Beneath the Willow

[PDF] Beneath the Willow | by î Jeremy Asher - Beneath the Willow, Beneath the Willow Jesse and Sarah s journey continues in Beneath the Willow the sequel to the heartfelt novel Across the Creek For Jesse Malone an architect in Chicago life has been anything but easy After losing t
  • Title: Beneath the Willow
  • Author: Jeremy Asher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Beneath the Willow | by î Jeremy Asher, Beneath the Willow, Jeremy Asher, Beneath the Willow Jesse and Sarah s journey continues in Beneath the Willow the sequel to the heartfelt novel Across the Creek For Jesse Malone an architect in Chicago life has been anything but easy After losing the love of his life six years earlier he is determined not to let love slip through his grasp once again Sarah Ramsey a business owner in the Windy City is struggling toJesse and [PDF] Beneath the Willow | by î Jeremy Asher - Beneath the Willow, Beneath the Willow Jesse and Sarah s journey continues in Beneath the Willow the sequel to the heartfelt novel Across the Creek For Jesse Malone an architect in Chicago life has been anything but easy After losing t
  • [PDF] Beneath the Willow | by î Jeremy Asher
    323 Jeremy Asher
Beneath the Willow

About Author

  1. Jeremy is an author of love stories emotional journeys that include love found and love lost, humor, romance, danger, and twists that leave the story and characters resonating with you long after you turn the last page Jeremy s love for life and family are a constant in his books Whether you re relaxing at the pool or curling up next to a fire with a glass of wine, his characters come to life as you get lost in his stories.Jeremy Asher is an award winning author of seven novels He lives in Indiana with his wife, four children, and soccer loving dog, Wylie When he isn t writing, he is coaching his kids soccer teams, acting as chauffeur for his 13 year old daughter, or binge watching The Walking Dead.

One thought on “Beneath the Willow

  1. Just as good as the first book in the series maybe a little better Jeremy Asher is an author I intend to follow.

  2. I could cop out and simply leave a one star review without commenting, but I think it is only fair to say why I am only giving this a low rating.I haven t read the earlier book, and as far as I was aware, this was a sequel, not a continuation of the earlier story, so I was expecting to be able to follow it without much difficulty.However view spoiler , in the prologue, Jesse is horrified to discover that Kate the woman he secretly loves is engaged And THEN, Chapter 1 starts some three years late [...]

  3. I read this series mostly because I absolutely love this trope Of second chances and enduring love stories over time And I love to support and read new works from new authors The writing is flawless in these books No grammatical errors, no choppy dialogue Chapters flowed well This author writes very well.As a romance story I found it a little hard to follow While we have Jesse s POV I never felt like I really knew how he felt about Sarah until the end I felt like his thoughts were always about K [...]

  4. This was a pretty good read, but there were some pretty major glitches in the plot that bothered me The 5 year old child had math homework and her hardest subject was science The night after they slept together they were going to meet so she could tell him she was pregnant Kate wakes up from a coma and has a long detailed and emotional conversation with Jesse immediately A lot of the action just didn t come across as realistic, and much of the dialogue was stilted I also remember wrong case pron [...]

  5. WOW Jeremy, I don t know what inspired you to write this story, but it has touched me in an unexplainable way I laughed, felt the emotions, and cried right along with each person in these two books This story is truely one of the best I ve read in a long while I can rate you rate you right up there with the likes of Nikolas Sparks I cant wait to read your next book.

  6. Wow That was an emotional roller coaster I loved it Only one left in the series This is an author that has pleasantly surprised me Can t wait to finish the series.

  7. Losing and GainingThis second book just completely hit the mark in this series following these two The author just grabs your hand and you move through so many thoughts and feelings right along with the characters.

  8. I finished the second book in this seriesIn a day Quick and Gripping read, loved it, can t wait to read the final book of the series

  9. Even though I didn t love Across the Creek, the first book in this series, I already had Beneath the Willow on my Kindle so I thought why not give it a go I didn t hate the first book, I just found in unremarkable This second book, even though it seemed like it would be the same story as the first but reversed, was much better I still didn t love it, but it at least seemed to have some substance The story starts off with Jesse back in Chicago with his fiancee Kate They go to get their flowers fo [...]

