The American Lover

The American Lover Best Read || [G.E. Griffin] - The American Lover, The American Lover Faith Jackson Devastated after being widowed from the love of her life at the age of twenty five Still struggling to come to terms with her now meaningless existence two years later Copes by burying h
  • Title: The American Lover
  • Author: G.E. Griffin
  • ISBN: 9780957674554
  • Page: 292
  • Format: ebook

The American Lover Best Read || [G.E. Griffin], The American Lover, G.E. Griffin, The American Lover Faith Jackson Devastated after being widowed from the love of her life at the age of twenty five Still struggling to come to terms with her now meaningless existence two years later Copes by burying herself in her demanding job at the Royal London Bank Caleb Mackenzie Bitter and cynical after his divorce No longer believes in love or monogamy after finding his wife in bFaith Jac The American Lover Best Read || [G.E. Griffin] - The American Lover, The American Lover Faith Jackson Devastated after being widowed from the love of her life at the age of twenty five Still struggling to come to terms with her now meaningless existence two years later Copes by burying h

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  • The American Lover Best Read || [G.E. Griffin]
    292 G.E. Griffin
The American Lover

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  1. Wife, mother of three grown up daughters, and now an author How on earth did that happen I ve always loved a good romantic story, and I ve always had an over active imagination And doesn t everyone have stories going round in their head all the time, to help them escape from boring mundane jobs, or the usual everyday life dramas Apparently not, according to my very practical and down to earth engineer husband However, it wasn t until my youngest daughter flew the nest to head off to university, and I needed to find a way to overcome empty nest syndrome that I actually started writing these stories down So now I ve released my STARR series STARR Fated the first book, and the sequel STARR Destined, which concludes the series My latest book, The American Lover,is now available.I live in Surrey,in the south of England, where I watch the seasons roll by from the window of the little study where I sit and write Apart from writing, I love photography, and travelling to places where there are beautiful gardens and scenery to admire But I think my favourite hobby of all is people watching That, and years of life experience than I care to admit to, are what I use to draw on when I m writing.Gillian E Griffin

One thought on “The American Lover

  1. Please note this review may contain spoilersE AMERICAN LOVER was a sweet story about two people hurt deeply by love in two very different ways, both determined never to fall in love again as the potential heartbreak just isn t worth it But as Faith and Caleb get to know one another, feelings become involved that make it harder for them to stay on their loveless paths.Sadly, THE AMERICAN LOVER just wasn t for me The dual POVs didn t work that well, with quite a bit of repetition occurring between [...]

  2. Faith s life was truly blessed She married her high school sweetheart and they had made so many plans for their future But, that future never had a chance when everything was ripped away from Faith No way did she ever want to put her heart on the line and hurt that much, again.Caleb did not believe in happily ever after since his brutal divorce He only wanted no strings attached encounters you can t call them relationships Both, Caleb and Faith have been hurt to the point where neither wants to [...]

  3. Love never lostFaith was an English girl who fell in love with her high school sweetheart Drew Faith later went on to married him and made life long plans for a future, until tragedy struck and Faith s whole world was shattered Caleb, was an American, who was HOT And did not believe in anything past NO STRING attached relationships, after his very painful divorce from his wife Upon traveling to London for work he meets Faith and becomes friends with her and through there shared tragedies they di [...]

  4. I loved the book I love G.E s style of writing It s so personal and I love the different perspectives of the story and feelings I could have used from the book I felt like it wasn t long enough once they were really together I loved how they were both from broken hearts and fighting their feelings I loved the personalities of both characters I loved the Steamy Scenes, but could have used of them I truly love how G.E ends a book with some closure That is so rare for authors They tend to leave w [...]

  5. Loved this book It was great that even though both Faith and Caleb had back age they really did work at being together and not let others influence them Faith is a strong independent woman despite what she shows and when she propositions Caleb it changes her life

  6. I cried, I laughed, I couldn t put American Lover down I loved it, definitely another winner from G E Griffin Can t wait for her next book.

  7. Great book What a wonderful, fun, sexy story to read I loved the characters, the storyline was amazing I could feel what they were feeling I look forward to reading book 2

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