Murder Most Finicky

☆ Murder Most Finicky × Liz Mugavero - Murder Most Finicky, Murder Most Finicky The dog days of summer have arrived in the small town of Frog Ledge Connecticut and business is booming for Kristan Stan Connor Her Pawsitively Organic pet food has even caught the attention of cele
  • Title: Murder Most Finicky
  • Author: Liz Mugavero
  • ISBN: 9781496700179
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Murder Most Finicky × Liz Mugavero, Murder Most Finicky, Liz Mugavero, Murder Most Finicky The dog days of summer have arrived in the small town of Frog Ledge Connecticut and business is booming for Kristan Stan Connor Her Pawsitively Organic pet food has even caught the attention of celebrity pastry chef Sheldon Allyn who helps Stan open a fancy pet pastry shop in Frog Ledge A partnership is born and Sheldon invites Stan to Newport Rhode Island for anThe dog d ☆ Murder Most Finicky × Liz Mugavero - Murder Most Finicky, Murder Most Finicky The dog days of summer have arrived in the small town of Frog Ledge Connecticut and business is booming for Kristan Stan Connor Her Pawsitively Organic pet food has even caught the attention of cele
  • ☆ Murder Most Finicky × Liz Mugavero
    330Liz Mugavero
Murder Most Finicky

About Author

  1. Liz Mugavero has been writing stories since she could hold a pen Before that, she would tell them to anyone who would listen not many at the time After deciding early on she would write books for a living, she practiced by writing bad, angst filled poems, short stories and even a storyline for a soap opera all by age 15 She never wavered from her goals despite all the usual questions including, So are you going to be an English teacher with that degree in English or, That writing thing sounds nice, but how are you REALLY going to make a living She went on to get a master s in writing and publishing and spent time in journalism, PR, and presently, corporate marketing and communications And she s confident this writing thing IS the way to make a living.Aside from writing, she loves animals has a houseful , the beach, reading other writers masterpieces and Starbucks coffee.Originally from Massachusetts, she lives in Connecticut with her family, but has every intention of getting back to the Bay State sooner rather than later.The Gourmet Pet Food Mysteries is her first series From her website, lizmugavero

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  1. Pawsitively Purrfrct Like catnip for humans I remember my reaction a few years ago when I read KNEADING TO DIE, book 1 in the Pawsitively Organic Mysteries It went a little something like WOW Well, I ve just experienced d j vu MURDER MOST FINICKY is another exciting installment to one of my favorite cozy mystery series It was a real treat to once again visit with Stan and friends in Frog Ledge Every character is superbly written and so much fun to read Author Liz Mugavero has created in her tow [...]

  2. Another fun and enjoyable read from this series I really enjoyed the mystery in this installment There was so many twist and turns through out the story, that I wasn t sure, which character would turn out to be the killer This story left some very interesting lose ends for Stan and her family to come to turns with in the next book Hopefully, the next book will be released very soon.

  3. Stan Kristan Conner, is the owner of Pawsitively Organic, a gourmet pet food business Interested in expanding and opening a patessiere, she accepts an invitation to attend the eccentric, flamboyant Chef Sheldon Allyn s star chef retreat Her Maine Coon cat, Nutty, goes along to sample the pet food and treats she s experimenting with to feed a finicky Siamese the chef team will be serving Upon arrival at an allegedly top secret location, Stan and Nutty stumble upon the lifeless body of famous past [...]

  4. This is the first book I ve read in this series but I think for me anyway that it was okay as a stand alone Stan Kristan who bakes treats for cats and dogs gets talked into participating in a special function for some investors for a new baking business Her cat Nutty is part of this as one of the investors has a finicky Siamese cat so Nutty is the taste tester The event takes place in Newport, Rhode Island at an upscale hotel So many things so wrong starting at the home that Sheldon, the head of [...]

  5. I m reading through this series in order and this is the first one that doesn t take place in Stan s home town of Frog s Ledge She goes to Rhode Island with one of her cat s, Nutty, to hook up with other chef s to prepare food for a dinner for potential investor s As soon as she arrives, she discovers one of the chef s has been murdered and the fun begins I enjoy this series In the last book, Stan adopted a new cat she also has 2 dogs , Benedict, and in this book, she acquires the murdered chef [...]

