If I Die

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ If I Die : by Rachel Vincent - If I Die, If I Die Scheduled to die within days Kaylee knows her magic can t change her fate Worse on top of worrying about her own demise she needs to save mortal best friend Emma from the clutches of a deadly Nethe
  • Title: If I Die
  • Author: Rachel Vincent
  • ISBN: 9781848450615
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ If I Die : by Rachel Vincent, If I Die, Rachel Vincent, If I Die Scheduled to die within days Kaylee knows her magic can t change her fate Worse on top of worrying about her own demise she needs to save mortal best friend Emma from the clutches of a deadly Netherworld creature [PDF] Unlimited ↠ If I Die : by Rachel Vincent - If I Die, If I Die Scheduled to die within days Kaylee knows her magic can t change her fate Worse on top of worrying about her own demise she needs to save mortal best friend Emma from the clutches of a deadly Nethe
  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ If I Die : by Rachel Vincent
    493Rachel Vincent
If I Die

About Author

  1. Note Though Rachel s blog entries are cross posted here, she does not frequent The best ways to contact her are FB, Twitter, or her Wordpress blog PLEASE DO NOT SEND HER MESSAGES HERE SHE DOES NOT CHECK THEM A resident of Oklahoma, Rachel Vincent has a BA in English and an overactive imagination, and consistently finds the latter to be practical She shares her workspace with two black cats Kaci and Nyx and her 1 fan Rachel is older than she looks seriously and younger than she feels, but remains convinced that for every day she spends writing, one day will be added to her lifespan.

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  1. Happy happy dance For fans the Soul Screamers series, this book will either be everything you wantor everything you feared most I fall firmly into the incoherently happy camp after reading it.Soul Screamers as a whole is kind of a funny animal The mythology is pretty unusual and I really like the unique world that Rachel Vincent creates with her banshees, maras, grim reapers, and demon breath The stories are admittedly fairly straightforward think Morganville rather than Chicagoland or Vampire A [...]

  2. Thank you, Rachel Vincent This feels like all my patience through the last four books and two novellas gets rewarded view spoiler This was above the gif before, but it s just all so messy, so asdkjsdfh hide spoiler br br br br br

  3. OMG HOLY COW So unexpected and full of craziness, surprises, action, adrenaline and completely not what I thought would ever happen but was everything I could hope for I might say best one yet even TEAM TOD can pull out their party balloons, confetti, and hey don t stop there grab the streamers, noisemakers, hats, and presents because that was unbelievable Nobody likes apricot jam Sure, strawberry is the obvious choice, but I submit that apricot has a complex, unusual flavor, with just enough [...]

  4. DON T READ IF YOU HAVEN T READ MY SOUL TO STEAL Before I read the book This is how it could possibly end Tod KayleeNash Sabine andAlec EmmaAnd, oddly enough, I would be okay with that After I read the book SPOILERS OHHHYYY.GOSH I was right well, partially anyways I can t believe it I m so ecstatic right now, that I m bouncing off the walls The last few books that I read had endings that were just kind of Ehhh And I was starting to get frustrated but this book completely took care of that Kaylee [...]

  5. SEE BELOW UPDATE 13th MAY 2011 but only for those who have read book 1 4 I mean it OMG I m dying to read this Dying What is going to happen image error No seriously, what do you think is going to happen Will somebody die Will the relationship drama be continued Argh, these books are driving me nuts.UPDATE My friend Mel has sent me this link to an interview with Rachel Vincent and OMG I m sick with dread O_OUPDATE UPDATE Wellis sucks Now there s one review on here and what s being said doesn t bo [...]

  6. I cant wait i hope kaylee ends up with tod i never really liked nash i dont no why he just rbbes me the wrong way maybe thats why rachel vincent put bina in the books so nash will realize he wants her and not kayle if its not the last one something better happen between tod and kaylee you can only go so far on hope ok rachel posted the main idea so mabey kaylee dies and becomes a reaper and then she can be with tod POST READING ooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggg IM SORRY I NEED A F [...]

  7. Originally read 6 4 6 5 11 and reviewed Gave it my off the menu 6 star rating on the blog.Re read 6 1 12 On re read would also give it 6 stars.Every time Kaylee Cavanaugh thinks things are beginning to settle down at Eastlake High, something always happens When she suddenly has to fight against singing for a soul in the middle of her new math teacher s class, she can hardly believe it.She knew that as long as the Netherworld s base of operations sat just below the thin veil that separated the sc [...]

