Shadow Run

[PDF] Download ☆ Shadow Run : by AdriAnne Strickland Michael Miller - Shadow Run, Shadow Run Nev has just joined the crew of the starship Kaitan Heritage as the cargo loader His captain Qole is the youngest ever person to command her own ship but she brooks no argument from her crew of orp
  • Title: Shadow Run
  • Author: AdriAnne Strickland Michael Miller
  • ISBN: 9780399552533
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ☆ Shadow Run : by AdriAnne Strickland Michael Miller, Shadow Run, AdriAnne Strickland Michael Miller, Shadow Run Nev has just joined the crew of the starship Kaitan Heritage as the cargo loader His captain Qole is the youngest ever person to command her own ship but she brooks no argument from her crew of orphans fugitives and con men Nev can t resist her even if her ship is an antique As for Nev he s a prince in hiding on the ship He believes Qole holds the key to changiNev has just joine [PDF] Download ☆ Shadow Run : by AdriAnne Strickland Michael Miller - Shadow Run, Shadow Run Nev has just joined the crew of the starship Kaitan Heritage as the cargo loader His captain Qole is the youngest ever person to command her own ship but she brooks no argument from her crew of orp
  • [PDF] Download ☆ Shadow Run : by AdriAnne Strickland Michael Miller
    193AdriAnne Strickland Michael Miller
Shadow Run

About Author

  1. AdriAnne Strickland was a bibliophile who wanted to be an author before she knew what either of those words meant She shares a home base in Alaska with her husband, her pug, and her piles and piles of books While writing occupies most of her time, she commercial fishes every summer in Bristol Bay, because she can t seem to stop SHADOW RUN, her YA space opera coauthored with Michael Miller, is out with Delacorte Penguin Random House in March 2017.

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  1. Ehhh 2.5 very neutral stars I hadn t heard a lot about this new release except that it was reminiscent of Firefly So that got my attention but pretty sure that label is being applied way too freely these days to any spaceship with smuggler activities and a motley crew Nev is a prince who s disguised himself as a loader on a ship captained by Qole, the youngest captain from her planet There s a lot of sketchy worldbuilding about harvesting the deadly Shadow, but the general idea is that Qole has [...]

  2. Dear Basra,I am madly in love with you I do not care that you are not a main character Nev might dual wield his Disruptor Blades and dream of bettering humanity, and Qole might have the lurking madness of Shadow behind her eyes that allows her to SHOOT PURPLE FLAMES FROM HER FINGERTIPS, but you you are even badass than them More badass than purple flames, dear Basra.I love your brilliant conniving, your devotion to Arjan, your gender fluidity, your way of sneaking up on people to destroy them w [...]

  3. I don t have one negative comment to make about this book Lots and lots of action I think I have not one, but THREE new book boyfriends Phew The men in this book are not to be messed with Loved it

  4. If you want an effortlessly inclusive and incredibly fun adventure that will take you to the furthest edge of their galaxy and back, the crew aboard the Kaitan Heritage have a story for you SHADOW RUN follows Qole, whose Shadow enhanced skills as an airship captain transcend her tiny planet of Alaxak, and Nev, who needs the space poisoned captain to save his family and, maybe, the galaxy AdriAnne Strickland and Michael Miller splash onto the scene with this incredibly fast paced debut that will [...]

  5. DNF Mini review I received this E ARC via Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review I was looking forward to reading this I enjoyed Starflight another space book and thought that this would be similar Unfortunately I didn t enjoy it I spent the first few chapters absolutely confused I vaguely understood the Shadow stuff but everything else was lost on me Definitely just a personal thing as I am not really that well versed in science.Still recommend.

  6. WHOA.WHAT a start to my 2017 reading This book is basically everything The comp titles are FIREFLY and DUNE, but I haven t watched or read those I know, I know so for me, this book is SIX OF CROWS meets STAR WARS.Like those two, this book is a total blockbuster The action in this seriously made my jaw drop a few times It s all so inventive and cool, and is majorly epic The battles, you guys There are so many cool action scenes in this, and they all feel unique and they just keep getting awesome [...]

