Dead Religion

[PDF] Download ☆ Dead Religion : by David Beers - Dead Religion, Dead Religion A hotel explodes in Mexico City killing thousands and all available evidence points to an American citizen Alex Valdez The FBI desperately needs to find him or if he s dead the reasons behind his
  • Title: Dead Religion
  • Author: David Beers
  • ISBN: 9781479234509
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ☆ Dead Religion : by David Beers, Dead Religion, David Beers, Dead Religion A hotel explodes in Mexico City killing thousands and all available evidence points to an American citizen Alex Valdez The FBI desperately needs to find him or if he s dead the reasons behind his attack before the Mexican government can Agent James Allison is tasked with finding Alex Valdez wherever that may lead What Allison can t know what the FBI doesn t understA hotel explo [PDF] Download ☆ Dead Religion : by David Beers - Dead Religion, Dead Religion A hotel explodes in Mexico City killing thousands and all available evidence points to an American citizen Alex Valdez The FBI desperately needs to find him or if he s dead the reasons behind his
  • [PDF] Download ☆ Dead Religion : by David Beers
    448 David Beers
Dead Religion

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  1. I used to deliver pizza I was pretty good at it, too I mean, it s not that hard, but if I m not going to brag, who is, right Anyways, so I m delivering pizza while I m in college, and my boss has been in the pizza industry like six years He s supposed to graduate from college this year, and I ask him, what are you going to do after college We re all supposed to go out and conquer the world right after college, so this guy has to have some kind of plan.He looked at me like I was delusional I m a writer, man Those four words changed my life so than anything else ever spoken to me I d always written, since I was twelve participating in online wrestling forums in which you acted out your character I wrote because it came naturally Never once, in the entirety of my nineteen years did I think that writing could be a career though, until a Pizza Sage said those four words to me.So what did I do I went home and wrote a short story and immediately understood that I was the greatest writer to ever touch a keyboard I brought it to the Pizza Sage and he told me what anyone could have told me it was horrible I might be dumb, probably am, but I m also tenacious.I spent the next seven years writing almost every day My first novel grew to the length of 40,000 words, then I threw it away My second novel grew to 140,000 words I didn t throw it away, but it was rejected about 50 times by agents My next novel ended up at around 55,000 words, which I showed to a few friends and shelved Then I wrote Dead Religion, which is the only reason I have an author page at.I have had four short stories published, paid and unpaid Effects May Vary won an award that was voted on by readers, which was pretty cool.I m currently getting my Masters in Business at the University of Georgia s Terry School of Business I m doing this in order to not deliver pizzas but still keep the lights on I have a girlfriend who will soon be my fianc , and after ten years, I imagine she s ready for that title.I want to own a yacht.

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  1. This spinechilling, creepy novel will have you glued to the page for hours with such feverish intensity, as you fall prey to a powerful hypnotizing narrative This remarkable, truly original story is just incredible and which has totally blown me away hence I am so excited by an author whose writing style is truly distinctive, that you could not compare to anything else This bloodcurdling, graphic horror thriller story is so intense that you will find yourself unable to avert your gaze, as unnerv [...]

  2. One of the things about young writers of horror that bother me is that they think horror has a formula Pick a monster, throw in some scares and gore, have hero save heroine or vice versa , and end with a shocker Many people that don t understand horror fiction tell me that it is because it is full of cliches and not original and I am afraid that they are often right A avid horror reader like me has to read a lot of crap to find the gemsor so it seems.Well s a gem David Beers digs into mythology [...]

  3. Dead Religion is told from two perspectives The first is set in the past and chronicles the terrifying events leading up to the destruction of a big hotel in Mexico City, ostensibly by the character we are following, Alex The second perspective is in the present, where an American FBI agent is trying to figure out what happened to make the hotel blow up, and whether Alex who is also American is to blame He has to find out what happened before the Mexican authorities do.Already, as a reader, that [...]

  4. Alex Valdez has spent most of his life trying to get away from a nightmare that has haunted him and destroyed his parents When Alex is linked to a terrorist attack on a hotel in Mexico City FBI Agent James Allison is despatched to find out what happened and why, before the incident becomes a major diplomatic issue He uncovers a history of mental illness, which started when his parents held an ancient blood rite to awaken a forgotten God This is part thriller part horror, told from several viewpo [...]

  5. I got so confused reading this book that I decided fictional Gods could do a better job of it Please welcome the Dread Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep.I received this book as an ARC That in no way influenced my review The book has promise, but I got so confused at the end I had to summon imaginary Gods to talk about it Take that as the best recommendation I can honestly give.Cthulhu at the bar of the Gods, where even fictional Gods hang out Hey, Huitzliopochitli, I decided to buy you a drink Come over [...]

