Wolf's Tender

× Wolf's Tender ☆ Gem Sivad - Wolf's Tender, Wolf s Tender This poignant love story involves two totally opposite personalities who mesh their lives together in a beautiful way with action nonstopnsuality through the roof Hearts TRS Reviews Wolf s Tender is
  • Title: Wolf's Tender
  • Author: Gem Sivad
  • ISBN: 9781626229105
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback

× Wolf's Tender ☆ Gem Sivad, Wolf's Tender, Gem Sivad, Wolf s Tender This poignant love story involves two totally opposite personalities who mesh their lives together in a beautiful way with action nonstopnsuality through the roof Hearts TRS Reviews Wolf s Tender is an erotically charged taleThe sparks these two incredibly differentdependent characters generate heat the story from the moment they meet hearts This poignant love story involves two × Wolf's Tender ☆ Gem Sivad - Wolf's Tender, Wolf s Tender This poignant love story involves two totally opposite personalities who mesh their lives together in a beautiful way with action nonstopnsuality through the roof Hearts TRS Reviews Wolf s Tender is
  • × Wolf's Tender ☆ Gem Sivad
    197Gem Sivad
Wolf's Tender

About Author

  1. Gem Sivad Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wolf's Tender book, this is one of the most wanted Gem Sivad author readers around the world.

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  1. Originally reviewed for The Book VixenIn a Nutshell Very good Western with a quick plot and surprisingly intimate romance in ways than just the sexual.The Set Up Charlie Wolf is half Kiowa and used to people s prejudice so when schoolteacher Naomi approaches him for help, he braces himself Naomi overhears that Charlie is the best tracker in the West and she intends to hire him to find her kidnapped students even though she doesn t have any money When Charlie offers a trade in eroticism for his [...]

  2. Naomi Parker has come to Texas as a comportment teacher and to find her sister When the school for young ladies she is teaching at gets attacked by outlaws, she hides under the porch while they make off with all the girls Feeling like she didn t do her job and keep the girls safe, she goes to the nearest town to get the sheriff s help When he refuses to do any than wire the rangers requesting help, she decides to look for an alternative Charlie Wolf is half Indian, half white man and he lives h [...]

  3. emotional, captivating entertaining read that was enjoyable fantastic one to read in the series With the gruff man and witty come backs This is one I did enjoy to read

  4. My numbero uno favoritest reading guilty pleasure is a NA romance But most of these books are written by old bitty s back in the 80 s meaning lameo sexo NOT THIS ONE This one rocked

  5. 3.75 stars, definitely a good western romance, i will read by GS bIt took a while for me to get into this story There was a lot of descriptive facts possibly related to the previous stories, that I found distracting However the moment Naomi entered the story, things picked up and i liked the story from then on There were some things I found odd about the story, such as a school for girls out in some lonely area with only an old crippled man as protector Another part that was really odd was that [...]

  6. This is the story of Naomi Parker and Charlie Wolf MacAllister Noami is a prim and proper school teacher whose students are kidnapped one day by Commancheros Charlie is a half breed who straddles two worlds He is a bounty hunter who rides with his two white cousins Deacon and Sam.Naomi approaches Charlie to track down the Commancheros who have stolen her students and unbeknown to her finds herself married to Charlie in the Indian way Sparks soon fly, as Noami is one fiesty determined woman and C [...]

  7. Wolf s Tender is a book that shows the prejudice of the Indian in the wild west Especially half breeds.Charlie Wolf travels with his cousins and they hunt men for money.Naomi Parker is a school teacher who when the going got rough, hid.Now her students have been captured by outlaws and she s looking for help to get them back She see s Charlie and thinks he is the man to help her.Charlie see s Naomi and he s thinking of a little mattress dancing.Naomi is stronger then she looks, not a fragile sch [...]

  8. A great introduction to the series, this book was very hot, yet surprised me with the amount of romance There was just enough angst to keep things interesting, with the heroine doubting Wolf s motives, and Wolf s knowledge that with the prejudices of the day, keeping her as his bride could prove dangerous to them both I was also interested in Wolf s brothers, and hope to read their stories someday soon The details of the rape of a minor character not by one of the leads could have been left out [...]

  9. I was a little worried when I first started reading this book because I had a difficult time getting into it, but by the time I reached the second chapter I was hooked Gem Sivad did an amazing job creating damaged characters, putting them in a situation with high stakes, and allowing the story, and the characters passions, follow a nice organic course that led to fast paced, entertaining reading Once I picked up the rhythm of Wolf s Tender I was hooked till the last page, and disappointed when t [...]

  10. This is actually the first book that I have read by Gem Sivad and I can tell you now that it will not be the last Gem Sivad is a wonderful storyteller who can make a historical western come to life with combustible erotic romance.Wolf s Tender is the first book in the Eclipse Heat series.Half Kiowa, Charlie Wolf McCallister is a rough and tough bounty hunter who works with his two cousins The prejudice of the era follows him continually as many during this time cannot accept a half Indian as a m [...]

  11. I really liked Wolf s Tender The hero is a half Kiowa Native American bounty hunter.It s an erotic Western set in the days of outlaws and gunfights The sex scenes were hot, the heroine stood up for herself and didn t take no for an answer There were moments of humor in the book The hero thinks about her a lot and is thrilled she s not racist since he s half Native American It s just a hot read with a happy ending I m going to read the rest of the series about his brothers.

  12. Great StoryWow what an adventure This is a suspenseful and very entertaining book Charlie and Naomi have quite the adventurous love story So many twists and turns, you think they will get to safety and suddenly they are in danger The chemistry between Charlie and Naomi is sizzling, makes for a great read

  13. This is an exceptional book by an exceptional writer If you love historical romance with heat and a riveting story line try this series Gem is a fantastic writer I have read all of her books I have not been disappointed yet I cannot wait for her next effort.

  14. Wolf s TenderThis story line was well written, the characters brought to life in vivid fashion I enjoyed Naomi and Charlie s story The romantic scenes were not over the top.Looking forward to Sam and Roberts book.

  15. DifferentI loved this book because it was a love story about two people with different cultures and regardless of what people thought about their love for one another they stayed together,I definitely recommend this book.

  16. Good storyLoved the way this story evolved and the y it turned out It showed that the pioneer women were strong and resourceful Love this author s work.

  17. Good adventure, liked Charlie Wolfe and Naomi Parker as main characters Especially as they had their battle of wills Will read of Gem Sivad.

  18. Note to self Not great, not terrible I thought the plot was unbelievable, especially the beginning when no one would help her After the H h set out to find the bad guys, the story got better and I kept reading Ended up okay, but won t reread I bought this book hoping I d find a new hot western like the first 3 books in the Promise Series which I love , but no cigar.Don t know if I ll try another book from this authorybebut will proceed with caution before I spend the big dollars.

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