Drive Me Wild

Free Read Drive Me Wild - by Shari Slade - Drive Me Wild, Drive Me Wild His club is demanding answers His sister is missing Noah needs to draw on every ounce of strength in that muscled body It s not the time for him to let anyone see he s than fists and ink Sometimes I c
  • Title: Drive Me Wild
  • Author: Shari Slade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Book

Free Read Drive Me Wild - by Shari Slade, Drive Me Wild, Shari Slade, Drive Me Wild His club is demanding answers His sister is missing Noah needs to draw on every ounce of strength in that muscled body It s not the time for him to let anyone see he s than fists and ink Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the man behind the cold hard mask Something like caring Something like kindness I live for those moments He might die for them DRIVE ME WILD is PHis club is demanding Free Read Drive Me Wild - by Shari Slade - Drive Me Wild, Drive Me Wild His club is demanding answers His sister is missing Noah needs to draw on every ounce of strength in that muscled body It s not the time for him to let anyone see he s than fists and ink Sometimes I c
  • Free Read Drive Me Wild - by Shari Slade
    103Shari Slade
Drive Me Wild

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  1. Shari Slade is the USA Today bestselling author of sexy new adult and rock star romance She s a snarky optimist A would be academic with big dreams and very little means When she isn t toiling away in the non profit sector, she s writing gritty stories about identity and people who make terrible choices in the name of love or lust Somehow, it all works out in the end If she had a patronus it would be a platypus.Frequently found in a blanket fort, you can also find her contributing at Wonkomance, on twitter, facebook, or tumblr For new release updates, sign up for the newsletter.

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  1. She s not stupidShe s a survivor She s had to be Her spidey senses are sharp and her bullshit meter is in the red Unfortunately, even someone as skilled as she is in the art of staying alive might have a problem with knowing when to keep her mouth shut I was cringing as I read, proud that she stands up for herself, but wise enough to know it s gonna cost her Badass bikers don t like mouthy women, at least out of the bedroom, right But, I gotta hand it to her, maybe being punished isn t so bad af [...]

  2. Review His gentle touch is brutal than any whip He lashes me with everything i cannot have Forever and Always are things he s not build for This is the third book in this series and its getting hotter and better Drive Me Wild is a really short story straight to the point i like the way the author is developing the characters and how the story keeps getting exciting This is definitely a HOT short Short story Noah definitely knows his way to a girl s heart heart He s an alpha male but he s sweet [...]

  3. Originally posted at Smexybooks Wicked Wednesdaysmexybooks 2015 07 wicked Drive Me Wild is part 3 of a 5 part serial by Shari Slade These edgy, suspenseful, erotic little niblets are an action packed surprise that gives readers a decadent taste of the dark side of Motorcycle Clubs and the bikers who give their undying loyalty to this brotherhood The serial focuses on Noah, an enforcer with the Devil s Host MC, and Star, a waitress whose cousin is in deep debt with the MC In Ride Me Hard part 1 r [...]

  4. toryline 5Angst 4Tissue 0Value 5Panty Scorching 4Over All Rating 4.5 StarsKindle eARCReviewed by Jenny and RobinDrive Me Wild is part three in the Devil s Host MC series This gritty MC book continues as with Star being questioned by the MC about what happened when the President was killed Noah and Stone are on trial with the brotherhood and cannot go after Noah s sister who was taken Star is having trouble with Noah being threatened Noah just wants to protect and take care of Star and his sister [...]

  5. I absolutely love this series Just can t get enough of Noah Starting to like Stone as well There is so much going on in this book Noah s sister Jules is missing and Noah, Star, and Stone s life can be weighing in the balance Though I tried to cover my eyes and read at the same time because Star just couldn t keep her mouthy mouth shut In this book you get to see a little of Star s past and where she came from She really is a strong and amazing woman You get to learn a little about Noah as well [...]

