Bare-Knuckle Love

✓ Bare-Knuckle Love ☆ K.A. Merikan - Bare-Knuckle Love, Bare Knuckle Love FIGHT TO THE DEATH LOVE TO THE BONE Jason is back in his home town and trying to make money the only way he knows in an illegal MMA fight Bare knuckles Hardly any rules All he needs to do is lose The
  • Title: Bare-Knuckle Love
  • Author: K.A. Merikan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Bare-Knuckle Love ☆ K.A. Merikan, Bare-Knuckle Love, K.A. Merikan, Bare Knuckle Love FIGHT TO THE DEATH LOVE TO THE BONE Jason is back in his home town and trying to make money the only way he knows in an illegal MMA fight Bare knuckles Hardly any rules All he needs to do is lose The Rabid Mongrels Motorcycle Club bet against him and they are set to make a killing but when Jason spots his high school crush in the audience he can t bear to FIGHT TO THE DEATH LO ✓ Bare-Knuckle Love ☆ K.A. Merikan - Bare-Knuckle Love, Bare Knuckle Love FIGHT TO THE DEATH LOVE TO THE BONE Jason is back in his home town and trying to make money the only way he knows in an illegal MMA fight Bare knuckles Hardly any rules All he needs to do is lose The
  • ✓ Bare-Knuckle Love ☆ K.A. Merikan
    112K.A. Merikan
Bare-Knuckle Love

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  1. profile run by Kat K A Merikan are a team of writers who try not to suck at adulting, with some success Always eager to explore the murky waters of the weird and wonderful, K.A Merikan don t follow fixed formulas and want each of their books to be a surprise for those who choose to hop on for the ride.K.A Merikan have a few sweeter M M romances as well, but they specialize in the dark, dirty, and dangerous side of M M, full of bikers, bad boys, mafiosi, and scorching hot romance.e mail kamerikan gmailMore information about ongoing projects, works in progress and publishing at K.A Merikan s author page kamerikanPatreon patreon kamerikanFacebook facebook KAMerikanTwitter twitter KA_MerikanAgnes Merikan s Twitter twitter AgnesMerikanPinterest pinterest KAMerikan Trivia We are Polish, We re neither sisters nor a couple, Kat s an artist, and Agnes is a psychologist but neither works in her field, Kat s fingers are two times longer than Agnes s.

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  1. 1,5 2 I notice you now STARS You want that d ck f cking you hard, don t you That s why you lost I do That s what I think I want Me too I m gonna hold you down so that you can t run I won t run I ll take everything you ve got Ugh No JustThere is NOTHING wrong with bottoming for someone But you don t have to be A COMPLETE P SSY either.Before we start, I want to remind everyone that I am a big fan of the Guns n Boys series and most of the books in the Sex and Mayhem series, by the same author, and [...]

  2. 3.5 STARS HYDEJASONJason is down on his luck,no money,no job,no home,he has no one that cares about him.So he makes a deal with a prospect from the Rabid Mongrels MC to lose a fight.However,when he s in the ring he spots Hydehis high school crush.He cannot stand the shame of losing in front of him so he ignores what he was supposed to do and wins the fight.Hyde president of the club is furious and wants retribution.Jason is taken to the Club and subjected to an act of humiliation,which was uncom [...]

  3. It s out D topic show in five days, the download will be available Hope you guys enjoy it This one s dark, gritty, sexy, and all kinds of wrong Just look at this cover by Natasha Snow

  4. RATING 1 WTF IS THIS SH T Heart __To be honest, I got curious about this after reading a friend s update, and come on, who can pass up some hot man on man action Well, this was a bust for me Bare Knuckle Love has a promising premise, however, it s execution is sorely lacking The only reason this didn t end up a DNF is due to Jason I genuinely felt bad for him and all that he had endured in life He was a lost man, and my heart the idiot fell for him And grudgingly, I admit, some of the sex scenes [...]

  5. Hmmm, how to rate that this one I ll start with a 3 and see what I end up with once I spew out my thoughts.Bare Knuckle love is a little too weird to be believable Jason is out of cash, unemployed and agrees to lose a bare knuckle underground cage fight During the fight he spots an old high school crush in the crowd and his pride forces him to throw common sense out the window and he wins the fight.This isn t the weird part.The weirdness begins when it disclosed that the crush is the leader of a [...]

