Dirty Bad Savage

☆ Dirty Bad Savage ☆ Jade West - Dirty Bad Savage, Dirty Bad Savage They say Callum Jackson s a savage No home No prospects No self restraint He s red flagged on my system a grade aggression risk totally off limits for a woman like me But the rules don t allow for
  • Title: Dirty Bad Savage
  • Author: Jade West
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Dirty Bad Savage ☆ Jade West, Dirty Bad Savage, Jade West, Dirty Bad Savage They say Callum Jackson s a savage No home No prospects No self restraint He s red flagged on my system a grade aggression risk totally off limits for a woman like me But the rules don t allow for my dangerous games they don t bend for my twisted desires Callum Jackson is the most beautiful beast A beast I can t stop thinking about can t stop wanting can t stThey say Callum ☆ Dirty Bad Savage ☆ Jade West - Dirty Bad Savage, Dirty Bad Savage They say Callum Jackson s a savage No home No prospects No self restraint He s red flagged on my system a grade aggression risk totally off limits for a woman like me But the rules don t allow for
  • ☆ Dirty Bad Savage ☆ Jade West
    196Jade West
Dirty Bad Savage

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  1. Jade has increasingly little to say about herself as time goes on, other than the fact she is an author, but she s plenty happy with this Living in imaginary realities and having a legitimate excuse for it is really all she s ever wanted.Jade is as dirty as you d expect from her novels, and talking smut makes her smile She lives in the Herefordshire countryside with a couple of hounds and a guy who s able to cope with her inherent weirdness She has a red living room, decorated with far zebra print than most people could bear, and fights a constant battle with her addiction to Coca Cola.Find Jade or stalk her she loves it at facebook jadewestauthortwitter jadewestauthorjadewestauthorSign up to her newsletter via the website, she won t spam you and you may win some goodies.

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  1. 4 Filthy Stars For the second book in this series, the author tells the story of Callum, a rough, young, homeless man that is known for his street art, and Sophie, the estate manager from an extremely wealthy family The two could not have come from different worlds, but are drawn to each other This is a X rated, opposites attract love story.Sophie is drawn to Callum because of his tough, savage nature As a girl that gets off on pain, she craves the danger that Callum emanates She s playing with [...]

  2. One boy,One girlWhen two worlds collide.Callum,20,jobless,homeless,surviving in a rough areaSophie,28,born into a privileged lifeSophie is an Estate Manager for the area Callum grew up it.He has just been released from prison when they meet.Callum has grown up on a housing estate in a poor area of London and struggled all his life to survive.He had dreams of becoming an Artist when he was young only to be ridiculed for it by his mother.Sophie comes from a wealthy background and has defied her pa [...]

  3. Got to say Jade West writes the best warnings Warning As readers of Dirty Bad Wrong will already be aware, I don t use my warnings lightly.This book, like its predecessor, does exactly what it says on the tin.It s dirty, it s bad, and some parts of the book are pretty damn savage.There will be sexual practices some readers may well find offensive.All of the acts within this book are performed by sane, fully consenting adults.Please don t try some of this at home people Thank you so much P.S If y [...]

  4. Dirty Bad Savage gives us a raw, honest look at fierce love When Sophie meets Callum she little realizes how her life is going to change Callum s irresistible dark mystique intrigues her, awakens her darker side and provokes her untamed sexual urges.Facts about Callum Callum is younger than her Callum is very poor, loveless and jobless Callum is not into hardcore BDSM , until he meets Sophie and everything in his life comes upside down Facts about Sophie Sophie is successful in her job Sophie li [...]

  5. This is such a multi faceted story Kink some BDSM much less than in book one IMHO A small piece of the sex club from book one Friendships A dog that I dare you not to fall in love with A touching love story where complete opposites in circumstances find completion in each other s unconventional needs and gives One lives a double life hiding in the shadows of dark needs at night while trying to live up to what s expected in the open the other trying so hard to survive that needs and wants are for [...]

  6. 3.75 StarsSophie Harding is a 28 year old hard working real estate manager by day and an edge slut by night She craves sex hard and rough and now that her Dominant of choice is taken, she is searching for someone to fulfill her needs Sophie isn t ashamed of her kinky side but she isn t quite willing to break out from under her parents financial hold and prude expectations.Callum Jackson is 20 year old street savvy convict from the wrong side of the tracks Upon being released from jail, he return [...]

  7. Jade West did it again Yep second book, second winner for meDirty Bad Savage wax IMO totally different from the first book.While book 1 was with a lot of BDSM element, here we only got a few, or at least they are hidden behind other practices.Callum Jackson is no master, nor Dom Nope he s just a kid, freshly out of prison The guy never had luck He lives in the wrong part of the town where everything is dark, and where you have to fight for money, to eat or even to find a place to stay.An unexpec [...]

  8. 3 Hurt Me Stars Callum just released from prison He s homeless, starving and jobless While locked up his bitch of a mother pawned off his dog to some bad people He wants his fucking dog back He s pissed and is fighting a former friend about it This is nothing new to Callum He has always lived on a housing estate in a poor area of town with his shitty mother This is how he meets Sophie.Sophie is an estate manager where Callum grew up She s out doing her rounds when she spots two men fighting She [...]

  9. It s Dirty It s Bad It s Savage.This isn t your normal erotica This is a dark and gritty story of a submissive looking for her perfect Dom Sophie wants the release that pain and sex gives her, but she can t find her safe yet rough Dom When she meets Callum she can t get him out of her mind and thinks he will be the one to finally give her what she craves Callum just got out of prison and is back to his old ways Homeless, jobless, and in debt to a group of guys you don t want to mess with, the on [...]

  10. So If you were to take my review for the first book and put it hereat would be totally fine with meSUS I thought the first book had its disgusting but too intriguing to care momentsbut thisis was totally different WOW.WOW, seriously, that is all I have to say.

