Blowing It

Unlimited Blowing It - by Kate Aaron - Blowing It, Blowing It Being famous sucks All Owen Barnes wanted to do was write but with success comes than just literary award nominations His new relationship with gruff gentle Magnus Cassidy is at risk and Owen isn t
  • Title: Blowing It
  • Author: Kate Aaron
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 168
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Blowing It - by Kate Aaron, Blowing It, Kate Aaron, Blowing It Being famous sucks All Owen Barnes wanted to do was write but with success comes than just literary award nominations His new relationship with gruff gentle Magnus Cassidy is at risk and Owen isn t going back into the closet without a fight When a photo circulating online threatens his squeaky clean image Owen seizes his opportunity to lash out not realising he Being famous sucks A Unlimited Blowing It - by Kate Aaron - Blowing It, Blowing It Being famous sucks All Owen Barnes wanted to do was write but with success comes than just literary award nominations His new relationship with gruff gentle Magnus Cassidy is at risk and Owen isn t
  • Unlimited Blowing It - by Kate Aaron
    168Kate Aaron
Blowing It

About Author

  1. Born in Liverpool, Kate Aaron is a bestselling author of the 1 LGBT romances What He Wants, Ace, The Slave, and other works.She holds a BA Hons in English Language and Literature, and an MA in Gender, Sexuality and Culture, and is an outspoken advocate for equal rights.Kate swapped the North West for the Midwest in October 2015 and married award winning author AJ Rose Together they plan to take over the world.

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  1. DNF 68%No ratingI may come back to this some day, but I made a resolution to stop being so anal about finishing books that I m lackluster about and this is one of those books.I m not in love with either of these characters.The story is uneventful.The dialogue is great and Aaron seems to have a feel for portraying characters in relatable situations I will read something else by her, but if I have to read any publishing antics and or the daily life of a writer I m going to LOSE IT.Last, but certai [...]

  2. When you realize what you ve forgotten.So, this is a very sedately paced read for a quiet moment when you just want to observe First person narrative from Owen on his life and how making it big in publishing eroded away at his life without him noticing He didn t care until he had something to care about Homebody Owen isn t what he used to be Then again, he didn t necessarily like everything he had before When he meets Magnus, his world stutters and realigns Realignment is not smooth, but when th [...]

  3. This was a real feel good, funny and I suspect intensely personal story from Kate, beautifully written and edited thanks Fen ALL the characters were wonderfully warm and believablewell, everyone except that workaholic Max, but we can t all be perfect, can we 4.5 stars, and a big smile from me.Owen Barnes, or to give him his literary nom de plume Owen Black, is wasting his time away writing stories and waiting tables in a coffee shop until the day he strikes lucky with his YA story That day arriv [...]

  4. Kate is my friend, and I received a free review copy of this book 4.5 rounded up.Nevertheless, as ever, very British, a wonderfully slow and cadenced pace, time to look at the characters, and dang, I love me some silken knickers

  5. There s something magical about Kate Aaron s writing When I read the Free Men trilogy a few months ago I fell in love with Kate s words, her characters and her descriptions of the world they live in Since Free Men is a fantasy while Blowing it is a contemporary romance, there are an endless amount of differences between the stories There are powerful similarities as well though Both books contain characters so clearly drawn you can see and hear them The descriptions in both books are so well wor [...]

  6. I don t now why I put off reading this book for so long I picked it due to a MM challenge and finally had to read it.What a little gem A light easy to read book No angst and quite funny in places.Owen, a YA writer is held to a clause in his contract where he isn t allowed to tell the world he is gay He is given a beard in the form of Becky, an aspiring author wanting to sign with the same company.At first, Owen s boyfriend Magnus is ok with not being able to be seen with Owen on public but in th [...]

  7. Great fun read I really liked this I smiled a whole bunch while reading It was just fun and light and low angst until the end Magnus was just dreamy, while not being so perfect that it s insufferable Owen was pretty great, I loved his flair for the dramatic But he also started to get annoying when it came to having a backbone and standing up to Max That got tiring after a bit Loved the supporting characters except Max of course Can t wait to read book 2

  8. The first 75% of this book is boring.Blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks of description It could have been taken from a tourist guide book Blech.Tediously painfully detailed small talk Good god, small talk is bad enough in real life You want me to read about it too No thanks.And that awful pet peeve that I wish I could dip in acid and defenestrate from a high rise building into an ocean filled with sharks A writer writing about a writer s writing process UGH Kill me now.Also the m [...]

  9. Reread no 4 5 Honestly no idea, but I LOVE this book so much 3If you haven t read it yet, I don t understand what you re waiting for.

  10. This is the story of novelist Owen Barnes who changed his name to Owen Black when his publisher got him a contract for a YA novel, and eventual series featuring his hero, best friend and, of course, female sidekick There s actually quite a few references to J.K Rowling in order to show readers where Owen s career is heading He meets Magnus, a building surveyor inspector, and the two form a romantic relationship, but an author of a children s series should not be gay so Owen s agent arranges a be [...]

