Should've Known Better

Unlimited Should've Known Better - by Cassandra Carr - Should've Known Better, Should ve Known Better Sara Jenkins a math geek and hockey fanatic is thrilled when the NHL hires her as an advisor for the Buffalo Storm She gets to marry her two loves in this perfect job Sebastian St Amant is a young h
  • Title: Should've Known Better
  • Author: Cassandra Carr
  • ISBN: 9781301644254
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Should've Known Better - by Cassandra Carr, Should've Known Better, Cassandra Carr, Should ve Known Better Sara Jenkins a math geek and hockey fanatic is thrilled when the NHL hires her as an advisor for the Buffalo Storm She gets to marry her two loves in this perfect job Sebastian St Amant is a young hockey player looking to make the jump from the minors to the big leagues His lifelong dream is within reach but he needs to convince the Storm s management and coaches he Sara Unlimited Should've Known Better - by Cassandra Carr - Should've Known Better, Should ve Known Better Sara Jenkins a math geek and hockey fanatic is thrilled when the NHL hires her as an advisor for the Buffalo Storm She gets to marry her two loves in this perfect job Sebastian St Amant is a young h
  • Unlimited Should've Known Better - by Cassandra Carr
    194 Cassandra Carr
Should've Known Better

About Author

  1. Cassandra Carr is a multi award winning romance writer When not writing she enjoys watching hockey and hanging out online Cassandra s books have won numerous Best Book Of awards and her novella Unexpected Top was nominated in the E book Erotic Romance category of RT s Reviewers Choice Awards.She thinks the best part of being a writer is penning stories about love and sex while most others struggle with commutes, micro managing bosses and cranky co workers.Website booksbycassandracarrFacebook facebook AuthorCassandTwitter twitter Cassandra_CarrEmail AuthorCassandraCarr AT gmail

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  1. LOVED ITSarah is a maths geek a statistician Sebastian is a hockey player a rookie and at 24 ten years younger than her Sarah is hired by the NHL to work with the Buffalo Storm, the manager and head coach are sceptics Not only because they can t see how maths can help the team, but she s a woman When Sarah arrives the first person she meets is Sebastian, even though he s younger she s attracted to him But she knows that a tall handsome and sexy man like him would never look at her, she s also co [...]

  2. hould ve Known Better was pretty different from the other books I ve read from Cassandra Carr A lot of her books have this high heat level that will leave you panting like a dog in heat Should ve Known Better did not have that heat level It was entirely a horse of a different color, and I really enjoyed reading this other side to Cassandra s writing Don t get me wrong, there was some heat and some sensuality, but it wasn t the focus as much in this story as in others.Here is the story of Sarah, [...]

  3. Really 4.5 StarsIt s no secret I m a fan of Cassandra Carr s work I love her Cowboys but I have to say that her NHL players give them a run for their money This one felt a little different to the others as it wasn t a classic erotic romance but of a romance with steamy elements I thoroughly enjoyed the whole concept of it and it kept me engaged from the contents page to the back cover.I have a few tropes in romance which I adore no matter what The Geek romance is one of these but I ll admit tha [...]

  4. Sarah Jenkins joins the Storm NHL team as a Competitive Analysis Consultant which basically means she uses math to analyse the players, the plays and the opponent She works closely with Doug the video analysis guy On her first day on the job she literally runs into Sebastian St Amant, a rookie who isn t even officially on the team yet The attraction is instant with sparks and everything Sebastian is quickly in lust and does everything he can to get Sarah to go out with him but he stock answer is [...]

  5. I simply didn t like it.I ll give the impressions I got as I was reading The dialogs were like monologs One big paragraph of dialog behind another The author wanted to give the info, feelings, impressions, musings, all at once, making it of a big dialog instead of a conversation in which things flow naturally.I hated Sarah Yeah, I feel sorry for what she went through, but I got tired of the mixing signals, her taking on step forward, two backward, three forward, three backward I got sick of t [...]

  6. A contemporary romance centered around an NHL hockey team I could not wait to read it and I was not disappointed This story pulled me in from the beginning and kept me turning the pages While Sara and Sebastian immediately feel the chemistry, the romance takes time making it realistic and keeping me on the edge of my seat The author throws in some twists and turns which make the story that much captivating This is the first book I have read by this author but not my last I received a free copy [...]