  7. 2 dnf 33 390Shitty sci fi I should probably give this of a chance, but I already hate the characters It s duo perspective by a guy and a girl Their personalities are both so angsty it s gross It says in the summary that there is going to be a romance and it already feels forced as they got into a fight It s hate to love So dumb, so obvious.

  8. This was described by Jay Kristoff as kinda like FIREFLY had an illegitimate lovechild with DUNE Well that s me sold

  9. I m not going to lie, I am always so delighted when I find a Science Fiction novel that is accessible and exciting I had high hopes for Shadow Run, and I wasn t disappointed in the slightest The Kaitan Heritage is a ship after my own heart Cobbled together, barely holding on, and full of the most loyal and intriguing set of people there ever was I remember seeing somewhere that this book was likened to Firefly and Dune Yes, friends, that is entirely accurate A little bit of love, a dash of dange [...]

  10. An exhilarating space opera that will be sure to keep you enad with its cast of cool misfit characters, and the constant action that seems to infuse their everyday lives Seventeen year old Qole is the youngest person ever from Alaxac to own and captain her own ship, and one of the best when it comes to harnessing shadow, an inky, black substance that is used for its ability to produce massive amounts of energy.As shadow fishers , Qole and her crew are kept busy with catching the shadow and selli [...]

  11. 4.5 starsReview to come Just think ship captains power over Shadow, financial whizzes, princes with ulterior motives but fight like there s no tomorrow, and diverse characters that you can t help but want to protect and keep safe THE CREW OF KAITAN HERITAGE MUST BE PROTECTED 5EVER.

  12. Damn I loved this book It was very Firefly like but I can see the comparison to Dune too Also I m going to throw in a bit of Ice Pirates the movie look it up lol for giggles I loved the dual POV s of Nev swoons and Qole I can t wait for the next book

  13. actual rating 3.5 i enjoyed this story but not as much as i would have liked to, i think the biggest problem i had with this book was the writing it didn t draw me in and didn t keep me invested in the story at all The characters were all amazing and the thing that i enjoyed most in this book but for me the writing of the story was a massive let down Ratings Characters 4.5Story 3Writing 2.5but if you love science fiction stories i think you ll love this

  14. I thought I would love this book before reading it, and now that I ve read it, I love it than I can express But I will tryIf you like anything set in space and different planets, like Firely, Dune, Star Wars, and countless others, this book is for you Once I started reading, I had a hard time putting it down, and when I did I told everyone I saw how good it was The characters come to life from the very first page and you can t help but root for them as they go through my obstacles and trials, m [...]

  15. Hey all Coauthor, here If you want information on the world, check in at kaitanchronicles, where we ll be adding and nerdy tidbits as time goes on Thanks for reading, and we hope you have as much fun as we did writing it

  16. I always enjoy experiencing new authors and since this was a science fiction book compared to Firefly, why not give it a shot I enjoyed the book for the most part I really liked Qole, Arjan, Eton, Basra and Telu I thought they were an interesting cast of characters all with their own special gifts and I loved how close knit they were.I struggled with Nev at times, who is basically the male lead as this book is told from his and Qole s POV For someone so smart, he could be a bit thick at times wh [...]

  17. Muy bueno Algunas cosillas me hicieron ruido y con el nivel de descripci n que tiene, el universo podr a ser un poquito m s rico Pero la historia est buena y la pluma es s per congruente, tanto que me sorprend un poco al ver que est escrito por dos personas No se nota para nada Se complementan muy bien.En fin, AM a Basra Lo am Con personajes secundarios como l, ni hacen falta protagonistas jajaja

  18. Science fiction is pretty much never my first choice, but I fell in love with kick ass first ask questions after Captain Qole and her ragtag crew of misfits Add to the mix exploding spaceships, a lethal but indispensable energy source, a prince in disguise, clan warfare, betrayals and treachery, and the terrible choice of which loyalty to sacrifice to friends, to family, to the good of the galaxy and you have a compelling read even for a non SF fan like me.

