Her Alpha Wolf

[PDF] Read ¿ Her Alpha Wolf : by Regina Shiderly - Her Alpha Wolf, Her Alpha Wolf Gwen Daly an innocent paralegal was going about her workday when trouble came strolling in under the guise of humanity When that trouble transforms into two huge monstrous beasts who waste no time
  • Title: Her Alpha Wolf
  • Author: Regina Shiderly
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ¿ Her Alpha Wolf : by Regina Shiderly, Her Alpha Wolf, Regina Shiderly, Her Alpha Wolf Gwen Daly an innocent paralegal was going about her workday when trouble came strolling in under the guise of humanity When that trouble transforms into two huge monstrous beasts who waste no time murdering her boss Gwen runs straight into the arms of Alpha wolf Simon Walker With the help of the Alpha and his ghost sister the trouble chasing Gwen has to be stoppedGwen Daly an [PDF] Read ¿ Her Alpha Wolf : by Regina Shiderly - Her Alpha Wolf, Her Alpha Wolf Gwen Daly an innocent paralegal was going about her workday when trouble came strolling in under the guise of humanity When that trouble transforms into two huge monstrous beasts who waste no time
  • [PDF] Read ¿ Her Alpha Wolf : by Regina Shiderly
    220Regina Shiderly
Her Alpha Wolf

About Author

  1. Regina Shiderly is an erotica author who writes whatever her mind can dream up She writes erotic romance featuring taboo topics such as spanking, hardcore sex, Sasquatch erotica, rated extremely sensual paranormal romance, and She is a North Carolina native and runs a personal zoo with her husband She got married to her muse 12 years ago, Stan Shiderly II, his manliness is an inspiration to her every day and he is also her hero as a disabled veteran She plans to write many, many stories If anyone would like a FREE review copy of any of my stories, please feel free to message me, I ll be happy to provide a copy of ANY of my books Thanks

One thought on “Her Alpha Wolf

  1. What a delightful new author I have found Contrary to what the title leads you to believe, I would not really call this a shifter book Though the H is a werewolf and there are some parts where the characters go all fierce and furry, they are few and far between This is a DL book Daddy Little and the H takes it seriously lives it, breathes it, spanks it into the heroine until she gets it.I ll admit, I ve read a few age play books but I ve never really been able to get into the genre because, as a [...]

  2. This book was recommended to me by a friend on GRs and I am so glad she did The book just worked for me It was touching, it had a great story and I loved the way the age play relationship developed between the hero and heroine Definitely a 5 star read for me Let s face it, if you have read many age play books, they come across pretty dumb and it is hard to identify with the characters That was NOT the case with Her Alpha Wolf In fact, I could totally relate with the heroine, Gwen, who kept her a [...]

  3. I am at a loss for words with this one I m still smiling and shaking my head from the whirlwind that is this little book So much is packed into this novella that it s a bit schizo in a really good way Don t believe me inhaling deeply to try to get this all out in one shot There s werewolves, ghosts, murder, intrigue, environmental awareness, a needs to be b tch smacked into next week jealous ex girlfriend catching my breath here, like I m on the twelfth day of that Christmas song ruffians, guns, [...]

  4. OMGThis book is a quick read, 123 pages in total but it manages to get so much in there, it s incredible, over just the first six pages we re introduced to Gwen Daly a lonely and hardworking twenty two year old paralegal, we get a good idea of what her life is like and what she feels is missing, then there s werewolves, a murder and a ghost and yes that s just the first six pages.I liked both the main characters Gwen and Simon and while I ve read books with daddy daughter play in them before thi [...]

  5. I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review through the BDSM Groups TPE bar R2R program on.Her Alpha Wolf is a story of a young woman searching for comfort and home Gwen works in the city where she witnessed her boss being killed She runs straight to the Alpha himself Simon Walker Simon immediately sees the little girl inside her and knows intuitively she s the little girl he has always wanted and been waiting for As they try and uncover why her boss was killed Simon steps int [...]

  6. Oh yeah I love when I find a new to me author and luck would have it me finding Regina Shiderly She made me laugh and I had so much fun reading Her Alpha Wolf I wasn t sure about it when I looked at and found myself pleasantly surprised and glad that I picked it The storyline a mixture of two of my fav genres and one genre that is my first time reading I loved the characters, it was easy to picture in my mind their personalities Its really nothing wrong with needing a keeper, and little miss Gwe [...]

  7. I was gifted a copy for review and have to say it was a very welcome surprise I enjoyed the personal growth that Gwen possessed, as well as the depth of her character She truly grows through her submission and acceptance of what Simon offers her Simon was than I anticipated, completely Alpha Male and a larger than life presence He picked up Gwen and completely freed her soul It s beautiful and a fast paced story that thrilled and chilledbut stroked the embers to leave a panty dropping desire to [...]

