The Summit

[PDF] The Summit | by î Gordon Korman - The Summit, The Summit Disaster strikes in this spellbinding conclusion to Gordon Korman s thrilling Everest trilogy Four kids are prepared to go into thin air in order to become the youngest person ever to climb Everest Bu
  • Title: The Summit
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9780439411370
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Summit | by î Gordon Korman, The Summit, Gordon Korman, The Summit Disaster strikes in this spellbinding conclusion to Gordon Korman s thrilling Everest trilogy Four kids are prepared to go into thin air in order to become the youngest person ever to climb Everest But they are not prepared for the challenges that await them as they get closer to the summit Supplies are low Conditions are extreme One of the kids is trying to sabotage tDisaster strikes i [PDF] The Summit | by î Gordon Korman - The Summit, The Summit Disaster strikes in this spellbinding conclusion to Gordon Korman s thrilling Everest trilogy Four kids are prepared to go into thin air in order to become the youngest person ever to climb Everest Bu
  • [PDF] The Summit | by î Gordon Korman
    203 Gordon Korman
The Summit

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  1. Korman wrote his first book, This Can t be Happening at Macdonald Hall , when he was 12 years old, for a coach who suddenly found himself teaching 7th grade English He later took that episode and created a book out of it, as well, in The Sixth Grade Nickname Game , wherein Mr Huge was based on that 7th grade teacher.Korman moved to New York City, where he studied film and film writing While in New York, he met his future wife live in Long Island with their three children.He has published than 50 books.

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  1. Series book 3 YES This series was amazing I loved this adventure series This book was like no other that I have read and the concept is still awesome and exciting for being over ten years old I had mentioned in my review of the first book that I would read this to second through fourth grade After reading the finally, I would reconsider this I would still allow them to read it if they wanted but as far as a read aloud, I would probably consider it for fourth or fifth grade I think that students [...]

  2. I think gordan korman is an extrordinary writer The last book was so suspensful that i wanted to read it all day He somtimes even got me speaking to the book like say nooooooo dont do it.

  3. so my words come from me and all of my besties This book was not the best and we were bored reading this we didn t really understand it and I guess it s because we didn t read the first and second book but honestly still no one of my friends liked this book but we did like the sabatage part the start was just really confusing and it didnt hook us overall this is not the type of genre or the type of text we like to read so yeah jp when did you think of writing a book like this, it amazing just ki [...]

  4. Four kids are trying to climb mount Everest, and to reach the summit One of the kids is trying to make the others not make it, but one of his actions puts them into danger This book if great It is one of my favorite books of all time You have got to read it, and if you do, make sure to read the first 2 books first

  5. I am probably the chillest person you will ever meet So now I am reading about an Everest expedition In Iowa In the winter It was a wonderful adventure series If you are trying to engage the male readers in your classrooms, Gordon Korman should be on you list.

  6. The series kept me on my toes the whole time I was surprised by the ending but even surprised that the author wasn t a climber.

  7. Well, I m done with the Everest series, and jeez, it was quite a series Okay, I did not enjoy the first book The Contest , it had it s moments, but to me it was just stupid The second one The Climb was a fairly enjoyable read, some problems, but okay The third book, I have to say was pretty awesome I really liked the writing, it was very descriptive and made me feel like I was in the book with the characters Speaking of characters, Sammi was not around for most of the book, YAY cause I hated her [...]

  8. Excellent series for young people who love adventure and the outdoors If I were a kid I m sure I d have given it at least 4 stars.

  9. I liked the book because there was entertainment The reading age would probably be 6th grade and up They re climbing up Mount Everest and some people made it and some did not sadly Some other books from the same author are Dive, Island, The Titanic, and some other books of Everest Will somebody die on Mount Everest and have a funeral Read the book to find out

  10. The last installment in Gordon Korman s Everest series begins with thirteen year old Dominic Alexis on the cusp of setting a world record and achieving a lifelong dream he s about to summit Mount Everest, the world s tallest and most challenging mountain Along the way, he s overcome many obstacles his age, the fear of others that he s too young and too small to do this, and the physical difficulties of the altitude and the mountain He s made a few friends the Sherpas, his team leader, Cap Cicero [...]

  11. Kevin O Neil The book I read for this report was The Summit, by Gordon Korman I would definitely recommend this book to a friend because of the action, cliff hangers, and because of the suspense The first reason that I would recommend this book to my friends was because of the action One quote that I found with action in it was on page 68, At the last second, he saw in the light of his helmet lamp the icy rock outcropping that swung to meet him The torch shattered The universe went dark Another [...]

  12. Everest 3 The Summit, by Gordon Korman The Summit finishes the Everest trilogy, an explosive, action packed tale of four youngsters who are trying to be the youngest climbers ever to summit Everest The competition between Dominic, Perry, Sammi, and Tilt was fierce in the previous two books, but now it s even cutthroat Readers know that Tilt will stop at nothing to be the youngest climber on Everest, and for him to do that, Dominic must be stopped In his sabotage, Tilt violates every unwritten r [...]

