The Raven's Flight

[PDF] The Raven's Flight | by ☆ Catherine Lievens - The Raven's Flight, The Raven s Flight Dear Author I have never ventured far from home Being a shifter keeps me from becoming a part of society but it seems that society is beginning to infringe on my territory They the humans are all s
  • Title: The Raven's Flight
  • Author: Catherine Lievens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 151
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] The Raven's Flight | by ☆ Catherine Lievens, The Raven's Flight, Catherine Lievens, The Raven s Flight Dear Author I have never ventured far from home Being a shifter keeps me from becoming a part of society but it seems that society is beginning to infringe on my territory They the humans are all so full of themselves and think they are entitled to my land But there is one man who stands up to the others who stands on his own he draws my attention Why Photo DescrDear Author [PDF] The Raven's Flight | by ☆ Catherine Lievens - The Raven's Flight, The Raven s Flight Dear Author I have never ventured far from home Being a shifter keeps me from becoming a part of society but it seems that society is beginning to infringe on my territory They the humans are all s
  • [PDF] The Raven's Flight | by ☆ Catherine Lievens
    151Catherine Lievens
The Raven's Flight

About Author

  1. Catherine lives in Italy, country of good food and hot men She used to write fantasy as a child, but it was reading her first gay erotic romance novel that made her realize that that was what she really wanted to write.After graduating from college in English language and translation, she divides her day between writing, reading, taking care of her son and reading some .

One thought on “The Raven's Flight

  1. A really cute shifter story with a hint of emotions The raven hopped down the trunk and used its beak to move the earth at the base of the tree It needed to give Jase something.The raven put a few sticks to the side before choosing one of them, the prettier one Grabbing it with its beak, the raven took flight again and headed toward Jase.

  2. Cute shifter story At first, I was a bit put off by Jase s character, but I think that s because I m much like Kangee, but he grew on me Kangee I liked from the get go I really like how his raven would win sometimes, regardless of what he thought Thanks to the author for participating and sharing their story in theLove is an Open Roadevent.

  3. 3.75 Stars In spite of the fade to black off page first time that made me want to Hulk smash something, I really enjoyed this story Jase s antics pulled me in from the very first page and I loved that Kangee s raven was given nearly free reign to follow its instincts The story had humour AND heart, so that makes it a winner in my books I d rec this to friends Thanks to the author for participating in this year s DRitC event, Love is an Open Road

  4. This was ok I didn t necessarily like either character all that much but I liked the message and I really like bird shifters.Thanks to all the Group members who provided awesome prompts with lovely pictures, the authors for writing free stories based on those prompts for all of us to read for free and the M M Romance Group for all their hard work in putting this years Don t Read in the Closet event, Love is an Open Road, together.

  5. I really enjoyed the unique take on shifters in this story It didn t follow the typical shifter formula which I appreciated a lot because even though I enjoy an alpha shifter wolf bear leopard as much as the next reader they can really start to run together and the surprises can be few and far between Instead of the story being taken over by pack politics it was all about the growing relationship between the two MC s.Favorite thing Reading about Kangee s raven courting Jase Kangee s human side [...]

  6. An enjoyable shifter story I could easily have read about these two Thanks so much for your contribution to this event.

  7. Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebie.I liked the idea of a Raven shifter, a refreshing break from the common wolves and cats.Kengee was interesting but I m afraid Jase didn t really work for me, I think he ll cause an opinion divide I didn t get Jase never questioning Kengee was gay and his behaviour on seeking shelter in the nearly impossible to reach cabin which appears to have both power and reliable enough to work from wilderness internet connection my previous i [...]

  8. 3.5 StarsThe banter between the MC s was great I really liked Kangee, with his gruff standoffish demeanour, and Jase, with his no holds barred, in your face, smart mouth attitude Together they made an intriguing couple I particularly enjoyed all the gift giving scenes Super cute and surprisingly funny.It also doesn t hurt that I m a major sucker for shifter stories Another win for this years DRitC event

  9. This story was for my prompt in the Don t Read in the Closet 2015 event.Thank you, Catherine, for such fun characters and a sweet story I Loved them together and would love to read about them again.

  10. Let me tell you something, this book could ve been like TWENTY pages, why make It a HUNDRED, huh why people thats all I m asking.I COULDN T READ THE LAST THREE PAGES, which Is annoying.This little wannabe a hundred pages book will only get 2 stars because of the cute moments between whats his name and whats his name 2 I m just lying there were no cute moments, I just don t wanna be a bad rating person On a seriuos note though, I can t come up with one good thing about this, I honestly don t know [...]

