È Dolores ↠ Jacqueline Susann - Dolores, Dolores The world s most beautiful woman She would do anything for love or money Anything
  • Title: Dolores
  • Author: Jacqueline Susann
  • ISBN: 9780553105001
  • Page: 469
  • Format: None

È Dolores ↠ Jacqueline Susann, Dolores, Jacqueline Susann, Dolores The world s most beautiful woman She would do anything for love or money Anything È Dolores ↠ Jacqueline Susann - Dolores, Dolores The world s most beautiful woman She would do anything for love or money Anything

  • È Dolores ↠ Jacqueline Susann
    469 Jacqueline Susann

About Author

  1. Jacqueline Susann was one of the most successful writers in the history of American publishing Her first novel, Valley of the Dolls, published in 1966, is one of the best selling books of all time When The Love Machine was published in 1969, it too became an immediate 1 bestseller and held that position for five months When Once is Not Enough was published in 1973, it also moved to the top of the best seller list and established Jackie as the first novelist in history to have three consecutive 1 books on The New York Times Best Seller list She was a superstar, and became America s first brand name author.

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  1. Dolores by Jacqueline Susann is a short, thinly veiled, semi biographical bookabout Jacqueline Kennedy Onassisd it was Susann s last book It was written when she was dying of cancer Supposedly her buddy Rex Reed worked on it along side heror finished it for her Dolores is not her best work, though Valley of the Dolls is far entertaining and Once is Never Enough is way lasciviousIt s not a lousy bookbut it feelscomplete like a sketched outline than a novel Dolores is a super quick readt too ove [...]

  2. Having just finished a biography of Jacqueline Susann Lovely Me , I wanted to try a Susann novel I had never read a one before, and was curious to see if my impression of her writing was correct This one may not be typical Like all her novels, this one was heavily edited and may have been added to Since this one was published after Susann s death, she did not get a final say I chose it merely because it was short.The book is a thinly veiled take on why and how Jackie Kennedy became Jackie Onassi [...]

  3. Susann is often criticized as being a writer of little talent writing only smut I believe that it is a mistake to lump all women s fiction into a group that many see as shallow and without merit Dolores is a fictionalized account not of Jackie O but of the woman Jackie could have easily been Saddled with the reputation of her old money family now without a dollar Dolores and her sister Nita are each expected to make a lucrative match Nita finds a title and an unlimited source of disposable incom [...]

  4. I believe this was Ms Susann s last book before she died, it was published posthumously The one good thing that I enjoy about authors like she and others is they keep the story simple and easy to read, there aren t too many characters to keep up with in this book Too bad this book will be compared to her other books but that s show biz The ending was terrific, so kudos to her for that, other than that it was just another novel at the time that she wrote and this was it.

  5. This book reads similar to a Dominick Dunne book It s about a fictional woman who was married to the President of the United States when he is assassinated in office It reminds me of Jacqueline Kennedy, and one wonders if it isn t loosely based on her life I haven t read any biographies of Jacqueline, so I wouldn t know There s talk of drugs that Dolores sister takes, which is reminiscent of Susann s Valley of the Dolls book There is talk of the wealthy and aristocratic, and the lifestyles they [...]

  6. I got this book from a small old bookshop which barely had any English books I got hold of this because I liked the synopsis It tells us the bitter reality of high class society and rich people, the problems you face when you ve indulged yourself into too much luxury, the unimaginable turns your blood relations can take just for money and popularity, how you your own blood can manipulate you and use you as a bait for their hunt and so onSince the beginning of the story, the author lays the scene [...]

  7. This is one of the worst books I ve ever read, and I couldn t put down I procured it as one of 20 terrible, old, beautifully trashy books found in a free bin outside a secondhand store in Geneva My attraction to these 20 books was twofold First, they were free, which is a rare quality in Switzerland Second, they re in English, and my French is too poor even for the simplistic smut and old school Stephen King offered up in this pile of 20 free books Dolores promising at the outset because the aut [...]

  8. This book is not at good as her other books not including Everynight Josephine Her other books were so deliciously trashy and this book has that same element, but shorter and does not have the spark But considering that she was writing this while she was battling cancer, she did a really good job.

  9. This novel is a thinly veiled account of the life of Jackie O It s about a woman who is married to an Irish Catholic president who is assisnated during a parade The main character goes on to live a glamorous life in NYC.

  10. A very tragic story about a woman trapped in a loveless marriage to the president of the United States After his assassination she has to keep up appearances and struggles to find true love amidst the chaos of having to survive with a minimal budget and raising her three children.The one aspect of the book that I really liked was the search for love among the characters Even though Dolores yearns for love she never gets her happily ever after even after remarrying An amazing story that explores [...]

  11. I m starting to think this book was an exact ripoff of wharton s Summer Superimposed onto the life of Jackie Kennedy Tho one features a poor woman and the other rich, their stunted love stories are almost identical Of course I m sure there are about a billion books on people marrying for practical reasons rather than passion Umm I stole it from the work used bookshelf And I want to read it this weekend while relaxing and taking the waters Or whatever I do during the weekends I don t have the kid [...]

  12. To be fair, I recall reading that Susann had written this toward the end of her life, and she was pretty sick by then Dolores wasn t really supposed to be a book, but a piece for a magazine, IIRC a Jackie by Jackie story that became a novella It s basically a fictionalized account of Jacqueline Kennedy s life after JFK s assassination her courtship with a rich Greek businessman The writing is choppy and probably should have been polished .

  13. The end of the novel was the only time i felt sorry for Dolores And even then just barely I didn t like a single character in the book I m sure this book was written purely for fluff reading, but it just made me so angry I couldn t handle how little anyone cared for anything but money Is this the kind of stuff women in the 70 s really enjoyed reading And i only picked this up because the bookstore i bought it from didn t have Valley of the Dolls Is that even worth reading

  14. I read this book in one sitting.There s just something deliciously mesmerizing about such elegantly wrapped smut.This story compares in no way to Valley of the Dolls More of a novella, and quite short, it almost felt like the shell of a book But it read well and I couldn t put it down, so I really can t complain.Suzann wrote this book whilst dying of cancer and it was officially published after her death I d say she did a fine job considering her physical condition.

  15. From the author of Valley of the Dolls, which I still have not read, is a novella of a beautiful woman s journey from relative obscurity to the pinnacle of success as a President s wife, back to being a Garbo like legend, her love, her subsequent life of empty luxury a reminder that money cannot truly buy you happiness

  16. I had read this book several years ago, and decided to reread it after reading the new Jackie Kennedy Onassis book It is a fictional story based on the days of Jackie after the assassination of her husband and her remarriage.

  17. A good book Every character is critical A sad ending The book left me depressed I ll now move on to some book that takes me out of this sadness.

  18. This is a super quick read It s not nearly as good as Jacqueline Susann s other novels mostly in part because it is so short It s abbot dated but the ending is perfect.

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