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↠ Find Her ✓ Lisa Gardner - Find Her, Find Her Flora Dane is a victim Seven years ago carefree college student Flora was kidnapped while on spring break For days Flora learned just how much one person can endure Flora Dane is a survivor Mira
  • Title: Find Her
  • Author: Lisa Gardner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition

↠ Find Her ✓ Lisa Gardner, Find Her, Lisa Gardner, Find Her Flora Dane is a victim Seven years ago carefree college student Flora was kidnapped while on spring break For days Flora learned just how much one person can endure Flora Dane is a survivor Miraculously alive after her ordeal Flora has spent the past five years reacquainting herself with the rhythms of normal life working with her FBI victim advocate Samuel KeFlora Dane is a vict ↠ Find Her ✓ Lisa Gardner - Find Her, Find Her Flora Dane is a victim Seven years ago carefree college student Flora was kidnapped while on spring break For days Flora learned just how much one person can endure Flora Dane is a survivor Mira
  • ↠ Find Her ✓ Lisa Gardner
    336Lisa Gardner
Find Her

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  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name 1 mystery thrillers, suspenseaka Alicia ScottNew York Times bestselling crime novelist Lisa Gardner began her career in food service, but after catching her hair on fire numerous times, she took the hint and focused on writing instead A self described research junkie, she has parlayed her interest in police procedure, cutting edge forensics and twisted plots into a streak of eleven bestselling suspense novels.Readers are invited to get in on the fun by entering the annual Kill a Friend, Maim a Mate Sweepstakes, where they can nominate the person of their choice to die in Lisa s latest novel Every year, one lucky stiff is selected for literary immortality It s cheaper than therapy, and you get a great book besides For details, simply visit Lisa s website.Lisa lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her family, as well as two highly spoiled dogs and one extremely neurotic three legged cat Lisa graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in international relations.

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  1. No one wants to be a monster Dark, intense and downright chilling, Find Her had me questioning what kind of survivor I might be after being held captive for 472 days in a body sized pine box I know, a horrifying thought, right Would I give up on life and ultimately let fear rule my world or be a woman hell bent on revenge Like Flora, would I struggle to recognize the eyes staring back at me in the mirror Even though this is the eighth book in the Detective D.D Warren series, it was my first expe [...]

  2. A terrific thriller from Lisa Gardner where her psychological insights and descriptions of abduction victim, Flora Dane, are nothing less than outstanding Flora was kept in a pine coffin, sexually and physically abused and starved by Jacob Ness as part of his plan to destroy her sense of self and remake her as Molly, a woman entirely dependent on him and Jacob is the most important person in her life Molly Flora was eventually freed after 472 days, and she shoots Jacob dead 5 years on, Flora is [...]

  3. 5 Thrilling StarsGenre Mystery Thriller SuspenseType Book 8 from Detective D.D Warren Series Standalone StoriesPOV First Person ShiftingExpected Publication Date February 2nd, 2016 The repulsive man walks away Leaves you once again all alone Naked Bruised Bloody Knowing things you never wanted to know Mommy, you whisper But this monster s real And there s nothing anyone can do to save you any Flora Dane was abducted and kept captive for 472 days seven years ago Not many victims that disappear fo [...]

  4. This is a decent murder mystery revenge thriller It was my first Lisa Gardner book, so I can t compare it to others in the series, but the plot moved along quickly and kept me hooked enough to keep reading I picked up Find Her after seeing a positive review and was intrigued by the story, which is that Flora Dane had been abducted while on Spring Break in Florida and held captive for than 400 days Flora was eventually rescued, and during her survivor s counseling she found a new obsession track [...]

  5. 5 Give up Sleep Gladly Stars Available Now My title for this review says it all I was fortunate to have talked my way into the good graces of the publisher and they gave me the ok to read this It was understandable for their concern after all I read mostly romance.However, I am someone who likes all types of experiences and thrillers, psychological dramas, mysteries were my bread and butter for many years I could deal with the blood, guts and gore with the best of them so after my persuading to [...]

  6. Wow Lisa Gardner is Back with Find Her the latest DD warren novel she got her mojo back, not that she ever lost it Flora Dane is held captive for 472 days with a psycho before she was found DD is sent in to find out about her after the sudden disappearance of three girls years later the DD digs into the disappearances the she is struggling with finding out information about Flora What is she hiding WHY IS SHE HOLDING OUT ON DD The prep Devon Goulding who is a suspect in the disappearances is f [...]

