there s a group of people whose job it is to keep the genres stable That s where Leah Tang comes in She s just been recruited to help out and her first job is to help out a team with a routine Western story.This is a light, fun read with a focus on diversity and a massive awareness of tropes and the problems with tropes Or th [...]

  3. A preposterously creative idea, with the writing talent and humor to back it up Light hearted, and very rewarding I m looking forward to the the future episodes.As a side note, the wonderful Mary Robinette Kowal crushes the audiobook narration of this one, continuing to win at life as she always has.

  4. The premise is simple, yet somehow ended up hitting me really hard there s our regular everyday world, and there are story worlds that exist in another dimension in space orbiting Earth, impacting Earth based on which story world that s at issue Problems in the story worlds cause problems on Earth, so if you can fix problems on the story worlds, you can solve Earth s problems For me, someone who is pretty damn worried about Earth s problems on a pretty regular basis, this simple solution that is [...]

  5. The first Genrenauts novella aka The Pilot Episode Meet struggling stand up comic Leah Tang as she is invited to join The Genrenauts.When a story breaks on one of the other worlds based on a genre, like Western, Romance, Science Fiction, etc , the Genrenauts deploy to find and fix the broken story to protect our so called real world I listened to a ton of Westerns as books on tape as a kid, and I love thinking about how formative the Western is for American storytelling We see its influence in A [...]

  6. You never choose to be the Chosen One You just are First, do not read the blurb on this book read the book Especially of you like books or writing As the name Genrenauts implies, this story is as much about story telling as it is about the story If I explain why, it ll spoil your delight Trust me.Imagine a semi normal person is enlisted to help keep the genre worlds and ours safe What are the genre worlds What do you think That s all I m telling.The relatively short novel is stuffed with pop cul [...]

  7. I received an early copy of this novella through NetGalley.I confess right from the start I m biased I read this as an early draft and loved it, and I was overjoyed when Genrenauts was announced as part of a new novella series at Tor The concept is a delightful and original mash up of Quantum Leap and Sliders and so many other fun shows Earth has parallel worlds that echo tropes of literary genres, and if a story on such a world goes off kilter, it impacts people on Earth Leah is recruited strai [...]

  8. Because he didn t have enough series irons in the fire already, here s a new series from Michael R Underwood the man behind the Ree Ree Geekomancy series, Shield and Crocus and The Younger Gods which may be a series or may be a stand alone This one is sort of familiar territory, but differs enough that it doesn t feel tired.So, Leah is trying to make it as a stand up comic in Balti I didn t realize that Balti was a good place for this, but sure, why not So, the stand up isn t working for her, he [...]

  9. Come check out my Book Blog for fun stuff and reviews A Copy of this Novella was provided to me by Netgalley in exchange for an Honest ReviewFirst up, as always, we have the blurb Leah Tang just died on stage Not literally Not yet.Leah s stand up career isn t going well But she understands the power of fiction, and when she s offered employment with the mysterious Genrenauts Foundation, she soon discovers that literally dying on stage is a hazard of the job Her first job takes her to a Western [...]

  10. The genrenauts are the literary equivalent of The A Team by way of Star Trek, Quantum Leaping their way through alternate dimensions defined entirely by genre tropes There s our Earth, Earth Prime, and in the vast dimensions beyond there are strange worlds of stories constantly in motion Romance World, Sci Fi, World, and, in this initial episode, Western World When things awry in the story worlds, they cause ripple effects that bleed over into our own world It s the job of the genrenauts to fix [...]

  11. One of the best things I can say about this story is that there is great potential for serialization Now, normally, I find serialization to be a weak attempt to grab money from the reader, The Shootout Solution wrapped the story up nicely I didn t feel cheated, and I hope TOR puts of the genrenauts stories up on NetGalley, because I m game for reading .This story happened to be an old west genre, but it was encapsulated in sci fi in such a way, that it reminds me of the original Star Trek in 1 [...]

  12. This is the second Tor novella I ve read and Mike Underwood has written one of the most entertaining explorations of genre in his exposively fun Shootout Solution It s somewhat metafiction, but at the same time, seamlessly integrated into the writing where the self awareness becomes part of its charm The novella asks the question What if the genre worlds were real, teeming, and even dangerous Storytelling with fangs and real life repercussions, the way they were meant to be.tieryas.wordpress 201 [...]

  13. Originally posted at thebookplank 2015There are a few themes in book that really work wonders Stories that focus on alternate dimensions of fiction, or that deal with librarian with supernatural powers I read the works of Jasper Fforde, Genevieve Cogman, I started with the Bookburners led by Max Gladstone and there is plenty Michael R Underwood also made the first step into this theme, though people have made this step before him, Michael R Underwood has given the multidimensional traveling a u [...]

  14. A geek tastic premise marred by plodding pace and lackluster writing This is the first time I ve read anything by Michael R Underwood, and I ve been meaning to read Geekomancy and his other titles which all have some geek and genre heavy premise and crazy combinations This serial s premise is that there is a secret government that oversees parallel worlds that built on a genre and its subgenre, and agents sometimes have to go correct a story to stay within its genre tropes and prevent it from ca [...]

