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Home to You Best Download || [Taylor Sullivan] - Home to You, Home to You He held her through her darkest moments caught her tears on capable shoulders but one thing kept them apart At twenty six Katie McGregor is starting over and returning to the man she s loved her wh
  • Title: Home to You
  • Author: Taylor Sullivan
  • ISBN: 9780692497944
  • Page: 286
  • Format: ebook

Home to You Best Download || [Taylor Sullivan], Home to You, Taylor Sullivan, Home to You He held her through her darkest moments caught her tears on capable shoulders but one thing kept them apart At twenty six Katie McGregor is starting over and returning to the man she s loved her whole life Jake Johnson The man whose smile made her pulse race whose touch made her knees weak and whose words broke her heart With three years separation Jake welcomes hHe held her thro Home to You Best Download || [Taylor Sullivan] - Home to You, Home to You He held her through her darkest moments caught her tears on capable shoulders but one thing kept them apart At twenty six Katie McGregor is starting over and returning to the man she s loved her wh
  • Home to You Best Download || [Taylor Sullivan]
    286Taylor Sullivan
Home to You

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  1. Taylor Sullivan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Home to You book, this is one of the most wanted Taylor Sullivan author readers around the world.

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  1. 3 You re My Home StarsHome to You told Katie s story as she found out that her boyfriend of over 2 years was cheating on her and pretty much everyone around her knew it When she leaves him, she runs to the one person she has always been able to count on, her brother s best friend, Jake Jake and Katie haven t really seen or spoken much to each other in three years They ve known each other since they were really young and Katie has secretly or really not so secretly been in love with him since she [...]

  2. 3 StarsOverall Opinion I m a sucker for unrequited love stories, and this one hit the nail on the head for those type feelings The reason for my rating being so low is because the drama was kind of stupid It felt as if the author wanted to put in the stereotypical drama view spoiler A cheating misunderstanding caused by a manipulative ex, and an attack that lands h in hospital and H to beat up attacker hide spoiler I also hated how abrupt the ending was Was it still enjoyable Yes Was it going do [...]

  3. AMY C S REVIEW4.5 STARSI am a huge sucker for second chance or any chance love This book was so adaptable and sweet and just what I needed to read It was coming of age, love, heartache and redemption all rolled into one fantastic story It was my first from this author and it won t be my last She did a great job with the story line and flow of e book.I absolutely loved Jake Katie They were playful and fragile and just beautiful to read I loved the comfort ability they had with each other It made [...]

  4. I cannot believe this was a debut novel Wow This read like a Jennifer Armentrout book, and I adore me some Jen I have a new author to add to my favorites list Katie was a pretty cool character Approachable, friendly, but realistic Then there s Jake Jake was just freaking amazing From his nickname for her, Kit Kat, to his opening his house for her at the drop of a hat, he had it all The thing I found so great about this book was how much I wanted to meet these characters I wanted to take pictures [...]

  5. What do you want, Jake For you to trust me, for you to stop telling me you re leaving, and to kiss you unil you no longer hurt Home to You is such a heartwarming romantic story, I highly recommend it.

  6. Loved itThis is the second book I ve read by this author and I was no disappointed Such a great job is done weaving intricate romances that tug on the heartstrings.

  7. I just love friendships turned romances, especially when they have a 20 year history This was a very cute, happy, somewhat thrilling read Jake is described as a total hottie and gentleman Katie seems like the girl next door, madly in love with her older brothers best friend The chemistry through this book was so good too Definitely recommend this book for a quick read

  8. Katie McGregor has decided to come home She s returning to the one man she has ever truly loved Jake Johnson welcomes her home with his warm smile and charming ways that maybe her heart race Years have separated them does he still think of her as a little sister Is he still the guy who doesn t do relationships He was always there to hold her through her darkest times, making her feel safe Will be there this time be different Can they really have a chance at the love Katie so desperately wants Ka [...]

  9. Love, love, loved this book The complexity of the characters and engaging nature of the story reminded me a lot of Colleen Hoover The author really captured the feelings of what it is like to have a first, unrequited, love Luckily for the reader, the ending is much happier than my own The characters were endearing, relatable and above all believable Katie is the every girl that we can all identify with She is smart, talented and a little vulnerable Jake is like the boys I crushed on in my youthb [...]

  10. Taylor Sullivan is now firmly on my Authors to watch out for list Home to You was a perfect romance book that held enough drama to keep the book interesting without it taking away from the romance itself I adored Katie and Jake s heartbreaking story and I found myself really rooting for them as a couple throughout the book I won t lie there are things that I would change about this book such as a Jake s girlfriend whom I wanted to strangle and throw in a fire, and also I really would have loved [...]

  11. This was a great second chance romance Katie and Jake are both struggling Jake blames himself for Katie s brother Dave s accident that killed him He feels like he is not good enough for Katie But he knows he won t be able to fight the connection much longer Katie has faced rejection at the hands of Jake twice already and she knows a third time will break her She tries very hard to fight her attraction to him, but she has loved him forever and her fight is pointless They both need each other in t [...]