  11. Very cute story Jase was lots of fun, his non stop mouth was very impressive Kangee was the silent brooding type, which fit nicely with Jase I liked how this relationship seemed realistic for being the span of 2 weeks There was no promises of marriage and love, just lust, a large amount of affection, and something that was uniquely special, which is how it should be after only 2 weeks Don t be worried by that though, the ending was just perfect The shifter side to this story was pretty cool, i l [...]

  12. This is the first contribution that I have read for this event and all I can say is that the author has set the benchmark high, very high, for all the other contributors I so enjoyed this alternative shifter story, especially Jase

  13. Nobody should have to live in fear just because they are different The question of shifter acceptance has been looked at from many different angles in fiction only , and there is a multitude of answers to what people might do if we ever did discover shifters The main character in this book has no plans to reveal that he is a shifter to the general population, but he would like to find one person to accept and love him Without that, the loneliness will overwhelm him sooner or later, no matter how [...]

  14. Jase is an environmental student looking for a bear in the Colorado woods during his summer break If he finds the bear he suspects is living there, it could mean big news for the area and for Kangee, the man living in the middle of those woods, desperately trying to keep to himself Kangee has very little patience when it comes to other people, and when a big Resort company makes plans for the area surrounding his cabin, he decides to help the overbearing brat, Jase, track down his bear Two weeks [...]

  15. A interesting story about Jace, a college student and environmentalist who comes to Kilkenny,CO, looking for proof that a grizzly bear is out of his territory He meets Kangee, a Native American who is also a raven shifter, who lives by himself in the isolated area around the town Kangee s home is threatened by a company who wants to buy his land in order to build a resort in the area Kangee teams up with Jace and goes camping with him on his quest to get a picture of the bear in the area If they [...]

  16. A freebe on and something new for me in the shapeshifter corner I really liked Kangee and Jase It was a nice read, maybe a few scenes were a bit rushed but after all the most important facts were displayed and well developed 3 Raven shapeshifter are a bit rar, it s a pleasant change from the omnipresent wolves or feline shifter 4,5 out of 5 stars, rounded up.

  17. This was a different type of shifter story, though the timeline is only over one summer, so despite it not appearing to be an instant love, it is one Jase is working on his thesis paper for college, which is in California For his thesis he has to travel to a small town in Colorado, where he sees meets the man of his dreams And dreams is the best place, because in reality, his perfect man, has a thick wall around him It doesn t stop Jase from jackhammering his way through though Kangee tries his [...]

  18. The first two stories this year have been about guys with secrets They are afraid of rejection, so they hold themselves apart In this case the man is a raven shifter I ve only read a couple stories of bird shifters They are not as cuddly as mammals.This is a conventional story arc You can guess what will happen right from the start.It is told extremely well, with believable action and sympathetic characters, it is also substantial enough to be satisfying.

  19. I loved the different take on shifters The story was interesting and fresh I really liked how the Raven was a character on its own.

  20. STORY INFO Genre paranormal, contemporaryTags shifters non wolf cat, reclusive character, smart mouth character, stubborn as a mule men, campingWord Count 35,638

  21. 3.75 What can I say Kangee was a grump, well a hot grump, Jase was an annoying, but hot brat Sounds like a good pairing to me Loved Kangee s raven always giving Jase gifts, that was super cute.

  22. Cute storyI like the witty humor and the romance There s nothing better than a belligerent wounded hero for me Cute story.

  23. Offered for FREE from the M M Romance Group s Love Is An Open Road event Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated 2.5 stars I could do without the barbed wire tatt but otherwise, Hunky pic This wasn t bad, but it also wasn t great The writing was too slow and repetitive for me Basically the majority of the story is Kangee thinking about how much he wants Jase, but he s so annoying, but his raven want s him too, but he s been hurt before, but he wants him Then the rest of the story [...]

  24. The problem here is that Jase is annoying and pushy Not outgoing, pushy Those are two very different things He pushes his way into Kangee s house and then invades his privacy Makes himself at home Then climbs into bed with Kangee, and the whole time Kangee has given him no encouragement I m sorry, that s not just rude, it s harassment I hate to have to put it this way, but if a man were to climb into a woman s bed, uninvited, and push for assume they would have sexhe s headed for jail, or just g [...]

  25. Dnf at 29%Uh oh, that wasn t for me I got very annoyed by the stereotypical characters and found nothing cute or endaring about how Jase intruded into Kangees home and even personal space And who the hell might act like this if he just managed to convince and unwilling host to stay over ight and then get all touchy feely without even knowing if said host is gay Yeah, well, very unconvincing And don t get me started on Jase being an environmentalist and the hunt for a bear Well, I am an environme [...]

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