Is This What I Want?

Free Download Is This What I Want? - by Patricia Mann - Is This What I Want?, Is This What I Want Four difficult months have passed since Beth s husband Rick discovered her affair with a former student The couple has worked hard in therapy to salvage their marriage and understand their roles in ev
  • Title: Is This What I Want?
  • Author: Patricia Mann
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  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Is This What I Want? - by Patricia Mann, Is This What I Want?, Patricia Mann, Is This What I Want Four difficult months have passed since Beth s husband Rick discovered her affair with a former student The couple has worked hard in therapy to salvage their marriage and understand their roles in everything that happened Things are looking up until Dave reappears awakening Beth s fantasies of what could have been had she taken their affair to the next level Now thatFour dif Free Download Is This What I Want? - by Patricia Mann - Is This What I Want?, Is This What I Want Four difficult months have passed since Beth s husband Rick discovered her affair with a former student The couple has worked hard in therapy to salvage their marriage and understand their roles in ev
  • Free Download Is This What I Want? - by Patricia Mann
    250Patricia Mann
Is This What I Want?

About Author

  1. Patricia Mann is a university professor She lives in California with her husband, their two kids, and a sweet, silly old dog.

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  1. 4.5 Stars Is this what I want is the sequel of Is This All There Is.You can read it as a standalone but I seriously recommend to read both books because they give you a better understanding of the story, but the choice it s up to you, of course.After Rick discovered her wife s affair with a former student, Rick and Beth are trying to save their marriage They see a therapist and they try to spend time together But there are some bigger problems in their relationship that need to be resolved.Is t [...]

  2. Quick review Cover Nice Rating NC 17Steaminess Steamy Thumbs Up 4.5Overall Loved itCharacters Well DonePlot Finding where your heat isPage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend RickSUMMARY 50 words or less My goodness what a sequel to the first book I m torn which one was better I loved them both and this book had me reading until the wee hours of the morning because I couldn t put it down For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at mybookboyfriend 2014 1

  3. Truthfully, this installment is hard for me to read than book 1 because the female MC shattered all my hopes and stomp down all the benefit of doubt Ive given her And I cant believe the male MC is the biggest and greatest idiot on the planet I don t know if the female MC did learned a lesson in her life She s forever a whore and slut for me harsh I dont care Being in her head in this story doesnt makes sense to me because and in every page she got worse, worse than I can think And also being [...]

  4. author giving away FREE copies contact her PatriciaMann14 gmail this book was given to me by the author for an honest review In the book Is This All There Is you felt that the marriage that Beth and Rick had was about to fall into tinny little pieces but Rick has stepped up and wants to work things out with Beth Beth is like a typical woman Overworked and feels overused I think we all go through a time in our lives where we want that spark and fireworks we witnessed when things first start off w [...]

  5. A follow up to is this all there is by the same author Another rambling story about an unimaginative, helpless young mother with no sense of humour There was no way to feel any empathy for Beth in every aspect of her life she is such a whiny doormat I couldn t even finish the book even in her therapy sessions all Beth thinks about is how she looks, how she feels, what she wants Self absorbed protagonists are usually pretty boring, and Beth is that Rick Dave, Jill They re all just flat caricature [...]

  6. 3.75 Enjoyable continuation and a bit predictable Writing style was on point Relatable throughout w the MCs A Good read and nicely put together conclusion

  7. Cheating in romance has never bothered me but this book is just stupid Spoiler The h needs to sleep with the om in order to find out that she wants to be with the husband, and the husband is happy to take her back cos the sex was not that good How s that for a romance

  8. Patricia Mann Is This All There Is 2 Is This What I WantARC is kindly provided by the Author Publisher via GoodReads in exchange of an honest review Thank you for the chance to review the book I want to satisfy you so that you re not tempted again Enjoyment quantity 7 starsLiterature quality 5 stars if you don t like the way I kiss, maybe you should arrange for Dave to give me a lesson But these were the things parents did that their kids were never to know or think about The things parents were [...]

