Twice in a Blue Moon

Twice in a Blue Moon Best Download || [Cate Masters] - Twice in a Blue Moon, Twice in a Blue Moon Can true love strike twice After the death of her first love Melanie Michaels buries her grief in the risky demands of a reality show where her extreme stunts leave her teetering on the edge danger
  • Title: Twice in a Blue Moon
  • Author: Cate Masters
  • ISBN: 9781616506469
  • Page: 348
  • Format: ebook

Twice in a Blue Moon Best Download || [Cate Masters], Twice in a Blue Moon, Cate Masters, Twice in a Blue Moon Can true love strike twice After the death of her first love Melanie Michaels buries her grief in the risky demands of a reality show where her extreme stunts leave her teetering on the edge danger That s exactly where she wants to be until she arranges for her crew to traverse the Swedish Lapland in the dead of winter It s the one place she shouldn t go on the one daCan tr Twice in a Blue Moon Best Download || [Cate Masters] - Twice in a Blue Moon, Twice in a Blue Moon Can true love strike twice After the death of her first love Melanie Michaels buries her grief in the risky demands of a reality show where her extreme stunts leave her teetering on the edge danger
  • Twice in a Blue Moon Best Download || [Cate Masters]
    348 Cate Masters
Twice in a Blue Moon

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  1. Award winning author Cate Masters loves stories of any genre Multi published in contemporary to historical, fantasy dark fantasy to paranormal, she sometimes mashes genres Look for her at catemasters and in strange nooks and far flung corners of the web Writing mainstream and speculative as C.A Masterson, visit her at paintingfirewithwords.Cate loves to hear from readers Email her at catesters gmail

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  1. The setting in Twice in a Blue Moon really got me I soooo want to go see the Ice Hotel and the Northern Lights now The whole arctic wilderness was a fantastic setting for this romance Both characters love the wilderness but for different reasons They thrive under very physical conditions, and I think I was expecting to see just a little stunts from this It seemed like I wanted a little wilderness adventure style to this sometimes.There was a very slight paranormal aspect to the romance as Mela [...]

  2. This book really touched me I wasn t sure where this story was going but it was a grand trip I liked how Cate took the story line She developed her people into real folks but I never did quite get Hayden Melanie got my heart She developed a reality show to get her close to her late love of her life, Pete Now she runs into Buck in Sweden He works for Nature Guide Tour Business and the sparks fly between them This was a good book It was different from most of my review books Please try this one En [...]

  3. My rating for this book is 3 1 2 out of 5 This was a nice, feelgood story about living life on the edge in order to find yourself.After losing her first love, Melanie becomesan adventurer, risk taker She ends up goingto a beautiful snow covered location in theSwedish Lapland that is describedperfectly in this book I would love to see theNorthern Lights someday and this book made mefeel like I was there already The characters aremostly enjoyable and the story was sweet.My full review will be post [...]

  4. My Star Rating for Twice in A Blue Moon is 3 1 2 out of 5 stars.My Blogging Reader s Review after reading an ARC Copy of TWICE IN A BLUE MOON via BooksMoviesFandoms.wordpress I just finished reading a copy of Twice In A Blue Moon by Cate Masters The setting and description of the scenery mentioned within the story make you feel like you are there, seeing everything from the beautiful snow covered ground to the mesmerizing glow of the Northern Lights in the night sky The story is written in the t [...]

  5. ARC provided via NetGalley for an honest review I can describe this book in in one word cute No, it wasn t one of those books that will leave an everlasting impression on me for the rest of my life but it was pleasurable to read just the same Plus, the fact that it takes place in a very wintery part of the world goes along with the Christmas mood and it s a fitting book to read for this time of the year.To begin with, the writing was good and flowed smoothly in addition to very well structured s [...]

  6. Twice in a Blue Moon is a book that I wasn t sure about when I requested it It sounded interesting, but the cover could have used a little work and there were no real reviews on when I requested it So I took a chance I was looking for something contemporary to review and didn t have too many review books in that genre at the time Of course as these things go, I got approved for several contemporary books in a row right after requesting this one Whoops But seriously, can anyone have too much cont [...]

