Despite The Falling Snow

Despite The Falling Snow Best Download || [Shamim Sarif] - Despite The Falling Snow, Despite The Falling Snow a perfectly balanced novel of love and tragedy The beauty of the streets of Moscow is a majestic backdrop to a play of mistrust and deception where friends even the best of friends can turn against
  • Title: Despite The Falling Snow
  • Author: Shamim Sarif
  • ISBN: 9780755308675
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover

Despite The Falling Snow Best Download || [Shamim Sarif], Despite The Falling Snow, Shamim Sarif, Despite The Falling Snow a perfectly balanced novel of love and tragedy The beauty of the streets of Moscow is a majestic backdrop to a play of mistrust and deception where friends even the best of friends can turn against each other in fear WaterstonesThe action of Despite the Falling Snow moves between present day Boston and s Moscow After an early career amongst the political elite o a pe Despite The Falling Snow Best Download || [Shamim Sarif] - Despite The Falling Snow, Despite The Falling Snow a perfectly balanced novel of love and tragedy The beauty of the streets of Moscow is a majestic backdrop to a play of mistrust and deception where friends even the best of friends can turn against

  • Despite The Falling Snow Best Download || [Shamim Sarif]
    409 Shamim Sarif
Despite The Falling Snow

About Author

  1. Shamim Sarif born September 24, 1969 is a British novelist and filmmaker of South Asian and South African heritage Her roots inspired her to write her debut novel, The World Unseen,which explores issues of race, gender and sexuality, which she later adapted into a film starring Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth The novel won the Pendleton May First Novel Award and a Betty Trask Award She has also adapted and directed a film based on her book I Can t Think Straight.She is the recipient of Best Director awards for The World Unseen film from the South African Film and Television Awards,the Phoenix Film Festival and the Clip Tampa Festival Her 2011 film, The House of Tomorrow, is a documentary about the 2010 TEDx Holy Land Conference, which brought together Arab and Israeli women to discuss issues of mutual interest in technology, entertainment, and design.At Cannes Festival 2013 Sarif announced her new film Despite The Falling Snow with Olga Kurylenko, Charles Dance, and Maria Furtw ngler The film will be produced by Enlightenment Productions and Hanan Kattan.She lives with her partner Hanan Kattan and their two sons.

One thought on “Despite The Falling Snow

  1. I have seen several lesbian genre movies based on Sarif s novels and then found this book What a wonderful and tragic love story alternating between modern day Boston and Moscow in the throes of the 1950 s Cold War just the rule of Stalin comes to a close I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good love story mixed with politics.

  2. I love this novel It s beautifully written, dramatic, tragic and has a great insight into the 50 s history of the then Soviet Union.Shamim Sarif amazes me And just as good on second reading Can t wait to see the film

  3. I read this book in than a week, which for 350 pages is quite a long time for me This is because despite the aura of mystery, Communism and international spying, I never found it fascinating enough to read for long stretches at a time.Fastidious is probably the word that describes it better It seems that Shamim Sarif wants you to think exactly what she herself thinks about all her characters Her descriptions are very detailed, with many adjectives, but apply mainly to the characters psychology, [...]

  4. I loveeeed this book beyond words Shamim Sarif s writing is beautiful and delicate and the story line hooks you in so you feel like a character in the novel Amazing book.

  5. Everyone should read this book I m surprised this book is so little known, because it s just a heartbreakingly lovely story, I loved it The backdrop for this novel is Russia in the 1950 s the beautiful Katya spies on the idealistic politician Alexander Tragically she falls in love with him The story switches back and forth between Boston in 2000 and Moscow in the late 1950 s that is, every uneven chapter takes place in Boston and every even chapter takes place in Moscow This pacing actually work [...]

  6. This has been such a great book to read I practically read it in one sitting The backdrop for this story is the 1950 s Russia It gives us a good idea of what living in a totalitarian state was like And it even comes short to what it truly was like I assume It s full of suspense, and you put together the puzzle with every other chapter.The pace is right on, the travel in time back and forth works nicely for the story, and the story is really good I could really connect with the main characters em [...]

  7. Easy to read Interesting plot but the movement between one time period to another on each chapter began to bother me In the end a good story line

  8. The story moved me to tearsAnd believe me that doesn t happen very often This novel is beautifully written with sensitivity and intelligence which make this a truly compelling read.The story spans decades and continents as it unfolds in the Moscow of the 1950s and Boston, USA at the end of the 1990s.In Boston, Alexander Ivanov is negotiating to sell his highly successful food business to the sharp and incredibly focussed Melissa Johnson, when, whilst taking a break he meets her mother Estelle He [...]

  9. It could have been a sad book, but I never felt that sadness, cos you just knew from the start Fine I admit, I had some foolish notions of hope But you need hope The book takes place in Boston in 98 and in 50s Soviet Where you can understand life is crap In Soviet Alexander and Katya meet Alexander works for the government, and that means a better place to live, in the city, and other perks Yes communism sure was good for everyone, not Katya is a spy and I sure got why Her parents were killed by [...]

