Free Read Takeover - by Lana Grayson - Takeover, Takeover A reckless sacrifice to protect a family legacySarah Kidnapped Imprisoned Ravished When tragedy stole my family my father s will mandated my future I didn t inherit Atwood Industries I became the onl
  • Title: Takeover
  • Author: Lana Grayson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 347
  • Format: ebook

Free Read Takeover - by Lana Grayson, Takeover, Lana Grayson, Takeover A reckless sacrifice to protect a family legacySarah Kidnapped Imprisoned Ravished When tragedy stole my family my father s will mandated my future I didn t inherit Atwood Industries I became the only one capable of protecting it Atwood Industries belongs only to a male heir my heir And my enemies my own step brothers will stop at nothing to create a shared bloA reckless sacrifice to pr Free Read Takeover - by Lana Grayson - Takeover, Takeover A reckless sacrifice to protect a family legacySarah Kidnapped Imprisoned Ravished When tragedy stole my family my father s will mandated my future I didn t inherit Atwood Industries I became the onl
  • Free Read Takeover - by Lana Grayson
    347Lana Grayson

About Author

  1. Lana Grayson was born to write anything and everything to do with romance Her favorite genres range from the dark and twisty to the lighthearted and sentimental as long as the characters are memorable, the story is fun, and the romance is steamy Lana lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, and, when she isn t bundled in her writing chair, she s most likely cheering on the Steelers or searching for the Burgh s best Italian restaurants.

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  1. 4.5 Bennett StarsForbidden, scorching hot, invigorating, suspenseful and downright RAW.Atwood Industries and the Bennett Corporation has been arch enemies for over thirty years When the head of Atwood Industries, passes, the company was inherited by both his sons Unexpectedly, the unforeseen death of both sons, two weeks later, in a plane crash, has left Atwood Industries at the mercy of the Bennett Corporation Therein, leaving the only living child, Sarah Meredith Atwood, to lead the stock Now [...]

  2. I m trying to wrap my head around what I just read.This romance was about as romantic as Vladimir Putin riding a cracker.The heroine got passed around like the communion bowl at church.But that s ok cause she was all Now just imagine that popcorn was actually this instead Except times that by three, oh, and make them all her stepbrothers whose goal is this Yeah, that s right all three of them want to breed her It s her step father s revenge and way to gain her company One of his sons is going to [...]

  3. Takeover begins with a warning that reads This story is a dark step brother romance which will include scenes of captivity, physical abuse, non consensual situations, and sexual encounters with multiple partners So I immediately shared this title with all my twisted sisters and the one clicking commenced How far is too far for a family feud to go The Bennett s and Atwood s have been at each other s throats for decades, but now that the Atwood s are just down to Sarah they are poised to take what [...]

  4. I received an ARC via LBTS PR in exchange for an honest review Thank you Takeover was one of those seize and domination types of reads It was a pretty solid and gripping read, which luckily, did not tread on any of my hard limits of cheating, love triangles and other character sex scenes.The plot centers around the acquisition and power struggle behind who wields the Atwood Industries company, and going through all lengths and costs, to acquire it.From stepfather s and stepbrothers with nefariou [...]

  5. For all those fans of Bebe Reid s Broken Love series or Pepper Winters Debt series or Penelope Douglas Corrupt, that have been asking me for recommendations cause there is a tonne of you I just found your next 5 star read You re welcome

  6. ADDICTIVE ENTHRALLING TWISTED DARK.This is labeled as a stepbrother romance but it is so much than that The book is full of twists and turns, filled with powerful characters and multidimensional heroes Three sons A vindictive father One girl that has to endure the wrath of her stepfather A vendetta One goal An heir that has to be acquired Sarah was a great heroine I loved how brave she was I loved how she questioned everything I admired how she didn t give up.Nicholas Max and Reed I loved the t [...]

  7. HOLY SHIT THIS BOOK If the first book of the series was this twisted, I m pretty sure I need to see a doctor after this seriesMany jaw dropped Holy shit moments this book was

  8. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewAre you effin kidding me OMG Lana brought me into a world of a dark, secretive, manipulative family Two to be honest When I first started the book I hated every Bennett there was I still kind of do I don t know if I want to kill Nicholas or make love to him And Sarah Shew That woman isn t as weak as you ll think She s got something up her sleeve Hell is going to freeze over and I can t wait to see what happens I can t believe Lana left me hanging [...]

  9. I really don t know what to say about this book It is way too dark for me There is no romance A bizarre plot contrivance that allows for the exploration of some very taboo situations I don t mind gothic or dark romances, even those terrible bodice rippers of old, but I do prefer them with a pinch of romance This was not the case here.Though it is set in contemporary times, Takeover often reads like a medieval story a la Game of Thrones There is the evil king aka shady businessman, his three sons [...]

  10. In the ebook version, TAKEOVER starts with a warning This story is a dark step brother romance which will include scenes of captivity, physical abuse, non consensual situations, and sexual encounters with multiple partners I would heed that warning and take it to heart This book is NOT for the faint of heart There is indeed all those things and I would even say that that warning was downplayed At times I found myself completely repulsed by some the scenes and circumstances that which Sarah found [...]