  7. I so loved this book This had a wonderful storyline I just loved the characters in it Sport fanatics will love this A female math geek with some sex thrown in An ideal read on a sunny afternoon Received this from author in return for an honest review.This was my first Cassandra Carr read but it certainly won t be my last

  8. As a fan of Ms Carr s writing and a lover of sports romances, I was all over this one That the female lead was a math geek who had just gotten a job working with a hockey team, well my excitement knew no bounds because even though I ve never actually watched a hockey game, hockey romances are probably my favorite type of sports romance For the icing on the cake a strapping young hockey player as the male lead Having read and loved Ms Carr s Safe Harbor series, I couldn t wait to see what she had [...]

  9. I listened to the Audible Audio Edition of this book Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross s performances are always stellar This book was way intense than most of the books I have listened to by them, but I am pretty sure that has something to do with the serious nature of some of the subject matter I wish there were After School Specials like this when I was growing up It was amazing and uplifting even when the worst things happened, due in a large part, to the true emotions conveyed by both actors as w [...]

  10. Author Cassandra Carr has truly written an emotional gripping story that captured my attention right from the beginning I loved that the story centered around hockey players and the NHL which has become one of my favorite themes thanks to her However, this time the story doesn t just contain sexy hockey players, it also deals with a serious subject matter that happens to both the hero and heroine at some point in their lives and how they deal with it I adored Sebastian right from the get go when [...]

  11. Cassandra Carr scores again in Should ve Known Better Carr writes an absorbing contemporary romance that grips you from the beginning and does not let you go.Sarah Jenkins, a mathematics geek, just landed her dream job as a competitive analysis consultant for the Storm, a NHL hockey team Through the use of realistic workplace situations, Carr successfully portrays how hard Sarah works in order to prove her mathematical analysis can make a difference to the team I couldn t help but be drawn to Sa [...]

  12. This book is about a math geek who loves hockey and lands the dream job working for the NHL, Sarah Jenkins, and a fun loving easy going hockey player for the Buffalo Storm, Sebastian St Amant Sebastian falls instantly for Sarah but she is unable to trust men because of what happened to her in her past I had a love hate relationship with Sarah on one hand she is super sweet and amazingly tough but on the other hand it drove me nuts how much she was denying her feelings for Sebastian, because I ma [...]

  13. ugh sorry to all the Carr fans, but I can t believe I paid money for this book I was looking for a story with a hockey man and the little preview I read seemed promising, but this ended up being completely disappointing I can t believe I read all of it well, I skimmed a lot in the second half, but I got through it.Sarah got really annoying she had stupid reasons as to why she couldn t just openly date Sebastian and I forgot why I was supposed to care about her or her relationship with SebastianI [...]

  14. Should ve Known Better by Cassandra Carr is a really great hockey romance Should ve Known Better features Sarah Jenkins, a math geek who uses her knowledge of statistics to help the Buffalo Storm win games and Sebastian St Amant, a rookie player who has the hots for Sarah.I really liked how the author didn t have the two main characters hook up right off the bat Their courtship is slow but very interesting and to me realistic Cassandra definitely throws in some twists that were unexpected but m [...]

  15. Loved it Loved the fact that this wasn t you re cookie cutter HEA happily ever after romance where it s all sugar coated This one s not You ve got real world situations that some star athletes unfortunately have to go through and Should ve Known Better also shows how the people involved in such situations deal with it There is also romance and steamy sex scenes Read it I recommend it

  16. Starting this book, I figured it would be pretty standard, older, geeky, woman and young, hot, athlete, bit of worry about ages and then off to the races Yeah, this book is so much than that, although there is some of that in there, the story is amazing There were so many things that were dealt with and nothing was quite what you thought Our two leads have been through, and go through, a lot that is emotional, along with the physicalIt is a story that we get to see be born, falter, have its iss [...]

  17. One of Cassandra Carr s best stories She gets these characters right as they deal with timely incidences in their lives Sarah does not want to go public with their relationship which causes problems for Sebastian I like the way the situation was handled I thought it was well done and sensitively handled I could understand both sides though not agree with Sarah and her reasoning She needed to decide what was important When she did decide she almost lost what was most important I am glad they wer [...]

  18. Sara, a math geek, has landed the job of her dreams As an advisor for a hockey team Sebastian couldn t believe his luck to have been included in a great hockey team and prays to prove himself He would love a better spot on the team The two meet and they find their attraction for each other strong and undeniable Can they resist the urges or are they doomed to give in and potentially lose their careers with the team Normally stories like this make me roll my eyes One character or the other or both [...]