  13. This was a gripping trilogy Unfortunately spoiler alert the action and suspense at the end of book three left me wanting about what the survivors went through after returning to reality I was surprised that I predicted the end in terms of who didn t make it, though I didn t quite predict how and kept expecting some sort of different twist I found myself wishing the story was told from Dominic s POV close personal third rather than omniscient I cheered for the two teens last down the mountain, [...]

  14. This last book was terribly good Bad good What happened to Was so, so, traumitizing I have an active imagination, so the death scene was SO vivid and terrifying, I ve had nightmares about it and still think about it months later The writing made you feel like you were the one dying, feeling the warmth that would kill you, the pain and cold slipping away, thinking you ll take a little nap on Mt Everest, thinking you ll wake up soon or later but you never will DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART [...]

  15. This book is about a group of guys that want to clim mount Everest and there is a kid that would be the youngest ever to clim mount Everest Gordan Korman made a good choose on having moltaple books because It made the readers what to read of the series because of the cliff hangers When I was reading the first and second books I was wondering if the group was going to survive Everest The books were very exciting but the third book was very sad and you have to read the books to find out This book [...]

  16. This was a good book It is the final book of the Everest series In this story four young climbers are ready to take another crack at the mighty Everest after their first summit bid was a failure After some rest the climbers are pumped and ready to go The only problem is that the climbing season is almost over, so it is extremely hard to find good weather conditions for climbing on the mountain Finally the climbers get there chance They hear that the skies will be clear for the next couple days W [...]

  17. Great finish to an excellent series that would be perfect for readers on a 5th grade level With equal characters boys girls I think it would appeal to both Disaster strikes in this spellbinding conclusion to Gordon Korman s thrilling Everest trilogy Four kids are prepared to go into thin air in order to become the youngest person ever to climb Everest But they are not prepared for the challenges that await them as they get closer to the summit Supplies are low Conditions are extreme One of the k [...]

  18. This book was a very interesting book with a happy and not so happy ending for some The book had a lot of very good description and helped me to visualize what was happening in this action packed book The one thing that I didn t like in the last page, it said how Tilt s mom thought that it was Dominic s fault that Tilt died I think that Tilt brought it upon himself and if he wouldn t have done that terrible thing to Dominic and eventually Ethan, then it would have been an all around happy ending [...]

  19. The difficulties of climbing Mt Everest are experienced firsthand by the young climbers from Summit Quest Dom is sidelined because of the Pakistani government s fear that he s too young to make it up the mountain Perry s fear of climbing is so great that he s on the verge of finally telling his uncle Even the weather doesn t want to cooperate this climbing season Cap has his hands full leading this group up Everest.

  20. I d forgotten how much I like this series It s really one story divided into three books for some inexplicable reason, and the novels weak points are the clunky recaps in books 2 and 3 along with clunky foreshadowing probably meant to compel readers to purchase the sequels Overall, though, this is a really strong story about drive and competition among athletes It isn t really funny, which I usually expect from a Korman book, but it s smart and intense and moving.

  21. This is a true underdog series Ther s a little kid named Dominic who s a great climber but is very small and has a brother who s the 2nd best climber in the country Dominic makes the climbing team and if he makes it to the top of the mountain he could be the youngest ever But can he beat the mountain and all of the nay shayers.Or will the mountain,and sabotage,swallow him before he has a chance

  22. This is a series that my kids read and really liked, I hemmed and hawed to get around to it and I have read them all in three days They are short, and not incredibly hard, but the story is intense About a group of young people 13 15 on an Everest expedition I have loved learning about the preparation that it takes to scale such a mountain, and about the kind of will power and strength it takes to actually make it a lot of people start the climb, but few actually reach the summit.

  23. These books are, on the surface, pretty simple and straight forward You take a bunch of kids with serious problems that they re usually hiding, throw them all together and then throw them all into intense natural environments And then stuff goes down But nevertheless, I really enjoy these books I did like this series less than the Island series, but they re still quite good and I ve read them each several times.

  24. this book is the 3rd book to the Everest series this book is about the Summit Quest group trying to climb Mount Everest and they face several challenges along the way like one kid got really sick then he came back to climb and they finally made it but they hit some rough patches along the way but they fought through and made it to the the top i really liked this book it taught me to challenge myself.

  25. I am so happy to have been introduced to this series by my third grader While I am now ahead of him in the books it has been a joy to read these together This installment is all about the Sunmit and how unforgiving the mountain can be Without spoiling it the team does lose someone and it is felt deeply by all the climbers These kids grow up and learn a lot about life Can t wait to finish my reading with my son but these were too good to slow down.

  26. This is the last book in the Everest trilogy I think it was a good end to the series It wasn t quite as good as the first books, but I still enjoyed it The characters developed and they each faced their weakness The end is sad, but each character had a chance to change and rise to the occasions that faced them.

  27. This book was a very intense book throughout the whole story I just wanted to keep reading because I really wanted to know which teammates were going to make it to the top of the world This was a very good book that I would suggest to read for people who want to be kept on the edge of their seat the whole book.

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