Knightmare Best Download || [T.A. Webb] - Knightmare, Knightmare What happens when two broken men collide And one of them disappears Marcus Prater has already lost one man to senseless violence He won t lose another Calling in all his resources former blue knights
  • Title: Knightmare
  • Author: T.A. Webb
  • ISBN: 9781301938292
  • Page: 177
  • Format: ebook

Knightmare Best Download || [T.A. Webb], Knightmare, T.A. Webb, Knightmare What happens when two broken men collide And one of them disappears Marcus Prater has already lost one man to senseless violence He won t lose another Calling in all his resources former blue knights on the Atlanta Police Department and his own experience as a Vice cop Marcus desperately searches for the new man in his life college student and rent boy Ben Danvers CaWhat happens whe Knightmare Best Download || [T.A. Webb] - Knightmare, Knightmare What happens when two broken men collide And one of them disappears Marcus Prater has already lost one man to senseless violence He won t lose another Calling in all his resources former blue knights
  • Knightmare Best Download || [T.A. Webb]
    177T.A. Webb

About Author

  1. T.A Webb is the writing name for the Mean Old Bear That Could He s worked with people living with HIV AIDS and with children in the foster care system for over twenty years, and took the smaller pay for the chance to make a difference for those who can t help themselves After hours, he s the proud single papa of two now three rescue dogs, was born and raised in Atlanta, where he still lives, and is a pretty darned good country cook.His sister taught him to read when he was four, and he tore his way through the local library over the next few years Always wanting , he snuck a copy of The Exorcist under his parents house to read when he was eleven and scared the bejesus out of himself Thus began a love affair with books that skirt the edge, and when he discovered gay literature, he was hooked for life.To reach him, please email AuthorTAWebb aol, visit him on Facebook at facebook authortawebb orfacebook twebb7813, tweet him on Twitter TomBearAtl, or visit him blog at tom webb.

One thought on “Knightmare

  1. AMAZING Just bloody Brilliant Tom Webb has delivered another novella that will have you totally engrossed in the action and continues the powerful plot from the first book that will have your emotions spiking, your heart breaking, Oh, and lets not forget another Cliff Hanger to deal with and I LOVED IT You are mine Mine I won t let anyone touch you ever again No one, you hear me Not Martin, not any fucking man No , Benjamin Are we clear Do you understand me No The world was quiet and everything [...]

  2. FIVE HUGE STARS Full review now upDRE MIA This book was just WOW I need book 3 like NOW, how am I going to survive until June Dammit I have a lot of things to say about this gem but in Spanish I can t make justice in my Spanglish but well, let s try Mr Webb did it again, yeah, he played with my sanity once again He s a sadist and he s going to pay for this, karma is a bitch just saying.This book starts with my Marcus desperate to find his Benjamin I just couldn t believe what happened, I mean, I [...]

  3. Interview with the author, T.A Webb over at Love Affair with an e ReaderOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG WTF just happened here Let s just start by saying If you are NOT reading T.A Webb s books you ARE MISSING OUT He is a MUST read Get on it Yet again, Mr Webb manages to pack crazy mystery, suspense, love, and emotion into this short novella and once again, leaves you breathless and rooting for the MC s Ben and Marcus so HARD The reader is put THROUGH THE RINGER and gets the FULL GAMU [...]

  4. Oh God, my heart is still pounding.MarcusBen.Oh God Mr Webb.have you ever thought about writing thrillers My palms are sweaty, pulse off the charts I so wanted to give Ben a really good smack, the little shit, for putting Marcus through all that torture, especially as he knew what had happened to Marcus and Jeremy I m not going into great detail so as not to spoil it for others Just to say, this was every bit as thrilling as the first installment, and I cannot wait for the final story, although [...]

  5. What happens when two broken men collide And one of them disappears Wow.what can I say word A.M.A.Z.I.Nr T.A.Webb, you did it again and like the last time I read one of your books, five stars is nowhere near high enough of a rating.Knightmare is the second part of a trilogy so for those of you who haven t yet read City Knight, go read it now For everyone else this novella takes off right from where we last left Marcus at the end of the first book, so we are thrown right into the action and the d [...]

