[PDF] Clarity | by ´ Loretta Lost - Clarity, Clarity Her world has always been dark but he might be able to change everything Fiercely independent Helen Winters was born completely blind but she vowed never to let her disability keep her down She did
  • Title: Clarity
  • Author: Loretta Lost
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Clarity | by ´ Loretta Lost, Clarity, Loretta Lost, Clarity Her world has always been dark but he might be able to change everything Fiercely independent Helen Winters was born completely blind but she vowed never to let her disability keep her down She did not expect a traumatic event to devastate her life and force her to drop out of college Disillusioned by the cruelty of people Helen retreated from society to live by Her world has always bee [PDF] Clarity | by ´ Loretta Lost - Clarity, Clarity Her world has always been dark but he might be able to change everything Fiercely independent Helen Winters was born completely blind but she vowed never to let her disability keep her down She did

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  • [PDF] Clarity | by ´ Loretta Lost
    263 Loretta Lost

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  1. USA Today bestselling author Loretta Lost writes to experience all the love and excitement that can often be lacking from real life She finds it therapeutic to explore her issues through the eyes of a different person She hopes to have a family someday, but until then her characters will do nicely Follow loretta.lost on Instagram for cute photos of her cat reading books He refuses to cooperate unless they are really good books You can also subscribe to Loretta s mailing list for updates eepurl O0WTLYou will receive a FREE book as a gift for signing up Connect on Facebook facebook LorettaLost

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  1. FREE on US today 11 25 2014 BLURB Fiercely independent Helen Winters was born completely blind, but she vowed never to let her disability keep her down She did not expect a traumatic event to devastate her life and force her to drop out of college Disillusioned by the cruelty of people, Helen retreated from society to live by herself as a reclusive writer in the woods where no one could ever hurt her again.When a brilliant young doctor shows up on her doorstep, promising her that his new researc [...]

  2. Review at Laura in BooklandHelen Winters was born completely blind, however, she has always been independent She didn t like using her cane because she felt like it broadcasted her disability to the world She also didn t have a dog or any sort of help to make her life easier The beginning of the book shows Helen lost in a staircase in her college A man decides to be nice and help her find her class Unfortunately she figures out way to late that he does not have good intentions Obviously being bl [...]

  3. DNF 10%I ve never DNF d anything this quickly before, but good grief, this book is terrible The writing is so bad and seriously GTFO of here with that prologue.

  4. 4.5 star ratingReview copy provided by Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for a honest review and feedback.Reading Clarity was like seeing something extraordinary happening, like the first time a bird flies It was so touching and beautiful and charming, and is absolutely recommended to everyone, young or old.What can I say I absolutely adored this book and I ll remember it forever It is such an unique heart breaking moving story Colour me surprised Seriously Right from the first chapter, moving even [...]

  5. Well the beginning went in a direction I really wasn t anticipating The problem was, it really had nothing to do with anything other than it became the reason behind Helen secluding herself away from humanity.Helen had a tendency to act like a person who could see She looks down to cover her embarrassment I stare in surprise for a moment She somehow knows when Carmen is reaching for her phone and she moves out of the way.Helen went from wide awake to needing a nap in the same conversation.Liam i [...]

  6. Well, that was an extremely short book I swear I just read the beginning of a book and then bam the book was finished The ending was a complete cliffhanger The book just stopped as soon as it was getting good What else can I say There wasn t enough time to get to know characters or for a plotline to be established This was essentially the beginning of the novel that has obviously been cut up so the author could make few bucks.I will say that the prologue was a great introduction and the story [...]

  7. Clarity was a gripping story but the romance element sort of overpowered the rest of the content Nonetheless, I still really liked the book.

  8. Dear Loretta Lost, I am speaking to you about this crucial matter because it has come to my attention that you like to play with the minds of people I know this because I recently received your book from the publisher in exchange for a review This is that review I don t know how you did it How did you get away with this, Lost How the hell did you make me like Helen Because I liked her A lot I liked her so much, that I put her in my characters I look up to shelf on That is how much I liked her Sh [...]

  9. The prologue was horrifying but riveting It hooked me into giving the book a try But by the first chapter, the tone drastically changed Bizarre, unsuccessful attempts at humor clashed with the seriousness of the issues written about The characters acted inconsistently with the emotional, educational, and social background presented The plot moved at a fast pace via implausible plot devices It was a confusing read Without emotional connection to the characters, and plausible actions and dialogue, [...]

  10. Helen was born blind and has always been adamant about her independence When a terrible thing happens to her in her early twenties, she drops out of college and moves away from her family to live alone, away from society Content with her solitude, she is certainly irritated when a pair of doctors come knocking at her door, offering gene therapy to possibly give her sight view spoiler Knowing this was a freebie, I could handle the typos and tense mistakes though the constant moments where it says [...]

  11. Books are medicine for the soul They heal the eternal parts of a person If a person reads a good book they become permanently changed They can t even help it They can t unlearn what they ve learned It will always be with them 2,5 real.Sinceramente no tengo idea de c mo empezar esta rese a As que, como siempre, les cuento la historia Escuch de este libro gracias a los giveaways de , me anot porque el tema me parec a interesante y perd como siempre Bueno, resulta que gracias a una persona genial d [...]

  12. Please note that I rated the 2nd book a 3 star and am still yet to read the 3rd book Long time Freebie Genre Contemporary Romance Serial series.Cover 6 10Writing 8 10Heroine 8 10Hero 8 10Humour 5 10Hotness 0 10Romance 2 10Extra book Details Heroine POV 1st person Approx 150 kindle pages Free on.Recluse 25yr old Helen Winters, blind author extraordinaire, is approached by Dr Liam Larson, who begs her to take part in gene therapy trials in order to restore her eyesight Things go awry when she deci [...]