  10. Sarah and Jesse meet for the first time when they were in elementary school in Across the Creek, when tragedy strikes both families and they move away from each other They meet up again 10 years later, but circumstances and people prevent them from being a couple.In this second book, Beneath the Willow, they have a chance encounter six years later Both of them have changed during the intervening years They have concrete goals and are fiercely protective of and devoted to their remaining family m [...]

  11. I found this book for free on , but didn t realize until after I d already gotten it that it was a sequel It was a little confusing, going through it without knowing what happened in the first book, but there s enough back story given to kind of fill you in on Jesse and Sarah s history.I was surprised by how much I liked this book I expected it to be just another romance story, but there was to it than just the romantic relationships Each character meant something different to each other, and e [...]

  12. Jesse and Sarah s journey continues in Beneath the Willow, the sequel to the heartfelt novel, Across the Creek.For Jesse Malone, an architect in Chicago, life has been anything but easy After losing the love of his life six years earlier, he is determined not to let love slip through his grasp once again.Sarah Ramsey, a business owner in the Windy City, is struggling to keep everything together through a difficult divorce Her husband, a once brilliant attorney, is about to lose his career along [...]

  13. Beneath the Willow is Book 2 in this series by Jeremy Asher This was another free download from to my Kindle Thank you, I had thoroughly enjoyed Book 1, Across the Creek, in this series I was looking forward to Book 2 and I was not disappointed The same well developed characters are in Book 2, but some of them had changed a lot during the 6 year time span between the ending of Book 1 and the beginning of Book 2.There were lots of emotions running from happy to extremely sad involving the lovers, [...]

  14. I really enjoyed this two book series I was looking to read something a little mature than the YA stuff I ve been reading lately, so this was a refreshing change of pace for me Both books are really just one long story, so I m glad I was able to read them both back to back I loved the characters All seemed real and believable to me and I felt invested in their lives Overall, a very well balanced, thought out book It was clean which I really appreciated The only complaint I have is that I wish t [...]

  15. Sequels are usually not as good as the first and in this case, it is true again I loved the first book and I loved this one, but I always have trouble with seconds that have to re tell parts of the story in the first and this was no exception I found some of the things brought up from the first book to be unnecessary and I was disappointed with the storyline of the long lost mother being glossed over and not really reconciled All that being said, the characters got to me I related to them all I [...]

  16. I absolutely adored Across the Creek and feel in love with Sarah and Jesse especially Jesse I admit that I completely forgot to keep my eyes out for the sequel Beneath the Willow but when I saw it and I got really excited I loved this book even than the first The night that I finished this book I was up pretty late because I just couldn t find a good enough place to stop The ending gets pretty intense and emotional I never cry while reading a book but I couldn t help it with this one I hate to [...]

  17. As I was reading this book, I kept thinking that references to Jesse and Sarah s back story seemed so much interesting than the story that I was currently reading Turns out that without realizing it, I was reading the 2nd book in a series, and there is, in fact, a book telling their story Therefore I don t feel I can give a fair review, except to say that this is not a stellar stand alone book It is an okay book but that doesn t mean that the series isn t exceptional I can imagine that if I had [...]

  18. Sweet Little StoryAfter the last freebie I read, this one was such a welcome relief The story, one of love lost and found, was sweet A lot of background had to be explained and it was done rather well Is it an award winning novel Probably not, but it is one that, if you are a visual reader, you can see I could see Chicago, offices, flower shops, etc very clearly as I read Sometimes when I can see a story as a movie, then it becomes real.ese characters were real their lives were real.