  6. 4 OMGHe did it to me again Stars I was Mad at Ben.Hurting for Marcus.Heartbroken for Ben.Curious about Chance we better get a damn book about him.Worried for Jeremiah gasp say it ain t so but I think it is Elated for Ben and Marcus and then WTH All this masterfully written in a matter of 50 pages But I still have to ask again Why, why you do this to me Tom And now I wait and wait and waitPlease, please make the third book longer, and give us a kick ass epilogue too The heck with your job, my san [...]

  7. Once again I am left stunned Knightmare takes up where City Knight ends Once again Tom manages to take us on a roller coaster This sums up my emotions during this book I need book 2

  8. This book should come with a government health warning City Knight blew me away but Knightmare blew me away and then threw me straight into a twister I love this series Its becoming synonymous for its heart stopping cliffhangers and boy was this cliffhanger one one hell of a doozy I swear to god they just keep getting better and nail biting as the series progresses I don t want to go into detail because if new and future readers get bitten by the bug I d hate to leak any spoilers at would just [...]

  9. Felt so much anxiety while reading this amazing book.Marcus and Ben s story continues where it left off in City Knight Leading you to believe the worst has happened and all hope is lost The story was full of heartache and anxiety as to what may happen next and keeps you on the edge of your seat I really felt for Marcus in this book His pain of feeling another loss, broke my heart I understood why view spoiler Ben would choose to leave, but he still made me angry because he hurt Marcus hide spoil [...]

  10. Oh My Freaking God.I was privileged with the chance to read City Knight, Part 2 Knightmare.This story tightens the worlds of the Pulp Friction group by bringing in characters from the stories by Lee Brazil, Havan Fellows, and Laura Harner Just the bits written in Knightmare makes me want to find out about characters like Wick, Jeremiah, Archer and the rest of them.But Knightmare Wow When Marcus gives his speechwhen I found out where Ben waswhen they finally come face to face with.Oh My Freaking [...]

  11. Here we go Part 2 I won t give a summary of the story as I don t want to give any spoilers All I can tell is the story picked up right after Marcus arrived at the alley and found Benjamin had gone Again, I m at loss of what to say I love this story so much, mainly because Marcus and Ben They re both tortured it s painful to read what s going on inside their head And when they re together it s achingly beautiful, they re each other s rock Those men deserve a happy ending I won t have it any other [...]

  12. T A Webb, you amaze me When I finished part one of this story, I had a mind full of ideas of what would happen next Thankfully Tom has a much better mind then me I would never have come up with the brilliant storyline that was this book.Once I started this, I couldn t put it down Dinner was late, my children were ignored, and I was left with my mouth hanging open Marcus and Ben are now further entrenched into my heart and I am waiting for the next part of their story with baited breathe I have n [...]

  13. Turned out I was wrong with all my assumptions So I m going to keep my thoughts to myself this time Ha But just one quick question Who wants their own Marcus Please raise your hand Oh, another question Who wants to shake and slap some sense into Marcus and Ben s fear filled heads Yes, I know they both deserve it Can t wait for the next one And ugh Their moment at Ben s apartment was just SO intense

  14. Screaming my fool head off He s done it to me again This author knows how to make you become invested in his characters quickly, bring your heart rate up, you feel flushed and a bit warm and then begin holding your breath waiting for it, and then.Guess we have to wait for book 3 in this series SHIT So, in conclusion, this author must be good in bed since he s awfully good at holding your heart and breath in his hands.

  15. Marcus and Ben pick up right where they left off This segment is just as fast moving and edgy as book 1 We get a closer look at some of the other side characters that I m hoping we get to see of Just when things start looking up for these guys, the story ends and leaves you hanging Hate to keep saying this, but I really wish these were longer, as they simply just end too quickly Looking forward to the next one.