  7. I received this book free from Net Galley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I chose this book to review because it I had never heard of the author before and because this is not my usual type of book Because of that, it took me longer to finally start reading this book However, once I did, I was definitely not sorry.This is a very quick book to read mostly because the story grabbed my attention from the beginning and didn t let up until the end Melanie Michaels copes with the gr [...]

  8. Can true love strike twice When Melanie Michaels first love died, she buried herself in grief doing risky stunts on a reality show She wanted to live on the edge of danger, knowing it was a matter of time before her luck ran out She arranged for her crew to go to the Swedish Lapland in the winter because it would have been her wedding anniversary However, she didn t experience romantic nights with her husband, but with tour guide Joe Buck Wright who was a loner and only loved his sled dogs Joe i [...]

  9. Melanie Michaels has lost the love of her life, Pete Buck Wright has lost the love of his life, Poppy Both are lost in the state of heartbrokenness Melanie has run away from her pain by becoming the host of a reality TV show that shows her being a dare devil in every out of the way place in the world Buck has run away from his pain by moving to Sweden to the frozen tundra to be a sled dog guide and live where there are few people.What happens next is that the Reality TV show decides to come to S [...]

  10. A wonderful tale of two damaged souls coming together for a second chance at love Melanie Michaels lost her fianc three years ago Now the star of a reality TV show called No Boundaries, she assuages her grief by performing dangerous stunts as a matter of routine Filming the latest segment leads her and her film crew to Lapland, where she encounters wilderness guide, Buck Wright Buck hasn t had any type of relationship except one night stands since a past girlfriend cheated on him and broke his h [...]

  11. It isn t easy for a story to live up to the kind of scenery you ll find in this book I mean, the aurora borealis, people and an ice palace hotel But somehow, this story manages to hold its own quite nicely.Yes, the setting is absolutely spectacular, and the author does an outstanding job capturing it in the pages of this book, but the, um, hero is pretty darned spectacular himself I mean, Buck s a real hunk Rugged, outdoorsy, handsome, and oh so sensitive and kind to animals Oh, and he s also nu [...]

  12. Melanie Michaels, a reality TV show star, and her tour guide, Buck Wright, are thrown together for a few days during the filming of her show in the Arctic She s devastated by the death of her fianc , while he s trying to get over his unfaithful ex girlfriend The attraction between them is immediate, but they are both too sensible to jump into bed Both protagonists are very likable So when they do finally get together, you can t help but root for them The depiction of Sweden, Lapland, and the Nor [...]

  13. I enjoyed this lively tale of a reality show presenter and her cynical crew, in Swedish Lapland The presenter has her own personal reasons for wanting to come here and stay in the ice hotel On the way she has to ride in a light plane, a sleigh, husky sled and snowmobile.A romance develops with the Arctic tour guide, an American too, but it seems destined to go nowhere The spell of the Northern Lights is not so easily broken however I liked that we meet a family of native Sami people and see some [...]

  14. This was an enjoyable winter read My favorite part of the book was the setting I loved the description of Sweden and their nightly light show Both characters were trying to move on and better themselves for different reasons I enjoyed reading about their interactions with the sled dogs again how fun I felt like something was missing in terms of the romance, we knew things would work out but it just seemed to be Maybe an epilogue would help The characters were well described and you felt like you [...]

  15. Well this was a little different for me Twice in a Blue Moon is a book about how two people who s loved ones left them for different reasons and they both turned to running as an escape For Melanie she has been trying to kill herself with the show No Boundaries Doing insane stunts and other dangerous things to feel closer to the love of her life that she lost For Buck he s moved across the world to an ICE land that he wants to build a new life when his relationship fell apart When they meet the [...]

  16. I loved the artic setting, and I like the characters for the most part, but I did hope their personalities would have been a bit developed, but I know with a short story, that s hard to do I enjoyed the premise of the main character needing to find a way to deal with her loss, rather than the destructive path she is currently on she needs to find herself again I mainly went with 3 stars because I wanted a lot from the ending I did enjoy the book though, and the story kept me reading and entert [...]

