Ember X

☆ Ember X ↠ Jessica Sorensen - Ember X, Ember X New adult paranormal version of my young adult book Ember Death Collectors It contains violence and sexual content Mature Content Advisory Recommended for readers due to sexual situations and l
  • Title: Ember X
  • Author: Jessica Sorensen
  • ISBN: 9781484020166
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Ember X ↠ Jessica Sorensen, Ember X, Jessica Sorensen, Ember X New adult paranormal version of my young adult book Ember Death Collectors It contains violence and sexual content Mature Content Advisory Recommended for readers due to sexual situations and language For nineteen year old Ember life has always been about death With a simple touch she can see when someone will die It s her curse and the rea New adult paranormal version of my young ☆ Ember X ↠ Jessica Sorensen - Ember X, Ember X New adult paranormal version of my young adult book Ember Death Collectors It contains violence and sexual content Mature Content Advisory Recommended for readers due to sexual situations and l
  • ☆ Ember X ↠ Jessica Sorensen
    308 Jessica Sorensen
Ember X

About Author

  1. Jessica Sorensen is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from the snowy mountains of Wyoming When she s not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her familyssicasorensenfacebook pages Jessica

One thought on “Ember X

  1. 2 starsI ve had this one on my kindle for a while and now I know why lol This book just didn t work for me Maybe I should of read the YA version instead But I can t make myself try that version or even try to go any further I didn t care for or connect to any of the characters in the book.

  2. I promise that I m not being dramatic or trying to be mean, but this is what I imagine wouldhappen ifan author were to trip on a shit ton of pharmaceutical substances while watching something like That said, I did keep reading While the plot twists are glaringly obvious, there s still this WTF element to it that s hard to look away from What s WhatThe blurb doesn t really tell you what you re getting here Girl sees people s deaths through touch It s a burden, a curse She has one friend, who s a [...]

  3. Couldn t finish this one I thought it was badly written almost as if the author had rushed through it It had a very overdone, melodramatic, and juvenile feel to it Not something I was looking for.A lot of the language and dialogue was extremely fanciful Not to mention, it was all about the raven Ravens abounded They were everywhere Not only as a reference to the actual bird, but as the name of Ember s friend it was also used as a descriptor There were a lot of raven feathers, too.Moreover, there [...]

  4. A Jessica Sorensen book Yes please What if you knew when someone was going to die For seventeen year old Ember, life is death With a simple touch, she knows when someone will die It s her curse and the reason she secludes herself from the world The only person who knows her secret is her best friend Raven Then she meets Asher Morgan He s gorgeous, mysterious, and is the only person Ember can t sense death from So when he pushes into her life, she doesn t mind.But when unexplained deaths start to [...]

  5. Much like the original story with the review but, the hot scenes oh wow I really enjoyed re reading this book with its minor changes Everyone is grown up in this story, but not much else has changed I will say that it has grown the flame that makes me desperate for the next book When When is it coming out

  6. I am confused, dumbfounded and breathless This was one hell of a story Creative, dark, emotional Ember, a girl that can see people s death by touching them has her life thrown upside down when two boys come into her life, Asher and Cameron Things get confusing and dangerous as she realizes that things are not what they seem This was a gripping tale Absolutely addictive There was just no way of knowing what will happen next Jessica Sorenson kept the suspense level on life threatening high through [...]

  7. Ah, what can I say about Ember X Well, for starters, it was bloody amazing even though technically this is my second time to read the first book in the death collectors series I m not usually a re reader because there are so many different books out there yet to be discovered, but I needed to read book two and three finally, and since I was buddy reading this with a friend and she had not read book one, I choose to give the adult version a go Let me start by saying I equally love Ember the YA ve [...]

  8. Another winner from Jessica Sorenson This book is deep, dark and smoldering I ve never read a original plot that had me on the edge of my seat I simply could not put this book down, nor could I put the rest of the series down It s titled Ember X for a reason it s deliciously X rated Jessica took this paranormal to a whole new level that hasn t been done before, and added a whole new type of smokin to the book I loved every minute Kelly, 4.5 stars

  9. This was so bad Just horrible, horrible, horrible This is what you shouldn t do when you write a book And the character s habit of not taking a shower was disgusting Did anyone else notice Gah

  10. Ember X is a new adult version of young adult paranormal novel Ember by Jessica Sorensen Ember, our narrator, has an unorthodox ability Whenever she touches or is touched someone, Ember has a death omen premonition how and when that person is going to die Tortured by these painful and horrific visions since in her town obviously no one never dies peacefully or from old age Ember shuns away from human contact With dead father, alcoholic mother and crazy artistic brother, Ember s only confidant is [...]

  11. This version the book is an extended new adult edition of the YA release Ember, but I found the new parts clumsy and ultimately unnecessary Which is not to say that I think I would have enjoyed the original YA version much better this book has a premise that has been executed better elsewhere.Ember can see your death just by touching you So she doesn t have many friends and has a hard time going out in public Parties, in particular, are hard for her, and forget about a boyfriend The she meets As [...]

  12. I made it about halfway through this thing.I think where I went wrong here is that I downloaded Ember X, which is the adult version of this story I think it probably does work as YA, but it was a complete and utter fail as an adult story, and the reason why is the author put absolutely NO EFFORT into making this an adult story She simply changed a word here, a word there, a few details and then BLAMMO Adult story.Did Not Work.Let me give you an example.When Ember first meets Asher, their interac [...]