  12. Kevin had lied and cheated and Katie and Kevin had been together for two years and he said some very hurtful things when he sees he can t sway her to stay She even had pictures to prove he s cheating Katie quit her job and had an interview on Monday in L A The first boy Katie had was her brother Dave s best friend Jake Kadie had not seen Jake in three years and she was going to stay with him But she wondered did Jake still think of her as his little sister I really liked the story and plot but a [...]

  13. Katie is back after a failed relationship She s taken in by Jake as a friend, and it remains unclear whether he wants than friendship or not On one hand, he keeps his current girlfriend with no signs of getting tired of her On the other, he s eye candy for Katie and can never seem to find his shirt.Katie both wants to keep her distance and see whether Jake feels anything or not, not wanting to make waves and spoil what Jake has with his current girlfriend Sometimes the reader wants to slap Jake [...]

  14. This book was fantastic I seriously had to make myself put it down It had me hooked in a matter of minutes and it was spectacular from start to finish This was one of the best debut books I ve read in awhile I wish I could give it 20 stars It was perfectly written and mind blowing So do yourself a favor and pick up this debut from Taylor Sullivan You will be blown away

  15. Such a good book to read I was a little worried about Katie and how her life would end up This book took me through her life journey, ups and downs.

  16. So this is what rock bottom feels like she thought she experienced it before but she was wrong After discovering her boyfriend of over two years has been cheating on her, Katie has had enough She ran from the only home she s ever known and the man she s been in love with for practically her whole life to get to this point Now she has no choice but to go back to him for a new start once again.Jake was her brother s best friend He was supposed to be like another brother, but she never saw him that [...]

  17. Title Home to YouAuthor Taylor SullivanGenre Second Chance Romance, Adult ContemporarySeries or Standalone Standalone Series Suspicious Hearts 1 Rating 5 Stars ReviewHome to You is the first story in the Suspicious Hearts series by author Taylor Sullivan, and is told from the point of view of lead female protagonist Katie as she heads back to LA and her old friend guard dog protector, Jake, after her life hits the skids One of the things I enjoy most about being a blogger is getting to experienc [...]

  18. This is the second book I ve read from this author and it was just as good as the first one The drama, the angst, the passion, the love it was a fantastic story and two really wonderful characters.Katie is coming out of a long term relationship after her boyfriend was found having affairs with multiple people In her haste to get away, Katie runs home to Jake, her deceased brothers best friend, and secret love of her life Katie has fought hard to keep her feelings for Jake a secret her entire lif [...]

  19. Good bookMeh Good read but Not anything too dramatic or overly exciting It was what I consider an Ok book Every now and then, a reader just needs something down the middle and this book is it It has a good story line, interesting characters, but just kinda falls flat in content I wished up so much in my imagination And, I thought for sure Grace was going to stick Katie with the cost of the party but the author never really followed up with that purchase signage part Anyway, it s a good one for [...]

  20. This is another Prime win I literally devoured this book in less than 24 hours I don t know what it was but I was sucked into his book from the beginning and didn t want to put it down I also cried multiple time throughout this book I really could feel for Katie and what she was going through I don t know why I enjoy this type of book so much I have been flying through the last couple of books I ve read and I am so happy These Prime books have just been doing it for me.

  21. 3.9Drama drama dramaKatie is a tangle of insecurities that Jake has to unravel Katie goes through her days second guessing not just her feelings, her actions, her decisions, her past and future, but every one else s It s nonstop drama to the end with no one clear climax that defines the conflict between Katie and Jake Jake sees Katie as the strongest woman he s ever known I respectfully disagree.

  22. I really loved this bookI enjoyed how the author really set the stage for who these characters were and why each of them reacted to situations the way they did She did a great job of allowing the reader to feel the emotions the characters were feeling too I m truly sad it s over

  23. There are so many emotions wrapped up in that single day Hundreds of hours have gone into meticulously planning each detail Months sometimes years yet when it comes down to it, there are no guarantees Life doesn t always turn out the way you plan, and that s where we step in Single day as in wedding day

  24. A wee bit predictable Not the worst book I ve ever read, but really not something to write home about The storyline was predictable, there was not enough history told even though the whole book centred around their history and very little character development Not a bad read, but not a great one either.

  25. Just okayThis book started out so strong but got progressively worse In the beginning I got the H h s hesitation which created this awesome tension But as the book went on it was too over the top Like the pacing is way different story wise.Not bad Not good Just an average read

  26. Cute was slow getting into everything but in a way that s what made me enjoy it More realistic love story I liked that I could put it down but still want to come back to it Cute story Good ending Not used to stand alones but I liked this one.

  27. This one was super quote I still liked The Boy I Hate by the same author but still very cute The thing that bugged me about this one was the main character, especially towards the end Nothing too crazy but I just wanted to yell at her for acting kind of foolish haha

  28. Tolerable until towards the endI m being generous It s a 2.5 ish By end I couldn t stand the h And for whining throughout she can take care of herself, she kinda can t and should not repeat it so much.

  29. Guyyyyyys This is SUCH a great story It totally sucked me in and I wish it didn t have to end but I m so happy with the ending at the same time This story made me so happy

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