The Sirens of Falkeld

[PDF] The Sirens of Falkeld | by é Julie Tuovi - The Sirens of Falkeld, The Sirens of Falkeld A courageous glimpse of historical details entwined in the tales of Scottish tradition InD tale Magazine RONE Award Winner and Reader s Favorite FinalistKade Finley of the Scottish Isles was rai
  • Title: The Sirens of Falkeld
  • Author: Julie Tuovi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Sirens of Falkeld | by é Julie Tuovi, The Sirens of Falkeld, Julie Tuovi, The Sirens of Falkeld A courageous glimpse of historical details entwined in the tales of Scottish tradition InD tale Magazine RONE Award Winner and Reader s Favorite FinalistKade Finley of the Scottish Isles was raised on legends of the sea His Gaffer Toran Finley said that beneath Muireall s wind swept cliffs deep under the waves there lived a legend as old as the Highlands the A coura [PDF] The Sirens of Falkeld | by é Julie Tuovi - The Sirens of Falkeld, The Sirens of Falkeld A courageous glimpse of historical details entwined in the tales of Scottish tradition InD tale Magazine RONE Award Winner and Reader s Favorite FinalistKade Finley of the Scottish Isles was rai

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  • [PDF] The Sirens of Falkeld | by é Julie Tuovi
    413 Julie Tuovi
The Sirens of Falkeld

About Author

  1. Julie Tuovi is a read a holic, Diet Coke addict, and lover of all things sparkly Especially nail polish In her spare time Julie likes to hunt zombies, debate the merits of pirate v ninja, and rescue small kittens from trees Oh and plot ways to take over the universe A history enthusiast, concert pianist, and attorney but only when there s nothing better to do , she currently lives in Colorado, where you can often find her writing and dreaming of far off, magical places The Sirens of Falkeld is her first novel, and was a 2016 RONE Award Winner and Reader s Favorite Finalist She is represented by Moe Ferrara at Bookends Literary Stay tuned for at thebookmemoirs

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  1. Yes, I, a grown man, am reading a book about MERMAIDS.And loving it, I may add.Julie Tuovi s brilliant debut, The Sirens of Falkeld, brings the reader in the dismal, war torn setting of WWII Scotland, where a young man named Cade is desperate to save his ailing grandfather His last hope is to somehow catch a maighdean maara, one of a group of legendary mermaid like creatures that allegedly grant a wish to whomever catches her But nothing s that simple.Complicating matters is The Admiral, a cold, [...]

  2. Julie Tuovi has a unique talent of not only hooking the reader from the beginning but keeping the pages turning I was especially impressed by the unique twist at the end Well written excellent character development Will look forward to books by Ms Tuovi.

  3. One word to describe The Sirens Of Falkeld by Julie Tuovi is magical.Get ready for a fairytale, kiddos.I was hooked Fish pun definitely intended up until the very end I read it in one day It was really, really hard to put this book down, even when I had stuff that needed to be done My priorities are obviously straight since I carried on reading instead of doing chores.The story was so engaging and there was never a dull moment And it s full of badass mermaidyness So, it s pretty awesome.Set in S [...]

  4. When an author creates something out of pure fiction, it has to be written with authority The characters have to be believable Most of all, any preconceptions one might have had about the story have to be discarded right from the outset.The Sirens of Falkeld is the debut novel of Julie Tuovi, but you wouldn t know it from the writing Here is a story that has rather incredible world building The author really has a talent for describing literally everything in the book The titular Sirens, of cour [...]

  5. Never would have thought I d love a book with mermaids so much These aren t the mermaids of your children s stories or Disney movies These things are bad ass, pardon my French They are evil but still sympathetic They kill but it s out of necessity than want They have this urge inside of them that sends them reaching out for good souls I would not want to get on their bad side I think it s safe to say, we re lucky out oceans are filled with sharks and not these women.Kade, a Scottish young man, [...]

  6. A fabulous debut by Julie Tuovi The character Kade surprised me as someone who s determined to save those whom he cares most about In this case, Gaffer, his grandfather who is dying Its the kind of affection that I believe we all can relate to sometime in our lives You feel his struggle and determination to save his grandfather and it s a noble sacrifice in the name of family Since this story is set within the perimeters of Scotland during WWII, it s a paramount character trait for someone such [...]

  7. This book Where to even startThe story was so engaging, and the writing was just as evocative and stunning as the world building and characters Sirens of Falkeld is set in Scotland against a backdrop of WWII, drawing richly from both history and myth, and combining them in an original and brilliant way The sense of mystery and intrigue is gripping from page one, and holds you tight throughout the rest of the narrative The characters are beautifully written, with palpable tension and real conflic [...]

  8. JustWOW Fantastic, beautiful writing Unique and refreshing story line Suspenseful and imaginative Great read Highly recommend 5 Stars All The Way

  9. Julie Tuovi has created a magical world in her new book, The Sirens of Falkeld Kade, a young man living on an island in Scotland, is pulled into a world he never expected to be a part of Desperate to save a loved one, he goes to incredible lengths to find the ones who can save his grandfather, the maighdean mhara The legends say, if you capture a maighdean mhara, you get a wish Luckily, his grandfather told him just how to do it But, when Kade sets out to catch one, he gets than he bargained fo [...]

  10. An ARC was given in exchange for an honest review.The story as a whole was was very detailed Usually in some books, I find that the author has left major holes in the plot, leaving me with unanswered questions and the feeling of Wait, what just happened However, Tuovi did just the opposite She covers almost every part of the book, starting with the origins of the sirens or the mhara as the book calls them to how the main character Kade gets his abilities and The only holes that are present in t [...]

