A Shadow All of Light

[PDF] A Shadow All of Light | by ✓ Fred Chappell - A Shadow All of Light, A Shadow All of Light In the province of Tlemia where human shadows are powerful commodities an apprentice shadow thief embarks on an extraordinary adventure This stylish episodic fantasy novel in the mode of classic J
  • Title: A Shadow All of Light
  • Author: Fred Chappell
  • ISBN: 9780765379122
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] A Shadow All of Light | by ✓ Fred Chappell, A Shadow All of Light, Fred Chappell, A Shadow All of Light In the province of Tlemia where human shadows are powerful commodities an apprentice shadow thief embarks on an extraordinary adventure This stylish episodic fantasy novel in the mode of classic Jack Vance follows the exploits of Falco a young man from the country who arrives in the port city of Tardocco with the ambition of becoming an apprentice to a master shadowIn [PDF] A Shadow All of Light | by ✓ Fred Chappell - A Shadow All of Light, A Shadow All of Light In the province of Tlemia where human shadows are powerful commodities an apprentice shadow thief embarks on an extraordinary adventure This stylish episodic fantasy novel in the mode of classic J

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  • [PDF] A Shadow All of Light | by ✓ Fred Chappell
    311 Fred Chappell
A Shadow All of Light

About Author

  1. Fred Davis Chappell retired after 40 years as an English professor at University of North Carolina at Greensboro He was the Poet Laureate of North Carolina from 1997 2002 He attended Duke University.His 1968 novel Dagon, which was named the Best Foreign Book of the Year by the Academie Fran aise, is a recasting of a Cthulhu Mythos horror story as a psychologically realistic Southern Gothic.His literary awards include the Prix de Meilleur des Livres Etrangers, the Bollingen Prize, and the T S Eliot Prize.

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  1. Maybe it s just that I read Ill Met in Lankhmar just recently, but I don t think so This book really brings Fritz Leiber and his ilk to mind, harking back intentionally to the swords and sorcery of an earlier era The episodic structure and low fantasy theme are similar to the Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser tales The language that it s told in definitely references Jack Vance Think a liberal sprinkling of archaic and ten cent words in the midst of an otherwise informal, chatty narrative As far as tha [...]

  2. Fred Chappell brings together various strands of his long and varied writing career in the richly textured novel in stories that is A Shadow All of Light A speculative work set in an alternate Renaissance Italy, it traces the arrival of a country bumpkin who has taken the name Falco, seeking to apprentice himself to the master of shadows, Astolfo In a picaresque series of adventures, Falco is challenged, humiliated, threatened, chastised in short, he matures and becomes an adept in the art of ha [...]

  3. A good stand alone fantasy novel I liked the details of the shadows and how to capture them and use them I enjoyed the hero s growth and learning about shadows.Mutano and the whole cat sub plot where he had to steal his voice back from a cat was pretty interesting The focus is on the hero s learning to use shadows and fulfill commissions for his teacher, Astolfo I took 1 star off because the language was a bit difficult to follow at times, weird vocabulary words and made up words.

  4. See my other reviews at Never Enough BooksFalco is a young man from the country with high ambitions He travels to the port city of Tardocco with the intention of becoming an apprentice to a master shadow thief Almost immediately he meets Maestro Astolfo, the most well known of all shadow dealers, who sees a great deal of potential in Falco and agrees to take him on as an apprentice.Maestro Astolfo is a unique man Secretive with a power of observation and intellect that would rival Sherlock Holme [...]

  5. Unlike other reviewers, I loved this book largely due to the amazing mastery of English in the art of storytelling While studying fabulous details of shadows that I never knew existed, I also learned amazing new but old words such as camelopard, fosse, tatterdemalion, and eremitic These words are not inutile by any ell, but added sondes to the setting and characters of the story This true fantasy used my left brain as well as my right.

  6. I went in expecting something a little put together something like Scott Lynch s Locke Lamora series Instead, this essentially was an anthology of short stories stitched into a full book, in which a young student is taught by a master shadowthief literally dealing with the properties of shadow Each that I read was pretty good and evocative on its own, but the stitching together failed to work for me.

  7. While visiting Seattle I toured their new fabulous public library received a live demo of their book recommendations service I was initially fairly well knocked out by the reading knowledge of the library employee who conducted the seance In this case, I told him of my great admiration for the novels of Wendell Berry he in turn suggested that I should become familiar with Fred Chappell So I expected wanted to like this book In fact, nothing but positive expectations fueled me thru 130 pages give [...]

  8. A Shadow All Of Light by Fred ChappellConceptually this should be an interesting book It has a unique perspective that shadows embody human characteristics It suggests that shadows can be captured and thusly impact the caster The author created a scenario of mentor and apprentice The apprentice earns a fair number of lumps as an apprentice The mentor is widely regarded as having been the consummate shadow thief although he, Astolfo, denies this Falco is the hapless apprentice that hopes to learn [...]

  9. Fantasy novel with the intriguing idea that a person s shadow is a part of him her and provides value, can be stolen and or can have some type of problem that may be correctable The beginning of the book seems like a series of related short stories or episodes Later, a larger plot reveals itself and then comprises the remainder of the novel The focus on shadows reminded me of summer days long ago, when I stood in the sun and pivoted around to try to make my shadow look as attractive as possible [...]

  10. It was just overly wordy for me I have a pretty good vocabulary, but I don t really like feeling like I should look up a word a minute I don t care for the writing style at all There was one passage where he took at least 5 or 6 words, which was about half of sentence to describe castrati Just using that word would have been sufficient I slogged through about 1 3 of the book and I felt like there was no plot, other than let s follow Falco around Falco and his master weren t interesting enough fo [...]

  11. While Chappell has the language of Jack Vance down cold, his protagonist has none of the faults of a typical Vancian hero I found that this made the story rather flat and I had to force myself to finish it Matthew Hughes does a far better job with Vance s style as have some others.

  12. As I stepped out of my car last night, my elongated shadow fell across the driveway The setting sun gave it a solid edge which I never noticed before I will never look at shadows in quite the same manner after reading this novel Amazingly set Amazingly thorough Amazing is the best word I can use.

  13. I was excited about the idea of shadows having magic properties and that element is clearly going to be cool However, the writing style is quite stilted with older and convoluted sentence structure that will be a slog for readers accustomed to modern structure Cool magic wasn t enough for me to keep going.

  14. Fred Chappell was a professor of English for over forty years, and it shows in his writing This is an extremely well written fantasy novel for adults I learned a lot of new words reading it I just wish he had written books.

  15. The premise of the novel was promising, and the world seemed interesting enough but I did not find the writing style to be engaging or particularly enjoyable.

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