Deadpool Killustrated

[PDF] Download ↠ Deadpool Killustrated : by Cullen Bunn Matteo Lolli - Deadpool Killustrated, Deadpool Killustrated Deadpool has already killed every hero in the Marvel Universe but he isn t through This timeDeadpool s gonna take down the most famous characters in classic literature Why read a book when you can wa
  • Title: Deadpool Killustrated
  • Author: Cullen Bunn Matteo Lolli
  • ISBN: 9780785184027
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ↠ Deadpool Killustrated : by Cullen Bunn Matteo Lolli, Deadpool Killustrated, Cullen Bunn Matteo Lolli, Deadpool Killustrated Deadpool has already killed every hero in the Marvel Universe but he isn t through This timeDeadpool s gonna take down the most famous characters in classic literature Why read a book when you can watch a book die Tom Sawyer gets slashed in TWAIN The Little Women s throats MAY get ALL CUT Scrooge gets a visit from THREE BULLETS Gulliver gets a SWIFT DEATH The TDeadpool has a [PDF] Download ↠ Deadpool Killustrated : by Cullen Bunn Matteo Lolli - Deadpool Killustrated, Deadpool Killustrated Deadpool has already killed every hero in the Marvel Universe but he isn t through This timeDeadpool s gonna take down the most famous characters in classic literature Why read a book when you can wa

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Deadpool Killustrated : by Cullen Bunn Matteo Lolli
    102 Cullen Bunn Matteo Lolli
Deadpool Killustrated

About Author

  1. Cullen grew up in rural North Carolina, but now lives in the St Louis area with his wife Cindy and his son Jackson His noir horror comic and first collaboration with Brian Hurtt , The Damned, was published in 2007 by Oni Press The follow up, The Damned Prodigal Sons, was released in 2008 In addition to The Sixth Gun, his current projects include Crooked Hills, a middle reader horror prose series from Evileye Books The Tooth, an original graphic novel from Oni Press and various work for Marvel and DC Somewhere along the way, Cullen founded Undaunted Press and edited the critically acclaimed small press horror magazine, Whispers from the Shattered Forum.All writers must pay their dues, and Cullen has worked various odd jobs, including Alien Autopsy Specialist, Rodeo Clown, Professional Wrestler Manager, and Sasquatch Wrangler And, yes, he has fought for his life against mountain lions and he did perform on stage as the World s Youngest Hypnotist Buy him a drink sometime, and he ll tell you all about it.Visit his website at cullenbunn.

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  1. If I ever have another son, I think I ll name him Deadpool.Okay, not really, that s just silly Plus my wife wouldn t go for it Deadpool has entertained me than any other super hero and I want to pay homage to him beyond my older profile photo.Let s start with this book In a previous volume, Deadpool has killed every Marvel superhero in existence, over and over again And yet the writers, needing heroes to write about, keep bringing them back And he keeps killing them He wants this cycle of madne [...]

  2. The Merc with a Mouth is distraught after the events of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe as his battle to rid the world of superhuman heroes and villains has failed Deadpool understands that the world he inhabits is a fictional one and realizes that you can t get rid of present day characters as long as their archetypes exist So what s a smart ass mercenary to do other than threaten people smarter than he is to build a time machine to the Ideaverse so he can rampage through the literary canon [...]

  3. Tan distinto al primero, pero a su vez, igual de incre ble Lo am.La perfecta ilaci n entre El Quijote, Moby Dick, Sherlock Holmes, Tom Sawyer, Dr cula, El Jinete sin Cabeza, Mujercitas, Cuento de Navidad, Frankenstein, La Isla del Dr Moreau, Los Viajes de Gulliver, El Libro de la Selva, 20000 Leguas de Viaje Submarino, La Sirenita, Macbeth, El Cuervo, La Metamorfosis, Los Tres Mosqueteros y muchas m s historias con muchos m s personajes.5 Estrellas The end of everything it s kind of pretty.

  4. Following Deadpool s murderous rampage through the Marvel Universe, he decides to jump into the classic tales that inspired the comic book crusaders of today With a hit list consisting of Ebeneezer Scrooge, Captain Ahab, Mark Twain and many others, Deadpool is set to wipe the classics from literature s illustrious history.Deadpool is easily one of my favorite comic book characters and why wouldn t he be he s Deadpool, the merc with a mouth He consistently breaks the fourth wall, his verbal jabs [...]

