Selected Poems

☆ Selected Poems ☆ Anna Akhmatova D.M. Thomas - Selected Poems, Selected Poems Brings together all D M Thomas acclaimed translations of Akhmatova s poems It includes Requiem her poem of the Stalinist Terror and Poem Without a Hero
  • Title: Selected Poems
  • Author: Anna Akhmatova D.M. Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780140186178
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Selected Poems ☆ Anna Akhmatova D.M. Thomas, Selected Poems, Anna Akhmatova D.M. Thomas, Selected Poems Brings together all D M Thomas acclaimed translations of Akhmatova s poems It includes Requiem her poem of the Stalinist Terror and Poem Without a Hero ☆ Selected Poems ☆ Anna Akhmatova D.M. Thomas - Selected Poems, Selected Poems Brings together all D M Thomas acclaimed translations of Akhmatova s poems It includes Requiem her poem of the Stalinist Terror and Poem Without a Hero
  • ☆ Selected Poems ☆ Anna Akhmatova D.M. Thomas
    477 Anna Akhmatova D.M. Thomas
Selected Poems

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  1. Also known as , Anna Ahmatova, Anna AchmatowaPen name of Anna Andreyevna Gorenko, a Russian modernist poet, credited as one of the most acclaimed writers in the Russian canon.Akhmatova s work ranges from short lyric poems to universalized, ingeniously structured cycles, such as Requiem 1935 40 , her tragic masterpiece about the Stalinist terror Her work addresses a variety of themes including time and memory, the fate of creative women, and the difficulties of living and writing in the shadow of Stalinism She has been widely translated into many languages and is one of the best known Russian poets of 20th century.In 1910, she married the poet, Nikolay Gumilyov, who very soon left her for lion hunting in Africa, the battlefields of World War I, and the society of Parisian grisettes Her husband did not take her poems seriously, and was shocked when Alexander Blok declared to him that he preferred her poems to his Their son, Lev, born in 1912, was to become a famous Neo Eurasianist historian.Nikolay Gumilyov was executed in 1921 for activities considered anti Soviet Akhmatova then married a prominent Assyriologist Vladimir Shilejko, and then an art scholar, Nikolay Punin, who died in the Stalinist Gulag camps After that, she spurned several proposals from the married poet, Boris Pasternak.After 1922, Akhmatova was condemned as a bourgeois element, and from 1925 to 1940, her poetry was banned from publication She earned her living by translating Leopardi and publishing essays, including some brilliant essays on Pushkin, in scholarly periodicals All of her friends either emigrated or were repressed.Her son spent his youth in Stalinist gulags, and she even resorted to publishing several poems in praise of Stalin to secure his release Their relations remained strained, however Akhmatova died at the age of 76 in St Peterburg She was interred at Komarovo Cemetery.There is a museum devoted to Akhmatova at the apartment where she lived with Nikolai Punin at the garden wing of the Fountain House properly known as the Sheremetev Palace on the Fontanka Embankment, where Akhmatova lived from the mid 1920s until 1952.

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  1. I wouldn t have been able to write this, had they been successful in silencing her art, for in order to censor these conscientious lines, Anna Akhmatova was called a nun and a whore by Stalin s cultural hack She was the conscience of Russia, and this frightened them She didn t escape after the Revolution she chose to stay and face the censorship of her work, the verbal attacks to her character, and the agents who followed her every move She hated being called a poetess, and yet, the introductory [...]

  2. WillowIn the young century s cool nursery,In its checkered silence, I was born.Sweet to me was not the voice of man,But the wind s voice was understood by me.The burdocks and the nettles fed my soul,But I loved the silver willow best of all.And, grateful for my love, it livedAll its life with me, and with its weepingBranches fanned my insomnia with dreams But Surprisingly enough I have outlivedIt Now, a stump s out there Under these skies,Under these skies of ours, are other Willows, and their a [...]

  3. by Nathan AltmanThe poems here poemhunter anna akhmatSilent flows the river DonA yellow moon looks quietly onSwanking about, with cap askewIt sees through the window a shadow of youGravely ill, all aloneThe moon sees a woman lying at homeHer son is in jail, her husband is deadSay a prayer for her instead from Requiem Huang Xiang

  4. My breast grew cold and numb, But my feet were light On to my right hand I fumbled The glove to my left hand It seemed that there were many steps I knew there were only three An autumn whisper between the maples Kept urging Die with me Change has made me weary, Fate has cheated me of everything.I answered My dear, my dear I ll die with you I too am suffering It was a song of the last meeting Only bedroom candles burnt When I looked into the dark house, And they were yellow and indifferent I, lik [...]