  6. 3 StArS Didn t quite feel the vibe with this one But I have to say I am a huge fan of this author, I adore the Guns n Boys series and have enjoyed most of the books in the Sex and Mayhem series too.Maybe it was just my bad

  7. 2.5 to 3 Stars Warning This was all sorts of dirty and crude I don t know why I picked this to read because I usually don t like such harsh reality I guess my curiosity got the best of me So if you like the questionable morals and gritty brutality of underground MMA fighting and MC clubs, then this is for you.To sum it up, this had violence, humiliation, desperation, uncontrolled lust, and crazy smex I just could not look away Oh no doubt, this made me uncomfortable, and it definitely made me sq [...]

  8. 4.5 stars sigh Wow, this was harsh I mean, it was so gritty and violent And the blood and the blackmail on top of it all sigh I don t know, it just felt so wrongMaybe they took it too far this timeHAHAHAHAHAHA Who am I kidding, I LOVE that shit This prompt image was created for K.A.Merikan It had it all, blood and hot guy on the run, ready to fight The hot stud in the pic is Jason I loved Jason, he is the gentle giantwhen he doesn t bite people And Hyde, wellHyde is a douchebag He puts Domenico [...]

  9. 4.5Well, shiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt.That cover criminals enemies to lovers fucked up kinkery virgins KA Merikan ___________________________________________Actual review Jason needs to make a buck The best way he can do that is by fighting Only thing is, part of the deal is to lose But when he sees his old crush, Hyde, in the audience, he forgets all about the deal.Too bad Hyde is the guy he was supposed to lose for Now Hyde has him in his clutches and he s not too happy.Hyde is a crazy motherfucker S [...]

  10. still free 10 23 15I was browsing books on , like I do, and came across this one and it s FREE for those of you interested Pick it up while you can, Dolls 2.5 3 I am a big fan of these ladies and love some of their other books but, Oi This one just didn t do it for me And I was so excited too The blurb sounded amazing and I was so into book cover lust that I thought for sure this would be awesome But in the end I just couldn t bring myself to like either character Jason was too weak for my taste [...]

  11. 4.5 Jason has made a deal go down, get money It sound simple, and it is, or at least until a face from the past appears and he can t seem to let himself lose, not in front of Hyde.The problem Well, you make a deal and people tend to hold you to that So when he s taken by the Rabid Mongrels MC, the last thing he expects is to be face to face with Hyde or face to cock but semantics So what do you expect when you read a story by KA I can tell you that I expect steam and grit and dirtiness This chec [...]

  12. 3.75 starsNoooooooo, why did it have to end just when it became so beep good I demand a full length novel This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books.I rarely rate short novellas stories than 3 stars, because they always seem lacking in comparison to full length novels, but I was so tempted when it comes to Bare Knuckle Love by K A Merikan Dark, raw, thrilling, emotional deliciously dirty.Bare Knuckle Love is not for those faint of heart, because despite the story s shortness around 90 pages it [...]

  13. I loved it I thought it was hot and sexy Plus, I really love enemies to lovers type of stories I really loved Hyde s family as well I definitely would read a lot about Jason and Hyde as well as some of the other guys in the MC Two thumbs up

  14. Offered for FREE from the M M Romance Group s Love Is An Open Road event Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated 2.5 stars That picture looks like a ripped Eminem But I digress I wanted to like this than I did It was labeled dub con so I thought it would be pretty gritty and fucked up, but really, it was just kinda sad After all the physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father and brother, Jason s self esteem is so in the shitter that he needs a good psychiatrist, not [...]

  15. Enemies to lovers Long time crush GFY OFY ears perked up I can t help it I have a soft spot in that This is some angsty sh t right here Harsh, raw, and gritty What if the person you have always been in loved with turned out to be a manipulative asshole Jason had been in loved with Hyde since high school He used to follow him around like a lovesick puppy Too bad Hyde didn t even know him And what are the odds, faith has put them in the line again He s even worse than before.You re not going to l [...]

  16. 4.5 StarsJason Oh how I love Jason He s tough but oh so sweet swoon What You wanna keep me Jason has had such a shit life and just wants someone to want him Why not his high school crush Hyde This book is harsh It s doesn t go easy on the reader I must admit I got teary when we heard about Jason s upbringing Poor Ratso I may have a lot of kinks, but humiliation is not one of them so I found it hard to get beyond Hyde s asshole behavior and attitude.Hyde snorted Yeah, and one of those was because [...]

  17. Bare Knuckle Love was the first book in the Rabid Mongrels MC and the first I ve read by K.A Merikan I look forward to .Jason was an underground fighter He fought for money so he allowed himself to lose in a fixed fight when it was financially advantageous He was in the middle of one of these fights when he spotted his high school crush that he hadn t seen in ten years Jason determined he wouldn t lose while his longtime crush, Hyde, was watching Unfortunately he didn t realize Hyde was the Pres [...]

