Blood and Shattered Glass

Free Download Blood and Shattered Glass - by Tyffani Clark Kemp - Blood and Shattered Glass, Blood and Shattered Glass Four months ago a traumatic accident put Trista in the psych ward They were supposed to help her deal with the events that transpired but something happened to her in there Something changed her and
  • Title: Blood and Shattered Glass
  • Author: Tyffani Clark Kemp
  • ISBN: 9781505410914
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Blood and Shattered Glass - by Tyffani Clark Kemp, Blood and Shattered Glass, Tyffani Clark Kemp, Blood and Shattered Glass Four months ago a traumatic accident put Trista in the psych ward They were supposed to help her deal with the events that transpired but something happened to her in there Something changed her and Jeremi Lloyd can t figure out what it is As her guardian it s Jeremi s job to make sure Trista is taken care of During the day Trista is happy and content with the bestFou Free Download Blood and Shattered Glass - by Tyffani Clark Kemp - Blood and Shattered Glass, Blood and Shattered Glass Four months ago a traumatic accident put Trista in the psych ward They were supposed to help her deal with the events that transpired but something happened to her in there Something changed her and

  • Free Download Blood and Shattered Glass - by Tyffani Clark Kemp
    172 Tyffani Clark Kemp
Blood and Shattered Glass

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  1. I am Tyffani Clark Kemp, multi genre author and owner of SideStreet Cookie Publishing and its PNR imprint Moon Rose Books Follow her on instagram tyffanickemp14, twitter tyffanickemp, and facebook authorclarkkemp

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  1. STARS 5POV ThirdSERIES YesCLIFFHANGER NoSometimes when reading a book, you think you know how things are going to end up Sometimes you are right and others you are way off With this book, I made many guesses and predictions Certain points in the book I had to second guess my initial thoughts At other points, I had confused myself with trying to guess where the story was going To sum up, this book kept me on my toes and kept throwing me for loops It was an amazing adventure filled to the brim wit [...]

  2. I received an ARC for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl With that synopsis and that cover, I knew I had to dig into Blood and Shattered Glass and find out for myself what the mystery was all about It seemed too twisted and fun to pass up, plus I love Tyffani Clark Kemp s writing I ve read the first two books of her LeKrista Scott, Vampire Hunted series, and I love it when authors branch out into other genres.I m going to have to be really vague with this review because too much can b [...]

  3. Blood and Shattered Glass is a bit different than anything I have read by Tyffani Clark Kemp before It s full of sorrow, pain, mystery, and psychopaths just to name a few things The book started out a little slow and slightly confusing, but I m pretty sure that was the point As the story develops, we learn that Trista has been in an accident, and it may have caused some side effects Jeremi, her trusty and faithful brother in law is always by her side and there to take care of her though We find [...]

  4. REVIEW This spine tingling romance had my head reeling long after I finished it The best way to describe it is trippy Trista is troubled reoccurring nightmares and a boyfriend that no one else can see The flashbacks are and frequent and this situation requires medical intervention Jeremi is Trista s brother in law and he s in love with her He has meaningless sex with others as a way of coping to protect his heart while his love, loves another There are quite a few characters within this story [...]

  5. I was extremely intrigued by this book but I will admit that it started off a little slow, and I was a little confused by certain aspects of the story in the beginning Although, I think that was kind of the aim Not necessarily to confuse the reader, but to keep them guessing, and just when I thought I had a grasp on who was what to whom in this story, Kemp added another twist that totally derailed my thoughts I did enjoy the anticipation and suspense that grew as the story developed and once I r [...]

  6. Interesting premise for a book but it was clear the plot was lacking Many parts were unbelievable, didn t fit, or didn t make sense I finished the book feeling confused and wishing that some of the ending scenes were fleshed out successfully.

  7. Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics Rating 4.1 Zarah s Review I received this title courtesy of Sweet and Sassy Book Aholics for an honest reviewThis book is not my usual type of read but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.Trista is quite obviously a little different and we meet her as she is recovering from the recent trauma of a car accident as she is racing home to her Fianc , Demion, she is again involved in another accident In comes her Brother in Law, Jeremi to the rescue Things seem to [...]

  8. Favorite Quotes Trista was passed out across the bed Her wet curls hung over her forehead in a tangle that he knew she would hate when she woke up She was wrapped in nothing but a towel that barely covered the important parts and one round ass cheek peeked out from beneath the pink terry cloth Jeremi took a step toward her, his every intention to stroke her smooth backside until she woke up He could already feel her skin beneath his fingers You re fine, Princess, he promised Why don t you get dr [...]