  8. May contain spoilers It is inevitable people are going to be heartbroken by this book because Kaylee has to make some really serious and life changing decisions to make That being said, the heartbreak that you are bound to experience while reading this book doesn t make you dislike the book one bit, if anything, it makes you love the world that Rachel has created even than you thought possible It becomes evident that Rachel has grown as an author tremendously as an author while writing this ser [...]

  9. If Kaylee doesn t end up with Tod in the Soul Screamers series, I d take off Rachel Vincent in my list of favorite authorsLOL but so far, I still love her I just love Kaylee and Tod, I don t like Nash for her and rather let Sabine have him This book totally took me by surprise I was only hoping for of Kaylee Tod flirting but never imagined that they ll end up together in this book And I really did my dorky dance when Kaylee kissed Tod AHH MY GAWD Now Rachel Vincent is one of my most followed au [...]

  10. this book for all the awards contain slight spoilers Prior to If I Die, Soul Screamers had always been a B series for me When the books came out they were never must reads and I was never totally invested in them like some other series.If I Die changed all that In this book Rachel Vincent upped the ante in a major way and this series has become one of my favorites in the genre.I m not going to go into details about the plot suffice to sayon so many levels One of the things that I loved most abou [...]

  11. 5 StarsI ve reread this book three times now and I still keep coming back for This book picks up the series as a whole I wasn t in love with books 3 and 4 but this definitely makes up for it view spoiler For starters who isn t team Todd He s been my favourite since book one I m glad that they re finally together hide spoiler

  12. I really hope the author doesn t put Kaylee and Tod together, because if she does I think I will be finished with this series Dating brothers is just wrong UPDATE view spoiler Got spoiled about Kaylee and Tod and decided not to read this hide spoiler

  13. In the acknowledgments, Rachel states that she always says this is her best one yet but with this one She is 826% correct IF I DIE was outstanding, it truly was the best one yet If I Die had everything you could have ever asked for romance, anger, death, heartbreak, struggles, laughs, triumphs, fights, and super smexy times I could have not asked for a better fifth book I am anxiously waiting for BEFORE I WAKE because I absolutely need an cannot wait to see what happens next TOD FOREVER3

  14. So I have no idea how to review this one without revealing major spoilers Like I can t even talk about pretty much the whole second half of the book so this review is going to be short and sweet It was fantastic the end Ok but seriously I ll try to do my best here I loved this book it s the best in the series We get the whole crew back and tons of sexy times I won t say with whom I actually started to like Sabine in this book and Nash is starting to redeem himself in my eyes which I thought woul [...]

  15. spoilers might be present So, Kaylee is trying to fix another supernatural entity from invading her world and this one attacks right at school Mr Beck is the math teacher and is also an incubus He doesn t outright kill people, but some of his actions are starting to have that effect Kaylee enlists Sabine to help her get to the bottom of this evil, like being a math teacher isn t evil enough Tod gets some information on Kaylee that will have you spinning and well, Nash, isn t quite himself again [...]


  17. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThere is a reason that IF I DIE is the first book in the Soul Screamers series to break from the My Soul to formula Everything we thought we knew, everything we d been hoping for, planning for, and partially dreading, changes This is a series that has been building momentum with each book, breaking rules, breaking hearts both the readers and the characters , and IF I DIE breaks than all the previous books combined.I ve learned from the previous books i [...]

  18. THE FAERYS VIEWThe entire Soul Screamers Series by Rachel Vincent has been a favorite since I read the free prequel on my Kindle I couldn t believe my luck at finding such a gem Since then, it s only gotten better and better Ms Vincent writes the series tackling different issues in each novel I LOVE that There are the same characters in each novel but there s always the introduction of new characters in each one, broadening the cast and keeping the series fresh and new.In My Soul to Steal the bo [...]

  19. Reviewed by Andrea for TeensReadTooKaylee is just starting to get her life back to normal again when she walks in on her dad and Tod talking Tod has seen the death list for that week, and Kaylee s on it Determined not to let her last six days be for nothing, she decides to fix one wrong at her high school.The new math teacher, Mr Beck, is an incubus and is set on having a son by mating with a student When Mr Beck sets his sights on Emma, Kaylee knows that this will be her last good deed before [...]