  19. Alas, another attempt at YA SF that falls flat It s not bad, but it s lacking in originality and the world building is kind of weak Alaxak is a cold planet where the inhabitants scrape by by fishing for Shadow Keep in mind that one of the authors is a fisherperson in Alaska Yup It s fine, but there s no way in hell it should be being compared to either Dune or Firefly.

  20. I received this book through NetGalley against an honest review The book starts with a classical model of a science fiction book , the universe has been conquered by humans, the planets are or less equal in resources, some are covered with ice, others with forest or stone But what is interesting here is the story behind, we feel that there are centuries of History, that human specie has evolved Speaking of society, this book is extremely modern on some points, the galaxy has a kind of emperor w [...]

  21. I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review SUMMARY Qole Uvgamut pilots a ship and, along with her family and friends, fishes for and harnesses the volatile energy, called Shadow, that permeates the atmosphere in the galaxy around her planet She doesn t just gather it for sale Qole comes from a long line of people with an affinity for personally accessing the Shadow.Nevarian Dracorte is a prince, heir to his family s throne He s sent to retrieve Qole by any means necessary [...]

  22. The planet Alaxak has only two things on it ice and access to Shadow, a highly combustible form of energy that can be harvested from space if the pilot is skilled enough not to explode while processing it, and young enough he or she hasn t succumbed to the inevitable Shadow poisoning and gone mad Enter the Kaitan Heritage, a spaceship captained by determined teenage Qole, the best Shadow fisher on the planet Her crew is as scrappy as she is her brother and skilled pilot Arjan her childhood frien [...]

  23. I was an early reader of Shadow Run and I thought it was amazing It was packed full of adventure, romance, fascinating and unique characters, and cool, futuristic concepts I fell in love with Qole and Nev, as well as Basra Basra, in particular, was a breath of fresh air, as a gender fluid, mysterious, and generally badassed individual The entire book kept me enthralled throughout, and I can t wait for the sequel

  24. Wow That was awful No character development Mediocre world building Insanely critical representation of a gender fluid character Racism that matches Carve the Mark Good god that was not fun but since it has so many high ratings I read the whole thing to give an honest and straight forward review.

  25. Longer review to come but you know that feeling you get when you have really high expectations for a book and it actually meets those expectations This book will give you that feeling x10 Definitely read this one y all

  26. 4.5 stars Immediate reaction I loved all the action and really enjoyed the crew relationships and characters Some info dumping would kind of crop up in some parts, mostly the politics stuff at least to me it seemed like big paragraphs that got a little dry give me on the Kaitan instead Nev was soo naive and way too idealistic bless his heart but you can t help but love him I can t wait to see what is to come in the rest of this series Full review This was a really action packed and thrilling sc [...]

  27. This review was also posted on Rattle the Stars.I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I can t stop raving about how good this book was It s described as being Dune meets Firefly which both worried and intrigued me How can you successfully combine these two It seemed impossible If you ve ever watched either of these TV shows movies and you really should they are pretty darn amazing Open [...]

  28. I started this book with a yawn, okay teen romance, I dare you to wow me , but then came a reference to fishing for shadow and nets and the skiff Were they purse seining in space I turned to the author biographies and sure enough, Palmer, AK was their home Along with the seining, Alaxak was the home planet in question I enjoy a good in joke as do many Alaskans and so, I kept reading The story was well worth it Sure it had a few tropes, but it blended them well and the two lead characters were en [...]

  29. 4.5 stars overall.This a great, complexly plotted, edge of your seat kind of science fiction adventure with just a touch of magic I couldn t put this book down Really well defined characters, diversity, and an interesting political dynamic that takes this to the next level and would be great for adult sci fi readers, too If you loved Romina Russell s Zodiac series, you ll love this one I took of half a star because there were times when I felt parts were a little clich the ball scene in particul [...]

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