The Haunted Cove

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Haunted Cove : by Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton - The Haunted Cove, The Haunted Cove None
  • Title: The Haunted Cove
  • Author: Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton
  • ISBN: 9780070274501
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Library Binding

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Haunted Cove : by Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton, The Haunted Cove, Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton, The Haunted Cove None [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Haunted Cove : by Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton - The Haunted Cove, The Haunted Cove None
  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Haunted Cove : by Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton
    134Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton
The Haunted Cove

About Author

  1. Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton has had many years of experience in writing for radio and television Among other outstanding scripts, she has done a score of television screenplays for the series Death Valley Days Miss Hazelton has also been a professional actress and for twelve years taught radio and television writing in Los Angeles She now lives and works in South Laguna, California, in a house overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the 1971 Book The Haunted Cove

One thought on “The Haunted Cove

  1. This was one of my favorite ghost stories growing up Sure, a few of the plot devices are a little contrived as are many kids books involving mystery Ahem, Hardy Boys Nancy Draw Trixie Belden , but it s still a very enjoyable read.I grew up in the 90 s, with the onslaught of Goosebumps and other cheap scary story books full of gross out humor The fact that this book still haunts me to this day is a testament to the eerie quality of the story Our main characters, Kevin and Christie, are siblings w [...]

  2. Okay So there are these kids Christie and Kevin, siblings who go summering near the shore and they meet up with a strange girl Mora who is a bit of a crazy bitch and tells them SERIOUSLY RIDICULOUS STORIES about the witch who lives in the last house on the road and how she turns people to stone via music, and all the time I m thinking DEAR LORD, PLEASE MAKE MORA FALL OFF THE CLIFF but she does not fall off the cliffd for some reason Kevin is obsessed with the escaped robbers who MUST be using th [...]

  3. As an adult I often remember books from childhood and wonder if they are good or were just good to my thinking at the time I m curious if there are any scholarly works about children s literature or a website placing books or authors into context I don t want to go down a path of discussing the statement good or just good to my thinking.

  4. Twelve year old Kevin MacAlistaire, his ten year old sister Christie, and their mother are checking into a seaside cottage in Oregon to spend a summer holiday Mr MacAlistaire is a music teacher and will join them after an engagement On their first afternoon there, the children meet a girl named Mora, who lives in a nearby cottage Mora informs them that the cove next to theirs is haunted with ghosts, and that a mysterious witch who lives in a mansion in the cove next door goes out on a rock in th [...]

  5. Meh Pretty simplistic product of its time Almost everything that happens could really just be in their heads the way your own childhood adventures were spiced up by imagination when you went walking through the woods because as a child, walking through the woods is an adventure , and what isn t in their heads is really quite convenient However, I m reading this for the first time as an adult There s nothing to say a child couldn t or shouldn t find enjoyment in it So long as it doesn t bore them [...]

  6. I purchased this book in a used bookstore because it looked like the type of book I would have read as a child An okay ghost story I m actually interested in the author, and what she accomplished in her life beyond this book.

  7. I remember loving this book as a kid in the 80s What I mostly remember about it is that I was so scared of the cover illustration that I wouldn t even look at it I d grab the book with my eyes closed and open it up before opening my eyes to find my spot.

  8. This was a book I remember loving in elementary school, so I got it for.99 on It was still pretty good, but of course not as good as I remembered.

  9. I mostly just remember the cover of the addition I read as a kid Every time I see a full moon through leafless tree limbs, the creepiness of the book is still there

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