[PDF] Enthrall | by Î Vanessa Fewings - Enthrall, Enthrall This is the world of the forbidden This is the embrace of Enthrall Experience the USA Today bestselling novel that introduced readers around the globe to Mia Lauren and her breathtaking journey into t
  • Title: Enthrall
  • Author: Vanessa Fewings
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Enthrall | by Î Vanessa Fewings, Enthrall, Vanessa Fewings, Enthrall This is the world of the forbidden This is the embrace of Enthrall Experience the USA Today bestselling novel that introduced readers around the globe to Mia Lauren and her breathtaking journey into the seductive world of Enthrall the most exclusive BDSM club in Los Angeles Mia Lauren is a single twenty one year old working in a West Hollywood art store who dreams ofThis is the world of [PDF] Enthrall | by Î Vanessa Fewings - Enthrall, Enthrall This is the world of the forbidden This is the embrace of Enthrall Experience the USA Today bestselling novel that introduced readers around the globe to Mia Lauren and her breathtaking journey into t
  • [PDF] Enthrall | by Î Vanessa Fewings
    347Vanessa Fewings

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  1. Vanessa Fewings is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS THE CHASE is the first in her sizzling new romantic trilogy from HQN Books followed by THE GAME The third book THE PRIZE will be released in June 2018.For ENTHRALL fans there s a new novel coming in February 2018 with the return of Cameron Cole Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Great Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Cyprus and the USA Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.Reading order of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS Book 1 ENTHRALLBook 2 ENTHRALL HERBook 3 ENTHRALL HIMBook 4 CAMERON S CONTROLBook 5 CAMERON S CONTRACTBook 6 RICHARD S REIGNbook 7 ENTHRALL SECRETSBook 8 ENTHRALL CLIMAX Coming 02.05.18THE PRIZE The ICON Trilogy book 3 Coming June 26th, 2018 VanessaFewingsInstagram vanessafewings

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  1. Enthrall, book 1 of 3 Cinderella on KINK with Mia s life taking a turn for the better with a new job that places her between two gods among men I may well be the flame but Cameron s the one who loves to watch you burn Books in the Enthrall Sessions series should be read in order Book 1 EnthrallBook 2 Enthrall HerBook 3 Enthrall HimOR Book 1 3 Enthrall Sessions TrilogyBook 4 Cameron s ControlBook 5 Cameron s ContractBook 8 Enthrall ClimaxWhat did I just read And why did I not read this sooner Ent [...]

  2. This is a passionate,hot,dark,mysterius book,that is going to blow your mind I really like it This is Mia s storyShe is 21 years old and she is desperate to find a job till the moment that she grasps the opportunity to work to EnthrallEnthrall is not an ordinary place, but it s the L.A s premier fetish club for the wealthy community And she is going to be the secretary to the club s assistant director Richard BoothHe is also the club s senior dominantShe intrigued by her boss and she wants from [...]

  3. Thought provoking and sweetly kinky with a dash of coming of age There s something very therapeutic about facing off with fear, he said Challenging life back This book really took me by surprise I thought we were traveling in one direction with it, and I wound up being surprised and delighted with how the story evolved I had my moments of worry as the book opened up with an innocent virgin interviewing to be the secretary at a BDSM club You might know that I run a blog called The Smutsonian and [...]

  4. FULL SPOILER FREE except direct quotes.4.5 Enthralling, Captivating and take my pants off because I m aroused, Stars WOW Well I need to start this review by stating that this was nothing like what I was expecting I was expecting some sort of angst ridden, who will she pick , love triangle and I actually couldn t have been further from the truth This is the story of Mia, who lands herself a great new job at Enthrall as secretary to Assistant Director Mr Richard Boothbut this is no ordinary secret [...]

  5. Mia Lauren is a young and innocent twenty one year old who is working two jobs just to make ends meet Her mother died of an overdose when she was young and a few years later her father died in a motorcycle accident Her stepmother, Lorraine, took her in and raised her Later, Lorraine was diagnosed with cancer and had to have expensive treatment Mia feels responsible for Lorraine and is trying to help pay for her medical bills When a friend tells her about a job opportunity that would pay enough s [...]