  20. Just when I thought my heart would collapse from the torture of My Soul To Steal, the author ripped my heart out of my chest and fed it to the Hellion s for a new chew toy in If I Die Talk about an emotional roller coaster of a series I have read about Banshee s, Hellion s, Reaper s, Demons Breath and now love that can break your heart into pieces The author brought it for this book and knocked me down hard I am having such a hard time writing a review on this book Everything I want to say or po [...]

  21. OH MY GOSH, I LOVED THIS BOOK I m a total fan girl I don t even know where to start If I Die is book five in the Soul Screamers series which is honestly one of my favourites of all time and I still don t know how Rachel Vincent keeps making each one better This one was definitely the best one yet I love everything about this series It s intense and original and filled with so many twists that it could snap your neck Plus, it s about bean sidhes pronounced banshees , which is way cooler than you [...]

  22. Ooh.is book was a roller coaster of emotions Sad and depressing one minute then happy and giddy the next I couldn t put the book down I wanted to know if Kaylee was really going to die and if so, how The ups and downs with Nash continued and there was one moment where I really didn t like Nash again Spoilers I had thought about Kaylee and Tod together before but I wasn t really sure how I felt about them as couple But after seeing how Tod felt about Kaylee and her reaction to him, I m glad that [...]

  23. Oh My God BEST BOOK EVER Seriously, for all Tod fans out there you will LOVE this book Ever since My Soul to Steal , I d pretty much been thinking Awww Why does Nash get the girls fighting over him TOD IS SO MUCH MORE AMAZING And yet so alone Oh, how I adore him Not that I didn t feel terrible for Nash when view spoiler he saw Kaylee and Tod kiss I was NOT expecting that hide spoiler but, to be honest, I was mostly just happy for Tod After all, he HAS been waiting a very long timeI very nearly b [...]

  24. Before reading04 23 11I don t know but I was just thinking, couldnt it be possibly that Kaylee might end up as a reaper I mean it would only seem rightThis book can go alot of ways Todd ends up with KayleeNash ends up with SabineTodd has been assigned to collect SabinePossibilities are endless I do hope that Kaylee just dumps Nash He is not good for her Everything about him says selfish and undeserving And if Rachel hooks her up with Todd, how the hell would that work He is a Reaper Don t see th [...]

  25. I loved this series and still do I hope Kaylee finally dumps Nash and goes with Tod After what Nash did to Kaylee I doubt Kaylee will ever take him back lol but will see just finished this book im so glad that she is finally with tod i wasnt really shook that she turned into a reaper it makes the next book much exciting to read the possibilities for this book is endless realy the idea for this book is pure genius.i hope this book series never ends really but i know every good thing comes to a e [...]

  26. Wow That s all I can say I think this book was my favourite of the series because there are things which I won t spoil that happen and I was like THANK GOD FOR THAT Seriously I tore through most of this book in a couple of hours and could not get enough Kaylee remains a consistently strong character while she fights for whats right, even when dealing with her own impending death All of our favourite characters remain, and I think what I liked most about this book was while Averi was still very m [...]

  27. I have placed this book on my disheartened list I want to give this book a one star but I can t force myself I ve been in love with the series from the start and the thought and idea behind the book were solid and enjoyable I liked the tension Kaylee dying and the incubus plot added I found it a rather unique idea So why disheartened you may ask I honestly felt that the Nash and Kaylee situation was badly handled and written in this book We have five books for Kaylee and Nash struggling to find [...]

  28. Oh My Tod This book was amazing Killer plot, new evil beings, complex relationships, and a literal life or death situation I absolutely devoured it And the ending.holy Tod, the ending I did not expect what happened, yet it was completely fitting I am so excited for the next installment of this series One of the strengths of the Soul Screamers series is the cast of characters There are a lot of them, and Rachel Vincent doesn t forget about them or make them disappear She weaves them through each [...]

  29. Oh to put in words how I feelere are none but I will say this 1 smacks Nash 2 punches Nash cause Sab didn t do it hard enough in my opinion 3 wonders what Kaylee is thinking bout 4 supports the kiss 5 Cheers on Levi I do this because Levi is one of those people you love to hate I can t say why though 6 Tod I want to make you a banner Your lines in here were really funny Talking about how functional you are cause of Emma s comments 7 Kaylee I have to say, I think you and Tod would work betters yo [...]

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