  6. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie s Book Reports Carla s Five Star ReviewThis is the third book in the Devil s Host MC series.As this book begins, Star is being questioned by the club about Dev s death Noah has broken club law, and because of this, his life hangs in the balance As if that isn t enough for Noah to deal with, he learns that his sister, Jules, has been taken He has no idea who took her or why, and he desperately needs his brothers help to [...]

  7. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie s Book Reports Drive Me wild is the third novella in Shari Slade s Devils Host MC series You must read Ride Me Hard and Break Me In before reading Drive Me Wild or you will be lost Noah s sister is missing and his club wants answers Once aging Drive Me Wild picks up right where Break Me In left off Noah is in deep trouble with his club Killing the president without a vote is a big no no Their also questioning Star Noah [...]

  8. I just finished Drive Me Wild and I really enjoyed this It s apart of the Devils Host MC series so Ride Me Hard and Break Me In must be read first As you know Noah is the enforcer and he has to answer to the club for his actions for killing the president while saving Star Plus his sister goes missing This is a quick yet sexy read that had me from the get go Can t wait for Story 5Sex 5Overall 5

  9. Again another short quick read Drive Me Wild 3 was intense and gritty that was enjoyable to read I just wished this series was longer in length and the chapters were also longer I thought Noah and Star were still the perfect couple to love and how hot their chemistry was between each other The author did not disappoint with the storyline Again we see Noah and Star are together and the stakes are higher for both of them Good storyline and good characters continue on in this series I voluntarily [...]

  10. jbsbookobsession Noah s sister is missing taken by a rival MC He needs to concentrate on finding his sister The club wants to know why he killed their president and what does this chick Star have to do with it He s claimed her as his own, but will he have to choose her over his club brothers Star and Noah have been dancing a fine line between lust and love from the moment they meet Noah keeps telling Star he s bad stay away run but she refuses to leave his side Something about him makes her feel [...]

  11. Drive Me Wild Another dangerous read by Shari Slade.I loved this 3rd part to the Devils Host MC Series It was a in depth read to this exciting series It was intense in every way possible and I read on impatiently wanting to find out what was going to happen to Noah.In this 3rd installment you can tell that everything going on is slowly getting to Star, and she s not appreciating how Noah treats her Well, she s hot and cold Its a love hate relationship with the way he treats her It annoys Star y [...]

  12. Drive Me Wild is the third installment of Shari Slade s Devil s Host series The story remains gritty, super sexy and intense The story picks up right after Break Me In As I read Drive Me Wild, I felt we got a deeper view of Star and Noah s relationship They are both trying to figure our the boundaries to their passionate and fierce connection Star goes through a lot of emotional turmoil, trying to find her place in Noah s life She is also finding out who she is a person She discovers within hers [...]

  13. Picking up right where the previous installment ended, Noah and Stone s fate is being discussed by the Club after their game changing decision saved Star but left fallout of even bigger proportions There s little time to fear for their lives though as Noah s sister has been taken and Star makes it her mission to help find her, which leaves her and Noah at odds as she gets an education on women s roles in their MC world Along with this non stop action is even steaminess between Star and Noah bor [...]

  14. I ll admit it I m hooked on this series Noah has to deal with his club and face their decision regarding his actions in Break Me In, part 2 of this Devil s Host MC serial Stuck at the clubhouse with Noah while he awaits their decision, Star gets to see many different sides to Noah, especially the one he shows his brothers, and the one he shows her in his bedroom.Star doesn t mind much, especially since Noah really knows how to get her hot and wild and how to push her right over the edge As a mat [...]

  15. MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS Well, where to begin.Part 3 starts out with a bang and ends with a a HUGE cliffhanger, may be the worst one I ve ever encountered, but not sorry I read it Shari, true to her writing, does an amazing job of continuing Star and Noah s story In this part, it gets into the club life and shows us that what Noah did in Part 2 now has to be dealt with and his fate decided It also becomes fairly clear what happened to Noah s sister and now the club is trying to find her We als [...]