  7. I am a huge fan of LISA GARDNER and have read all of her books I always find myself waiting patiently for her next book release.Although FIND HER didn t actually wow me it still gets a 5 rating from me because I wasn t able to guess the outcome on this one and it was a strong, solid read But, not guessing the outcome isn t uncommon for me as Lisa Gardner pulls you into the storyline and I just want to be in the moment with D D Warren s case as it unfolds and don t find myself wanting to guess Sh [...]

  8. I have enjoyed all the D.D.Warren novels so far and this one was no exception The story was intriguing and the suspense was edge of the seat stuff which kept this reader turning pages as fast as possible More than 400 of them disappeared in the twinkling of an eye as I raced to find out who did what On the cover Sharon Bolton is quoted as saying that Lisa Gardner is an absolute master of the psychological suspense novel She certainly is

  9. Find Her, by Lisa Gardner, is another edge of your seat thriller featuring Detective D.D Warren D.D is on restricted duty due to a work related injury but that doesn t keep her behind a desk for long.Flora Dane is a survivor She was kidnapped and held for 472 days and we learn of her terrifying ordeal Once free she tries to come to terms with her freedom and new life after living a nightmare at the hands of a madman Bringing other predators to justice seems to be her sole focus When Flora disapp [...]

  10. Once again, I am thrilled THRILLED With a Lisa Gardner book.Flora Dane was abducted and stored in a coffin shaped box for 472 days That s 15 months The deterioration, destruction, and disappearance of her self was hard to read about On the occasions when she eventually was able to spend time out of the box, it grew harder to empathize with her Now, 5 years after her rescue, the new Flora, Flora 2.0 as she calls herself, is extremely hard to understand or like.Flora apparently is connected someho [...]

  11. Find Her was chilling and one of the disturbing stories I ve read by Lisa Gardner Once I truly sat down and started reading, I couldn t put the book down and I have to say the story haunted me Detective D.D Warren is called to bizarre homicide where the victim turned the tables on her abductor before he did her any damage Once D.D starts asking questions she soon realizes there is than meets the eye with the victim, Flora Dane, because this isn t the first time Flora has been a victim of abduc [...]

  12. Seven years ago Flora Dane was kidnapped while on spring break For 472 days she was held captive And then she was freed But is Flora really free For 5 years she has obsessed with other young woman who have disappeared Most recently Stacey Summers a college co ed in Boston Flora puts herself in situations where she will once again become a victim Except in the past 5 years Flora has learned a lot about self defense and criminal behavior She will stop the predators Flora refers to herself as Flora [...]

  13. Thank You to Net Galley, the publishers and the author for a advanced copy.Flora Dane is a victim.Seven years ago, carefree college student Flora was kidnapped while on spring break For 472 days, Flora learned just how much one person can endure.Flora Dane is a survivor.Miraculously alive after her ordeal, Flora has spent the past five years reacquainting herself with the rhythms of normal life, working with her FBI victim advocate, Samuel Keynes She has a mother who s never stopped loving her, [...]

  14. We meet Flora Dane five years after her kidnapping, where she was held for 472 days by a psycho She goes from a victim to a survivor Flora takes self defense courses and shooting practice She plasters her bedroom wall with pictures and articles of missing persons, stories of those who have not returned.When Detective D D Warren meets Flora, it is in the back of a police cruiser Flora won t talk to D D about the kidnapper laying dead on the lawn Instead, Flora called Samuel Keynes, FBI victim spe [...]

  15. When you first wake up in a dark wooden box, you ll tell yourself this isn t happening Florence Dane is a survivor She spent 472 days as the prisoner of a sexual predator, locked for much of the time in a wooden coffin and still she lived to tell the tale Now, she is free, but the girl she once was is gone forever The woman who took her place is obsessed with finding missing people, with bringing to justice those who take them from their lives But is it justice she is seeking, or revenge What re [...]

  16. I have read several Lisa Gardner books and many of the Detective DD Warren series so I was keen to read this latest one in the series, N0 8 in fact.Florence Dane spent 472 days as the prisoner of a sexual predator, spending most of her time in a wooden coffin Now free, she is obsessed with finding missing people and bringing their kidnappers to justice A fast paced novel that is full of suspense and a good few surprises The 8th book in the series but would work as a stand alone.I would like to t [...]

  17. Flora Dane is a victim she is also a survivor The real question is is she also a vigilante seeking revenge for the 472 days she was held captive She s been free for 5 years and still doesn t know what normal is She s lost the closeness the felt for her mother and brother She is close to only one person Samuel Keynes, FBI Victim Advocate.Detective D.D Warren is called to the scene of a crime There she finds a dead man and the bound, naked woman who killed him Flora Dane During her investigation, [...]

