Bunny Dreams

☆ Bunny Dreams ✓ Peter McCarty - Bunny Dreams, Bunny Dreams In bunny dreams anything can happen A bunny might know the ABCs or count by s A bunny might find the perfect carrot A bunny might hop hop hop or even fly But every bunny needs a cozy place to
  • Title: Bunny Dreams
  • Author: Peter McCarty
  • ISBN: 9780805096873
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Bunny Dreams ✓ Peter McCarty, Bunny Dreams, Peter McCarty, Bunny Dreams In bunny dreams anything can happen A bunny might know the ABCs or count by s A bunny might find the perfect carrot A bunny might hop hop hop or even fly But every bunny needs a cozy place to rest This is the perfect bedtime book for bunnies everywhere ☆ Bunny Dreams ✓ Peter McCarty - Bunny Dreams, Bunny Dreams In bunny dreams anything can happen A bunny might know the ABCs or count by s A bunny might find the perfect carrot A bunny might hop hop hop or even fly But every bunny needs a cozy place to
  • ☆ Bunny Dreams ✓ Peter McCarty
    228 Peter McCarty
Bunny Dreams

About Author

  1. I was born in 1966 in Westport, Connecticut right in the middle of two older brothers and two younger sisters We kept our mother busy while my father worked long hours at IBM Most of my childhood was spent in my head I was usually recreating a battle from World War II or running from dinosaurs in prehistoric times To this day, I develop characters and environments based on worlds I first created when I was three I am grateful to my mother who kept us surrounded with art I come from a long line of artists and my grandmother, Grace Boyd, was the best She died before I was born, but her fantastic paintings and drawings were all around us Since my father worked for IBM, we moved often I think being on the move during my formative years has been the reason I tend to create books about returning home By the time I graduated from high school we were living in Boulder, Colorado At the University of Colorado, I began my long career as a professional student I first thought I was going to be an engineer so I took all kinds of science and math classes I enjoyed solving math problems, but I could not see myself working in a lab Along the way, I continued to draw and create worlds as I always have My friends and teachers were very supportive Around the time when I should have been graduating, I decided to start over and go to art school at the School of Visual Arts in New York City I finally graduated from college, in 1992 One of my illustration teachers, William Low introduced me to Laura Godwin, a children s book editor at Henry Holt and Company She gave me my first professional art job to illustrate a little science book, Frozen Man written by David Getz I worked really hard on that book Laura was impressed so I was offered to illustrate a picture book, Night Driving written by John Coy Again I did the best illustrations I knew how, like my life depended on it One drawing of a car going over a bridge made my girlfriend cry She said, Oh, you can draw We were then married in 1995.Night Driving was first published in 1996 and received praise from critics and won some awards Laura Godwin then offered me the best of all offers I could write and illustrate whatever I wanted Little Bunny on the Move came into my mind after months of searching for a story Little Bunny on the Move was published in 1999 and won a Best Illustrated Book of the Year from the New York Times That book established my career and gave me the confidence to continue to write and illustrate the stories from my mind.

One thought on “Bunny Dreams

  1. I loved McCarty s fat little bunnies However, there is no explanation at all for the appearance of the chicken 5 pages into the story.

  2. If I was interested in bunny dreams, this book would quickly cure me of that curiosity This is a shame, since McCarty s illustrations are lovely The concept, however, falls flat as readers follow simple minded bunnies into their underground tunnels and dreamland Why a chicken is suddenly underground with them, I don t know Why they actually multiply from each page spread to another is odd, but I can handle that It s when alliterative acid trips of flying bunnies over a big blue dog, which eerily [...]

  3. The bunnies are cute while dreaming My daughter and I love the bunny names and then how one bunny wakes and remembers he is not Bobby.

  4. I don t care how out there the storyline or illustrations get in McCarty s books I love them You gotta admit, this one is pretty out there.

  5. This is a bed time story A whimsical imagination about bunnies and their dreams The imagination of author is fun, and illustration are lovely too The colors are soft and the hatching of lines looks perfect While it could be a sorry for kids to go to sleep, not sure what is the point that the story trying to deliver Maybe just a sweet ad hoc tale Illustrations and text are a bit off on two of the pages Where s dog was mentioned as a main character on that page, but nowhere can I find a dog, until [...]

  6. Frankly, I m only giving this two stars because some of the illustrations are quite nice The story really does not deserve than one.

  7. The illustrations filled with very plump bunnies are the attraction in this picture book by one of my favorite author illustrators, but the story sort of left me feeling let down It begins by discussing all the things bunnies know such as what to eat and where to hide for safety and rest and then explores the dream life of these animals In their dreams the bunnies can fly and have wings with letters of the alphabet and numbers on their torsos Apparently, bunnies can read and write in their dream [...]

  8. During the day bunnies do normal bunny things like eat vegetables and run from the farmer s dog, but what happens at night Do they dream What do they dream Bunny Dreams supposes what might happen if they do The dreaming bunnies fly and float, know their names, and the alphabet Until they wake up and they are just regular bunnies again.The surreal narrative of the dreaming bunnies mimics the ebb and flow of the actual human dream state giving voice to what young children may not be able to about [...]

  9. LOVED this book Bought it for my 6 month old grandson He LOVES it The size of the book is just right to hold a toddler in your lap and to hold the book on your lap as well The artistry involved to take the illustrations from pages filled with a number of small bunnies, to larger bunny images and then two pages with a close up of a bunny face Well, this is something a small child can appreciate I am astounded some adult reviewers don t get the concept of the chicken appearing within a group of bu [...]

