Ô Venom ê Fiona Paul - Venom, Venom Love lust murder mayhem and high society converge in one thrilling debut Cassandra Caravello has everything a girl could desire elegant gowns sparkling jewels invitations to the best parties and
  • Title: Venom
  • Author: Fiona Paul
  • ISBN: 9780399257254
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover

Ô Venom ê Fiona Paul, Venom, Fiona Paul, Venom Love lust murder mayhem and high society converge in one thrilling debut Cassandra Caravello has everything a girl could desire elegant gowns sparkling jewels invitations to the best parties and a handsome wealthy fianc yet she longs for something Ever since her parents death Cassandra has felt trapped alone in a city of water where the dark and labyrintLove lust murder mayhem a Ô Venom ê Fiona Paul - Venom, Venom Love lust murder mayhem and high society converge in one thrilling debut Cassandra Caravello has everything a girl could desire elegant gowns sparkling jewels invitations to the best parties and
  • Ô Venom ê Fiona Paul
    146Fiona Paul

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  1. Fiona Paul is a pseudonym for author Paula Stokes NOTE TO READERS AND REVIEWERS Please contact me via email or twitter.If you re looking for a review copy of BELLADONNA, please contact Penguin s marketing department directly at YRmarketing usnguingroup Thanks and happy reading

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  1. 8.5 out of 10 This review on my blog Living A Thousand Lives please use Chrome Yandex browser or Android IOS to see the page otherwise, spoiler tags I use to make my post compact may not work Short Soundtrack Josh Groban All improvviso aIl Divo Ti amer Nino Katamadze Insight Once on the streetGenre historical fantasy, YA, mysteryStuff Renaissance Venice, forbidden love, maniac Fail some typical YA momentsWOW atmosphere POV 3rd person, femaleLove Geometry seeming, next to noneQuote Core You may s [...]

  2. Buddy read with Julia with the assistance of Katerina Girls, our all night discussions were the best time of my life Julia, your narration of Luca and Falco will stay in my memory forever I hope you ll quote them for us in the next book too Kat, I am glad you seduced me into reading this book I am looking forward to our next book sabbath party Actual rating 3.5 A blow to the head,if sufficiently sharp,can produce an indentationin the skull Results may be blindness,muteness, violent paroxysmsof t [...]

  3. Why do I feel like I ve just read the Twilight of young adult historical fiction I am not kidding, the only thing Fiona Paul manages to do right is adapt every single conceivable cliche from every second rate paranormal romance I ve ever been suckered into reading into this thing nominally set in medieval Venice If you re looking for an independent minded but ultimately hapless heroine, a ridiculous love at first sight love interest, shallow, predictable drama between the two, and a plot that ul [...]

  4. Pre reading All the way onto October Really sigh I guess I ll have to wait .CoverOh my God That cover is absolutely gorgeous Now, I don t know about you but I would buy this book just for the cover itself After reading stares at last page closes book slowly throws book across room WHAT WAS THAT So many questions.He did but she.d her has meltdown Proper review To see the review in its full awesomeness.ranalysis 201 Beauty, love, romance, and mystery weave together in a stunning novel that s seduc [...]

  5. Venom invites you to a rich world of mystery and intrigue set in Renaissance Venice It offers secret rendezvous in graveyards, masked balls and errant lovers mixed with absent fianc s With a premise like that, I could not help but be interested in the novel The cover, too, is beautiful and alluring.So what went wrong Many things, I m afraid This will take a while so bear with me I went to this author event recently where Kenneth Oppel presided as the main author in attendance He spoke about his [...]

  6. The premise is a lot successful than the execution The blurb drew me in, but I guess I had different expectations for the book I feel like the actions of the heroine was way too uncharacteristic for someone of her age and class I did not like the love interest at all, Falco is an arrogant asshole, and I couldn t see what Cass saw in him besides for the initial bad boy attraction DNF.

  7. This book could easily be summed up with four words Venice, mystery, murders and HORMONES Is it a bad thing Hell no Is it a great thing Not really It s average.There are lots of goods in this book and some bad, which makes it quite uneven and lower the rating to three stars.The setting was great Renaissance Venice Can you do better, really I don t think so Maybe it s because I ve been to Venice three times in my life and enjoyed every trip, the last one being only two years back, and the city is [...]

