Guarded Desires

[PDF] Guarded Desires | by ✓ Lexxie Couper - Guarded Desires, Guarded Desires Desire like this wasn t in the script Small screen sex symbol Chris Huntley is on the fast track to becoming the next big action blockbuster movie star When his latest movie takes him to Australia for
  • Title: Guarded Desires
  • Author: Lexxie Couper
  • ISBN: 9781619216167
  • Page: 397
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Guarded Desires | by ✓ Lexxie Couper, Guarded Desires, Lexxie Couper, Guarded Desires Desire like this wasn t in the script Small screen sex symbol Chris Huntley is on the fast track to becoming the next big action blockbuster movie star When his latest movie takes him to Australia for a red carpet premiere he thinks he s ready for anything But nothing could have prepared him for his raw carnal response to his Aussie bodyguard Sexual attraction to a manDesire like [PDF] Guarded Desires | by ✓ Lexxie Couper - Guarded Desires, Guarded Desires Desire like this wasn t in the script Small screen sex symbol Chris Huntley is on the fast track to becoming the next big action blockbuster movie star When his latest movie takes him to Australia for
  • [PDF] Guarded Desires | by ✓ Lexxie Couper
    397Lexxie Couper
Guarded Desires

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  1. Lexxie s not a deviant She just has a deviant s imagination and a desire to entertain readers with her words Add the two together and you get darkly erotic romances with a twist of horror, sci fi and the paranormal.When she s not submerged in the worlds she creates, Lexxie s life revolves around her family, a husband who thinks she s insane, a indoor cat who likes to stalk shadows, two yabbies hell bent on destroying their tank and her daughters, who both utterly captured her heart and changed her life forever.Having no idea how old she really is, Lexxie decided to go with 27 and has been that age for quite some time now It s the best of both worlds old enough to act mature, young enough to be silly.And silly she can be Just ask her husband who frequently has to endure her bursting into song whenever the mood strikes her, feeling him up in public one of her favorite pastimes , or rolling around in the sand with their dog a large mutt of dubious origins who causes almost as much havoc around the neighborhood as Lexxie herself Or squealing her way down the slide at the local park with her daughter Lexxie lives by two simple rules measure your success not by how much money you have, but by how often you laugh, and always try everything at least once As a consequence, she s laughed her way through many an eyebrow raising adventure.

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  1. 2.5 STARSChris is an actor, a sex symbol Every woman wants to sleep with him and he sleeps with them He is in Australia to promote his new movie Chris is straight and has never been attracted to another man Everything changes when he meets his new bodyguard Liev, who is bi He s attracted immediately to him, wondering how it will be with a man.I liked the premise from the start, a movie star falling in love with his bodyguard However, it just fell a little flat for me Chris was a little easy He a [...]

  2. DNF 60% for being the dumbest thing I ve read in a long time I was trying to stick this out cuz I m cheap w my audio credits but then Chris PA starts sucking his dick so he and Liev will realize they are attracted to each other Seriously She wanders around in skimpy clothes so they guys will think she s super hot but even despite that, they ll want each other Then she leaves a note for one mc so he ll come looking for her Then she sucks the other MC s dick so they ll get all jealous go to each o [...]

  3. A desire and need and hunger that changed everything Everything I absolutely loved this book it pressed all the right buttons and was just what I was in the mood for For some reason probably wanting to believe in fairytales , I adore stories where a famous person falls for an ordinary guy Ok, so Liev wasn t exactly your run of the mill guy, at least not where I hang out a six foot three bi sexual firefighting bodyguard but I m sure you get the gist.Chris is an actor with a high rating TV show an [...]

  4. I like this series and I was interested to see how Chris Hurley s, the sexiest Hollywood superstar, story would turn out.Well turns out that it would be a GFY tale Chris, heterosexual meets Liev, his bodyguard, who just happens to be bi sexual.d WOW.on sparks and erupt What, Chris getting turned on by a male No, really Yes, really This is such a funny and sweet read Lots of yearning, stolen looks and kisses, cock rubbing, hot and wet kisses, blowjobs MINDBLOWING r Chris Live that is I loved the [...]