  5. The world s biggest superhero killing douchebag is back, this time to eliminate your favorite characters of classic literature from the Ideaverse Not satisfied with killing off all the Marvel superheroes, Deadpool sets off to kill the very nascent idea of a superhero from the psyche of the universe in his striving to view spoiler find and kill The Progenitors in an effort to end his eternal torment hide spoiler The string of homocidal ultraviolence is well, pretty funny, actually But there s an [...]

  6. Vote 3, 5Not best Deadpool s story ever, but still not as awful as the previous Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe one Deadpool Dracula s Gauntlet is my most favourite one story of the character, so it was funny seeing them fight again here.And I really enjoyed a lot Sherlock Holmes League of Extraordinary Gentlemen kicking for good Wade s The ab normal reference from Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein was so hilarous that you can forgive Bunn for not knowing Igor was not in Mary Shelley s classic an [...]

  7. The other day my mother was commenting that I was the only teenager she knew who d read classics of any sort My sister rightly pointed out they were extremely difficult to read I have to agree with her It s like attempting to swallow rock candy whole First it gets stuck in your throat, then if you get it down, it lies about uneasily in your stomach Anyway, this book is what happens if you throw those two things together when a knowledge of classics combines with a healthy dose of mischievousness [...]

  8. To free yourself To free us all You must becometacidal That s right, kids Deadpool already killed the universe, now he s killing everything else You know, outside the universe The concept is interesting, in theory Metafiction and the fourth wall Much like Grant Morrison s Multiversity, only instead of saving the multiverse with other, you know, plots or whatever he s killing it I ll take a stab Deadpool has to kill his way through the multiverse ideaverse metaverse choose a damn verse already ve [...]

  9. Hrrrgh No lo entiendo asesin a Spider Man, Los Vengadores Los X Men soy solo yo o deber a estar teni ndola m s f cil con estos polvorientos cl sicos Quiz s es hora de enfrentar los hechos Siendo sincera, me encant Bue n si mo.Eso s , lean la Killogy en orden no sean tan in tiles como yo pens que no era necesario.

  10. Really fun follow up to Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Deadpool turns his attention to famous literary characters in an attempt to wipe out all fictional characters including himself Full review here

  11. Rating 5 5Continu m Killogia Deadpool cu un nou album care con ine 4 p r i Moby Dick, Aventurile lui Tom Sawyer, Colind de Cr ciun i Aventurile lui Sherlock Holmes Dup ce n Deadpool Omoar Universul Marvel l am urm rit pe Wade cum omoar to i supereroii lumii Marvel, acum am trecut printr un nou m cel, unul parc i mai mare Pentru a curma suferin a personajelor fictive pe care Deadpool le vede ca fiind blocate la infinit n ni te lumi imaginare, el se decide s omoare i personajele cunoscute din lite [...]

  12. I m not a Deadpool fan, but I wanted to give it a try given its use of classic literature Disappointed This book was strong on premise and potential, but it really didn t come through in execution It just seemed an unnecessarily truncated story Too bad I would have been interested in the fuller expression of Bunn s concept, which we have notes on at the end of this edition.

  13. 4.5 5Esta me gust mucho m s que la anterior encima sus referencias, hahaha TeamJacob En serio, Deady EN SERIO Muy bueno y la escena de Dorian la estaba esperando con ansias Lastima fue corta Te amo, Deady

  14. Citeste recenzia insotita de fotografii pe blog vanillamoonbooks 2Cu Deadpool am f cut cuno tin acum pu in peste jum tate de an, c nd cei de la lexshop au nceput s tip reasc lunar benzile desenate Marvel Now cu Deadpool, Iron Man i Thor i mi s a p rut de departe cel mai comic dintre to i super eroii pe care i nt lnisem p n atunci Dac n primele numere ale benzilor desenate am dat de un personaj care lupt de partea binelui, iat c n acest album am cunoscut o fa cu totul diferit a lui.Deadpool Killu [...]

  15. Killing off the entire Marvel Universe wasn t enough When it comes to murder suicide, Deadpool is going for a multi world record Let me be clear starting out here I love Deadpool He s my very favorite anti hero Snarky, irreverent, erratic, immortal, and freaking crazy As unreliable narrators go, he s the glorious epitome But this collection issue 1 4 wasn t quite a 2 star for me I already knew I didn t have much interest in the concept of Deadpool becoming convinced he has to kill off the Marvel [...]