  8. Is it possible for a book to be underwhelming and horrifying at the same time Like many others, I was seriously anticipating Venom YA murder mystery set in Venice during the Renaissance How could that not be awesome I guess maybe if the main character is a privileged rich girl with a loving family whose biggest problem is that her life is too boring and she complains about it All The Time And if her love interest, Falco, is every girl s fantasy you know, the kind of guy who dresses her up like a [...]

  9. 3.5 stars While I did enjoy this book and loved the time and setting, it did drag on and bore me at times It was also a little predictable, but I did enjoy reading about Cass story I feel like I m already on the love interest team most people don t pick, and I m intrigued enough by the series and the characters to continue reading on

  10. I must admit it took me a little while to get into this book It is told in third person which made it difficult for me to connect with Cass at first Also the first scene is a funeral so it was sad and slow But have no fear because soon enough I met Falco and I was hooked Cass just lost a close friend and at night she likes to walk around the graveyard Weird, yes, but it is her way to have a little freedom and alone time, plus it s located right behind her house She visits her friend s crypt and [...]

  11. Four Stars A historical murder mystery that takes you to Renaissance Venice.Cass stands in the church enduring the never ending funeral for her deceased friend, Livia At last the funeral draws to a close and Cass seeks some fresh air Lost in a fog, she is unaware of her surroundings as she stands on the plaza near the canal A boisterous young man accidentally shoves against her, knocking Cass to the ground For a moment, she is lost in the depths of his blue eyes Quickly he pulls her up and runs [...]

  12. I was honestly super excited for this book thanks to the Renaissance Venice setting I mean, masquerades Courtesans Crazy maze like canals and streets and just Venice was a happenin place back then and now, let me tell you But even with a mundane plot, with a mundane, over used romantic trope I CAN T TELL YOU BC I NEED TO PROTECT U , love interest everything I still would have let it get off with 2.5 stars, even a three The prose is nice THe plot, oversimple maybe, but sustainable The dialogue an [...]

  13. Venom is one of those books that stay with you long after you read it I want to thank Around The World ARC Tours for allowing me to be a part of this tour because it was truly one of the BEST books I have read so far this year October is going to be the month of EPIC book releases and this is going to be one of them Cass lives in Venice with her aunt Her aunt has secured her a husband and Cass is waiting for him to come home from school to be with her He is not someone she has picked to be with [...]

  14. o to s ubuje vra du, ktor spust sled akcie, myst ria, udalost , z ktor ch budete lapa po dychu vraha nezn meho a pripraven ho udrie kedyko vek, ktor je bran aj ako v na hrozba z pletku, z ktorej tuhne krv v il ch podmanivos renesan n ch Ben tok nap tie a do konca aspo trochu autenticity o dostaneme z vy ie spomenut ho Ni ak ner tame absol tne nere lne romance hrdinku, ktorej sa za ali zapa ova l tka a z falo jej to nemysl tak, ako by malo arogantn ho kret na, ktor ma v dy prekvapil t m, e vie p [...]

  15. FINAL RATING 4.60 STARS CATCHALLI don t read a lot of historical fiction And usually, when I do, it has magic thrown in at one point or another As a general rule, historical fiction is not my favorite Yet somehow, Venom defied all those odds and found its way into my heart I just I can t even This book totally resonated with my and made my heart pound It was wild and crazy and insane and fun, and I loved every single second of it It amazed me and it thrilled me In other words, it was sheer perfe [...]

  16. Awww, YA boys I never fall for the one I m supposed to In Venom, Fiona Paul has created a great example of the kind of artsy, edgy bad boy that I just know the entire internets will soon be swooning over Falco is great, and I m definitely intrigued by him But you ll be reading all about him in a million reviews soon enough I want to talk about Luca From the minute I learned that our heroine, Cass, was betrothed to a guy she had known in childhood but who she dismissed as boring , I knew I had fo [...]

