Space Carrier Avalon

Free Download Space Carrier Avalon - by Glynn Stewart - Space Carrier Avalon, Space Carrier Avalon THE FLEET S OLD LADY OUT FOR ONE LAST DANCE Avalon was the flagship of the Castle Federation in the last war now twenty years past The first of the deep space carriers no other warship in the fleet
  • Title: Space Carrier Avalon
  • Author: Glynn Stewart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Space Carrier Avalon - by Glynn Stewart, Space Carrier Avalon, Glynn Stewart, Space Carrier Avalon THE FLEET S OLD LADY OUT FOR ONE LAST DANCE Avalon was the flagship of the Castle Federation in the last war now twenty years past The first of the deep space carriers no other warship in the fleet holds as many honors or has recorded as many kills No other warship in the fleet is as old Accepting the inevitable the Federation Space Navy has decided to refit her anTHE FLEET Free Download Space Carrier Avalon - by Glynn Stewart - Space Carrier Avalon, Space Carrier Avalon THE FLEET S OLD LADY OUT FOR ONE LAST DANCE Avalon was the flagship of the Castle Federation in the last war now twenty years past The first of the deep space carriers no other warship in the fleet
  • Free Download Space Carrier Avalon - by Glynn Stewart
    350Glynn Stewart
Space Carrier Avalon

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  1. Glynn Stewart Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Space Carrier Avalon book, this is one of the most wanted Glynn Stewart author readers around the world.

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  1. Wellund another good space opera military science fiction I have found 3 series that I particularly like This one may not quite go there but I do like it With the requisite political shenanigans and machinations to destroy our heroic commander the older star ship with a famous past is placed in a position on it s last voyage to be the only ship protecting human space from a previously unknown aggressor.Humans have been a peace so long as the book opens that warfare and even violence is supposed [...]

  2. few books can make me mad ,very few books can make me hate myself for the time and energy i have wasted the time and energy that i will waste writing a review saying what i hated and what went wrong in this book will make me hate my self even ,and that is some thing that my utter contempt for this book will not allow

  3. Space Carrier Avalon by Glynn Stewart is space opera at its finest From the first pages the action is non stop and it continues throughout the book The story is a basic one about an aging ship being pulled back to face a modern enemy The crew must pull together to overcome all the dangers that are thrown at them and preserve the honor of the Avalon It was a surprisingly good read and I would recommend it to any fan of military sci fi and space opera.

  4. Summary Military SF, it s a bit obvious and a bit corny in places, but the action is good and the writing very engaging, some decent characters and an interesting universe Despite its flaws I enjoyed this onePlotline Decent plot, well thought out, allowing the action to flow nicelyPremise Interesting universe, instantaneous comms and FTLWriting Very engaging, a difficult to put down book.Ending Oh yes, it all happensPace Never a dull moment

  5. If you like your space drama based largely on munition loads, military procedures and descriptions of dusky women then this is the book for you.

  6. Fast paced, full of action, no dull moments There are at least 4 different stories in just one book Compared to the ones I recently read, it was an interesting change view spoiler Minor spoiler the only thing feeling unnatural, is the protagonist s quick paced promotions Usually this takes books in a series Although, I don t know if this was originally planned as a series hide spoiler

  7. Thoroughly engaging this book started off on what I thought was a high note but kept on getting better as I turned the virtual pages in my Kindle app Newly promoted Wing Commander Kyle Roberts is getting than he bargained for when he gets transferred to the Alliance Navy s Old Lady, the DSC Avalon An aging deep space carrier with a rotten, though soon to be replaced, crew, aging parts that threaten failure at any moment, and a war looming on the horizon that she may not be up to the task of inv [...]

  8. Space Carrier Avalon.EXCELLENT Military science fiction at its best All of the excitement and anticipation of top flight space opera and real, believable characters and relationships that keep your interest throughout I heartily recommend this book to anyone, whether they are a fan of this genre or not s a great read I can truthfully say that I will re read this book than once.

  9. Great sci fi Couldn t put it down.This book reminded me of David Weber and the Honor Harrington space series Bold characters with spines of steel in whom the Honor and Sacrifice of the Space Navy thrive Avalon is the oldest ship of the fleet but is called upon when the Terrans are found ready to invade I heartily recommend this book to all sf readers.

  10. Great Flight of FantasyGlenn Stewart sure did a number on this one A highly exciting and readable science fiction tale.Good characters and believable science make this a most enjoyable read.

  11. Good readThis was a good read by Mr Stewart I always enjoy reading his books this one took a little longer than normal to get the action started but when it did , I couldn t stop turning pages Lots of action and a great storyline.