  8. I received a copy of this erotic shifter story in exchange for a honest review.The main female character Gwen is a young 20ish year old who is meek and desires a Daddy figure in her life Simon is a local Alpha and takes on the daddy role with passion There are multiple spanking sessions followed by loving embraces Gwen accepts her new submissive role with the help of her emerging wolf and strengthens the bond between herself and her alpha.If you like age play and spankings this is a story to rea [...]

  9. I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.Okaaaayyyy I must say I am not a fan of adult baby play diaper play or whatever you want to call it Now I knew going into this book that it was going to be apart of the book but I said what the heck I ll try something new Thankfully actual diaper play was only a very small part of the book with the baby play being only a little bit then that.With setting that aside I really really liked this book It had so much potential if it [...]

  10. 3.5 starsLet me begin by saying the rating is due to me not getting some of the daddy thing The author did avery good job of writing and explaining details I even enjoyed the story and I love role play yet the diaper thing creeped me out Lol The characters work well together, the storyline fulfilling and there was a good deal of detail considering this is a short story Would I recommend reading this Yes There was a lot offered up here I would read by the author being prepared for the daddy thi [...]

  11. If age play is your thing, you ll like this bookReaders interested in age play will like this book, but those who aren t interested probably won t It s very specific in its explicit content and targeted audience It doesn t appeal to me, but I can judge the story fairly any way.Gwen hits bottom and is going through a rough spot In addition to running out of money, Gwen accidentally witnesses a shooting, and now her life is in danger That s when she meets Alpha wolf shifter Simon.There is a plot, [...]

  12. The female character Gewen is a young 20 something female who s shy and is desperate for a daddy figure Simon is the local Alpha who he takes on the role of daddy very nicely There are spanking sessions followed by embraces Gwen falls into her submissive role with the help of her inner wolf, that also helps the bond between Gwen Simon.I wasn t really sure that I was going to like the Daddy Daughter play But once I got started the story just sucked me in It is very well writtenNice read.

  13. Age play is a new sub genre for me and I found out its not for me, but I will not punish the author by giving a bad review because this a very well written story The interaction between the main characters were sweet There was not a whole lot of character development especially with Simon, but that is not a big deal with this story.

  14. So not what I would normally read but this book was seriously HOT This is one of those books that you can t seem to tear your self away from Extremely, dominant alpha wolf with a very submissive woman, sparks or should I say spankings will fly Would I read something else from this author Absolutely

  15. I received this book for free from the author through The Fifty Shades Support group on in exchange for a honest review I don t often read paranormal stories and this is my first with werewolves shifters Sometimes you have to try something new The author mentions that the paranormal element is very light and that is true Apart from mind reading ghost Bailey who shows a few times and 2 transformations to from werewolves in the beginning that s it This book has a lot happening in 123 pages and it [...]

  16. I received this ARC in exchange for a honest review.I have read a couple of ageplay books in the past and I can say this is unlike any I have read before, it s got wolf shifters, a murder, ghosts and a crazy gun carrying ex girlfriend told you it s not your average AP book I think if you like ageplay you will like this, Gwen is 22 and has been orphaned all through childhood and was never lucky enough to be adopted, and has always wanted a daddy to look after her She is sent to Simon for help aft [...]

  17. Received this ARC for review.This is a bit harder to rate due to me never having read this genre before I thought I would try something new and give it a chance But the speech in the book combined with everything else just seemed like it was crammed down my throat I thought it would have a bit of age play not everything in the book being centered around her calling him daddy and him having to keep putting her into a child role I honestly almost didn t finish the book which hasn t happened often [...]

  18. There s a whole lot of story going on in this short read First of all, this was my first introduction to age play and quite an eye opener, believe me Gwen and Simon enter into a whilrwind romance, that is offbeat, beyond fast tracked and filled with psychotic delusional characters Add to that, a couple of murders, a stalker, and personal vendettas, it s the perfect recipe for a Sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride book Thank you, Regina Shiderly, for the enjoyable novella I look forward to rea [...]

  19. good read little too paranomal and unrealistic for me but i guess thats the charm of the book

  20. Received this book from author for an Honest Review.This is a short story and I have to say this is a book I could not get into I knew it was an age play romance book, but I guess I didn t quite understand when I requested it for review what age play was exactly I see the ratings vary, so I don t want to take away from it because of my ignorance Why I gave it two stars is because I liked the paranormal part of the book Gwen Daly, the heroine in the book, is having a bad day People transforming i [...]

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