  17. I have to say wow This book is bombastic.It combines everything so perfectly, world building is amazingly designed.The tension between Cass and Falco is real, and you can feel it and just dive into it.It s good thing that Cassandra didn t stay the same young girl, that she has some personal and emotional growth I was very surprised at the end of the book, when she started to think kindly of her aunt.You can fall in love in Falco very easily From the beginnig you can feel tension between him and [...]

  18. So I am giving this one 5 stars Loved it It was a great story I loved Cass and Falco, and even felt for Luca as well, later in the book I will not give a blurb or description of the book because you can get that on and or Overall I loved the story and the descriptiveness of the characters, the beautifully described clothes that the ladies wore throughout It was a period piece, with wonderful descriptions of Venice, the opulence, wealth, and excess of Venice and the characters themselves It was b [...]

  19. An Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review Quotes pulled from the ARC may be incorrect and may be subject to change.Cass is an orphan, engaged to a boy she barely knows, she must marry him for her future Yet her freedom is within her grasp and she wants out of the restraints When she meets a new boy named Falco, and their chemistry seems to ignite at their first encounter, she realizes there s to the mysterious and attractive boy than he seems.I was so excited when razOrbi [...]

  20. If you re inclined to romance books, you ll love this book I am not one of those people, so I spent the most of the book being annoyed by Cassandra I was constantly yelling at her in my head Don t trust him Don t go into the dark room Don t go into the dark room with the guy I told you not to trust I enjoyed the murder mystery aspect, but the high society girl playing detective has been used far too many times Also, before every chapter was a quote from The Book of The Eternal Rose which, while [...]

  21. Yorumun orijinali Kitap Hayvan n n G nl nde.Tamam, itiraf ediyorum ilk ba ta bu kitab fantastik sanm t m Bu y zden kitab n son 100 sayfas na kadar oradan buradan bir hayalet ks n ya da biri paranormal bir ey yaps n diye bekledim Hep senin y z nden Neyse ki bu beklentim kitab g lgelemeye yetmedi Karanl k Sular, son sayfas na kadar kendini okutmay ba arabildi.Karanl k Sular, R nesans d neminde, d nyan n en ekici ehirlerinden Venedik te ge iyor Ba karakterimiz Cassandra Caravello iyi bir soydan gel [...]

  22. Check out of my reviews at Singing and Reading in the Rain Wow I was not expecting that at all Fiona Paul has outdone herself in Venom From the gripping intrigues to the danger ridden canals of Venice, Venom will grab you and yank your stays tight.Venom opens with an introduction to Cass, our leading protagonist We re introduced to this high society that Cass lives in, similar to that of a caste system that they did have in the Renaissance era While Cass had that prim and proper classy girl, sh [...]

  23. This was an ARC I picked up, so I will try to keep this review honest while avoiding spoilers as much as possible.This book disappointed me, which is a shame because I love Italy and the author did a good job of setting up atmosphere The actual mystery was the only thing keeping me reading because I was tiring of the romance There were so many don t do it moments, and Cass herself keeps telling herself she shouldn t be doing something Yet she does it anyway That got to be very frustrating for me [...]

  24. divabooknerd 2013 10 vVenom for me has been the surprise of the year I m not sure what I had expected, but not only was it entertaining, it was a true thriller in every sense of the word Set in an era where ladies should be just that, expected to maintain the upkeep of their household, and rely on their Lady s Maid to run their errands, but Cass isn t your average girl Her sense of adventure far outweighs her density, and she is far too accepting of others Fiona Paul has created a lush and lavis [...]

  25. I must be getting old Not even the inclusion of courtesans murder graveyards body snatching was enough to inspire emotional involvement because goddammit, it s still formulaic young adult fiction with many trappings thereof Would I have enjoyed it when I was a kid Possibly But today, as I sit plod through the teenage heroine s unending Poor Little Me whinge about how her life is so safe so planned so boring, followed by the teenage hero s acting like a complete jackass, compounded by the adults [...]

  26. OCTOBER REALLY I might die by then of extreme impatience Seriously, I m not kidding I just read the review and I am already banging my head against the desk my computer is on I have to wait until OCTOBER I am already waiting for two other books to come out and now this one Kill me now

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