  6. Stan goes away for the weekend sounds like a great idea unfortunately for Stan things don t always work out the way she would hope A blind folded ride in the back of a pastry truck starts Stan and Nutty s weekend away, and it only goes downhill from there Murdered and or missing chefs, the mafia, and Nutty goes missing all while Stan tries to participate in a Chef s weekend for investors Brilliant plot, great twists, and for fans of the series , insight into Jessie this series gets better with e [...]

  7. Stan Connor is a pet chef in Frog Ledge, Connecticut She has agreed to join Sheldon Allyn, A famous celebrity chef, at a weekend getaway along with other chefs who will be making their specialty dishes for an elaborate potential investors meal and hoping that they are chosen for a new food Network show of their own Stan discovers a murdered man on the first day of the retreat, and then a chef that she met during the ride to the event vanishes Stan follows every lead she can get to find the missi [...]

  8. What has Stan Kristan Connor gotten herself into now Invited to a weekend retreat for Sheldon Allyn s Star Chefs, as Stan is a pet chef, she was surprised at the invitation and surprised at the start of her travels She had been told to wait at a certain spot and to leave her car there She was met by Sheldon s right hand man, had a blind fold put on and loaded into a pastry truck and taken to an undisclosed location, where they were met by another guest.Things are getting crazier by the minute T [...]

  9. ve read all of the books in this series and this one is fantastic Stan is really gaining clients for her organic pet food and when she is offered a chance to have her own pet food patisserie, Stan believes she is finally settling into her life in Frog Ledge, Connecticut When Stan has to travel to Newport, Rhode Island, it s all about the recipes and the chance to get some cooking tips from popular chefs Of course, things can t be that simple for Stan, so when she stumbles upon a body, gets a fra [...]

  10. Stan and Nutty are in Newport, Rhode Island to take park with several other chefs in cooking special dinner Before the preparation starts one of the chef is found murder The affair is moved to a hotel where Stan and Nutty share a suite with two of other chefs Two chefs turn up missing and the event has other problems Nutty is being spoiled by all the attention and special food he receives Stan hears from her sister who is having an affair with one of the missing chefs There are many twists and t [...]

  11. This one started a bit slow probably because Stan was out of town without her usual cronies but picked up quickly Stan is involved in a celebrity chef dinner with her potential investor when she finds the body of one of the chefs Then another chef disappears and her sister comes into the picture, which makes things confusing for Stan The clues are there and you will figure out who the murderer is, but probably not until a decent point in the book The characters make it all worth while.

  12. Interesting story with gourmet chefs, contests, a finicky cat and a gruesome murder, all the elements for great entertainment.

  13. This is the fourth book in this series, and I have actually been reading them in order surprise I can actually do that I felt like this one took me a while to get into, possibly because the characters weren t the same and the setting was different There s still Stan and Nutty of course, and they are still adding to their menagerie of pets, but I felt like the actual mystery became too complicated by the end by the adding of characters and ties Maybe I wasn t in the right mood, but I kept forgett [...]

  14. I really enjoy this series a lot, Stan is an interesting yet very real main character, I love that the pet menagerie continues to grow I was afraid I would not enjoy this volume because it takes place away from Frog Ledge but the mystery is great and I love how her relationships with Jake and Jesse grow even while she is away Lot s of twists and turns, I fun read

  15. This was the 4th installment in the series I can see how the characters are growing, family relationships are changing, and it happened out of town I enjoyed that this took place somewhere other than the small town of Frog Ledge and she did not have all the town drama as the first two books There was drama but it was different Stan reaches out to Jessie for help We learn about Stan s family Stan is able to put the pieces together with the help of the police, who aren t really helping her She do [...]

  16. i enjoyed this book a lot, i liked the new dog and the cat nolis idea, my cats weren t too sure about cats eating broccoli florets tho i like the progression of friendship of Stan and her Frog Ledge friendsother fun outing in the Pawsitvely Organic series

  17. This mystery was a little over the top but I still love the characters and the writing Another fun one.

  18. The I read, the harder these books are to put down Loving this series Complex mysteries with many colorful characters Starting the next book tomorrow

  19. I didn t like it as much as the first one I d read, but I think I was still thinking about Galbadon s Outlander, whose epic narrative was a hard act to follow.

  20. What fun to be visiting Stan and her fur babies again Murder Most Finicky is an exciting, captivating read Stan short for Kirstan and Nutty, her Maine Coon cat go on an adventure that neither will soon forget.Stan wants to open an organic pet food store, and Sheldon Allyn wants to be her financial backer Thanks to his investors, Allyn can be part of many and varied restaurants, from vegan to Italian to pastries He plans a weekend retreat for his top chefs, who will work on their recipes over the [...]