  5. I wish I could rate the author s first M M book higher, but it was all about how awesome Bethany was and how she got the two guys together, not really about Chris and Liev working out their own issues as two grown adult men.

  6. OMG I just finished reading Guarded Desires by one of my fave Aussie author, Lexxie Couper, and it was AWESOME I love this series and the stories just keep getting better and better What I can t believe is that this is Lexxie s first male male story she s written If she did any better, I just might self combust or have heat stroke LOL All I know is that Lexxie NEEDS to write stories in this genre Damn, Liev and Chris were SO good together and burned up the pages with their smoldering looks, dee [...]

  7. I loved, loved, loved this book Such a sweet, romantic, sexy and hot lovestory That the characters are a Hollywood action hero and a hot sizzling Australian bodyguard just made it even perfect I m a sucker for the movie The Bodyguard so I just knew I d love this story And I heart stories of a first time for one of the guys And let me tell you their first time was sizzling hot Definitely a must read and even though Bethany is a tiny little bit annoying and really shouldn t have shown up in that [...]

  8. Chris and LievI liked Chris and Liev together I had some issues with Bethany though and the fact that she never seemed to go away Full review to come on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

  9. Damn this Aussie knows how to turn up the heat Another amazing story in the Heart of Fame series by Lexxie Couper This is the first male male love story written by this author and you would NEVER know it The sexual tension she builds between them is just the kindling to the fire that she sets for them.Be warned You will require a cold shower or two after or even while reading this to cool the flames Chris Huntly is the Hollywood actor that has a new young beautiful woman on his arm all the time [...]

  10. This is the kind of Erotic novel I ve been looking for I ve been needing something really dirty and I found that with Guarded Desires I don t read a whole lot of M M, but I gotta say, there is something so hot about a good sword fight This book was so hot that I m still having hot flashes just thinking about it I can t form coherent thoughts Know this husband reaped the rewards of me reading this book Multiple times This is also the kind of book I ll set aside for when I need inspiration Yes, I [...]

  11. I didn t notice any other books for this author as M M but wow did she nail it with this I am not a fan of angst or the will he questioning type of scenarios so this book was great I read it in one sitting, couldn t put it down in fact Highly recommend this book, as it flowed nicely, didn t have any editing issues, good steam factor and of course my HEA It is part of a series but most definitely a stand alone, without the long chapters explaining prior books,which was greatly appreciated as it w [...]

  12. I don t know what to say This book was torture for the first half of it and OMGS I almost abandoned ship but then it was such a nice thing that happened at the zoo or wildlife preserve or whatevs Then it just had to abuse my feels again till almost the end of the book rants.Very nice of him to stand his ground I have little sympathy for Hollywood Hmph.

  13. Hands down, this is your BEST series, Lexxie Couper I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Chris and Liev and that says A LOT, considering I LOVED Nick and Aslin beyond words, too MY GAWD, the chemistry between them was so freakin HAWT And they were just so sweet together LE SIGH

  14. DAMN Sweet, funny and SEXY as all hell No read the first two just to get a little background before reading this one This FAR surpasses them.

  15. 4,5 starsEven though I knew I was going to buy and read this book from the moment it was announced right after I finished MUSCLE FOR HIRE, book 2 in this series I started it with a healthy amount of trepidation Why, you ask Because it was my first ever m m romance without any m nage elements and without any female involvement in the romance and sex If you know me or have taken a look at my shelves you will see that this is a first for me and it is not without a healthy dose of hesitation that I [...]

  16. Absolutely loved this book And the narration was wonderful This was my first time with this author and this narrator and I devoured it I loved the Australian accent and his American accent wasn t bad either.

  17. Insta lust turned insta love This is a fun and sexy ride, with two alphas who kiss the hell out of each other and Bought from kobo

  18. Whew Sexy as hell and romantic in all the perfect ways The angst was fun as hell and the characters were just perfect together Gimme mooore I m so reading this again

  19. Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review5 STARSI love a good book high and that s exactly what I had when I finished Lexxie Couper s Guarded atruegemawardDesires First off man love stories are high on my list of favorite genres, I can t help it to me there is nothing sexier than two men exploring each other physically and emotionally and when they are hunkalicious well the visuals in my brain work over time That being said, I m always curiou [...]