  5. I really enjoyed my first foray into Russian poetry Eugene Onegin notwithstanding with this book The translation succeeds in naturally conveying the simplicity and elegance of Akhmatova s style, with very few awkward moments, so the poems are easy to read Most importantly, however, in this selection you can see the transformation of a city and a nation reflected in that of a poet from a woman writing about growing up and living in cultured St Petersburg and the pleasant countryside, to a prophet [...]

  6. This is a selection of poetry from several of Akhmatova s collections, translated by D M.Thomas I picked out a few poems from this to read, and very much enjoyed them The only reason for abandoning this book was that I could not cope with the small print size However, I have have reviewed the first two collections of Akhmatova s poetry, Evening and Rosary , separately.

  7. Just a few of the poems that were my favorites from this collection, although there were so many .To an ArtistYour work that to my inward sight still comes,Fruit of your graced labours The gold of always autumnal limes,The blue of today created waters Simply to think of it, the faintest drowseAlready has led me into your parksWhere, fearful of every turning, I loseConsciousness in a trance, seeking your tracks.Shall I go under this vault, transfigured byThe movement of your hand into a sky,To co [...]

  8. AcknowledgementsForewordIntroductionfrom Evening The pillow hot Reading Hamlet Evening Room I have written down the words Memory of sun seeps from the heart Song of the Last Meeting He loved three things alone Imitation of Annensky I came here in idleness White Night Legend on an Unfinished Portraitfrom Rosary I have come to take your place, sister It goes on without end We re all drunkards here A Ride Nobody came to meet me So many requests The Voice of Memory 8 November 1913 Blue heaven, but t [...]

  9. One often wonders, when one hears everyone and their brothers spouting superlatives about a poet from a historically repressive country, whether the superlatives are based on the poet s actual work, or whether they re in some way based on the poet s admirable but irrelevant ability to perform within a culture that is repressive to the poet s art In some cases, the superlatives are justified, for example Vladimir Holan s stunning book length poem _A Night with Hamlet_, written while Holan was off [...]

  10. I decided to bring Anna Akhmatova s Selected Poems with me to France I wanted to like them than I actually did The translator, Walter Arndt, took care to render the poems in matching meter and rhyme The resulting poems in English feel rather dainty and dated, not the qualities that are usually associated with Akhmatova I thought of Edna St Vincent Millay while reading the translations More unusual, original, in translation, are her long poems Requiem, translated by Robin Kemball, is very movin [...]

  11. I chose this randomly because it was in the Russian literature section of the library, so I didn t know much about AnnaAkhmatova beforehand There was a brief history of Akhmatova s life and then a few of her most revolutionary centered poems I wish there had been a bit detail and poems This was a bit short when it came to explaining how she became involved with the revolution Her lovers and family were often sacrificed for the revolution, despite the fact that the poems were written by her Ther [...]

  12. There are many translations of Akhmatova, but, of those I ve tried, these by Richard McKane, in a large Bloodaxe anthology, are my favourites Because he doesn t rhyme, he doesn t have to force the sense As I can t read a word of Russian, I don t know how true the translations are to the originals, but they seem to be wonderful poems in their own right.

  13. As with all poetry, some touch you, some leave you saying, What Poetry is so personal, like religion almost I liked By the Seashore and The Guest , but I didn t enjoy all of them quite so much However, reading poetry is wonderful on a dark night and I did enjoy this slim book.

  14. Anna Akhmatova is a 20th Century poet whose body of work revolves around themes of time and memory, humanity, and the human soul, of which she bears hers clearly in her poems.I took forever to read all the poems the book which is really a quick read , but finally coming to the end with a reading of the last 2 and most celebrated poems, my initial reactions and thoughts are confirmed in my rating on this particular selected works book Some notes also, some comments were left during my reading of [...]

  15. This collection of new translations showcases five decades of her richly sorrowful work Her poetry, hued in saturated greens and blacks and whites, entwine memory and superstition to evoke the disaffection of living in early twentieth century Russia a longing for the past combined with a deep uncertainty and later terror about the Soviet future.Most writing about Anna of all the Russias focuses on the political context of her life and work and with the perfectly formed couplet husband dead, son [...]

  16. I was warned that Akmatova s poetry was quite an experience I have relatives who strongly dislike her for the contemporary way in which she wrote, while a professor of mine praised her highly I found her work to be quite heavy Now, some poetry manages to pick the reader up and make them get lost in the journal of emotional self discovery With Akhmatova, it felt like I was sitting and watching someone suffer but was unable to help or console them in any way There was a disconnection that terrif [...]