  6. Review originally posted at Daniel J Weber CreatesA horrific tale of a man going crazy and a once Dead ReligionMature Content Rating R excessive profanity, violence, mature themes, and disturbing sexual scenes Who is God to you Hocus pocus cloud dweller Miracle worker Evil smiter Creator of all things Maybe he is some dude with a long beard and it s probably white, because if we can agree on anything it would be that God is old Does God even exist None of these are questions that I can answer fo [...]

  7. The re animation of an ancient god, Maux, has a painful and deadly effect on quite a few among the living The story is clearly written, and forces the belief in gods that pre existed our universe Worshipped and respected by the early Aztecs, the god is brought back to the world with blood sacrifice, and once it is back, the sacrifices must continue If this was a movie, it would be a 5 star, and the story itself is sufficient to create the mental images that will return at night to keep you awake [...]

  8. What happens to a god when the last of its believers are long dead And what if that god were a demon It may just wait, growing ever hungry Dead Religion is about such a god and those who would see it rise again to power and those who would stand in its way If apocalyptic could describe a writing style never mind theme then reading David Beers Dead Religion would be the template Every chapter, every event, every moment is world shattering and soul destroying It s amazing the characters can even m [...]

  9. The story started out great Past the 50 pages I stopped reading due to some paperworks I had to finish Reading Dead Religion the second time, I found myself confused and lost with the story and characters It was hard to remember things I have to admit that I rarely finish a book in one sitting since I work full time, school, kids, hobbies, etc So I need a book that I can easily connect with, without refreshing my memory every time I picked it up You know something like a tv series And sadly, Dea [...]

  10. I won this book in a good reads first read giveaway I would like to start out by saying this was one of the weirdest books I have ever read Not a bad weird but a good weird At first it started out kind of boring but definitely picked up, so if you start reading it give it a chance past the first 15 pages It bounced back and forth between different characters in the book, but that was what made it so interesting, you couldn t put it down because you wanted to know what was happening with the othe [...]

  11. David Beers is an incredibly talented writer There isn t much that I can say that will do this story justice I love Stephen King novels, as well as the horror and dark fantasy genres, which is why I picked David Beers book up when a friend suggested it to me, and I have to say that I was so impressed David Beers has one of the most unique writing styles out there He manages to entertain you, while scaring the crap out of you, while also making you think This novel has something for everyone You [...]

  12. This book was oozing unique There aren t too many authors out there that can do what David Beers did in dead religion It was scary, funny, filled with suspense, and drama, but it smoothly transitioned between them and as a reader I felt like I was fully connected with the characters, and it was easy for me to follow this book David Beers leaves plenty of room for the reader to use his or her own imagination, and that imagination is what he will then use to scare the hell out of you Pick this boo [...]

  13. Was a bit confusing at the beginning, but once I got into the book it all started coming together a bit Although I am still confused as to what the entity was Whether it be the devil a God, or just some Thing , I am not quite sure The story was full of suspense, gore, and and enough spine tingling horror that kept me on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen next I really felt sorry for Brittany in the story, I wish she would have lived.The ending was a bit abrupt leaving me w [...]

  14. At most I thought it was a mystery about Incan or Mayan Religion It turned to be a B rated horror story about the aftermath of awakening a dormant God It was self published, and the publishers name appears nowhere I think I see why.

  15. It had potential I was in suspense about the monster god, but never really creeped out Nor compelled to read I was hoping it would lead to something but not exactly The wrapping up of characters was good.

  16. Very scary and creepy However, it got a little predictable and slow in mid to last part of the book The ending was predictable, which sometimes I don t mind This time it was just sort of boring, knowing what was going to happen I was hoping for some sort of twist that did not happen.

  17. David s early writingDavid does a good job moving the story line along Although some might find this rather morbid, I really liked it Give it a try you might just find a new author if you haven t already.

  18. Flat and not very compelling Not sure whether this was published traditionally or by the author himself either way, it could have used another or a first round of editing proofing to highlight the few strong elements, smooth out the many uneven areas, and catch a number of distracting typos.

  19. Great start enjoyed reading the book Only problem I had was reading most of the book already knowing what was gonna happen I will def be giving David Beers another read

  20. Wow This would make a terrific horror movie Don t read in the dark or alone or be sure all the doors are locked.

  21. Very graphic and gory I didn t quite get it, and I felt the ending was a bit forced like the author just ran out of steam and didn t know how to end it.

  22. If you are a fan of Stephen King, then you will like this book I think I may have nightmares for a while Good book though Seriously creepy

  23. Must readDifferent from anything I ve read before Very graphic, which I love when I read horror Can t wait to read from him.

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