  21. Just as Stan has finally acclimated to the town of Frog Ledge she gets pulled to Rhode Island for an event with Sheldon Allyn, a renowned pastry chef Stan caught his eye with her Pawsitively Organic pet food business and he now wants to collaborate with her on a new fancy shop in Frog Ledge Her organic pet treats are all the rage and everyone wants them She s still not positive about Sheldon but his name will catapult her business into every home in the nation and beyond a whole lot faster than [...]

  22. Murder Most Finicky by Liz Mugavero is the fourth book in A Pawsitively Organic Mystery series Stan Connor has been invited to Newport, Rhode Island by Sheldon Allyn a celebrity pastry chef Sheldon is to be Stan s new partner in her pet patisserie that she is going to open in Frog Ledge, Connecticut Stan makes food and treats for animals mostly dogs and cats Her business is called Pawsitively Organic Sheldon has invited out all the chefs he has invested in time and money for the weekend Stan bel [...]

  23. Murder Most FinickyPawsitively Organic Mysteries, Book 4Liz Mugavero5 StarsSynopsis The dog days of summer have arrived in the small town of Frog Ledge, Connecticut, and business is booming for Kristan Stan Connor Her Pawsitively Organic pet food has even caught the attention of celebrity pastry chef Sheldon Allyn, who helps Stan open a fancy pet pastry shop in Frog Ledge A partnership is born, and Sheldon invites Stan to Newport, Rhode Island, for an appreciation weekend he s hosting for all hi [...]

  24. Liz Mugavero serves up yet another tasty mystery with her newest Pawsitively Organic novel Filled with delicious food and distinctive pets, Murder Most Finicky is certain to please even the most demanding of readers When you throw in the delectable treat recipes for pets, it is easy to see why Liz Mugavero is a popular author.Navigating the cutthroat world of professional cooking is not Kristan s thing, but at the request of celebrity chef Sheldon Allyn she agrees to take part in a chef s retrea [...]

  25. This mystery is a total page turner, is so full of twists, unexpected events, disappearances From the first pages it had captured my attention, is exciting and unpredictable, it is really difficult to find the culprit before the endKristan Stan Connor is a great pastry, her specialties are foods for animals She wants to expand her activities and open her first own store Sheldon Allyn, the famous pastry chef, has decided to help her To better define their agreements invites her to a special event [...]

  26. Stan Connor is a pet chef in the town of Frog Ledge, Connecticut Her goods are so delicious that she is being sought after, and cooking in her kitchen is no longer going to be feasible So she wants to open a brick and mortar store, but needs financial backing That backing has unexpectedly appeared in the form of Sheldon Allyn, a celebrity chef known as Mr Pastry He has asked Stan and her cat Nutty to a weekend getaway along with several other chefs in order that at the end of the weekend they ca [...]

  27. Kristan Stan Conner owns the Pawsitively Organic Food business but wants to expand into a shop in Frog Ledge, CT Sheldon Allyn, known as Mr Pastry, is interested in investing and helping her open a shop When he puts together the Allyn Retreat for Top Chefs in Newport, R.I to create a star menu for a collection of investors, Stan knows she d better accept She arrives at Sheldon s palatial mansion and meets four of the other five chefs involved in the retreat The fifth chef, Pierre LaPorte, is a n [...]

  28. Murder Most Finicky is the fourth book in Liz Mugavero s Pawsitively Organic mystery series This is the first book I ve read written by this author and I enjoyed her writing style The storyline is well plotted and the characters well developed Even though I haven t read the previous books in this series, Ms Mugavero provided enough character background that I didn t feel lost jumping in on the fourth book The characters are quirky and colorful, the mystery began quickly, and the there was always [...]

  29. Murder Most Finicky is the fourth in the Pawsitively Organic cozy mystery series Kristan Stan O Connor is enjoying the success of her homemade pet treat business in Frog Ledge, Connecticut.Stan has been invited along with other star chefs to the prestigious Rhode Island home of Sheldon Mr Pastry Allyn Sheldon has promised backup investment money to Stan to help her establish a storefront for growing business In exchange, Stan has agreed to participate in a presentation along with the other chefs [...]

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