  12. Great Military Space AdventureAvalon is a great read with lots of action, ingenious battle strategy , great characters and a good story line I hope to read about the career of Kyle Roberts Strong work

  13. An excellent book in the military sci fi tradition, with a plot that doesn t wait to get started but launches into the action while with plenty of room for character development immediately Several good surprise twists to keep you hanging I was up until way after midnight finishing this one

  14. Well writtenI enjoyed reading this book for a variety of reasons There were no aliens it was humanity against humanity which is probably what will happen The characters really were vibrant and believable I really hope we see of this series

  15. Actually much better than I was expecting The characters are sort of stock, but the plot was well paced and action packed Overall a pretty enjoyable read.

  16. A straightforward sci fi adventure with than it s share of twists and turns A very good read with a slightly rushed ending.

  17. Would like to have this book continue as a series Excellent book The book was h add to put downBest story I ve read in a long timeKeep up the great storytelling

  18. Quite fun Decent characters, decent plot, sci fi rules that made sense and weren t over explained.I will read the sequel.

  19. This is a brilliant fast paced action sci fi thriller The book is basically based around Kyle Roberts, a fighter ace, who starts out as the CAG Commander Air Group , of the Star Ship Avalon, an older Carrier that is on its last legs, so is to be sent on a final cruise around the system as a kind of fair well honour voyage The Avalon has a proud history as an Alliance warship in the Castle Federation fleet.In this particular Universe , humanity has kind of split, with the Terran, or Confederate f [...]

  20. So, I picked this book up in ebook form because the book s cover seemed interesting Lately, I have been reading either epic fantasy or hard hitting character driven stuff so I thought that perhaps a return to the roots of my first love, science fiction, might be in order Sadly, this book did not do that for me.From a purely technical point of view this book is well put together There are no editing errors, spelling mistakes, or otherwise formatting issues that distracted me from reading The des [...]

  21. This is a military space opera, and I think a rather good one, if you like that sort of thing I like it, but I know it s not everyone s cup of tea The plot is interesting and engaging There s a diverse cast of well developed characters which is a major factor in making it believable I loved the character interactions, even with the occasional cheesy moments I really liked that the overall tone is very positive even when everything is against them, they meet each challenge with courage and give i [...]

  22. So I normally love Glynn Stewart s books but this one was just ok It seemed to meander quite a bit at the beginning before really getting down to business So much so that I started it 3 4 times before actually getting up enough steam to finish it the first time well over a year ago It also had a somewhat annoying habit of changing the point of view it was writing from, with it bouncing between 3 different characters It finally got good when it chose to focus on Kyle Roberts Also the characters s [...]

  23. Buddy Read w The Hubster along with Audiobook Rating 4 1 2 Stars This was our first book by Glynn Stewart Things started out a little slow during the first couple of chapters, mainly due to world building and sci fy techie stuff, but once the spaceship Avalon leaves dry dock, the story really took off The Hubster and I were very impressed with the author s easy prose and exceptional action scenes This is the best space opera book we have read since reading the Expanse series The characters are v [...]

  24. I ve read the currently published 4 books in this series.This is the first I ve read by this author I haven t read many self published authors before this, but this series was quite fun It had a certain amount of punctuation and misc errors, but not enough to turn me off It actually merely reminded me of reading scanned in sci fi works from decades ago Anybody who loves shoot em up space opera should quite enjoy this series I highly recommend it Some of the stuff is a bit improbable, but it s th [...]

  25. This book isn t bad It just dragged on a bit with the detailed blow by blow space battle descriptions I think he got himself confused in a few of the scenes because they weren t making too much sense Plus, Stewart has a continuing problem with the proper use of punctuation that sometimes gets annoying I normally like his books, but I really wish an editor could take a good look at them before publication That being said, I will probably try book 2 at some point in the future.

  26. Great readSo, I couldn t read this book fast enough So many characters with their ien story with the bigger story So many little twists and nuggets of information You just have to force to read every page even when you are dying to know what is going to happen a couple of pages ahead All in all, a great read and utterly enjoyable.

  27. Thoroughly enjoyed reading Space Carrier Avalon Took one day to read from start to finish The pacing of the novel kept me intrigued, character development was good and it was surprising given the number of characters in the novel I also enjoyed the fantastical setting captured in the novel Highly recommend.

  28. Excellent characters and emotion for space actionThis was a great book Not amazing, but I gave it 5 stars because I actually felt some genuine emotion multiple times during the story Most space opera books totally neglect this and you barely care about the people This book had some raw feeling that felt both authentic and realistic Well done

  29. well worth the time to read.This was a fast last minute buy for a read during down time in the back country Almost better than the week spent in the mountains.This is well written and very enjoyable story Well look foreword to the next in the series.I

  30. Great science fictionThis probably one of the best science fiction novels I have read The action was fast paced, there was a large cast of characters all of which were well developed.

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