  10. Review originally posted on Children s AtheneumIt appears that bunny dreams are actually rather boring dreams full of non sensicals like unexplained chickens and flying Which wouldn t be too bad, except that the choices felt a bit odd and drug induced This is a shame, because Peter McCarty s illustrations are quite lovely, but they can t carry the story on their own The bunnies are cute, but once they enter the dream realm things are just too bizarre and the story can t decide what it is Concept [...]

  11. Fanciful and brief, this story is told mainly through pictures with very few words Essentially bunnies know the basics that they like vegetables, they need to run away from dogs, and that they live in burrows But when they sleep, bunnies take on a whole new world They dream of pencils, pens, and paper and numbers andickens The bunnies bodies take on the stuff of their dreams When the bunnies wake up, they see the bunny on the moon What is this book about I am really not sure, but I read it to a [...]

  12. This one is a sad miss for me, I m afraid The beginning is all well and good, but when the bunnies go to sleep and one randomly becomes a chicken Or the chicken joins them things get pretty weird pretty quickly McCarty s trying, I think, to capture the stream of consciousness bizarreness of dreaming, and I guess he does a good job It reminds me of when I wake up in the middle of the night after having a Very Important Dream and I try to impress its significance on my equally befuddled husband It [...]

  13. Peter McCarty is an excellent artist think Hondo and Fabian and his dream bunnies are no exception This book works for the first part, where the chunky, adorable bunnies go about doing bunny things eventually settling into a burrow for a rest after some exhausting hopping But it gets lost when entering bunny dream territory and tries to be an concept book, a fantasy adventure, and I m not sure what all else It doesn t work The pictures are lovely and imaginative, soft and round, but the story ne [...]

  14. Beautiful illustrations of Bunnies named Bobby and Bridget, and bunnies named Billy, Ben, and Beth, not to mention a Big Bunny dog Blue one , a Bunny chicken I love the illustrations down to the beady bunny eyes in McCarthy s books, but I am a little bunnied out I liked it until about halfway through when the bunnies had names and weren t who they said they were you have to read it and then, just when all the alliteration seemed to finally cease in this intended for bedtime hop fest, the moon w [...]

  15. You know, McCarty has written plenty of amazing picture books that I know he knows what he s doing, and as strange as this one is, I think it s deliberate I don t know that I m able to figure it out myself, because it s kind of fever dreamish, but I appreciate how unusual it is and always love McCarty s art I also suspect it s strange enough to be absolutely delightful to the children who it will be read to Too bad I don t have any nearby to try it out on.

  16. The purpose of this picture book is unclear to me Though it contains both letters and numbers, it s not an alphabet book or a counting book Possibly it s trying to be a bedtime book, but the illustrations are too busy for that.Why are all the animals so rotund What s up with the chicken who appears out of nowhere And why would you include an old fashioned corded telephone in a book for children who are too young to know what that even is

  17. I picked up this book because of the darling cover art Sadly, the story didn t live up to the first appeal At the beginning McCarty describes what might possibly be a day in the life of a bunny But after the bunnies go to sleep, their dreams , rather than cute and whimsical, are, well, just plain strange Despite the let down on the story, there is something soothing about the illustrations, so young children might enjoy looking at the pages.

  18. The first half of the book is greatbut when the bunnies start dreaming it gets a little weird I started wondering if someone took an acid trip in the middle of it Not exactly something I d want to think when I m finding books to read aloud to the under 5 set However, I might read the first half aloud to toddlersd just stop when the bunnies go to sleep.

  19. Another delicately illustrated children s tale by Peter McCarty Although this does not compare to my favorite title by him Henry in Love parents and children s will still enjoy reading this imaginative bedtime tale What do bunnies dream and see at night Is it the same as us Readers will enjoy exploring bunny dreams and their own world to find out.

  20. Quirky and sweet What do bunnies know They know which vegetables to eat, though they don t know their names But what do bunnies dream about Flying with butterflies and bees and learning to write their names I love the charming illustrations and kind of silly idea of what bunnies dream about Perfect bedtime reading for the preschool set.

  21. The illustrations are incredibly detailed, and also incredibly trippy I could not really figure out what was happening, and why some bunnies had letters on their wings, or why there was a chicken on every page, but I liked that everything was not spelled out for me and that it was a little bizarre Will this be everyone s cup of tea No Was it mine Yeah.

  22. This is a weird one, but maybe it s weirdness actually captures the strangeness of dreams I d have to read it to kids to see if they d get it but I don t think I would do it with a group Too bad my kids aren t still little so I could use them as guinea pigs There is a small aspect of write in this book, but not enough for me to nominate it for a clel bell.

  23. Not much in the way of narrative flow, but the whimsical and pudgy little bunny illustrations work for me Young readers might enjoy the connection to school life during the bunny dream Don t miss the endpages and case artwork.

  24. No It is real It is the moon And all the bunnies will stop their dreaming and hop outside to see the bunny on the moon Can you see it, too Well I can see the bunnies and their play and am told what they know, but do I really like or understand the book Not really.

  25. Adorable yet slightly off kilter I like the random chicken that appears without explanation and also the bunny who may or may not be named Bobby Loved it, but trying to decide if this might be slightly too weird to read in toddler storytime.

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