  9. 4 stars ABOUT THE BOOK Release Date October 17, 2014Four difficult months have passed since Beth s husband Rick discovered her affair with a former student The couple has worked hard in therapy to salvage their marriage and understand their roles in everything that happened Things are looking up until Dave reappears, awakening Beth s fantasies of what could have been had she taken their affair to the next level Now that she is faced with another opportunity, Beth battles an even impossible dile [...]

  10. After reading the honest telling of a woman s decision to step outside her marriage, I was eager to see what was in store for Beth Thomas in the sequel We often hear stories about infidelity, however, rarely are we offered the offender s point of view, especially when the offender is someone many would consider a good, decent person As with most bad decisions in life, there s not always a simple motive to blame, and Patricia Mann expertly addresses this truth Beth is a woman who falls victim to [...]

  11. This book was beautifully written and very difficult to put down, so for me than the first book even While I found Beth s desires and choices understandable, relatable, and sympathetic in the first book, there were times during this one when I didn t like her at all She was always focused on what she didn t have and never satisfied with what she DID have until she didn t have it any and then suddenly she wanted it She was very immature, but yet I had to know what happened and I consistently hop [...]

  12. This book takes this story to a whole new level, I loved the first book and could really empathise with Beth Whereas in this book I was all for Rick, the decisions he made had to be done but were heartbreaking for all concerned When they set out on their anniversary break I had high hopes and was impressed with their mile high antics Then it all started going so wrong I went with the story and embraced each and every twist and turn it delivered The part that was inevitable was a HUGE disappointm [...]

  13. A copy of the ePub was provided in exchange for an honest review from the group Read It Reap.Does Beth even know what she wants The sequel to Is This All There Is does not disappoint as Beth s journey continues This novel explores the possibilities and pressures of life after an affair Secrets are revealed that give insight into Beth s life choices The author cleverly writes from Beth s and her husband s point of view His voice is equally as important his feelings and observations give a unique [...]

  14. I received this book in exchange for a review I haven t read the first book.Beth and Rick have been seeing a counselor trying to save their marriage after Beth had an affair Beth can t seem to stop thinking about Dave Then she finds out he is taking her class at college Rick and Beth both have issues they need to work out Will their relationship survive all the problems.I enjoyed the book but parts of it were upsetting I don t think I could get past my spouse having an affair When Beth finds out [...]

  15. Well after getting through the second book it does get better Seeing The characters actually work through everything and see truly the grass is not greener on the other side Taking the time apart help clarify the for Rick and as well for Beth Over all it was good and you could feel the realness of the situation they were facing

  16. A great cautionary tale I enjoyed living vicariously through Beth s bad choices Many women are bored in their marriage and might be tempted to stray, but this story teaches important lessons about the damage it can cause You ll relate to Beth and also be glad you re not her

  17. I was given this book for an honest review 4 starts i liked this story sooooo much better there were some parts that gutted me d the hot scenes were HOT Thank you for the opportunity to read your story

  18. I wasn t sure how good this would be after I enjoyed the first one so much, but I loved this just as much Will definitely read by this author in the future.

  19. I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for a review in fact, the author was kind enough to also include a copy of the first book in the series so this review actually covers both books.From time to time I find myself completely engrossed in reading a book in which I find I really don t like one or both of the primary characters but the book is so well written that I can t put it down This is a great example of that I read the two books in two daysaying up much later than I should ha [...]

  20. Arc, provided by Ms Mann for an honest review and honestly I was captured by her first book and the continuation was even better Is This What I Want , for Beth and Rick, this is the next question after Beth s betrayal they have spent the last four months in couples therapy working on their marriage They have been doing well getting back to a couple who communicates, a couple who enjoy spending time with one another Their marriage is finally getting back on track, even in the face of the very cha [...]