  18. Really twisted and suspenseful Started a bit slow in the beginning but was worth waiting it out once things started getting intense, I couldn t put it down.

  19. Wow I haven t read a Lisa Gardner in a while I d forgotten how good she is It had been five long years since Flora Dane had been held captive by a psychopath named Jacob for 472 days five years of nightmares of fighting with her inner self The night she was abducted from Tonic, a nightclub she d been drinking and dancing at, and locked away in the darkness once again, she was prepared Her self defence classes meant she would do her best to escape no she would escape What happened next brought De [...]

  20. I m joining in again with Throwback Thursday which was created by my good friend Renee at It s Book Talk She started this weekly feature as a way to highlight old favorites and read books that have already been published I have so many older books on my TBR that get ignored in favor of review copies and I figure participating in Throwback Thursday will help me to read at a least one older title a week It s a bittersweet feeling now that I m caught up on this series Find Her was an absolutely ama [...]

  21. Flora Dane is a survivor Over six years earlier she was abducted from a beach and held captive for 472 days In that time she was kept in a wooden box, beaten and sexually abused before being rescued by the FBI and killing the man who took her In the following years Dana has tried to move on with her life, but in the end she can not let go of her past when she is abducted for a second time all these years later Dana though is a different person much to the abductor s surprise.When detective D.D W [...]

  22. Lisa Gardnershifts to the edgy dark side with female vigilante, taking center stage in FIND HER DD Warren 8 Flora Dane, a former kidnapping victim, turned survivor held in a coffin box by a sadistic monster for 472 days on a mission to save other victims from predators, holding on to an obsession of R E V E N G E, or something else A spine tingling intense psychological crime thriller amid survivor victim madness An intense and emotional horror story fans will love Seven years earlier,a college [...]

  23. This was quite a page turner for me, although I wish I had read prior books in this series There were a few references to happenings I was not privy to, and now feel like I need to roll back to them A good solid thriller.

  24. A truly addictive read from the pen of Lisa Gardner here, an author I m a huge fan of especially the Raine Quincy novels of which there is a new one coming YAY Up until this point I had not been QUITE as enamoured of the DD Warren novels but for me Find Her brought this series into its own.Tense, claustrophobic, a really serious page turner, Find Her has all the elements of a classic crime novel with added pizazz and some truly atmospheric and heart stopping writing Flora Dane is a remarkable ch [...]

  25. Lisa Gardner has really found her mojo Boston Detective D.D Warren is called to a scene where a young woman has managed to immolate a rapist before he could rape her It turns out that the victim Flora Dane spent 472 days as a captive sex toy for another serial rapist Then Flora disappears in the middle of DD s investigation, and DD has to figure out what has happened Gardner does a great job dropping subtle hints about the kidnapping while also providing Flora s backstory The best one so far, bu [...]

  26. Reading a Lisa Gardner book is like taking a master class in thriller writing She inhabits character fully and plots brilliantly, all the while relentlessly turns the screws of suspense Her pacing is simply flawless FIND HER is harrowing, gripping, and unputdownable.

  27. Seven years ago, carefree college student Flora Dane was kidnapped while on spring break For 472 days, Flora learned just how much one person can endure Miraculously alive after her ordeal, Flora has spent the past five years reacquainting herself with the rhythms of normal life, working with her FBI victim advocate, Samuel Keynes She has a mother who s never stopped loving her, a brother who is scared of the person she s become, and a bedroom wall covered with photos of other girls who ve never [...]

  28. Normally there is no question of whose side Sergeant Detective D.D Warren of the Boston Police Department is firmly on That is until she is called out to investigate the chilling death of Devon Goulding and meets his killer, Flora Dane, a woman who survived a 472 day incarceration inside a wooden coffin at the mercy of the depraved Jacob Ness and lived to tell the tale Everything D.D Warren holds central and her unswerving support for the victim is turned on its head After all, just what is Flor [...]

  29. Her name is Florence Dane, and she will begin by introducing you to the realities of life inside a pine box the rough planked coffin she s being stored in by her abductor She won t dwell on the snatch off a Florida beach during spring break She was drunk, she hardly remembers that But the box, the constriction, the resistance, the mounting hysteria and the harsh trick of adaptation to long stretches of time spent entombed like a corpse this she doesn t have to recall This is Was Always will be A [...]

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