Schooled in Magic

✓ Schooled in Magic ↠ Christopher G. Nuttall - Schooled in Magic, Schooled in Magic Emily is a teenage girl pulled from our world into a world of magic and mystery by a necromancer who intends to sacrifice her to the dark gods Rescued in the nick of time by an enigmatic sorcerer she
  • Title: Schooled in Magic
  • Author: Christopher G. Nuttall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Schooled in Magic ↠ Christopher G. Nuttall, Schooled in Magic, Christopher G. Nuttall, Schooled in Magic Emily is a teenage girl pulled from our world into a world of magic and mystery by a necromancer who intends to sacrifice her to the dark gods Rescued in the nick of time by an enigmatic sorcerer she discovers that she possesses magical powers and must go to Whitehall School to learn how to master them There she learns the locals believe that she is a Child of DestinyEmily is a ✓ Schooled in Magic ↠ Christopher G. Nuttall - Schooled in Magic, Schooled in Magic Emily is a teenage girl pulled from our world into a world of magic and mystery by a necromancer who intends to sacrifice her to the dark gods Rescued in the nick of time by an enigmatic sorcerer she

  • ✓ Schooled in Magic ↠ Christopher G. Nuttall
    181 Christopher G. Nuttall
Schooled in Magic

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  1. Christopher G. Nuttall Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Schooled in Magic book, this is one of the most wanted Christopher G. Nuttall author readers around the world.

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  1. One of the worst books I ve ever read Most of the ideas are copied from Harry Potter there is a defense against the dark arts class led by a grizzly one eyed teacher, a magical creatures class, a headmistress that is stern but really kind once you get to know her, a game like quidditch but worse it just keeps going The author refers constantly to other peoples work I ll find an exact quote later on my phone , but things like this are said every other chapter ke Harry Potter only Scattered throug [...]

  2. Please read in movie trailer voice From an author who doesn t give a crap about grammar comes a storyabout Harriett Potter, a teenage girl from the 21st century Sucked into a medieval world where magic solves everything apart from indoor plumbing and noone ever has sex, she enrolls at Hogwarts and sets out on a quest to bring all the advantages of modern life to this world except indoor plumbing , including pollution and global warming, while fending off the advances of Slim Shady, the evil necr [...]

  3. I try to keep an open mind when reading other books about schools of magic that aren t Harry Potter but this one drove me insane It was fairly entertaining until I realized how much was taken out of other books But when I read but that magical world suffered from a shortage of imagination in reference to the Harry Potter world,I thought to myself if the author is trying to be funny, it is disrespectful than anything else considering they stole so much from the world of Harry Potter Yea I m a po [...]

  4. Schooled in Magic, by Christopher Nuttall, is the first of a YA fantasy coming of age series that now reaches 10 books I give this book 4 stars I give the series 5 stars overall I recommend it because of the action heroine with plenty of agency and great imaginary world building.The premise Emily, a young woman, is pulled from modern Earth to an alternative world with medieval like features, due to a mistake as to her identity by a bad guy Rescued within a day chapter by a wizard, she is promptl [...]

  5. like 4 4.5 stars but the series was so addicting I had to give it 5rst things firstHarry PotterThe 1st book really got me hating on it because of this Not only because it DID rip off Harry Potter but also because it constantly said how Harry Potter missed this, lacked this, didn t go into detail, or outright saying it was stupid not a direct quote it s stupid in Harry Potter to have such taboo on the death curses when the simplest spell can kill someone I have to give the author credit for bei [...]

  6. 13.10.2017 3,5 Ze za tku jsem byla dost skeptick a co jsem proj d la recenze, nebyla jsem jedin Na rozd l od v t iny mi nevadil fakt, e se cel koncept kouzelnick koly tak podob Harry Potterovi mo n proto, e jsem nikdy nebyla a tak velk fanou ek, i kdy je to asn kousek pr ce Co mi vadilo byl sp e t kop dn za tek jako takov Chv li jsem m la pocit, e jsem se propadla do p b hu, kter skrze hrdinku a p li nal hal na n jak RPG sc n A ne zrovna poveden , popravd , i kdy to, podobn jako s HP, mohla b t [...]