  21. Check out my blog to see Reviews of Books and Movies as well as Recipes and DIY projectsIs This What I Want Was written by Patricia Mann and is the sequel to Is This All There Is Is This What I Want takes place 4 months after the end of Is This All There Is and Beth is still in a self discovery process While the first book was of a PG 13 rated, I would definitely classify the sequel as saucier In self discovery Beth certainly is exploring many different parts of herself Beth s married and perso [...]

  22. I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a squeal to is this all there is Honestly, you should read that book before you read this one, because it starts where it lefts off.Beth is working with Rick her husband to fix their marriage Beth had cheated on Rick with one of her students All though, they did not sleep together they did almost everything else It has been over 4 months and she has not seen him She did everything she can to avoid Dave Rick and Beth are goin [...]

  23. My 5 star reviewAfter cutting all contact with Dave, Beth and Rick are working through their problems at home and through therapy Summer has past and it s time for Beth to start back teaching in the fall What will happen if she runs into Dave How will it be handled What Beth isn t prepared for is to see him so soon and as a student in her class Familiar feelings return and Beth must make a decisionntinue to be honest with Rick and save her marriage or get caught up in Dave again But that may not [...]

  24. This is book two of a series so this review will definitely be a spoiler if you have not read book one, Is This All There Is As you read in the synopsis, Beth and Rick are working things out, and then BAM, Dave ends up in Beth s class Beth is honest to Rick about it though, but it obviously doesn t help their marriage But just like the title suggests, Beth really still doesn t know what she wants.You know if you ve read the first book, right before Beth was about to sleep with Dave, Rick called [...]

  25. I see the beauty of our human imperfection, the necessity of it, in fact 148 It s been a while since Beth cheated on her husband with a college student Oh, if we can turn back the hands of time, right Now both she and Rick are in therapy, trying to heal and mend the broken pieces of their relationship Can they possibly rebuild their marriage Poor Beth will always be paying for her mistake Well, she played with fire and got burned Of course, Dave, the guy she cheated with, would return as an enro [...]

  26. The author mailed me the ebook version in exchange for an honest review4.5 starsThis was such a good continuation of the story I even liked it a bit than the first book I liked the character development, in this book each character opened up in an unexpected way especially Jill that was a real surprise I liked how the author did not just focus on main characters, but also provided details of other people s stories involved in their lives The Dave related twist was a bit predictable, but still r [...]

  27. This book tells the story of a couple struggling to mend their fractured marriage Will a commitment to therapy and honesty hold them together After reading the first book in which she betrays her marriage vows, I was keen to find out what happens to Beth and her husband Rick in this sequel Beth is still dissatisfied, and although she knows what she should do, she finds it hard to do the right thing I have to say that I felt sympathy for Beth in the first book than I do in this one Her thoughts [...]

  28. What can I say about this book First off let me start by saying I loved book one and had high expectations for the second book, however I was disappointed.I was disappointed in Beth and the choices she made and the person she became in this story I was disappointed in Rick and his secret that he held on to for so many years I was completely disappointed in both as a couple and the shit they pulled in Vegas.Some of the issues that were presented in this story were very hard to read and deserved [...]

  29. A love so strong I was very excited to read the sequel and continue on Beth s journey with her There were again moments that I related to Beth in situations she found herself in This time I admit I was angrier with Beth at moments but only because I fell for Rick even in this book Getting to see his side, hear him and feel his sadness and love for Beth made me want nothing than the happily ever after I appreciate Patricia Mann s writing because it is real Many times I would stop and say I have [...]

  30. This book was difficult to read than the first part No one wants to have to deal with these issues in reality Beth is struggling with problems in her marriage that may very well be due to a lack of proper communication She and her husband seem to be trying to work through the problem of Beth s infidelity, but lo and behold Rick is a victim he was assaulted by a female co worker, whom he assaulted in return because he felt responsible, then his wife cheated on him I almost threw up at his admiss [...]

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