  6. ARC provided by the author, Vanessa Fewings, in exchange for an honest review Struggling to make ends meet financially, Mia Lauren takes a job as a secretary for the exclusive fetish club Enthrall Mia is pretty na ve when it comes to sex, men, and knows absolutely nothing about the BDSM lifestyle Richard, her new boss and the club s senior dominant, is concerned that her lack of sexual experience and knowledge will inhibit her from being able to do her job at Enthrall and does his best to get he [...]

  7. Enthrall wasummwow It was so different to what I was expecting Was this because I just read the letters BDSM and skipped the rest of the synopsis Perhaps I moved a couple of books down my list so I could get to this faster I stayed up until the wee hours reading Enthrall I m glad I did cause this book was crazy Crazy in a good way Quite a few times I sat down with my eyes closed and said, out loud I might add, This is so fucked up and Oh good lord and of This is so fucked up, wtf I didn t put i [...]

  8. I am utterly Enthralled This series had me enslaved from page one, the writing was elegant, witty, and smooth The story so very refreshing As having read many BDSM novels Enthralled surprised me with an original storyline, it s slow build up had me turning pages throughout the night The characters are all unique and intriguing and had my mind wondering which direction this book would lead I m keeping this review short because I spent waaaay too much time making the images for this review, but I [...]

  9. Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.5 Sultry, Enthralling Stars A Provocative and Thrilling Read Simply Irresistible from Beginning to End The Review There are some books that are so masterfully done that when you hit that last page, you want to instantly go back to the beginning and relive the experience all over again For me, this is one of those books As soon as I was done, I couldn t help but want to go back to [...]

  10. Mia is 21 year old trying to make ends meet So, when an opportunity came knocking at her door, a chance to be interviewed by the Mistresses of Enthall, a top BDSM Club, for a secretarial job, she wasted no time and go for it She s a determined young lady and eventually got the position Mia gets along with everybody and follows every do s and don t s of the club But when her Dominant boss Richard felt that Mia is so innocent na ve about the BDSM lifestyle he decided to fire her But with the inter [...]

  11. 5 panty dropping stars spoiler free with the exception of quotes I have a new favorite author to add to my list of favorites Vanessa Mistress Fewings This woman knows how to write broody, mysterious, sexy, darkmale leads and she makes it seem so effortless Those of us who read two, three or books a week, know how difficult it is to find an author who can write characters with such depth This is the third book I ve read from this author so it came to no surprise that the writing was mature as we [...]

  12. 3 STARSBuddy Read with my girl StephanieI was over the moon and excited when the author of Enthrall approached me to write a honest review exchange for ARC I read the plot and I said to myself YES Erotica BDSM just right up my alley Unfortunately, it was not what I was expecting I swear I wanted to love this book Lord knows I really wanted too and it kills me to write this review The book had pontential but it fell short for me I went in with the mind set that it was a erotica BDSM, but it was n [...]

  13. BR with Sara Sammy Mia is a 21 year old and is has been working two jobs to try and live She has a lot of medical bills that have stacked due to her step mothers sickness and Mia is the one that is paying the bills Mia s mother is dead and her father is also believed to be dead The only family she has left is her step mother She can barely manage to feed herself, living off Ramen noodles most of the time and she lives in a run down studio apartment with old used stained up furniture and an old r [...]

  14. BR with Jo and Sammy This is a story of Mia Lauren, she s 21 and dreams of becoming a fashion designer someday Through her friends girlfriend who used to work there , she is set up with the opportunity to interview at Enthrall, a fetish club for extremely wealthy people Mia leaves the interview not at all confident about the outcome She wants the job so badly because of it s extremely high pay and she has her step mother s medical bills to pay Her step mother is all she has left of family Her mo [...]

  15. Gosh, slap me upside the head, am so confused after finishing this novellet me attempt to summarize This is not really erotica, very few sex scenes, although BDSM is an element of story Initially plot unfolding was easy to follow na ve innocent 21 YO female virgin desperate for financial security shouldering medical burden of taking care of her ailing stepmom in addition to a tragic childhood Opportunity at BDSM club clinic opens up that provides financial security, girl gets job and meets 2 Dom [...]