  7. This really needs a careful edit pass From mismatched parenthetical punctuation like this to confused capitalization Orc orc, goblin Goblin , there are a lot of annoyance level mistakes that kept bringing me out of the story I got the distinct impression in several places that I was reading a first draft where the author changed naming conventions halfway through, but never went back to fix the earlier cases.Aside from that, it s a decent story overall The pop culture references by the main char [...]

  8. I DID IT It took over two months, but finally I made it through this badly edited nightmare of a novel without any likeable characters or a complex world view Others have already mentioned that this girl comes to a magical world and learns magic novel is a Harry Potter knock off, but that isn t even the worst thing It fails on basically all levels Character building, world building, satire, commentary, basic science It really fails on gender issues Emily nodded in understanding Most transfigurat [...]

  9. Finally, a book about magic where the author has put some thought into how magic might actually work I know this may sound like a cerebral complaint, but a lot of writing involving magic is weak in that there are inconsistent rules or the writer breaks them when they get to an inconvenient plot junction, or invents a way out of the problem The consistency and discipline of thought makes the magic in Schooled in Magic a lot interesting Nuttall is a strong character builder, also, with believable [...]

  10. After reading the first few chapters I was sceptical and even pause for a fed days, but after resuming and really getting into the story, I m engulfed and eager to read on in book two

  11. I m sure that this has been there all along but I had rarely noticed it I had just finished reading a book I had purchased from on my Kindle It then said something like Before You Go and listed six or eight OTHER books that it said other people had purchased who had also purchased the book I just read What I found interesting is that all of the titles except one were authors books I had read and enjoyed very much So I said to myself, how about I go look at the one title I had never heard of Thus [...]

  12. Magic school trapped in another word Schooled in Magic.Schooled in magic is a fairly average teen fantasy novel Emeley our fourteen year old protagonist finds herself from one moment to the next in an medieval word full of magic and evil necromancers As it turns out an evil necromancer brought her over to his word thinking she is a Child of Destiny and sacrificing her will give him great power She is however saved at the last moment, but now has to adjust to a totally new world and burgeoning ma [...]

  13. Emily is going home from the library when she s abducted into another world by a necromancer who wants to sacrifice a Child of Destiny who has yet to master magic.Well, her mother s name IS Destiny A powerful sorcerer rescues her and then, because she is magically powerful and it s not easy to send her back and he s not good at teaching apprentices , sends her off to school on dragon back Many things ensue The care necessary for alchemy, the marches of Martial Magic and the importance of conside [...]

  14. This book could have gotten a higher score I m trying to avoid spoilers so I m not as specific as I would like to be.I ll start with what I liked because I think it is worth following the series and seeing if some of the problems improve Because the story is actually interesting, enough so that I just purchased the second book.The concept is a bit too Harry Potter meets Time Travel Other World travel But the author actually points it out, pokes fun at it, and tries to avoid to much overlap or si [...]

  15. This book I admit that it looked like it was going to be good for a while That is, at least, until I read through a few chapters and instantly realized Oh no, it s a Harry Potter knockoff Look You re not going to look creative if you only rewrite what s already been written, okay But the problem wasn t that it was a knockoff The problem was that it was such an incredibly boring knockoff For starters, I couldn t sympathize with Emily at all Call me cruel or whatever, but she was just an extremely [...]

  16. Ok, so I was looking for a good workout book You see, when I go to the gym, I enjoy listening to a mindless novel especially while I m doing the elliptical So I was tooling around on in my Kindle store looking for a light read with an Audible option when I came across this book It looked interesting and was getting pretty good reviews so I decided, what the heck.The book starts out a little weakly The first part of the story seems rushed and there are some corny references to popular fantasy and [...]

  17. I first read this book when it was posted to Spacebattles for its preview before publication I thought that the writing quality was good, and I enjoyed the references to Potter in a similar way to reading Dresden Files The introduction of modern technologies based on knowledge, like the abacus, our alphabet and numerical system, would be huge and cheap advantages in a world this squalid Medieval worlds aren t great places to be, for anyone, and this series does well capturing the stench, squalor [...]

