Real Love

Real Love Best Read || [Greg Baer] - Real Love, Real Love With Real Love nothing else matters without it nothing else is enough Why do most people spend their whole lives searching for loving and happy relationships but rarely find them What is the secret
  • Title: Real Love
  • Author: Greg Baer
  • ISBN: 9781592400478
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback

Real Love Best Read || [Greg Baer], Real Love, Greg Baer, Real Love With Real Love nothing else matters without it nothing else is enough Why do most people spend their whole lives searching for loving and happy relationships but rarely find them What is the secret something that all relationships need in order to thrive Dr Greg Baer found the answers to these questions while working with hundreds of individuals and couples In ReaWith Real Love nothin Real Love Best Read || [Greg Baer] - Real Love, Real Love With Real Love nothing else matters without it nothing else is enough Why do most people spend their whole lives searching for loving and happy relationships but rarely find them What is the secret

  • Real Love Best Read || [Greg Baer]
    260 Greg Baer
Real Love

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  1. Greg Baer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Real Love book, this is one of the most wanted Greg Baer author readers around the world.

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  1. This book has some very good concepts It says you need to find Real Love Unconditional Love But I believe that Real Love is already there for all of us, just waiting to be grabbed and it is offered through Jesus Christ.It tells you to step out in faith and tell the truth about yourself to people, Wise Men, it calls them and while a lot will reject you, some won t and will love you While I agree with this, FIRST I believe that we must seek Jesus for our love, allow him to shower us in it His love [...]

  2. I love this book it is written in a way that really hit home for me I think that this book along with Eckart Tolle s A New Earth is the answer to a happy life It shows me how to stop playing a victim and learn to find unconditional love in my life, and to give it in return It s an excellent companion to my twelve step work.

  3. I have read a lot of self help books lately and the most frustrating thing I ve realized through all of them is the writers believe they have the ONE answer to solve all the worlds problems so half of the book is them trying to sell you on an idea But we are all so different and have such different life experiences and are all so unique that I just cant believe there is only one way to fix everyone This book became insanely repetitive Each example story was the same as the last except for the na [...]

  4. I don t normally enjoy self help titles Greg Baer s theory on Real Love is not perfect My critiques are small compared to how much I approved of the overall message It attempts to increase unconditional love It s a book that generally explains inter personal relationships This is the first self help book that spoke to my needs and helped me understand what motivates anyone to seek Imitation Love praise, power, pleasure and safety in place of unconditional love And I appreciate now being able to [...]

  5. Clear and consice this could be a course 101 on relationship and life skills requirement for college and highschool However, it is downright tragic that modern society has no real concept of what really needs to be taught in basic life skills Hats off to Greg Baer in taking the effort to put it down here in writing.

  6. This book is yet another that I think should be taught in school The book is essentially about learning to receive and give unconditional love what the author calls Real Love He goes into obstacles to this, what he terms Getting and Protecting Behaviors , which are behaviors like lying, running, and manipulating, and why we do them.In terms of content, I give it five stars Life changing stuff in here For me personally, it s helped me tremendously in terms of learning the importance of telling th [...]

  7. I got a lot out of this book I had to face things about myself that I struggle with, and I learned useful tools for dealing with the problems in my relationships I really am glad I read it and would recommend it to everyone That said, it can be preachy and repetitive it could have been shorter and possibly effective it was also particularly useful for me to be reading it in the context of recently reading Brene Brown s work about worthiness and vulnerability and having studied the Dali Lama s w [...]

  8. This book sounds cheesy, but it s actually really good It gets to the true heart root of any kind of unhappiness The first half of the book I found discouraging and depressing because the truth can be hard to take , but the second half is empowering and encouraging Although this book is geared towards couples, it s actually my new favorite PARENTING BOOK I ve been able to be loving and less angry annoyed with my kids Our relationship and their behavior has changed as well A great book for anyo [...]