  19. Is it just me or is Jesse turning into a self righteous pompous JERK I am truly starting to despise this guy if I had to read how much he LOVES one of them one time I will seriously PUKE its Kate.en saraen Kate and then SaraBLAH BLAH.I think he deserve to be ALL ALONE LMAOere I ranted and I feel better now but seriously he is rubbing on my nervesbut I am in this now, sooooo Book 3 here I come LMAOWhat can I say OCD wont allow me to not finish the series LMAO

  20. This book was just much too unbelievable Way too much happening and the ups and downs were a bit all over the place I didn t read book 1 this book came through as a deal and I didn t know it wasn t the first of a series I found Jesse and Sarah annoying for part of this book, before liking them, before finding them annoying Frankly I wasn t too invested in their relationship and that s not good either I m not saying it was all bad, but my favorite character died so that could be where my issue li [...]

  21. This is the second book in the Jesse and Sarah series and I loved it OMG grab the tissues for the last quarter of the book I was definitely not expecting that to happen I did get a little annoyed with Jesse with the back and forth between Sarah and Kate as both deserved better than that Loved how adorable Emma and Madison are, especially when Emma informed Sarah that she should be included in grown up stuff since she s been five for a while now How cute Hope the third book is as great as the fir [...]

  22. I downloaded this as soon as I d finished reading Across the Creek I was just too curious to find out the fate of Jesse and Sarah to wait Oh, this was a real roller coaster of a read This book made me do, something I ve never done before when reading.y At times, it was just heartbreaking so emotional Thankfully, Jesse and Sarah do get their HEAbut it took sometime to get there

  23. I read this somehow thinking it was set in the 1800 s and then realised my mistake through the mention of technology That said it is a story which could be set in any time frame and has that real life ups and downs feel about it and the traits of human nature Jesse has had a troubled life as has his brother He crossed paths accidentally with someone from the past an things get even complicated An enjoyable , light hearted read with that feelgood factor.

  24. Oh my gosh Bring your Kleenex The first 75% of the book is great Lots of conflict, things not going the way I wanted them to You know when you start yelling at the book, LOL Jessie, Sarah, Robbie, Kate, I loved them all, but I was pulling for Jesse Sarah What happens in the last 25% had me in tears NOT what I expected at all I am not going to say , like Across the Creek you will LOVE Beneath the Willow Off to download Close to Home and finish this story

  25. Loved this book, this was such a touching story and couldn t put the book down I surprised myself by reading the first and second book in the same day Was not disappointed at all I felt the emotions of the character strongly throughout the story This book was well written, and it was such a good love story It s not a typical romance novel this book is so much and I enjoyed it Overall I was very pleased with this book and look forward to reading from this author.

  26. A Willow tree always reminds me Beneath the Willow is written by Jeremy Asher The willow tree is called a weeping willow for a reason This story reminds me of those weeping leaves, it s pages are filled with such sadness, deaths of ones closes to us, of rejections, lost love in our past and present relationships, spousal abuse, and the list goes on But the most damaging of all, are secrets that we keep.

  27. This was a complicated story I would reccommend reading the first story, Under the Willow, before reading this one I did not and will need to go back and get that one Mr Asher has written a very compelling story about second chance love with a lot of twists and turns Sarah and Jesse s story is heart rending and sweet and everlasting I did enjoy this story and look forward to reading .

  28. A little bit betterIt s been a while since I read the first book, and after reading the first few chapters of this one, I had to go back and re read book one This one doesn t stand alone I have the same comments about Beneath the Willow as Across the Creek Sweet story, not a lot of substance The gaps where important parts of the story are skipped over to be told as hindsight are annoying and detract I wanted to knock the characters heads together in frustration.

  29. Jeremy Asher did a wonderful job on the second book in the Jesse Sarah series It drew me in and didn t let go I couldn t put it down It made me smile, cry, angry, but most of all it made me feel I read the first book, Across the Creek, and immediately bought this one I read in every spare minute I could find and finished each in a day.

  30. This is a sad and happy story of the love between Jesse and Sarah It started when they were twelve Many things happened in their lives They met again six years later Life gave them many bumps, but eventually they reunited It was a very pleasant read I was drawn into wanting life to turn out great for every one in the story.A very good free Kindle.

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