  17. Twice in a Blue Moon was a satisfying and enjoyable read The cover alone is very tempting This story was very well written and the characters were well developed Speaking of the characters Melanie and Buck, made for interesting reads They both have baggage and once you get to know them, you will adore them This is a good romantic read for those winter nights No explicit sex in this book, which I thought was refreshing It didn t need it, for me to feel a connection between the characters Overall [...]

  18. I really liked this book It had a unique setting and a hero with a lot of baggage The heroine has been nearly killing herself to find a new reason to live and this artic excursion just might do it for her My only complaint would be that, after tons of sexual tension from the second the hero and heroine meet, the inevitable first love scene was glossed over I thought someone deleted pages from my ereader Still, a satisfying read.

  19. I think the frosty climate may have frozen all the a in this story It was slow and stodgy despite the adventurous jobs and exotic locale The main characters, while likable, were on the dull side I don t understand how any love connection could have taken place honestly the sled dogs seemed interesting Can you find love twice in a blue moon Sure but I only discovered a mutual attraction that failed to light any fires.

  20. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion I apologize for the delay in reading this book and posting a review This was a great romance, one that left you in believing in second chances I would recommend this book and other work by this author to any reader who wants to be sucked into a book, feel the emotions and walk away with a smile.

  21. If you want a good, light easy read something that s appropriate for those snowy days of winter, this would be a perfect book Also, if you tend to like the conservative romance books this would definitely be right up your alley, as it did not have any graphic sex scenes or graphic language.Overall a good story and fun read.

  22. A cute story Perfect for fans who like their romance on the very tame side I would even let my younger teen nieces read it The descriptions of Sweden enhanced the story tremendously and seemed authentic Provided by publisher

  23. This book is so frustrating to me I feel I have to give it 4 stars because I read it in a day It was absolutely compelling enough to keep me turning the pages Yet there was something about the writing that drove me crazy I read an ARC, so I am well aware there may be editing before the actual publication date But it wasn t really those kind of mistakes that were bothering me It had to do with flow.How can I criticize the flow when I read it one day Well, sometimes the flow was great Then somet [...]

  24. Do you believe in true love Yeah, great Now, do you believe it can come by twice By the synopsis alone, this book is fabulous Here s what I thought about Melanie and Buck.Many of us cynics don t always believe in a second chance in true love Melanie sure didn t, and she held on to Pete, he lost true love until pretty much the very end of the book.Melanie is an extreme sports daredevil, trying to numb the pain of losing Pete three years prior to when the story takes place Arriving in Lapland with [...]

  25. Thanks to NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Pleasant, nice, all just OK words to describe this book, except for the setting, which I loved We meet Melanie, the star of No Boundaries, an extreme sport activity type of show that she has starred in for 3 years She threw herself into the show when she lost the love of her life and needed something intense to fill the empty space in her life Now she s visiting Sweden to do an episode, but it really turns out [...]

  26. I received an ARC from Lyrical Press through NetGalley for an honest review Expected publication date 1 19 15 I was looking for a sweet yet emotional read and I figured this one would fit the bill Two wounded people coming to terms with their pasts and finding healing in an exotic setting and with each other It sounded perfect, but in the end it fell flat for me Melanie and Buck were likeable enough characters, but they weren t ones that really spoke to me in a good or bad way I felt empathy for [...]

  27. A wonderful story that shows the struggle of a woman who is trying to hold on to the love she lost by tragedy until she discovers new love she wasn t expecting It s a pleasant story focusing on the two main characters as they struggle with changes they were not looking for I would read stories from this author.Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from Netgalley as part of their Book Review Blogger program I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have e [...]

  28. Received an ARC for honest reviewI thought I would love this story because I love animals and with it surrounding mushing I thought that is an added bonus The story was ok, if you are in the mood for a romance then you may enjoy it However Hayden got on my nerves and ruined some of the book for me by the end I really wanted to strangle him and could not believe that Melanie did not do something about it but repeatedly yell at him At first I thought it was going to be about a jealous thing but af [...]

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