  16. Susan Reviewed on behalf of Mytimeoutbookblog I give Drive Me Wild Part 3 Devil s Host MC Serial 5 stars for keeping on the edge of my seat and wanting I can t get enough of Noah and Star.Shari Slade has upped the anty on this one what will be Noah s punishment for killing the leader Will the Devil s Host go after the Bloody Jokers Star is mouthy But she d better know when to stop talking because she will be punished But considering what her punishment isI d keep being mouthy if I was her She s [...]

  17. I received an ARC of Drive Me Wild by Shari Slade for an honest review This book starts off with a meeting of the club to determine the fate of Noah after him having killed Dev and several others They bring in Star to question her about what happened to her to gather info to see if what Noah did was called for Star pulls all her nerves together to appear strong and put together even though she is feeling anything but The meeting had been called early secondary to everyone finding out that Noah s [...]

  18. Drive Me Wild by Shari Slade is the third book in her new four part serial, Devil s Host MC All parts are now available for purchase if you are NOT a fan of waiting after a cliffhanger to see what happens next This book is the midway point in this series Noah took it upon himself to neutralize the bad seed in the MC Just when one threat is eliminated and things begin to balance out another threat looms Noah s sister has gone missing Taken by a rival MC He will do whatever it takes to get her bac [...]

  19. We are smack dab in the action now so if you haven t read the first two instalments, you need to catch up with Noah s sister missing, and Star getting used to her position and Noah s in the club In this section, you learn about Noah s family, and about Noah and what his motivations are I enjoyed this part as the plot is moving along quickly and the sex between Noah and Star is still driving the story I like how Star is starting to come into her own, becoming confident of their relationship an [...]

  20. I love this book It is part of a series In Drive Me Wild , Noah is waiting to found out whether he is to live or die for killing a brother of his MC but because his sister is missing, it is decided to wait for the vote until after his sister is found In the meantime, Star is sent to a safe house for her protection On the way, accompanied by Stone who is a close brother to Noah and Dale, another brother end up stopping at the restaurant that Star used to work at Dale needs to use the bathroom but [...]

  21. Oh man Another amazing installment I don t know if I can wait until August Shari sure left me with my heart racing.Starr once again shows her strong and stubborn side But man I love how smart, mouthy and gutsy she is Although that may not be that smart considering But the whole pay check thing just proves she s smart and her determination to keep Noah safeNoah s a heart stealer feeding her and taking up for her against his brothers who are holding his life in their hands Sighs Write faster Shari [...]

  22. Drive Me Wild is the edge of your seat 3rd installment of the Devil s Host MC serial I mean seriously there is so much going on in this one with the MC voting on Noah s fate and his sister being missing That whole sister situation is complicated that her just disappearing Star is getting a bit mouthier and suffers not so much the consequences of doing so She is trying to find her place in Noah s life not believing that there is a future in it I can t wait to read what happens next.I give Drive [...]

  23. Thanks to the author for a copy to read and review Amazing part three, but it still feels as though there is still a long way to go Star and Noah made it through this part and I m really excited about the cliffy in the end Noah s sister was taken by fair means or foul.we don t know yet The club has postponed the decision on what to do about Noah s renegade activities, and Stars in a whole mess of sh t Great Read Five stars.

  24. Getting betterIt s getting better I don t know why this series is not one of my favorite it s getting better but I m still not feeling it.I don t know if it s because of the last series of mc or just the way she writing it I just keep losing if she is the one that s just saving the day thing or the fact I m not seeing the point with mc it s just seems I m looking for something that s missing here Sorry

  25. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review This story just keeps getting better So much happens in a few chapters Noah s sister is missing and the MC has decided how to go about finding her Then they will decide on the life of Noah Stone for the killing of a brother within the MC Star, Noah, Stone are not sure who will live, who will die or who to trust What a cliffhanger I hope I can hang on until the next installment.

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