  13. Less than 1 star Could not finish and one of the worst books I ever tried to read I have read a lot of complaints about the cliff hanger ending I am so glad I did not get further along to see something even worse Though I do agree the prologue was gripping, After that, the book was worthless The prologue was not enough to bring the rating for me up to 1.

  14. CLARITY is about a young woman who is offered the chance to cure her blindness by volunteering to take part in a new experiment However, very little of this is mentioned in this book, as the story focuses on the protagonist s romantic relationship with her soon to be doctor, as well as her inner struggle in coming to terms with a horrific assault which happened years ago In the aftermath, Helen Winters must fight to regain her identity, as well as restore a close relationship with her family, p [...]

  15. Though the blurb doesn t sound too enticing, I took a chance a while back and I found beauty in the view of the blind.I loved this novel and would recommend this to my friends, my family, and people who like a little realism but, at the same time, not too many facts that they drown.Now this was a sort of book that was both realistic but it was fiction which made it a wonderful and happy read If you don t like CLIFFHANGER S and or short stories, I don t recommend though.have fun and enjoy There i [...]

  16. This was my second time reading this, but I think I enjoyed it a little bit than the first time.The first time I read this, Owen and Carmen really annoyed me I didn t find Owen so bad this time though, and he actually made me laugh one or two times Looking forward to reading the next one Overall, An okay reread.

  17. This is a book that honestly caught me by surprise, and not because I enjoyed it While I normally prefer a good old fashioned bloody adventure I like to think of it as a guy thing , I don t mind a good romance every now and then I can rather be a hopeless romantic Going into this book, I expected a fairly standard romance plot The guy and girl meet and fall in love through some odd and random occurrence of the universe forcing them to run head first into each other There might be a few heroics t [...]

  18. I got this free on It sounded pretty good so I thought I would give it a try Yeah it was just okay I was peeved from the very beginning when some jerk raped Helen, who is blind, and probably should have stopped reading But did I Nope After the rape prologue it takes you ahead 3 years where Helen is living all alone, in a cabin in the woods, 2 states away from her family She never told them she was raped said she was only mugged She ran away and changed her name Enter Liam and Owen, who are docto [...]

  19. 2.5 stars ARC provided to me by Xpresso Book Tours via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Warning This is a review of the first 3 books of the series No spoilers thoughI ve had a fairly nice time reading this series although to me it looks like just one story divided in three parts, and not really three book.What disturbed my reading was my rather cartesian mind kept reminding me that most parts of the storyline were just highly improbable.I found Helen s family reactions always inappro [...]

  20. ARC given for a fair and honest review.I found wrong with this than right Helen is born blind but refuses to use a Cain or Guide dog so she can have her independence That is a insult to those who have no sight or partial sight as these as there to give just that INDEPENDENCE Also someone born with sight loss would not think in this way.The author really should have done her research before writing about sight loss The opening scene has Helen not hearing a man approach She would hear him With on [...]

  21. I thought I would take a chance on this as it was a free read, I am kind of glad I did It 3.5 stars for me Helen, Is blind but don t let that stop you from reading she is brilliant She is a little insecure about herself but who wouldn t be when people are not always kind She struggles and shut herself off from everyone and everything.She is presented with the opportunity to see for the first time by 2 very persistent doctors, Own and Liam She needs a ride to the city so if they want to do test a [...]

  22. The beginning and ending of this was good, but everything else was a bit dull I m thankful that it was short Helen was an okay character, and i felt really sorry for her because of everything she went through I have to say that Owen and Carmen really annoyed me though This ended on a cliffhanger, so i will probably read the other books in the series in the future I m just hoping that they re not as dull in the middle as this one Overall, Alright read but the middle could have been better.

  23. I picked this book up for free without knowing it s a series.Honestly, it s hilarious Liam and Owen have such a great bromance that it left me cracking up I did have to roll my eyes at how self centered Carmen was being, but when you look at it in retrospect most brides have tunnel vision until they get through the storm.I plan to pick up the bundle of books 1 3, pending on books 4 and 5.

  24. Absolutely aggravating.The author does not appear to understand rape victims, or doctors maintaining professionalism, or even basic relationships The characters, even the heroine, seem shallow, and the entire plot is just not very believable I wasn t drawn in enough to seek out the next in the series.

  25. After reading Naksed s review I m going to stay clear of this one Shame It sounded so promising.

  26. I really wanted to like this book I like to find books where one of the main characters has a disability Especial when it s a visual one, I feel that much connected to the character As I am visually impaired I am NOT completely blind myself and currently use a cane for the blind and have use a seeing eye dog in the past That being said I DNF this book I m not sure if the author didn t research blindness or if her interaction with a blind individual was not a position one I ve NEVER come across [...]

  27. This book has about as much going for it as not It s a true 3 star read for me I liked some parts but I had problems with about equal as many.The good good characters Not fully fleshed out, but this is a short story, really, and there was enough to continue on and allow for information later The plot moved along fairly well The dialogue was moderately entertaining The ending wasn t as abrupt as I expected with such a short book There s a bit of a shock, a cliffhanger of sorts, which although pr [...]

  28. This is meant to be an entertainment drama book Also it s cut up into episodes three episodes I have some problems with this story mainly with the characters While there is a lot of drama and intrigue it still didn t make up for the other things in the story.Clarity revolves around Helen who is blind, and in college she was raped So distraught by this incident, she left without telling her family where she was and went into the mountains where for a few years she wrote books, and hardly ever spo [...]

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