  16. Oh God these cliffhangers are killen me I so love Marcus Ben and Marcus buddies for stepping in to help Tom you rock cant wait for the next one 5 kick ass stars

  17. Was this exactly what I hoped, wanted it to be Yes, yes it was It delivered in spades This time Ben, with his personal demons nipping at his heels, walks out on Marcus Marcus is devastated He calls in every favor, getting a whole army to help him find Ben He finds Ben, but just as their future looks bright, Ben s personal demons come charging through the door Wait, what that s were it ends Just like the old fashioned pulp series, stay tuned for the next installment Once again, this is a gritty s [...]

  18. MINE.HIS THAT WAS FREAKING PERFECT I so much about this book, but what I loved most was 1 The ADRENLIN Rush.2 The action3 The writing style.4 The storyline Everything Except freaking clifhanger OMG

  19. I am fortunate that I read this minutes after I finished City Knight I bought it over lunch and realized that I left my reader at home so I sat at my desk, reading on my phone I was so lost in this story that I tuned out an entire office of loud college students, jumped when my phone vibrated with a message and was unaware that my Vice President was standing behind me reading over my shoulder If you haven t read my review of City Knight and heard me gush about the writing of T.A Webb, well that [...]

  20. Absolutely brilliant 5 heart stopping stars Well, this was most definately worth the wait I loved every single page of this book It had surprises, suspense, heat, angst and plenty of drama A perfect sequel to City Knight T.A Webb did it again I am always amazed at how much he manages to cover in so few pages Such a talent He manages to completely draw you into the plot and become so invested in the characters so than some 400 page novels I have read in the past.This book had probably one of the [...]

  21. Emotional minefield Vicious vortex Three words.Two lost and shattered souls come together only to be mercilessly ripped apart The throbbing conclusion from City Knight picks up speed and never stops Ben is missing Marcus is high bent on finding him He will not rest, he will not stop, and he will never give up hope Marc was dealt a cruel and unfair hand the last time he took a chance on love and he refuses to believe lady luck is back with a repeat of despair I was waiting for the explosion, prac [...]

  22. You know what I loved this book I enjoyed it than the first book in the series and considering the hugely enad response it s received from it s readers that s saying a lot Briskly paced but still delivers well rounded characters with emotional depth So very sweet and seat squirmingly sexy Marvelous Can t wait for the third installment

  23. 5 Awesome Stars GOD NO I Need Part 3 NOW Another superb installment about our Gorgeous Boys Marcus and Benjamin Please do write faster TomPlease.

  24. Jointly reviewed by TotallybookedblogGitte So Knightmare is the much anticipated book 2 in this series for me, seeing as Working It ended on such a horrible cliff hanger It begins right where book 1 ended so we haven t missed anything As this is yet another short read we are very mindful as to not say anything about the story as it would be most unfair to ruin this series for any new readers or those waiting to hit it on their to be read pile I fell in love with the brilliant writing talent of t [...]

  25. Un freaking believable To quote my friend Oh My Freaking God So intense So visceral So heartbreaking Marcus and Ben are back Ben freaks out over not being worthy of Marcus love and, yes, it s a plot we ve all seen before BUT, not written the way T.A Webb writes it so believable, so true.And, yes, T.A I know you gave a warning about the cliffhangerbut, REALLY Yep It s anOh My Freaking God

  26. Just getting better and betterSeriously, if you start this book, I would recommend that you have the next book ready because it leaves you hanging again You are mine Mine I won t let anyone touch you ever again No one, you hear me Not Martin, not any fucking man No

  27. I enjoyed book 2 This is shaping up to be a really great series Book 1 was too short but this book was just great.

  28. Tom Webb along with Lee Brazil, Laura Harner, and Havan Fellows have gotten together with a unique idea an called it Pulp Friction This is a collaboration of short stories, with each author characters inter twining within each others story line with the ever present cliff hanger for the come back for endings Each author writes their story and we the reader get a new release every two weeks with the four authors rotating We are reviewing this series every 4 weeks so today and tomorrow you will s [...]

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