  11. I really tried to find something I liked about this book The characters are all horrible I hate every single one of them The plot line takes suspension of disbelief and tosses it out the window It just doesn t make sense Plus the writing is terrible Way too flowery for me Get to the fricking point and stop using 30 words to describe an event or emotion that really only needs 5 words to convey the point Terrible.

  12. I love a good dark story so when this popped up in my news feed on Facebook I bought it While the story is dark it is not typical of the dark books I have read in the past That said, it intrigued me The characters and the settings this story takes place made it an entertaining twist on the dark I have become familiar with.The characters are so well defined Creating a picture of each character was so easy Each had a unique trait that drew me to them and I admit I fell for the tormentor, the evil [...]

  13. DNFThe blurb and teasers are misleading This story is not just about Sarah and Nicholas The h is forced to have sex with all three of her step brothers That s not romance dark or not to me I would classify it as dark erotica Also it contains abuse physical and sexual Reader discretion is advised Note This is NOT a stand alone.

  14. HOLY MOLLY This is Romeo and Juliet meets Pepper Winters s Debt Inheritance Series Though the warning says it all, the author s character and plot development made me continue reading and find out what will happen to Sarah Atwood Only to find out that Nicholas is a total game changer.

  15. Okay so I have read a lot of dark, gritty books in my days and I don t normally enjoy them to be quite honest I feel like the world is dark enough as it is without adding to it This is one of those books where money and power is in play but I feel like there is so much to it than just that I came across this book by luck and what luck it turned out to be This is my first time reading a book by this author and I would like to congratulate her on her play on words because the way that she wrote [...]

  16. Intense.Raw DARK Interesting Addictive Steamy Twisted.If you re a dark romance addict like myself, you ll understand how hard it is to find a book that knows how to use every element in creating a story that doesn t brand itself as dark But rather, a story that belongs in that category heart and soul TAKEOVER is THAT book From the very gorgeous cover that I think had become one of my favourites, to the beautiful writing and characters that each have their own sense of knowing who they are and ho [...]

  17. WHOA I did not expect that Takeover was one exquisitely twisted, decadently dark, titillatingly story of a taboo romance I went in to this story with blinders, going only off a recommendation and was so happy to have delved into these pages Lana Grayson delivered an eloquent tale of sex, love, passion, power and deceit and I absorbed every word This dark tale brings us the story of young, innocent and naive Sarah Thrust into the corporate world while still attending college as she tries to salva [...]

  18. Never realized I would like a book like thisOkay So I grabbed this book from one review that said it is what Indebted by Pepper Winters wanted to do but couldn t She made me believe what was happening She was partly right Because at the core of all these dark romances is a level of depravity that each author is trying to one up To the point where it s really hard to believe anything happening to anyone in these books Because I know rich folks get away with a lot of shenanigans see Donald Trump r [...]

  19. Wait, WHAT What the hell I just read This is a MINDFUCKERY, FORBIDDEN and RAW story about everything TWISTED You might think something is VERY wrong with me because I LIKED this Guess What Yep, I AM TWSITED, but if you read this, as soon as you meet the Bennetts You can t help but love them

  20. SpeechlessI read on average, a book per day This is by far the most unsettling, disturbing book I have read in my entire life I started bawling during one of the abuse scenes, genuinely upset for her ordeal Not long after I was left confused about why I was hurting for someone who was enjoying the abuse I understand the allure of kink and love a good steamy novel, but this was not that There is clear separation between a sexual spanking and a beating Her captors, now lovers, are made out to be g [...]

  21. Secrets, danger, sexy men who are brothers, a attraction that is off the charts and evil sick man who controls it all Or does he Sarah Atwood has no one except her mother, but she isn t even stable enough to help Sarah Since losing her father to an illness and her brothers to a crash, Sarah is left to run the Atwood Empire But she s never been included in the business well not much anyways So when things heat up, truths and lies are told But the secret that she holds will make a difference in al [...]

  22. Wth This story is dark and crazy The first 25% is incredibly slow but hang in there It s cray cray with a capital C

  23. UNBELIEVABLE This book proves money corrupts and power turns money hungry people into evil monsters Two duelling conglomerate businesses of Bennett and Atwood makes the Hatfield and McCoys feud look like a kiddie play fight These two families have so many disturbing secrets that come to light after half the Atwood family dies leaving a devastated mom and young twenty year Sarah to pick up the pieces The buried decisions of her died brothers and dad means Sarah s world as she knew it was nothing [...]

  24. This may have been a good read if the author would have labeled it different As the dark twisted story it is not as a romance Rape, Kidnapping, beating and she loves it Get real If Either of these sick sadistic boys loved her they would have gotten her away from their father they would have helped her escape at least got the police there to arrest their dad not helped him They are as sick and sadistic as he is And then you want us to believe she enjoys being raped And loves her rapist Sick and t [...]

  25. nope review showAlso from a reviewer s answer to a question about the book view spoiler I don t know that I d necessarily qualify it as a romance, but she definitely falls for one of the brothers It s important to know going in it is really brutal in terms of degradation, humiliation, rape, violence, etc She has sex with all three of the brothers and to some degree enjoys it The book blurb is kind of misleading hide spoiler

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