  15. Aprovechando que ma ana sale a la venta, hoy toca hablar de The Shootout Solution de Michael R Underwood, otra de las novelas cortas de la nueva colecci n de la editorial Tor Por ahora esta colecci n est siendo todo un acierto, y aunque esta novella que nos ocupa no llega al nivel excelente de The Builders y The Last Witness, s que es un libro m s que entretenido y que gracias a su planteamiento contar con cinco novelas cortas en total.Y es que en The Shootout Solution nos encontraremos con los [...]

  16. Leah Tang is a stand up comedienne and part time administrative assistant trying to get a full time gig on the stage One night, a strange man attended her act and then offered her a job, a job joining his team in keeping alternative universes with storylines in check Because when the genre universes go off course in their genres, strange ripples occur in our world, making it a dangerous place And, they are willing to show her one of their missions before she decides Will she decide that this typ [...]

  17. A fun, fast paced piece of meta sf, it s knowledge and critique of genres, specifically Westerns, is clever and interesting The central premise, that specially trained operatives have to travel into genre specific worlds to fix stories, is neat as heck, and the characters are good company, if a little bland.There are problems, but they re primarily nitpicky Our main character, Leah, is an aspiring stand up, and I ll tell you now, her material is awful The author may know it, and I hope so, becau [...]

  18. Even though it s missing the wordplay and madcap humor, I think this is the type of book that could appeal to fans of Jasper Fforde s Thursday Next series It s got the same insider s love of books and reading, as well as the slightly science fiction y premise, but in the Genrenauts series the focus is not on books in general, but specifically on genre fiction Book one takes place in Western world, but future books promise Science Fiction world, Fantasy world, Romance world, Pulp Fiction world, e [...]

  19. Shootout Solution is a different take on a core component of MIke s Ree Reyes series In that series, genre knowledge is used as a source of magical power In this one, genre s are their own separate world and genre knowledge allows you to navigate those worlds, and fix them when they get off track.It s an interesting concept, and Mike definitely has the broad swath of knowledge to pull it off First up is the Western genre, and there are a lot of little things that pop out to me, and I m not even [...]

  20. Mike s lively dialogue and sense of humor which are so winning in the REE REYES series are again evident in this genre mashup of Westerns and Science Fiction The genius conceit of the series is that balance in the world is determined by various genre convention governed parallel dimensions This makes for lots of meta awareness of the themes, stereotypes, memes, and tropes of iconic stories for this novella, it s the stories of the American West Whether you are a fan of classic cowboy novels, cin [...]

  21. Just finished reading The Shootout Solution and I was not disappointed Michael is fast becoming one of my favorite authors joining my all time faves Isaac Asimov, Robert A Heinlein, Piers Anthony, Stephen King, Mark Twain and Dave Barry to name a few I fell in love with Ree Reyes from the first chapter and now Leah has joined my list of folks I can t wait to travel with again Great job mixing humor and narrative and making us care about the characters I hope Michael continues to write for a very [...]

  22. Leah cuts loose on stage and ends up with a job offer travel to different genres and help fix stories gone wrong How could a wanna be comedian and nerdest refuse, besides, there was the offer of getting her a standing comedy gig So off Leah went in a rocketship to Western world to help find a marshal that could stand up to the outlaws Michael R Underwood manages to produce another interesting heroine who is not a copycat of Reye from Geekomancy, but engages the reader with her own brand of snark [...]

  23. An ambitiously fun concept, this book will appease long time fans of westerns, while delighting my fellow pop culture junkies with a welcome onslaught of references Personally I ll forever support the author because of our mutual love for The Last Action Hero.

  24. Okay I really found the story fun and interesting I hate talking crap about narrators, but this one really wasn t the right fit at all If you can t do male voices, you are better off not attempting them.

  25. The start of a wonderful new series of novellas I found the whole concept fascinating and great fun I am always reluctant to call a concept unique but it certainly seems unique to me Also very well written with many LOL moments.I cannot wait for future novellas in this series

  26. I hadn t heard of this series at all before I stumbled upon this book at the library The Shootout Solution, Episode 1 in the Genrenauts series, by Michael R Underwood is a fantastic novella that combines science fiction and western genres and is just plain fun.The Shootout Solution by Michael R Underwood is a novella, the first in the Genrenauts series Leah Tang is a standup comedian She doesn t have any sort of following, and if the last gig was anything to go by, her career isn t going as well [...]

  27. Sly FunThis is the first Genrenaut episode There are now four The fifth and currently latest one, the High Fantasy title Failed Fellowship , is a two parter All of the books are great fun, but you should probably start with this one, a Western, because it sets up the characters and the premise And what a premise it is in the author s words a team of story specialists travels to worlds based on Westerns, Science Fiction, Romance, and other genres Their mission is to find and fix broken stories I [...]

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