î Rain ✓ Shaun Harbinger - Rain, Rain The closest Alex Harley has ever been to a zombie is on his game console Trapped in a dead end job and spending his weekends gaming Alex is coasting through life at his own pace But one fateful weeke
  • Title: Rain
  • Author: Shaun Harbinger
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition

î Rain ✓ Shaun Harbinger, Rain, Shaun Harbinger, Rain The closest Alex Harley has ever been to a zombie is on his game console Trapped in a dead end job and spending his weekends gaming Alex is coasting through life at his own pace But one fateful weekend he agrees to go hiking with his pal Mike Mike s girlfriend Elena is bringing her friend Lucy along and that is good enough reason for Alex to endure gruelling hikes aThe closest Alex Harley î Rain ✓ Shaun Harbinger - Rain, Rain The closest Alex Harley has ever been to a zombie is on his game console Trapped in a dead end job and spending his weekends gaming Alex is coasting through life at his own pace But one fateful weeke
  • î Rain ✓ Shaun Harbinger
    168 Shaun Harbinger

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  1. Shaun Harbinger Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Rain book, this is one of the most wanted Shaun Harbinger author readers around the world.

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  1. Where can I start I m sorry, what was that I can t hear you over how awesome this book is Alex, Mike, Elena, and Lucy go camping for the weekend But what they find is not what they were expecting They are in a state of disbelief, but that can t last long, or they won t live past Monday Alex and Lucy lead the way, but will they all find a way to survive Will they find the will Alex is just like your average British male Overweight, and an avid gamer He has family He has a job, just like you and m [...]

  2. What s it about A group of friends decided to go camping and then the zombie apocalypse happens and they do some stuff Mostly oggle women What did I think This book could have actually been kinda all right Well, for a 2 ebook It was somewhat fast paced, even if there actually weren t many zombies It could have been okay I would have maybe enjoyed it if it wasn t for the all the sexism I mean, geez the two guys in this book were basically zombies who craved girl flesh Our main character, Alex, is [...]

  3. Rain was a book I started reading on a whim the other day I knew I wanted to read a Zombie story but I didn t necessarily want to touch something I had been putting off for awhile Boy was I glad I decided to settle on this one Not only was the story fast paced and engrossing but the story overall was just plain good and here s why First off, I loved the main character Alex It s always nice when an Author allows us readers to follow real people in their stories vs macho men or in some cases women [...]

  4. This was it The end Something had happened to finally put an end to society as we knew it This was real.Game over Zombies Sweet, beautiful, decaying zombies My life has been forever changed from the moment I read my first zombie book And this book just added to my appreciation of those rotten beasts I enjoyed the way the author started the story Practically from the start he has the main characters out in the middle of nowhere camping without any idea of what is really going on They realize bits [...]

  5. I absolutely love Zombie novels particularly when they re based at home in the UK I couldn t wait to read Rain as it s based in Britain.Alex and his friends Mike, Lucy and Elena are backpacking in the Welsh Mountains when suddenly and quickly a virus thought to have originated from India infects Britain causing the living to turn into the walking dead Alex and his friends are thrown into a life and death situation on the mountains of Wales and after a few scrapes manage to evade the Army who wan [...]

  6. Usually as a rule I decide that once I get 80% of the way through a book I plough through until the endWith this book, I made that decision after getting about 8% of the way through.I never wanted to put it down If it wasn t for the inconveniences of work and sleeping I wouldn t have done Even now I m lying here at 4 00am after binge reading the last half of the book.Apart from zombie apocalypses being my thing , the storyline had plenty of other shining moments It wasn t all about zombies rippi [...]

  7. Set in the UK 4 friends are out on a weekend hike when the world turns to shit A brief announcement on The BBC radio tells everyone to stay inside and lock the doors that a virus is spreading That virus turns out to be some kind of zombie virus Alex, the MC, is a bit shy and geeky He normally prefers video games to going out His friend, Mike, is outgoing and athletic Along for the hike is Elena, Mike s girlfriend and Lucy, Elena s friend.We follow the four as they battle their way through zombi [...]

  8. I recently received an advanced reader copy of Rain A Zombie Novel.This novel grabbed my attention then refused to let go.It is a very rare read that keeps me up well into the night morning to finish reading the book rather than spoil the experience by picking it up later Rain A Zombie Novel was one of these rare finds.With realistic characters and experiences that tap into many peoples greatest fears loneliness, loss of our comfortable structure in life, fear of the unknown this book is firing [...]

  9. I was looking for new Halloween zombie reads, when I stumbled upon this one It sounded really awesome and I immediately went to get it read it.And I am glad I did that, sure the story wasn t always good, the characters annoyed me at times, but in overall this was a great and also very exciting read that kept me on the edge of my seat for several parts The zombies are creepy though I kept thinking they were just evil smurfs instead of zombie zombies, which I blame on the fact they are all blue, i [...]

  10. Four friends are on a hike in the Welsh mountains when the zombie apocalypse occurs All they can think of is to get away from the Army forces who are detaining all civilians in camps until they see who turns, and of course the deadly zombies The plan is to get to the coast to find a boat and safely plan what they are going to do next.It s nice to see a few zombie books set in the UK, where guns are in short supply and zombies need to be taken out in close combat Most UK zombie books seem to be [...]

  11. This book was won through Giveaways Plot 4 Stars This book didn t offer many twists and turns, no surprise Zombies that can talk or chew gum and run This book by Shaun Harbinger did offer though a solid book about zombies and surviving The Zombies I will compare to 28 days later zombies they were fast paced There, for me at least, was no slow parts This is in part though to the short size of the book but on that later Characters 3 Stars This was my only true complaint about the whole book Due [...]

