A Beautiful Prison

A Beautiful Prison Best Download || [Jenika Snow] - A Beautiful Prison, A Beautiful Prison No Cliffhanger Standalone Novella with HEA WARNING Please note While this is considered a Dark Erotic Novella due to the content it is not a hardcore story There are very disturbing scenes graphic co
  • Title: A Beautiful Prison
  • Author: Jenika Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A Beautiful Prison Best Download || [Jenika Snow], A Beautiful Prison, Jenika Snow, A Beautiful Prison No Cliffhanger Standalone Novella with HEA WARNING Please note While this is considered a Dark Erotic Novella due to the content it is not a hardcore story There are very disturbing scenes graphic content such as S m dub con kidnapping drugging and violence She was his Irrevocably Undeniably Ruby Jacobson just wanted a new life but it seemed fate had a twist No Cliffhanger A Beautiful Prison Best Download || [Jenika Snow] - A Beautiful Prison, A Beautiful Prison No Cliffhanger Standalone Novella with HEA WARNING Please note While this is considered a Dark Erotic Novella due to the content it is not a hardcore story There are very disturbing scenes graphic co
  • A Beautiful Prison Best Download || [Jenika Snow]
    332 Jenika Snow
A Beautiful Prison

About Author

  1. Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author, and has been a published writer since 2009.She can be found at jenikasnowFB facebook jenikasnowTwitter twitter jenikasnowEmail Jenika_Snow yahoo

One thought on “A Beautiful Prison

  1. 2,5 3 irrevocably HIS STARS She would run, there was no doubt about that, but what she would soon realize was he wanted her to He reveled in the chase, and when he caught her he d make her pay with her body until she was giving him every part of herself.He was a sadist, and with each passing day of being his, she would realize that she was his perfect masochist Girl has a shitty life.Girl leaves home, gets on a bus, goes to another city to start a new life with a little money in her pocket and a [...]

  2. The only reason I wanted to read this is because it promised me a dark, gritty hardcore storyMaybe I ve read so much dark shit in my life that I m immune to it now, but for me and this is my opinion, it just fell flat I would ve liked raw emotion to come through, of a fight, first night she gave in to his sadistic demands, who does that when you have been kidnapped, sold, drugged, held captive and you are supposedly scared for your life Where was the dark gritty element to the story

  3. 3 Wish this was longer stars.I m going to keep this review short because I don t have very much to tell The moment Ruby was brought to her new home after having been purchased from an auction, I had a pretty good idea that this would lead into another inevitable case of stockholm syndrome and boy was I right I ve read books with similar story line and plot twists as this one so I wasn t very surprised as to how this book turned out.The hero, Gavin, was a little too tame for my liking, considerin [...]

  4. Gavin DarrisRuby JacobsonThis story was very interesting I enjoyed Ruby s ability to open up to Gavin and develop feelings for him when she realized that their dark kinks were like two puzzle pieces that fulfilled one another This is a very fast read and I would recommend this book to people who want to dabble in a darker romance The only objection I had to the book is that it wasn t longer Thank you Jenika Snow for writing a book that acts as my first stepping stone into the realm of dark roman [...]

  5. I have to be totally honest This was the best book I have read by Jenika to date It was fresh, it was different, and I loved how she allowed us to get totally invested in the lead female before she thrust her into a horrible, dark, and nearly hopeless situation I have read quite a few of Jenika s books I am pretty sure some people have read all of them to date, and I wish I could read that fast But when the prospect of reading Jenika s first self published book, I jumped at the chance I was also [...]

  6. Well, that was depressing No romance or love in this one Basically, we are all living in prisons of our own and given the choice, it is marginally better to choose the prison with the pretty flowers, the nice house, and the pricey baubles even if we will never get true love, children, or any semblance of family The main characters in this book are so emotionally damaged and co dependent they definitely deserve each other A lot of eye rolls at the clumsy prose bottomless eyes, spicy intoxicating [...]