  16. This type of trope is a guilty pleasure of mine, and started with great promise I won t attempt to expand on any than the blurb, but somewhere along the line, it took another turn.I m undecided as to whether I truly enjoyed that extra padding, or whether its all part of the bigger picture I know the BDSM element was purely cursory IMO, but then about right for the development of Mia s character, given her innocence I m hoping that it will all become apparent when I read on

  17. 3.5 starsEnthrall at first comes across as a familiar bdsm plot in which the economically disadvantaged 21 year old virgin comes to the attention of two dominant gazillionaires who employ her and draw her into their world of wealth, privilege, and hedonism Fortunately, there is to it no spoilers There are some hot bdsm scenes to accompany the semi dark romance between Mia and Richard who manages an exclusive Hollywood, California, area bdsm club, Enthrall I am especially intrigued by the enigma [...]

  18. Enthrall by Vanessa Fewings Let me tell you what is my first impression of the book I am really really hoping a really great book The cover is great, I like the size of the author name some of the author has the biggest size of name and some of them, I could barely see it , the chandelier and the font of the tittle Yes, I am that picky when it comes to the first impression Even The World of the Forbidden is interesting I have great impression and I expect the story is as good as the book cover T [...]

  19. So before I start, I just want to say This is a re read It s the third time I have read this book, since it s release, and I m not a huge fan of re reading, there is always something new to read instead.Obviously, this book is different, and is one that I seriously never tire of So with the release of Cameron s Control, the new novella in the series, I started to read an ARC of it, and realised, I needed a re fresh of the story again so here I am.I had been intending to do a new review of this b [...]

  20. Reviewed on totallybookedblog 2013 09 You know that feeling you get when you turn the last page of a book and think huh, well that was not what I was expecting Well, I was immediately hooked on the stories and characters, however as the story progressed it turned into something completely different So yeah, I have mixed feelings about this story I really did enjoy it don t get me wrong, but for want of a better expression I think Enthrall was confused as to what it wanted to be and the synopsis [...]

  21. 3.5 4 StarsMia Lauren a single, twenty one year old who is in desperate need of money so when an unexpected offer arises to work at Enthrall, L.A s premier fetish club for the wealthy Mia leaps at the chance.She ends up working for a Broody, Hot Richard Booth who has many issues of his own He wants Mia gone she is too innocent and wont be able to handle the job Mia, they re sex balls, said Penny.My jaw dropped You mean you put them in your Yes, said Scarlet.I placed the box on the table It s bad [...]

  22. 4.5 STARSI received ARC copy of this book from the author for a honest review.Let me just tell you I just came off a series high after reading book four from Tiffany Reisz and was all over the BDSM scene and ready for some The story centers around a Mia a very attractive virgin as she entering a very exclusive LA club named Enthralled To literally translate the name it means to captivate or enslave and fits perfectly with the world that takes place inside its walls Mia takes a job as the main p [...]

  23. Mixed feelings about this one I had a hard time with Mia She didn t really make sense to me She is innocent seriously innocent Oddly innocent innocent in a shy totally out of touch with her sexuality way But, then she jumps into and does things that even someone experienced would have trouble with It just seemed like too much without enough backlash And honestly while I liked her I just didn t get why she was such a special snow flake that everyone loves her immediately and rushes to take care [...]

  24. Enthrall is a really good read I love how the author made the story interesting and fresh that you cannot easily get bored with it The story is also fresh and I love the characters They are not what you expected About the story, I love how the author made the story not just interesting, she also made it hot I love how she made the characters likeable especially Cameron, he s my favorite What really intrigued me the most was how the story ended that it made me jump like a fan girl on what will ha [...]

  25. 2.5 STARS I wanted to like this book so bad but I just couldn t get into it Most of the time I didn t even understand what was going on and I found myself skimming through the book to get to the ending.

  26. 5 Spank Me Stars I couldn t put this puppy down.I couldn t resist the feeling that something major was always about to happenterally the whole damn book ,

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