  18. To be honest, couldn t finish completely I stayed with it so long because I liked the premise of the book However, the main character was so annoying and got so increasingly frustrating to the point that I couldn t read without getting angry Too many references to Harry Potter Too much telling and not enough showing in the writing Needed editing to cut out irrelevant sections.

  19. an ok book the story was interesting enough for me to buy the second book, and I liked and disliked the idea of the girl destroying the economy and system of an entire world just to become rich

  20. The Set UpThis is evidently the first in a series.Emily is kidnapped from our Earth or a reasonable facsimile by a necromancer in order to sacrifice her to the dark powers because she is a Child of Destiny She s rescued by a sorceror who finds she has some magical talent and sends her to Whitehall, this world s school for those with magical talent.The Good I like the set up Whitehall is not Hogwarts as far as learning environment goes The learning environment includes the very real possibility o [...]

  21. It was good Better than it seemed it would be at the beginning, certainly It s just a shame so many little things took me out of what could have been a pretty solid story First, the names Why so many terribly bad names Quick rule of thumb if the name sounds like it is being mispronounced, it s probably bad On top of that, we know the wizards name themselves to conceal their true names Why would a villain give himself a laughably bad and unintimidating name Next, characters in a story should neve [...]

  22. I was expecting to be mildly amused, as a Harry Potter devotee, but do not be swayed into thinking this is a copy This book stands alone on its own merits superbly realized fantasy world in enormous detail, especially how magic works In fact, I cannot think of another fantasy world where this is explained so well and so convincingly The main character is not a copy of someone else, but very much her own unique person The plotting was quite amazing There were many unexpected events, and they were [...]

  23. I read so many reviews before reading this saying that it s just like Harry Potter with some modifications However, In my opinion, the story is completely different from Harry Potter I think this book is easier to read or in my case listen than Harry Potter Why Harry Potter contains so many difficult names terms to remember Anyway, this book is about a girl named Emily whose mom named Destiny And then there is this alternate world with school for magicians, kinda like Hogwarts yes In the beginni [...]

  24. Okay, So I think I can give this 3 to 3.5 stars but I can easily see how someone can give it 1 star strange but read on.If you liked Harry Potter you may hate this book This book takes so much from Harry Potter you may find yourself not liking it based on that alone Basically, this book is not original I loved the Potter books and they were the books that got me into reading I had to get past the Harry Potter knock off parts of this book before I could even think about liking it So if you can ge [...]

  25. There are two parts to this book There is this part where you have this kid going and learning in magic school That part is good, there is a fair story arc, the magic system seems to be at minimum thought out The other part is this kid that having just been ripped from one world is completely fine with it, and even over analyzes how she is going to modernize this world with weird and strange things from her old life This part really brings down the actual story It makes it feel like the characte [...]

  26. This is a basically a personal review of the series I read so far The first book isn t the best fantasy novel I have read however it lays the foundation for better books in the series If you don t keep going, you may dismiss the series as a Harry Potter clone, but Christopher Nuttall has a good attention to detail and world building so the series has its own unique flair if you have patience The later books pick up and Emily and her companions are filled out and become believable characters The [...]

  27. It s the school based magic story that schools other school based magic stories or thinks it does , Schooled in Magic This book dares to do what others like it have rarely done before give an in depth look on the criteria of magic and how it works How s it handled Well, let s take a look.The story is of a young nerd named Emily Emily is sad because she has a verbally abusive stepdad and a constantly drunk mom and hates school because it doesn t teach her anything useful Quite out of nowhere, Emi [...]

  28. If you took Harry Potter and made it practical and down to earth Feels like the author has either a strong background in programming or a good interest in it I enjoyed the idea that spells would be built up by parts with a starting point, multiple aspects of the spell and an ending point.It obviously came out after Harry Potter because it has quite a few references spattered throughout its pages I think i like this way of thinking better because in HP it was just memorize this spell and swish a [...]

  29. Love itI originally chose to listen to this book because I love Tavia Gilbert as a narrator And she did not disappoint Tavia did a fantastic job.The book itself was good The story line was great but it was just a few little items that brought it down Chapter 1 was really the most awkward chapter but then it got into a rhythm and the story flowed from there Plus you can tell a man wrote this book There is just a few examples where you go that is not how a woman girl would do that It tells a story [...]

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