  19. Good readFirst I need to say that I love hockey stories That said, this is a good one The interaction between 34 yr old Sarah and 24 yr old Sebastian was very real older woman, younger man, one an analyst for the team, one a hockey player Big concern in how to deal with potential conflict of interest Serious secondary story about sexual attacks as well, very well handled.

  20. Posted shaynareneesspicyreadsspoI am a huge fan of Cassandra Carr and she warmed my heart with Sara and Sebastian s story I haven t read a lot of sports themed romances, but it s becoming one of my favorite genres Gorgeous hockey player falls in love with geeky math nerdre that happens a lot, right Well, us NERDS can dream Sara is living the dream She just landed the perfect job doing what she is damn good at, and it s with the NHL s Buffalo Storm She has always been a hockey fan and she is thri [...]

  21. As a fan of sports themed books I m happy to see another author creating a series featuring some sexy athletes Should ve Known Better has a lot going on amongst the pages, both physical and emotional, and becomes a journey full of highs and lows by the time we reach the end The romance doesn t fit the usual mold as the h h don t get together until the latter half of the story Before that is a long drawn out sexually tension filled debate of should they or shouldn t they It ultimately takes a tra [...]

  22. What a read Should ve Known Better by Cassandra Carr was my second sports romance that I read last week that really surprised me with how much I ended up enjoying it.Should ve Known Better is the story of Sara and Sebastian s unlikely love story I thought the romance between the two characters was fantastic The book was full of sexual tension and the chemistry between the two characters was piping hot At first I wasn t sure what to think of the main characters independently but I ended up really [...]

  23. I was excited to read this book not only because I love sports romances, but also because the title was very catchy If you enjoy hockey, statistical analysis of sports, and a nice dose of romance, you re going to enjoy Should ve Known Better Mrs Carr s writing style is clear, concise and the story is cute.Prior to reading this story, I didn t know much about hockey, but I feel the author did a nice job of weaving the sports theme into the overall story Actually, it was a huge part of the story I [...]

  24. The author gave me a copy of this book for an honest review Sarah has been hired as a competitive analysis consultant for the NHL team the Storm At first none of the coaches took her seriously She really had to prove herself She had to prove that she was an asset to the team She feels she is at a disadvantage because she is a woman Some of the managers just aren t buying it After several hours working with Doug, going over previous video footage, they figure out how to line up the team Once her [...]

  25. I would like to thank the author for the privilege of being part of her street team She is the reason I had the privilege of reading this story last night This story is different than her other stories that I have read, and it was definitely a great story to read TRUE STARS 4.5 out of 5 Really , time to get half star ratings included Sarah, our heroine, was recently hired by the NHL for the Buffalo Storm hockey team and she is out to prove her worth to the team On her first day, she bumps into S [...]

  26. Actually had as an audio book duplicated my review from Audible Loved it Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend If so, why This is a great book and looks to be a great series as well.What did you like best about this story I loved how this was a story of a Math Geek older woman getting a younger and hotter man Granted she didn t make it easy for him, but getting there is half the fun What about Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross s performance did you like Kai and Wen always do fantastic work and [...]

  27. Cassandra Carr never disappoints Having read several of her books, she is a must read author and one we highly recommend and Should ve Known Better fits right in there This steamy story of an older woman with a younger man is a journey not to be missed Sara is a down to earth character that is well nothing short of nerdy loved it She has finally landed her dream job and even though she is attracted to Sebastian, she takes her responsibilities seriously and can t have a relationship with a player [...]

  28. Such a great read, from the nerdy math geek female lead to the sweet hunky French hockey player, I was entertained from start to finish I loved the math element in terms of improving the players of the hockey team and enhancing their chances of winning, I have never read anything like that before.I felt bad for Dan, he seemed like such a sweet, nice guy and Sarah used him to try and get over Sebastian which didn t sit well with me I expect so much of Sarah though I suppose when you are staring [...]

  29. Hockey season over yay, Blackhawks I settled in to extended it just a little longer with a good hockey read Carr s book fit the bill nicely She writes well and moves the story along at a good pace The story itself takes place over almost an entire hockey season so there is no rushing into anything The characters and story are allowed to build over time I got to relive an entire hockey season from the comfort of my living room Oh wait, that s how I enjoy most of hockey season Despite a great prem [...]

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