  20. Favorite Quote Your cock is truly a thing of beauty I couldn t resist this book when I learned the premise is a famous actor who falls for his bodyguard Even better, the famous actor aka Chris Huntley has never been attracted to a man before Ooh la la.When Chris travels to Australia to promote his new project, he takes one look at his new Aussie bodyguard, Liev Reynolds, and can t stop the uncontrollable lust that washes over him Chris has never been attracted to a man before and this urge to to [...]

  21. 4 StarsA Live Your Life, Buy The Book ReviewOh wow That was HAWT Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner have nothing on these guys Chris is a TV star and Hollywood heart throb, twice voted Sexiest man alive He is in Australia as part of a promo tour for his action movie and needs a bodyguard Enter local boy, Liev Reynolds The sexual chemistry between these two guys is off the charts from word go Smoking hot Liev is bisexual Chris is totally heterosexual Totally at least he was But damn Liev is effect [...]

  22. 5 Stars All the Way I am a huge Lexxie Couper fan girl I fell in love with this story immediately I read the book in one setting sorry family Lexxie can write one HOT steam up the pages book Chris and Liev what a story Chris is straight and Liev is Bi sexual Chris is instantly attracted to Liev Live is Chris s bodyguard while in Austrailia The heat is on I love Chris He is somewhat angsty in the beginning but once he makes a decision about being with Liev its done He will stand by his man Do not [...]

  23. My Review Aw, I forget how much I love delving into Lexxie Couper s Australian books This was another great oned bonusis one happens to be an m m, which you all know that I love This book is about American a list actor and heartthrob, Chris He s in Australia for a week to promote his latest action thriller release and Liev has been hired to serve as his bodyguard Immediately upon seeing Liev, Chris feels something he never has for another man Up until this point, Chris has always thoug [...]

  24. Third book in the series and it was about Chris Rowan s brother and Liev, his new bodyguard We meet both of them in the previous book and I never saw this comingok we ll, outside the preview and book excerpts It was a coming out story that was so freaking hot, my kindle shut itself off from too much heat But that s Lexxie Couper, she takes intimacy the next erotic level of off the charts The fact that it was 2 men made absolutely no difference there was passion, anticipation, and flat out hot as [...]

  25. I completely enjoyed this funny, sexy, and emotional story Chris is your typical Hollywood heartthrob we meet in the previous book from this series Muscle For Hire Chris doesn t know that Liev had protected him from a distance in Muscle for Hire, and nothing has prepared him for his intense reaction when he meets Liev Now Liev, however, is comfortable with who he is despite the high cost of his decision to just embrace being himself He knows that Chris is one sexy guy, but he also wasn t prepare [...]

  26. I liked this book a lot than I thought I would I ve never read a M M book before but I won this one in a giveaway so I thought I d give it a try It was awesome Liev and Chris are HOT together, and their love story is incredibly powerful I also think that this is the funniest of the Hearts of Fame books so far I know right Chris is a total cut up and Bethany Chris PA has some great one liners The chemistry between the characters in this book is extraordinary all the way around I loved Bethany an [...]

  27. I bloody loved it There s always some trepidation from my part in all romances, specially gay ones The balance between partners, from loving to possessive and hurtful, can change in a single heartbeat and I m pretty careful with what I read because of it Authors tend to show one gay man as the woman and the other as the manly one and that annoys me as all hell too Relationships, like I said before, require balance to work in a healthy way, either it be heterosexual or not and it s important for [...]

  28. I found this story to be hot, sexy, fun, and a really quick read A great continuation of the characters that we have met in the previous book I actually found this to be a bit refreshing as it wasn t the usual hetero guy suddenly realizing he actually has a thing for men because the hot alpha male makes him see the light, then after they get together the guy tries to deny his true nature and the guy who already knows his preferences gets mad because he doesn t want to jump out of the closet imme [...]

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