  7. This was a good, smutty, short story to pass a little time It wasn t as dark as I d anticipated, but an enjoyable, erotic, short story This story does include topics such as dubious consent, kidnapping, etc although far milder than many stories I ve read with these controversial topics I guess I d categorize it as kinky sweet if I had to describe it.

  8. TOO SHORT TO HAVE ANY REAL IMPACTCONTAINS SPOILERSWhile I usually love this authors work I m afraid this one fell short of the mark for me Ruby our heroine runs away from home, only to be kidnapped and put on the auction block to be sold to the highest bidder as a sex slave Gavin a very rich and ruthless business man is the one who buys Ruby for his pleasure.That is basically the whole plot in a nutshell While I totally bought into Gavin s character I didn t find that Ruby was written convincing [...]

  9. A Beautiful Prison was pulled from for violating their guidelines, although nothing was specified on what needed changed So, it has since been reloaded and a few things tweaked in the blurb and warning Please find the new link below Thank you A Beautiful Pri

  10. 2 1 5 stars.This is a very short story about an 18 year old who is ready to forget about the ugliness that surrounded her ever day her life and start over Ruby has no set plan, only saved cash and a ticket to Fort Hampton Enter Gavin A 34 year old sadist with lots and lots of money He s looking for a submissive that will willingly give herself to him He decides to buy himself one since he s looking for something different The real story begins with Ruby after arriving to Fort Hampton and taking [...]

  11. Warning this book has forced sexual acts Ruby is a young woman who lives a crappy life Still living at home with her drunken druggie mom she hate her life here She decides to leave and go out on her own She soon discovers that there are worse things out there in the world Drug and Abducted she is forced to be sold at auction Gavin a very powerful, wealthy man has everything he wants except one thing A woman that he can control at all times When he sees Ruby at the auction he knows he most own he [...]

  12. Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good book that I liked Ruby Jacobson has worked and saved her money so she can get away from her abusive mother and her many boyfriends On the day she escaped she is followed by a man while sleeping she is kidnapped Ruby finds herself being sold at an auction Gavin Darris is a man that always get what he wants he is rich and sexy and dominant Gavin doesn t have a problem getting women but he is looking for something or someone to feel is darker need s When he sees [...]

  13. I don t know how to rate this oneIt was such a nice readbut short,and rushed at the end so I felt like there was missing somethingStill 3.5 stars

  14. Short and sweet Way too short for my needs Coitus interruptus of sorts Just long enough to get you bothered, not nearly long enough to make you happy.Plot didn t get complicated nor resolved in natural way, but that s the case with all one night standsBut the heatwas there.

  15. Sooooo Why was this on my self for so long This was beautifully written with an edge that dropped into complete darkness At the bottom of this pit is a spark of life A life where you feel so alive Where only by accepting your darkness, your inner demons, will you truly be free I fell in love Not so much with Ruby and Gavin s relationship but with their connection, and definitely with Gavin By the way the story starts, i can tell how Ruby s captivity will play out There is little to no fight in h [...]

  16. The warning on this book promises for a dark read I believe it delivers Ruby hates the life she is living She decided to set out on her own, make a new life for herself All that changes when she finds herself being sold to the highest bidder.Gavin is looking for someone he can make his submissive When he sees Ruby for the first time he knows she has what he craves The dark desires Ruby has felt inside of her are about to be tempted in the most horrifying of ways She should hate Gavin, and fear e [...]

  17. 3 whiplash worthy stars Welp Now I know how whiplash feels like you only need to read this book Yup Please tell me I m not the only one So, I really enjoy dark romances but this actually freaked me out Especially at the beginning Even though this is not the darkest I ve read, I think it affected me the most.The writing was really good The story was gripping, it actually scared the heck out of me And even though it turned out a bit lame at the end, still I felt that it was a good story So, to sum [...]