  13. This book had its really awesome parts and then its meh moments But the fact that I couldn t put it down and felt completely spooked the entire time reading it says something What I liked The paranormal history This new twist on angels reapers was pretty cool I also liked the whole concept of the grim reaper and not knowing if he was good or bad The mysterious accidents and deaths kept me on the edge of my seat I m really intrigued about Ember s brother and after the cliffhanger I really want to [...]

  14. I have to admit, even when I reached the end of the book, I felt slightly confused Perhaps it s me Or it could be that there was just too much information cramped towards the end of the book that I couldn t quite absorb it So, there s Ember who can sense how people will die when she touches them.There s Asher mysterious boy who rescued her from drowning.There s Cameron another mysterious boy who she bumped into at the cemetary.One of them s an Angel, the other is a reaper and yet another is The [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this book Once again, the plot was unique and the characters were interesting except Raven, I couldn t stand her.Ember is the main character and she has an interesting ability She can see a person s death if touched by them Because of this curse, Ember chose to steer clear of people in general who can blame her She grew up without a father disappeared and a drug addict mother who blamed her for it Things got interesting when two handsome men showed up in town Asher and Cameron S [...]

  16. I really struggled with this one and I m really surprised I had high expectations for this book since I loved The Coincidence of Callie Kayden AND The Secret of Ella and Micha I was disappointed and left wanting .Don t get me wrong, the idea of touching someone and being able to see their death is crazy interesting I actually would have liked detail every time this happened You know, something than just brief flashes Maybe some sort of painful feelings tied to them as well Just Well, with thi [...]

  17. Originally found Black Lilies Are DeadlyRating 3.5Ember was a creative story I really liked the idea of the usual battle between good and evil being applied to Angels of Death and Grim Reapers and all other ramifications and decisions catapulted by this battle The book was easy to read and the pace was neither fast nor slow, which fit this story perfectly It also did a good job at keeping you guessing who was who what in it There were a few times when I didn t know myself and that doesn t happen [...]

  18. 4 Solid StarsI ve to say at the beginning I was very skeptical about this book the cover didn t attrack me and the story seemed a repeated one But I gave it a chance because I really like Jessica Sorensen writing style a lot, and I m so glad that I ve read it That book was fantanstic Let me start by clarifying that it wasn t my first book about death or that a young girl adult was drawn to death but I never expected such a great plot as in Ember The story line was originally and the details,just [...]

  19. This was a horrible book to start off the new year with The plot was weak and convoluted There wasn t any substance or movement to keep the book intriguing at all and the characters were horribly written.I couldn t decide if Ember was supposed to be written as strong or depressed and weak Her personality leaps around a bit too much to make a solid character Even when she made up her mind that she didn t want to do something, she couldn t follow through with the decision She was always coerced be [...]

  20. Ember is a girl who can see a person s death with the just slightest touch and only her best friend Raven knows about her curse Her world is turned even upside down by the arrival of two irresistibly mysterious boys, Asher and Cameron A dark and sexy twist on the old tale of Good vs Evil.This is the first book I ve read by Jessica Sorensen and I gotta say I m impressed Ember X is the mature adult paranormal version of her previously released young adult book titled just Ember This was a one sh [...]

  21. I know everyone says you should never judge a book by its cover, but honestly I came across this book earlier in my ever lasting search for the next book to read and even though the story interested me the old cover really threw me off That being said I am glad I finally picked this book up Ember is strong girl who doesn t let people get to her something us girls can always use She has had life never being able to fully understand why she has this curse Finally though she meets some one she can [...]

  22. She can see how you will die Ember has had to deal with the fear of touching people or she will see their death If that isn t enough to send people running, the fact that she was a suspect in hers father disappearance does not help Enter two new students Both equally yummy in their own way, Ember doesn t see their death when they touch, in fact all she can hear in static But with Asher she feels a since of peace in that static, like a white noise He s different and she soon finds out just how d [...]

  23. Es un 2.9 en verdad Alguna vez han sentido que el concepto de una historia es maravillosa pero el libro por completo no termina de cuadrarte Es exactamente lo que me ha sucedido con este libro Puedo decir que algunas cosas fueron muy predecibles y otra si me gustaron Hubieron escenas forzadas y cosas que hubiera preferido de otra manera Adem s, la mejor amiga de l prota se me hizo INSOPORTABLE e.e y muchas veces la prota tambi n ca a en ese conjunto Espero que el siguiente libro mejor porque s l [...]

  24. This was good I really feel like she is alone in this one A very different storyline, good never the less I liked the heroine Asher was a little wishy washy to me I knew Cameron was a wild card Raven, I need for you to let her go Mom, brother, wow She has nobody She is a sitting duck Hopefully the next one will gear to her getting a few allies This is a War she is bound to lose Help

  25. I got this book while it was for free on , while I haven t been particularly impressed by this authors books with the ones I ve read I thought this book has a lot of potential to be a really good story, it could use some editing and some plot hole filling as well as better character development but was alright I look forward to reading revised versions of this book in the future.

  26. So I read the Young Adult version, the author had the e book version of this story free on I thought the idea was unique, but I think if the author took time to rewrite the entire story it would have been better I felt like I was reading the same story all over again just with a bunch of explicit scenes tossed in Plus hiring an editor there were quite a few misuses of certain words.

  27. I ve had this book in my kindle for a while and what the heck took me so long to read it I m not sure I really enjoyed this book The Grim Reaper and Death Angels yes please.

  28. I really love this book, This version was betterThe plot was different and exciting I love Ember she was a great character.This book was awesome reading.

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