  11. This was just ok for me Not sure I bought that a publisher, unless it s a Christian pub, being so worried about an author s personal life, to the point of hiring a woman to play his beard in public Maybe 20 years ago, but today Nah, I don t see it So long as he s not out causing a scene every night, I don t see the issue Because of this, I just didn t engage in the plot Maybe I m wrong, but that s just how I see it.

  12. Certainly not a bad book, but not my favorite either I guess I d call the story reliable, like your favorite pair of jeans on a day when you re feelingt svelte TBH, I wish there d been play background about the panty wearing MC, because hot DAt any rate, the writing is super solid, and I ll read this author again.

  13. 3.5 starts I thought the story was cute, not really earth shattering or anything, but good I didn t really feel anything until around 80% Then things really clicked n for me I may have been shed a few tears with Owen Good if you want a light, fluffy read

  14. I enjoyed this book It was slow at times, but very cute and lovable I had no issues with it It just need oomph sometimes.3 3.5 stars

  15. Quite enjoyed this My first story by Kate Aaron I really loved the MC s in this one, and the literary angle of the storyline Can t wait to check out by this author.

  16. For me this was a light but thoroughly entertaining read Owen Barnes is now a popular author after writing a YA novel after a bet with a friend that he couldn t do it It s not what he ever wanted to write but it gives him a very popular lifestyle The only problem with such a lifestyle where you are or less public property of your agent and always in the public eye means that he has had to go back into the closet and bang the door firmly shut the public knowing that he s gay doesn t fit the imag [...]

  17. I started this, then put it aside, but then picked it back up, and really got engaged.It has a thoughtful tone, with MC Owen, depicted as reflective and almost resigned to a hidden life, now his YA novel has made him a public figure I loved the references to the Carnegie Medal, a Lit award I with which I am familiar I know Patrick Ness a gay author has been up for it won a couple of times, so this was familiar territory.Once Magnus appears, Owen s passive stance is tested, and this created the f [...]

  18. I am a huge fan of Kate Aaron and of course when I heard about this book I HAD to get in on it I had the great honor of prereading this story and was blown away It s hugely entertaining, wildly fun, and wickedly hot What can you ask for in a book Kate s versatility as a writer makes all her books feel like a reward for the reader Owen and Magnus are such fabulous characters on their own, when Kate brings them together it s just perfection This is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable book [...]

  19. I wanted to love this book but I couldn t There was something missing Owen s feminine kinks were what the cover promised, but he never touched my heart I know he was hiding his true self but even when he was with his friends he was not a compelling character I so wanted him to capture my imagination He did not Magnus was also a two dimensional character The opening paragraphs held so much promise I was intrigued After such a good start, the story drug only to hurry the ending I did love the unde [...]

  20. I have tried finishing this book than once, and it is just not working for me I don t care for Owen at all, but maybe I will give this book another try again later

  21. Reviewed for From Top to Bottom Reviews.First off I have to say that I really shouldn t judge a book by it s cover And I m really sorry I did that, Ms Aaron I could have read this book a lot sooner had I not decided that this book probably wasn t for me based on the cover Boy would I have missed out Because not only did I like this book, I asbolutely fell in love with Owen and Magnus, with the writing and EVERYTHING There s just something magical about the authors writing that draws you in and d [...]

  22. While there were parts of this set up that I liked, the whole thing had an unfinished and unedited feel to it I felt like the first half meandered, then we found the real plot once Becky showed up There was a lot I liked about the characters, and I particularly liked Magnus s enthusiastic support for Owen s effeminate ways, but it seemed like an abrupt departure for such an understanding character to snap so close to the end of the book The sex was ok, but lacked that special spark for me I can [...]

  23. I loved this so much First, the whip smart humour was fantastic, I heartily chuckled my way through this The engaging dialogue was what tipped it toward five star territory for me The connection between Owen and Magnus was magnetic and very natural I genuinely liked these characters because they were instantly familiar It was lovely to see them grow and change as well And the locale was beautifully described I ve never been to London but the descriptions made me simultaneously want to book a tic [...]

  24. What a sweet fun story with just the right amount of angst Kate s writing is, as always clean and crisp with wonderful relatable characters There s nothing but real in this story, none of the ridiculous everything will work out because we re so in lurve that is unfortunately present in too many books Owen and Magnus have real world problems and real world personality flaws so watching them come together and work them out is all the sweet.You can t go wrong with a Kate Aaron book, pick this one [...]

  25. Fun Characters well defined especially MC Owen I love the fun loving type of stories with a touch of angst and Kate Aaron delivered Very well written and edited beautifully I m not good with reviews but trust that this book is fun, great wit all around great read and I ve read hundreds of books including this genre.

  26. Owen was just darling with his eyeshadow and lacy panties I loved the MCs relationship with his supportive BFF Ryan.Despite the suggestive title and the great cover this wasn t particularly smutty not that I m opposed to smut This was a really sweet story.

  27. Cutesy but pretty bland I m afraid I won t remember this book a year from now, and I would have liked to remember it The humor was good and I liked both MCs Despite showing a lot of potential they just ended up being a bit wishy washy Immemorable.

  28. 3.5 The story was a bit slow moving at times There were a lot of architectural descriptions that weren t really necessary Owen and Magnus were adorable, once they found their stride It was still an enjoyable read.

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