  11. I was given this book by Readers Favorites in exchange for a honest review.5 Cups of Tea readThe Sirens of Falkeld by Julie Tuovi, is set in war torn Scotland.We follow Kade Finley nine years after his father dies His Gaffer is sick and to save him Kade needs a mermaids magic Captured while on the restricted beach Kade must help the Admiral Gilbert Owen before he can continue his quest to save his Gaffer In this tale mermaids are not beautiful, peaceful creatures but soul sucking, evil beings Ne [...]

  12. I was pretty happy about reading a story with mermaids in it when I picked up this book When I read a little into the book and realized that they were murderous, soul sucking maidens of the sea I was a little disappointed I wanted to like the mermaids Let me tell you, by the end of the book, I ended up doing just that I loved the murderous, soul sucking mermaids I NEVER root for the bad guys, but thanks to expert story telling, I began to empathise with these creatures who were only living the l [...]

  13. This story was so captivating and different from the usual mermaid tales I ve read The story switches POV between Kade and Cora and it gives you insight to both worlds the mermaid s, or maighdean mhara, and the human s The maighdean mhara feel an uncontrollable urge to kill humans by drowning because they need the souls for Mac Lir, also known as the sea god So when Cora marks Kade s soul as hers, things start falling out of control between the two, especially when she is unsuccessful with drown [...]

  14. Gripping fantasy novel full of action and adventure The stories are not just that The legends are true Star crossed from two different worlds Destined to be on different sides He wants her help and she suppose to sink all their kind Fantastic story that will keep you at the end of your seat right until the end An advanced copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review

  15. So it s rare that an author can express such vivid emotions in such few pages I m a big Brandon Sanderson fan and a Robert Jordan fan so I m used to marathon series and several hundred pages of reading before I really start caring about the characters Not so with SIRENS Ms Tuovi s talent really lies in developing characters and helping you understand perspective I m a fan What else you got Ms Tuovi

  16. Pretty much if there were ten stars, this book would be an eleven Just sayin Fans of Maggie Stiefvater s The Scorpio Races, and Margo Lanagan s The Brides of Rollrock Island will love this too

  17. Mermaids In World War II Scotland This is how the book was explained to me by a friend, and those two simple sentences were enough to have me very interested Well, I need to read this, I told myself, because the premise was different and fascinating, and because mermaids and Scottish folklore history sounded like my cup of tea I immediately tracked down a copy I was not disappointed Sirens of Falkeld is a fantastic read, and the author definitely did her research The story begins with Kade, a yo [...]

  18. This review was done in conjunction with NerdGirl For information, visit them on Facebook facebook NerdGirl Fantastic I really truly liked this story, and the depth that it had I m a big fan of mermaid, especially when they are portrayed in a darker light That s exactly what this novel does There s both darkness and light, and it s so wonderful together.The setting is fantastic, a small island in Scotland during WW2, and it s so perfectly written, described, and highlighted that I fell in love [...]

  19. Generally I am not a fan of books written in first person point of view However, Sirens has gone some way to changing my mind about that Well written, engaging and with a good sense of Scotland, both in the dialogue and in the descriptions of the coastal areas, it tells a compelling story of an island with a dark secret With vivid language, gutting me like a fish with a frozen blade, we follow a young man, Kade, as he is forced against his will into searching for a lost treasure Kade is tormente [...]

  20. I received this book as an ARC from the author This book is such a nice read It follows an 18 year old, Kade, during war time Scotland, on an island wheremhara , or mermaids, are very real, and are often the stuff of nightmares GOOD I loved the characters so much Cora Bonnie is an awesome mermaid, because she s not like the others, because of Kade, who is a firm believer of themharatales, will go to all ends to help his Gaffer grandpa , and who is a genuinely good friend The admiral is a GREAT v [...]

  21. The Sirens of Falkeld is so full of mystery and suspense readers will be at the edge of their seats This is about mermaids, but don t expect a fairy tale Tuovi introduces many interesting characters throughout the book and several twists.Every time you think you have an idea of how this will end, you will be wrong Once you get used to the dialog, it adds comedy to the magical fantasy, suspense and drama.Overall, I really enjoyed it, so I give The Sirens of Falkeld 4 stars.Bethboundlessbookreview [...]

  22. Pretty much if there were ten stars, this book would be an eleven Just sayin Fans of Maggie Stiefvater s The Scorpio Races, and Margo Lanagan s The Brides of Rollrock Island will love this too

  23. I m a little biased, because I know the author, but I thought this was a haunting and creative story Non formulaic and well written, I enjoyed reading this book, because it felt like a departure form the mainstream.

  24. The Siren s of Falkeld is a courageous glimpse of historical details entwined in the tales of Scottish tradition.Read full review in the 2015 October issue of InD tale Magazine.

  25. Such an amazing read Kade is such a terrific character, and it was SO hard to put the book down I actually felt like I was there with Kade, desperate to save Gaffer myself Julie Tuovi is a fantastic writer and I can t wait until she writes MORE

  26. It s a different twist on mermaids, that s dark and mysterious A great twist of history and fantasy I loved it and loved all the twists and turns the book had to offer Its unpredictable

  27. The Sirens of Falkeld is a beautifully written story with rich, well developed characters that pull you into their world from the very start If mermaids were real, and honestly I won t be the one to say they aren t, I imagine that they would be very much like Cora, curious and lovely, but compelled by her nature to kill humans Her confusion leads to self awareness and the author has an amazing way of describing the emotions that flood through her when she meets Kade Their meeting makes Cora ques [...]

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