  18. As a fan of Jenika s work, I already knew that this was going to be a great read With A Beautiful Prison it tells the story of Ruby and Gavin I really got hooked with the story because of the build of the story Showed different sides of Ruby and Gavin Ruby being young and innocent, but wanting to be loved Then there is Gavin strong willed, sadist, but deep down inside he wants to be happy and I believe that he saw that in Ruby They had what the other needed Even though that this is Jenika s firs [...]

  19. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads 4 1 2 Stars If you have reservations reading about forced sexual situtations this book may not be for you Jenika Snow delivers a wonderful book about a girl who has dreams and a man who has demons This novel introduces you to each character but only delves deeply into the past of Ruby, an 18 year old girl, trying to find a better life Gavin, is a man of means, seeking solace and redemption in the arms of a beautiful woman.

  20. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads While this story is based on some VERY dark aspects abduction, human trafficking, dub con , it isn t written in a dark, gritty fashion Please don t let these turn you away from the real story, as they re just a means to an end I believe this is a successfully written story containing HOT erotica with BDSM elements swoon , and perfectly matched characters The story develops quickly and emotionally.It was an addictive, quick r [...]

  21. Bought read this in November 2014 but never wrote a review I m reading it for the second time and it is just as good as I remember It s great if like me, you enjoy a good old capture fantasy, with dubious consent The writing is not outstanding but it is very good The story is a simple one but reads well and is pretty fast paced The characters are both likeable although I admit to finding the H s use of the endearment darling to be a bit kitsch, and creepy, in a yucky sort of way, but there are f [...]

  22. Listened to the Audiobook I read the reviews before starting this book and went in expecting it to fall a little flat but thankfully, for me, it did not I really enjoyed it because most of the captive books I have ever read don t really end up this way I felt like Gavin was a good guy from day 1, no idea why maybe I just wanted him to be a good guy The one thing that I didn t really get was Ruby, she was sweet and innocent with a crappy life but she knew she was a into pain did she know that If [...]

  23. Darker then I expected The story could have been longer It didn t feel like a happily ever after to me I had issues with the girls age and felt it boardered on some very nasty stuff If the heroine had been a little older and had experienced some of life then graduating high school and living in her mothers trailer I would have felt better about it The girl never got to be a kid and do the things girls like to do and she has only two choices him or the trailer I like Jenika s writing but her age [...]

  24. Not what I expected Oh the wishy washy back and forth The h has some serious problems arguing with herself I don t want to be a captive, but I like the pain, the pain is wrong, but it feels good, blah, blah, blah I wanted a dark erotica where the H buys a slave and has dark tendencies you know, what you think you re getting from the description What I got was a H that wants to spoil her and a h that likes the pain and being held captive The inner dialogue she has with herself is annoying and rep [...]

  25. 2.5 Stars I think every part in this story felt so rush I didn t quite feel the connection between the characters And besides, this story is a standalone but I felt it were not like a standalone story, and that s all because of the ending, tsk Ooh, and there is one thing that I felt so disappointing view spoiler until the very end of the story, the hero didn t say he loves the heroine hide spoiler and that was irking me

  26. Not as dark as some I would recommend this to readers who like an Alpha male who isn t mean This guy was serious about gaining and keeping control, but he wasn t sadistic about it It is a kidnapping story, but I happen to like those All in all it s a great shorter read that is written well by an author who knows how to write this genre well Plus it is on sale right now I ll be reading of her work.

  27. This was oddly and terrifyingly fantastic I really liked it I m a bit surprised I liked it so much Because of how dark it is But it was short and just Nice.

  28. WARNING This is a Dark Erotic story This is not a traditional love story This book is fiction and contains material readers may find offensive There is very disturbing content, graphic sex, violence, and strong language, but does end with a HEA.Gavin She was his Irrevocably Undeniably He knew this as soon as he saw her bound on that stage.Ruby Ruby is taken from her sh tty life and put up for auction Gavin wants a masochistic woman in his life to sate all of his desires but he s tired of the gam [...]

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