  17. I m moving this book to the read shelf because I ve decided not to make any efforts to finish it I ve read the whole book except the lengthy Poem Without a Hero at the end, and this translation is just so choppy and stuttering and opaque that I can t force myself to finish it Some of the short poems at the beginning of the collection, slight and untitled love lyrics, seem to have translated very well they have buoyancy and freshness and flow, and the sudden leaps of thought are exhilarating e.g [...]

  18. A little too sparse Being a bilingual edition, the book contains only 40 poems by Akhmatova, and though I enjoyed some of them, on the whole, I was left unimpressed It really could be the translation, by the former Poet Laureate Stanley Kunitz and Slavic scholar Max Hayward I had such faith in a translation by a poet of such a stature I can respect their decision to replicate, as much as possible, the rhymes in the Russian in slanted rhymes, as well as meter sometimes in iambs, and I m not sure [...]

  19. You suck my soul through a straw 1921 You live by the sun and I live by the moonbut one love is alive in us 1913 Terror, rummaging through things in the darkaims a moonbeam at an axe 1921 I will wander the silencedsquares like the city mad woman late 1940s You will hear thunder and remember meand think she wanted storms 1961 63 Anna Akhmatova is certainly Russia s most important female poet Her titanic strength as a writer and a sufferer must be admired, cherished, and praised universally not ju [...]

  20. Anna Akhmatova s poetry was a little complicated and harder to find the rhythm in, but when I did, boy was it worth it After I d finished reading this book I directly started re reading all my favorite poems.Something that kept fascinating me was how different her poetry is, both in it s voice and how they are written They ranged from feather light to raging storms and back again, sometimes all in the same poem Though I wouldn t recommend this to someone whiteout patience many times I had to go [...]

  21. I m not very good at writing about poetry, but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised to read a poet write so elegantly about life under Stalin without bashing the reader over the head with obvious messages and overt sloganeering She s very good at writing about other things, too I was occasionally distanced by not having a thorough knowledge of political situations and artistic works she used for shorthand references, and the repetition of imagery sometimes made me glaze over, but I m glad [...]

  22. And when in suicidal anguishThe nation awaited its German guests,And the stern spirit of ByzantiumHad fled from the Russian Church,When the capital by the Neva,Forgetting her greatness,Like a drunken prostituteDid not know who would take her next,A voice came to me It called out comfortingly,It said, Come here,Leave your deaf and sinful land,Leave Russia forever.I will wash the blood from your hands,Root out the black shame from your heart,With a new name I will concealThe pain of defeats and in [...]

  23. REQUIEMNo, not under the vault of alien skies,And not under the shelter of alien wings I was with my people then,There, where my people, unfortunately, wereSTEAD OF A PREFACEIn the terrible years of the Yezhov terror, I spent seventeen months in the prison lines of Leningrad Once, someone recognized me Then a woman with bluish lips standing behind me, who, of course, had never heard me called by name before, woke up from the stupor to which everyone had succumbed and whispered in my ear everyone [...]

  24. I didn t realise until now how long it took me to read this poetry book, an admittedly short poetry book As it should be expected, I didn t read it everyday or every week, I would pick it up and put it down and read a poem here and there Although it took me a while, I felt like this method was the best way to read it As I look back through the poems I read now, I can remember the times in the last few months that I experienced them and consider the ones that really stayed with me Anna Akhmatova [...]

  25. Includes Thomas excellent translations of the early love poems, and of the later poetry of persecution and lament The influence on the generation of poets that followed is readily apparent the question posed early on in the twentieth Why is our century worse than any other Is it that in the stupor of fear and griefIt has plunged its fingers in the blackest ulcer,Yet cannot bring relief Westward the sun is dropping,And the roofs of town are shining in its light.Already death is chalking doors wit [...]

  26. Powerful, heartbreaking, and full of truth Akhmatova certainly did not have an easy life including living in Russia during the Stalinist terror She also lost her husband to death and her son was sent to prison One can only imagine what that would be like She is able to convey the depths of romance and despair in a simplistic way, which conceals the depth of her meaning Interested to read of her in the near future Already madness has covered half my soul with its wing, and gives me strong liquor [...]

  27. I reread this delightful book the other night when I was irritated at my husband The translations are fantastic, and poetic in and of themselves I have read so many terrible translations of her work I also really enjoy the biographical introduction and his explanation of his philosophy of translating Notes are good too But nothing beats the poetry From Reading Hamlet to Poem Without a Hero and everything in between Akhmatova is, in my mind, the perfect poet Requiem still makes me cry

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