  10. This was a slow moving book, with the story split between 1950s Communist Russia and 1990s Boston For my money, most of the Boston story could have been edited out and it would have made for a stronger, intriguing story The main thrust of the story is the mystery surrounding how Katya, wife of Russian defector Alexander, died in the late 1950s In 1998, Alexander is a successful businessman trying to sell his catering company, but he is still haunted by the death of his wife forty years ago Alth [...]

  11. I shake my head How can something that s so overwrought from an emotional standpoint be so overwhelming generic at the same time It s supposed to take place in Boston and Moscow in two different time periods, but neither place or time feels different or authentic Is this an example of international literary fiction that is, as Tim Parks decries, written a faux universality designed for the translation market

  12. Despite the fact that the story was a little bit predicted, it is an amazing book I love the way Shamim writes, how she describes every emotion and characterizes a character.It is impossible not to feel anything while reading this book I probably looked like a crazy in the train laughing, crying, angry face, sad.I can t wait to watch the movie

  13. Beautifully written with relatable characters that keep your interest and make you sad, happy and even angry at times.

  14. Really enjoyed this Good mix of past and present, difficult story sensitively told Review here theselittlewords 2016 04

  15. Hmm.I picked up this book from my shelves on a whim, knowing nothing about it except from its blurb.Within two chapters I knew it had been written to be made into a film And from the Rotten Tomatoes website, I see that the film is as dire as the book Writer director Shamim Sarif is aiming to create a tragic romance out of this intrigue yet misses her target thanks to her contrived plotting and trite dialogue A dreary, incompetently plotted and flatly directed Cold War melodrama a wearily predict [...]

  16. After an early career amongst the political elite of Cold War Russia, Alexander Ivanov has built a successful business in the States For forty years, he has buried the tragic memories surrounding his charismatic late wife, Katya or so he believes For into his life come two women one who will open up the heart he has protected for so long another who is determined to uncover what really happened to Katya so long ago The novel s journey back to the snowbound streets of post Stalinist Moscow reveal [...]

  17. Shamim Sarif did a very good job of evoking time and place in this novel that trades back and forth between modern day Boston and 1950 s Russia each chapter to tell a story of two very different worlds The characters are rich and the story is interesting.

  18. While Despite the Falling Snow has a lesbian love story as a sub plot, that is really a minor key, so don t get scared off if you think a lesbian love story is not for you The relationship between Katya Alexander is the primary storyline That being said Now that I ve read Shamim Sarif s Despite the Falling Snow, I m looking forward than ever to the film Directed by the author, the story features Katya played by Rebecca Ferguson in the movie a female spy in Cold War Moscow who steals secrets for [...]

  19. Despite The Falling Snow is a story of love and betrayal, told in two different eras The story opens in Boston, USA in November 1998 and the reader is introduced to two of the main characters in the story Estelle and Alexander They meet on a bench outside Alexander s business head office, he s just about to close the deal to sell his successful empire Estelle is the mother of Melissa the woman who wants to buy it.The reader is transported back many years to post Stalin Russia Alexander is a youn [...]

  20. Love and betrayal are the two themes at heart of this dual time novel which is set in the turbulent years of The Cold War during the mid nineteen fifties, and also some forty years later in Boston in the late nineteen nineties The story focuses on the relationship between Katya and Alexander who meet in Moscow and where despite all odds, and their different political viewpoints, they meet and fall in love But there are secrets and lies between them and although Katya hopes that she can start a f [...]

  21. Despite the Falling snow is the story of lost love, communism and betrayal in Moscow of the 1950 s and the possibility of moving forward forty years later The story moves back and forth between two time periods, Moscow in the 1950 s and Boston in 1998.In Boston, Alexander Ivanov a Russian migr who came to the US forty years earlier is preparing a deal to sell his very successful catering company His company has very philanthropic principles at its heart and it is these principles that are provin [...]

  22. This novel moves back and forth between late 2000 early 2001 and the late 50s 1960 and the cities Boston and Moscow In the modern time period Alexander is in negotiations to sell his catering company to Melissa, when he meets Melissa s mother and begins finally thinking about a new love His artist niece Lauren gives him a gift that reawakens the past.In late 50s Moscow, Khrushchev is in power and making changes, Alexander works for the government and meets the love of his life Katya But Katya h [...]

  23. This is a perfectly balanced novel of love and tragedy, moving back and forth between Boston in 2000 and Moscow in the late 1950 s, while Cold War was taking place It gives us a good idea of what living in a totalitarian state was like The main focus is Soviet Russia of the mid 1950 s and the mystery of what happened to a woman, Katya, trying to defect to the US Set against this is the story of her husband, Alexander, now a successful businessman in present day Boston, who has never known the ex [...]

  24. I have to admit, this is a first I just can t finish this book The plot is interesting, and it s been holding my attention on and off as I ve tried to make my way through it But it s just not enough The concept of back and forth in time from chapter to chapter is one that s been done in many books But it just doesn t in this one It becomes far too disjointed, and the entire thing starts to plod as I continue to push through it.I picked this book up on an recommendation whim, and while I think it [...]

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