  18. Crossed over my line of humiliation kink One MC calling the other a hungry bitch and the like all throughout the story is not a turn on for me Not a fan of that Otherwise, well written and engaging story.

  19. I had soooo many problems with this one Hyde treated Jason so horribly I don t know why I even read this one honestly I wanted to give up but it was sort of like a train wreck Hyde uses Jason as a human dart board, put a dog shock collar on him and uses it , constantly calls him names and puts him down, and is blackmailing him But for some reason Jason still wants him in no way is this a romance If anything, it s a story about emotional and physical abuse

  20. This was not the dark f ed up book I thought it would be.But I still loved every page.Was it perfectt at all, but it worked for me big time.Hyde was a big crazy, but sexy as hell.Jason was a bit crazy too The guy bit the check off an opponent But Jason is perfect for Hyde, and his dirty mouth.The end went a little sappybut that s okay I liked it.I loved it.

  21. grabby hands bikers aren t my usual digs, but this one sounds too good to pass up plus, i love any sort of reunited or old crush story TIS MY WEAKNESS.

  22. I hate to give a low ranking for a story that was bestowed on me by the lovely DRitC event and some very awesome writers who took a prompt by someone of the community and told their story.But This was absolutely not to my taste I know that this is supposed to be rough and bloody and violent But this is not a love story, not even if you squint There isn t any romance or even believable, sexy lust to be found here Nada.The tough guy Jason is a fighter boxer who seemingly has no concept of self con [...]

  23. I haven t tagged this as romance because it doesn t qualify for me, but it is the beginning of a non traditional romance.While this isn t what I would consider dark, I accept that my version of dark leans toward erotic horror, and that those who don t delve into that depth of depravity, will consider this dark.I enjoyed this story, and I will be on the lookout for the sequel While not perfect, it captured the basic story line.Jason is a closeted, illegal MMA fighter, who was supposed to throw a [...]

  24. Re read Aug 2017I needed something crazy that could take my mind off a little bit from this last book I read and I knew that Jason Hyde wouldn t fail me I think you are a nasty little cocksucker You just came in your pants from my dick ramming down your throat Re read Nov 2016Sexy, raw, dirty and slightly crazyThere is seriously something wrong with these two and it s completely crazy to like them Read Feb 2016 I m gonna fuck you so many times I m gonna taste my cum when we kiss.

  25. I think the authors followed the prompt diligently I liked the setting, the excitement of illegal cage fighting and motorcycling clubs Jason, the fighter, is a vicious fighter with a sad, sad background story, that was difficult for me to read as I love dogs I think his horrible childhood really messed with his head, and he needs a good psychiatrist and a few years of therapy But he is a kind, loving man, desperately needing love, touch and acceptance Thats why I feel Hyde is not the right guy f [...]

  26. Darum geht s Der Mixed Martial Arts K mpfer Jason verdient seine Br tchen bei illegalen Untergrundk mpfen und verliert auch mal absichtlich, wenn das Geld stimmt Als er aber seinen fr heren Schulschwarm Hyde im Publikum entdeckt, will er sich von seiner besten Seite zeigen, wirft die Absprache ber Bord und gewinnt den Kampf Erst danach erf hrt er, dass Hyde auf seinen Gegner gesetzt hat und nun ziemlich sauer ist, weil er durch Jasons Sieg viel Geld verloren hat Und Hyde ist kein netter Kerl er [...]

  27. 3,5 Ok, per questo libro non serve cercare pregi artistici, ma vi da dire che una lettura che offre ci che prometteChi conosce questo duo, sa cosa aspettarsi Storie un filo cattive a volte pi che un filo , con personaggi assolutamente non politically correct, e spesso sboccati, sanguigni, assatanati e molto pratici nel perseguire i propri interessi, sempre e comunque.Qui non dovete neanche preoccuparvi di individuare un angioletto finito in mezzo ad anime perdute, perch Jason uno che si muove gi [...]

  28. What if Hyde pushed him away again, though Jason already knew the answer He d dive in headfirst again, ready to get hurt, if that was what it took to get a piece of Hyde That pretty much sums up the relationship between Hyde Real name Pierce the guy with the split personalities and Jason the fighter Jason had a horrible childhood and Is obsessed with his his school crush hyde, who doesn t even remember him and only wants the money he lost And he will do anything to get the money back, which real [...]

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