  9. This is, hands down, the most practical how to guide to loving without condition If we were able to communicate with each from this place of real loveI agree with Dr Greg Baer that we could solve all of the world s problems I highly recommend readingd importantly, implementing these approaches to unconditionally loving and being loved.

  10. I ve read too many relationship books, sad to say but this one really has changed the way I see myself and all of my relationships.

  11. Now that I ve read a few self help books I ve found a pattern Most of the first 2 3 of the book is dedicated to annoying stories of rude people with made up names Then the last part leaves you going, That s it The parenting advice is very much too short I thought there would be some profound advice about problems that aren t first world There was just a whole lot of what love isn t Not my first choice to recommend.

  12. Some great nuggets of information to help me continue to nurture relationships in my life Unconditional love is the theme in the book The author tries to help us understand that anger, disappointment, expectations to name a few are NOT unconditional love.I felt myself zone out often, which I don t normally do As I continued reading I realized how repetitive each story was I hoped the author would find different ways to tell his stories, but he didn t, and I lost interest.

  13. I really enjoyed Greg Baer s perspective on our relationship and our innate need for unconditional love I think he offers some good, fairly concrete advice on the journey to Real Love But most of the book was comprised of some fairly repetitive examples.

  14. Not an interesting read the whole way through, but it had some principals that changed the way I think about love forever.

  15. Loved it The author s premise is that true happiness comes from giving and feeling unconditional love The book is a simple breakdown of attitudes and behaviors that feed into real love Real Love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves I love that he doesn t just talk in platitudes, but really goes through, step by step, the things we must do to feel and give real love For the most part when we don t feel loved we respond by seeking [...]

  16. This book has important insights into the reasons that most people feel somewhat isolated or lacking in their lives even if they are doing everything right The author uses his experiences as a highly successful opthalmic surgeon and his subsequent descent into narcotics as the hit bottom moment of his life He realizes that without Real Love aka unconditional love both given and received all the money, fame, achievement, and beautiful children will not fill the void created by the absence of that [...]

  17. A previous boyfriend gave me this book and I finally got around to reading it because I was tired of being in short term relationships and looking for a permanent one Most of my relationships ended because of blaming partners for my mistakes, making demands, high expectations, and entertaining me I was only setting myself up to be unhappy in these relationships When we re unhappy, our misery is not the fault of our partner Blaming that person is therefore foolish, wasteful and destructive, beca [...]

  18. For the most part I believe the message this author conveys to be a truly constructive manner by which to proceed in relationships I do disagree with the author in his views on God and sexuality as they seem to be arbitrary and don t actually match up with anthropological evidence for instance, modern marriage is a construct that has not existed for that long, so saying only have sex in marriage does not make any sense to me This is why the book lost one star because while he claimed it wasn t m [...]

  19. This book was eye opening It was one man s perception of how love is expressed in our world today It was about how we communicate with one another and how that communication influences who we are and how we feel about ourselves and the world around us This is not a read for someone looking for solid philosophy or proven theories of phsychology But it does make you think about peoples perceptions of your communication with them and if those you love are really know how you feel There was some sou [...]

  20. I really enjoyed this book my client told me that they were reading this book as a family and I decided to read it to know what they were talking about I am glad I did I highly recommend this book, it has changed my view on love and I feel that it has guided me to strengthening my relationship with my spouse, the way I interact with my children, improve relationships with family and friends, and with God.

  21. I found Real Love by Greg Baer to be pretty informative I actually read this book for a morning fellowship discussion group It was very informative and helped me to see how people, including myself, use getting and protecting behaviors because they practice imitation love Baer gives some very practical advice in how to practice Real Love by changing our own perceptions and expectations in our relationships.

  22. When I was first introduced to Real Love, I thought I knew what love was I had no idea Over the past 18 months or so I have learned so much and it started with the principles that I began learning in this book What I m learning is how to feel loved, be loving and take responsibility for myself I have peace, and happiness, and gratitude in my life than I ever dreamed was possible.Tami

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