  11. Whoa I knew what I was in for because I have read Dirty Bad Wrong, but this book rocked my world Dirty Bad Savage is so different from Jade West s first book I am still reeling from it While the first book was hardcore BDSM this book developed differently It was not what I expected it was so much .Sophie is a submissive, but you wouldn t know it She frequents Explicit often, searching for the rush only BDSM can offer her There is one problem though lately she hasn t been feeling satisfied after [...]

  12. 3.75 Only Live Once Stars I m definitely a fan Jade West s after having read Dirty Bad Wrong Savage was another winner West and I m pleased to hear she s writing one in the Dirty Bad Series West knows how to make a reader wide eyed and squirming but still wanting I was hoping to hear about Kat and Masque in Savage, it also took me a minute or two to catch up with the slang terms used but it s a solid story overall I m ready for , Dirtier, Badder and whatever else Jade s twisted erotic mind br [...]

  13. Wow Jade has managed to blow me away again with Dirty Bad Savage This one is so different to the first book but just as well written and kept me gripped throughout the whole book.The story line is amazing, Callum Jackson has lived a rough life, thrown out of home at 14 years, lives on the streets, been to prison and fights everyday to survive Callum loves two things in his life Casey who he puts before his own needs and his painting.Sophie lived a privileged life, coming from a posh family with [...]

  14. I only gagged once during this one haha I was expecting something truly filthy though because i read book 1 I felt better prepared for the mayhem that would be Savage I loved it All of it Even the gag worthy parts i ll read this one next but honestly after book 1 i m freaking terrified hahaha

  15. There are two words to describe this book,the first won t let me use,the second is BRILLIANT the whole story was one hell of a rollercoaster ride that pulled you in and never let you go.Jade has the ability to bring all the characters to life but Callum s WOW it was savage.For me the best book I ve read in 2015 and just can t wait to read .

  16. Original review posted by me on , July 4, 2015 Comfort zones HA They re for pansies.DIRTY is right Man, I can t believe this is only Jade s 2nd book Flipping outstanding And can I just say, I see that one or two other reviewers found the brit dialect distracting but I LOVED it I ve never understood the EL James of the world who try and Americanize their books they always slip up and use some brit term and you re left wondering why on earth they bothered It s such a nice change from what I usuall [...]

  17. 3.25 StarsI waited a bit to long to do this review and can t remember all the details I do remember it was good Not great, but good It was of course just as dark and disturbing and disgusting as the first book of the series It s a read at your own risk type of book So, there, that s all I got LOL

  18. 5 Savagely Beautiful StarsLOVED IT HARD.Jade West pens tales that are extreme but also so normal People are just people no matter their proclivities everyone is just trying to find their way in life and hopefully happiness along the way She creates characters that own who they are For that reason among many others, I love absolutely everything about this book and this series The stories are dirty and bad and wrong and savage and pull me to places I didn t think I could go but am always so glad t [...]

  19. Jade West can write dirty We learned that in the first Dirty Bad book and she stayed true to form with this one Sophie was the black sheep from a rich family by choosing not to go into the family business and instead make a difference in the community She was still under daddy s thumb, though, by living in a building owned by her parents Callum was just out of prison and would never pass the parent test, so there s your angst Book one was BDSM, and this one is just rough sex and learning about [...]

  20. 3.5 Stars While I didn t enjoy this as much as the first book, it goes without saying that this author is a gifted storyteller Some things bothered me though The bin scene really turned me off I m not into degradation, but that s just me And although I was rooting for them throughout, I felt Sophie and Callum s chemistry was a bit off I love when a man pursues a woman, but Sophie seemed to be doing all the work, with Callum being aloof most of the time Anyway, I would still love to read from th [...]

  21. Jade West has done it again She s delivered a book different from the norm, with a highly entertaining story behind the filth Either this book is tamer than book oneor after reading dirty, bad, wrong I knew what level of depravity Jade s writing can sink to Can hardly wait for book 3 Which I was told by Jade herself was in the works when I met her at the York author event

  22. Lots of different feelings with this series but it really is a good series I really liked Sophie, Calum was ok but both characters fit the bill and made this an interesting book Can t wait to get to the next book.

  23. 4 Beautiful Savage Stars So fucking dirty So fucking bad So fucking savage.

  24. kitaplar eklerken bunu niye atlad m ben de bilmiyorumya g zeldi bence dark gibi dark bdsm gibi bdsm.

  25. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I had been anxiously awaiting this release ever since finishing Dirty Bad Wrong and it was well worth the wait FUCKING AMAZING That pretty much covers it One of those books that you can t put down until you reach the end I was immediately hooked from the first page and those hooks had me snagged the whole way through to the finish, which came way too soon I easily could ve read hundreds pages about Callum and Sophie.I ll be honest I ve written [...]

  26. From start to finished, this book had me hooked Jade West shows you a different side to finding the love of your life Sometimes shit gets real, and you may get a little dirty along the way Throughout the whole book, I was in love with Callum Jackson Yeah, he s had a shitty life and is making the best of it that he can, and that may mean bringing out the Savage that s inside to protect all that s his I think what drew me most to Callum is the love that he has for his dog Casey He will make sure s [...]

  27. 2 EW Stars Aww shit I rated this 2 stars because some issues doesn t work for me I really lovde her first book But this isn t work for me Apparently, it doesn t as good as Dirty Bad Wrong I m gonna keep it short.I didn t feel any chemistry between Callum and Sophie If it isn t relationship, then I don t know.The sex BDSM was just okay I know that Sophie is a submissive masochist too , but I don t think BDSM is for Callum He needs to sort himself He s too edgy.He felt conflicted with everyone aro [...]

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