  12. This was the first zombie book i readan actually liked This story is about a group of friends thatgo hiking and camping jn the mountains only to learn about a virus outbreak Mike, Alex, Elena, and Lucy begin a journey of survival Mike was so the jock of the group so he tried to lead only for Alex the gamer nerd to be the one to figure things out and keep the group safe There were a few twists to the story that i didnt see coming but overall it was a great read I am new to these zombie books so [...]

  13. A perfect one day read, RAIN is an archetype for the zombie genre while also utilizing original ideas Shaun Harbinger, your hero Alex was a funny, albeit dorky, guy, and he was the shining point of the novel The setting was unique, the plot took dynamic and unexpected turns, and the overall feel of the novel was a perfect mix of horror and thriller Nice read

  14. This book had an ok storyline, some zombies, and lots and lots of objectifying women It was a 2 Ebook, so I guess worth it for a light vacation read I wouldn t recommend it to anyone, unless they like their zombies with lots of boobs.

  15. I loved it, Shaun s story telling technique is impeccable and I enjoyed the old school horror style of Backpackers in the woods, I can easily give Rain 5 stars.

  16. ZombiesWhat can I say, I m a zombie fan I felt this was a good story with well developed characters The author keeps it to a small group that is easy to follow Lots of room to expand into the next book I look forward to good things from this one.

  17. Quick readI ve chosen four stars because as good as this book is s a little too short and simplistic Almost ideological in places It s a good read though.

  18. ImpressedReally impressed with this book Snappy little storyline with great characters and a very good storyline Great concept well told Looking forward to book 2.

  19. I gave Rain a 5 star rating because the book is very suspenseful and it is filled with action I personally love books and Tv shows with zombies in it so if you like zombies or even survival books you would defiantly enjoy this book A noise in the mist brought me to a halt I heard it over my music It had been loud Like someone falling over I took off my headphones and listened Another noise It sounded like a growl It couldn t be There weren t any dangerous animals up here What about a dog Maybe s [...]

  20. This book was pretty good and funny but only because the hero was a dork underdog Alex, single and trapped in a dead end job usually spends all of his free time at home, in front of his tv, playing on his game console But when he gets with a friend and two girls, with hopes of hooking up with the pretty gal Lucy he finds himself out of his element Hiking There s no joystick or head mic for this trip He s out of breath, aching, complaining and behind the rest of his buddies when something blue wi [...]

  21. Enjoyable if not outside of the safe zone of what you d expect from this type of tale.Four hikers, trekking through a remote region of Wales, square off against the ubiquitous zombie horde in Shaun Harbinger s Rain Rise of the Living Dead, a story that is pretty much exactly what you would expect from a post apocalyptic, zombie survival tale Flesh eating zombies menace a jock, a geek who honestly comes across as a bit of a creeper , and two sexy girls, who must dodge the undead, an overzealous m [...]

  22. 1 Platypire for Rain by Shaun Harbinger I m a huge a zombie fan and thought I would enjoy Rain While it did have a great cover, good synopsis, decent editing and based in the UK, this book was just not for me.In the beginning I felt the pacing was just off Everything happen really quick with not much of an explanation One minute a stranger on a hike came out of nowhere with an attack and the next morning the world basically ended The characters weren t that likable and kept making bad decisions [...]

  23. Life is never going to be the same.Four friends go on a weekend excursion in Welsh highlands Hiking and camping were the plans but it soon changed dramatically A virus, originating in India, soon spreads around the world The infected people turn into Zombies, undead with only one purpose infecting as many as possible This begins a flight and fight for survival.After the first few pages, I realized that I disliked three fourth of the story s characters Alex, Mike, Elena, and Lucy didn t know exac [...]

  24. Well, honestly, I accidentally got this book I was originally looking for another book entitled Rain and thought I had found it when I picked this book up I have say, I ve since read both, and am really glad I did I felt like it was a bit short, I m sure most people are probably saying the same thing I enjoyed the book and liked the fact that it wasn t just another zombies book that has been well played I loved the romance, and intrigue I wish I had gotten to know some of the characters before t [...]

  25. Alex and his friends are hiking the Welsh countryside when all hell breaks lose He s sure that the zombie apocalypse is beginning but his friend, Mike, doesn t want to listen, insisting that it s his overactive imagination from years of gaming They spend the night out in two tents Mike and his partner Elena in one and Alex and Lucy in the other It s not until the next morning when things really kick in and it s hard to ignore the signs in front of them.This was a good read and had an interesting [...]

  26. Hiking for the weekend With a girl you are attracted to Along with some friends Sure sounds like a fun weekend, that is until you realize the apocalypse is upon you and the zombies are attracted to you I like how the book started out and people had that general everyday That could not be happening thought process There has to be some explanation for all of this Well there is Eliminate all possible explanations and the one left is the correct one, no matter how unbelievable it is.The story moves [...]

  27. D j vu, time to review a plot we ve all been exposed to many times before A careless scientist brings a deadly virus back to the States kicking off a pandemic Our hero Alex and friends run the gauntlet of physical and emotional hardships fighting zombies, searching for safety, enemies other than zombies, and misguided military with outrageous solutions to the problem Three.pointve for the effort.

  28. We have Alex, Mike Elena and Lucy hiking in the mountains for the last day and a half Alex who is not used to hiking is hanging back since he is not in good shape While in the back somebody attacks himand he falls and runs to catch up with everybody else When he catches up he trie to tell them and they laugh it off and tell him he is crazy They have no idea that a virus is attacking the human race and will not rest until everyone is counted for.

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