  9. This review is a bit tricky to write.Short version storyline is a 5 star read, but it s presented in an unprofessional manner due to subpar editing Spilt the difference to 3 3.5 stars.Long version Character development is brilliant Truly brilliant, and I felt there was good continuity in regards to who the characters are as people and how they relate to everything everyone Really great characters that you ll love to hate or find yourself rooting for and feeling for.Romance aspect I could absolut [...]

  10. 3.5 Stars Blood and Shattered Glass is a fast paced romantic suspense novel with clever plot twists and very likeable, relatable characters It will keep you guessing from beginning to end There is a pervasive undercurrent of darkness that builds as Jeremi, Trista, and Kandace, a nurse at the hospital, uncover a deadly plot involving medical mind control, and fall victim to its terrifying consequences It is a genuine page turner from start to finish.That being said, you have to suspend disbelief, [...]

  11. 3.5 Stars This is by far one of the weirdest, craziest books I ve ever read Trista Lloyd was in a terrible car accident 4 months ago, she was so traumatized she had to be placed in a psych ward The doctors there were supposed to be helping her overcome her ordeal, didn t What happened in that hospital changed Trista and Jeremi Lloyd her guardian knows some of what transpired but not all of it Trista s fianc Demion is Jeremi s brother, so Jeremi is fiercely loyal and protective of her While Trist [...]

  12. Blood and Shattered Glass was my first emotional rollercoaster of the year I absolutely loved the story line It kept you interested and captivated You just had to keep reading because you wanted to know what was going on and why.My heart was in a thousand pieces for Trista I just knew from the beginning something horrible had happened to her and she was doing her best to fight through the pain Her brain and heart had a lot of healing to do and she did everything she could to heal them both I was [...]

  13. Trista is a very troubled women who is deeply in love with her fianc Damien He is her everything and she is not herself without him I mean if she could she would eat, sleep, and drink him up The thing about her that is odd so to speak is the fact that he is only with her in their home and in her dreams, or shall I say nightmares Jeremi is Damien s brother and he is the one that is taking care of Trista but he may or may not have special feelings for her Now you all know me and my book boyfriends [...]

  14. First of all I would like to state that this author, Tiffani Clark Kemp is a magnificent writer I am totally enthusiastic about her writing I enjoy her work and as you can tell how much I am raving on her, that I am definitely going to give her an awesome review for the novel Blood and Shattered Glass This novel is a work of fiction with a medical suspense romantic genre I love the fact that Kemp keeps her readers so in tune with her writing that you are sitting on the edge of your seat This is [...]

  15. If you want a book that is going to take your mind and make you feel like you are the crazy person, you have found it I was very impressed with the story plot and twist and turns in this book Just when you think you have figured out what is going on you are thrown for a loop So many times I was questioning myself is this really happening, is this going to turn out this way so on and so on This is an edge of your seat suspense that keeps you craving and wanting .Trista is just amazing what she is [...]

  16. 5 stars I m not usually into thrillers, or anything psychological But loved this I have to say it was very different, original and new, refreshing It was even disturbing But must say disturbingly good It made you think twice about doctors, clinics, heck anything In the beginning of the story the character Trista was very different Which you can tell right away We first meet her due to her recovering from a trauma caused by a car accident she was in And of course she gets herself into a second on [...]

  17. Wow In a nutshell, this book is disturbing, intense, creepy and downright scary.The main character is Trista who is involved in some frightful accidents and it s her Brother in Law Jeremi who enters the scene to help her out in her fragile state but not all is what it seems and people aren t who you expect them to be.There are many twists and turns that just when you think you have it all figured it out, another shocker is thrown your way You do need to be on your ball game with this book to be [...]

  18. 3.5 Stars3.5 StarsBlood and Shattered Glass It s been ages since I ve read book this kind of storyline and I gave it almost 4 stars because it left me a lot of questions about what happened.The story is creepy in way that if there are doctors out there who practices those kind of hideous stuff I may never go to a clinic It is disturbing and gut wrenching in a different level.I cried for Trista, what she s been through, there s no way any human being deserves to be treated like that.I am looking [...]

  19. OMG I really love this book It was a little crazy but the character development and execution were utterly amazing I love the way it is tied into the next book in this series Tyffani Clark Kemp is a very visual writer and I love the way she displays that through her books This is a must read Especially for those that love thrillers or suspense It s got all that and .

  20. I was definitely intrigued by this book It started off a little slow, and I was a little confused during the beginning of the story I did enjoy the anticipation and suspense as the story moved along Lots of twists and turns to definitely keep you involved.

  21. 4 Crazy Stars Wow This was a great, although quite disturbing, read Kinda makes you think twice about doctors Is there going to be a follow up to this I m left with so many questions that I just can t get past I feel like the book is incomplete I need to know

  22. Great story that will surprise you I recommend this to anyone who has ever been faced with losing a loved one or misses one.

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