  16. Ok, we do not need to go into how my dear little sister 33 , decided that MY Deadpool book was HERS to read first Nor will we discuss her sticking it down the back of her pants in order to try to dissuade me from liberating it from her person We are grown women, we are beyond fighting over comics unless it s Deadpool We both have a very unhealthy obsession with the Merc with a Mouth.So this continues the psychotic, fourth wall smashing to bits of self realization that began with Deadpool Kills t [...]

  17. Menudas agallas tienen las Mujercitas para golpear a Deadpool.De acuerdo, confieso que, entre las dos de las tres partes de Deadpool Killogy que he le do hasta ahora, esta es mi favorita Tiene un mejor desarrollo que la primera parte del Killogy, m s sangre derramada por cortes a de Deadpool dentro de las historias cl sicas de la literatura Moby Dick, Dr cula, Mujercitas y un largo etc tera y hasta un grupo de salvadores, encabezado por el mismo Sherlock Holmes, con el objetivo de detener la mas [...]

  18. Es raro equiparar con cuatro estrellas un c mic que es puro entretenimiento, pienso en otros calificados con cuatro y por ah este no est a la altura art stica de aquellos, pero vamos, que es si no la lectura en parte entretenimiento Y las menciones de los cl sicos y el planteo de entrar y salir en los universos de cada historia homenajeada me llevan a un c mic muy completo, mainstream de alta calidad con referencias que pueden ser disparadores de inter s a nuevos lectores en definitiva muy logra [...]

  19. You would think that killing classic characters would be a piece of cake for Deadpoolt at all A good way to spend your time

  20. No me asombra para nada que las ni as prefieran a los vampiros fluorescentes antes que a ti Yo, por ejemplo, soy 100% Team Jacob Amo a Deadpool.

  21. 4.5 starsI ve always been a sucker for smart mouthed psychos, and so Deadpool seems my exact flavour of super powered catnip Having recently had a major wibble on viewing the trailer for the new film and being far too impatient to wait until February to get my teeth into it, I decided it was high time that I check him out in graphic novel format My local bookstore offered a few variations, so I went with this, in which Deadpool takes on the classics It was the perfect introduction for me.Deadpoo [...]

  22. Para este punto ya le las tres partes de Deadpool Killogy y este volumen es el mejor Ciertamente los cl sicos son como los buenos vinos, entre m s viejos m s pelea dan y Deadpool se vio con muchos problemas para acabar con ellos, no osbtante aqu descubri que deb a deshacerse de macrocosmos para poder liberarse de su vac a existencia pero que igualmente necesita aliados para lograrlo.Es genial el hecho de que Holmes sea el encargado de detener a Deadpool, demuestraque con el no se necesita precis [...]

  23. No 1OH MYOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH No 2Que sanguinario es Deadpool, en serio.Pero me encanta sus comics, as que por consecuencia, me encanta la sangre No 3Te odio, Deadpool malo.Pero amo tus comics, lo siento JAJA No 4Me doli como termin todo Pobre Holmes ahora depende de l arreglar el ideaverso Deadpool lo nico que quer a da ar era la imagen de lo que un h roe podr a ser, o hasta da ar la imagen de lo que un villano podr a ser, porque partiendo de los cl sicos, nacieron los h roes villanos de hoy en d [...]

  24. ok bay ld m, ld m bittim diyemem Beni eken en nemli unsur elbette edebiyat karakterleriydi Ama hepsinin pat pat lmesi ho olmad Sevdi im k s mlardan biri edebiyat karakterlerinin ger ekten de yeni karakterlere ilham verdi ini biliyor olmalar Her d nce ba ka bir d nce do urdu u gibi her karakter de ba ka bir karaktere zemin haz rl yor Deadpool pek modunda de ildi bence, esprileri sarmad belki eviri sorunudur bilemiyorum.

  25. Si el anterior me gust , este lo am Me encant ver a estos personajes que han marcado la historia y como fueron ellos quienes sentaron la base para lo que ahora conocemos como los superh roes y villanos Este segundo tomo, me gust demasiado El c mo Deadpool va entendiendo el c mo funcionan las historias y c mo afectan a las personas, la importancias de estas puf todo Muy bueno.

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