Drowning Instinct

[PDF] Unlimited á Drowning Instinct : by Ilsa J. Bick - Drowning Instinct, Drowning Instinct There are stories where the girl gets her prince and they live happily ever after This is not one of those stories Jenna Lord s first sixteen years were not exactly a fairytale Her father is a contro
  • Title: Drowning Instinct
  • Author: Ilsa J. Bick
  • ISBN: 9780761377528
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited á Drowning Instinct : by Ilsa J. Bick, Drowning Instinct, Ilsa J. Bick, Drowning Instinct There are stories where the girl gets her prince and they live happily ever after This is not one of those stories Jenna Lord s first sixteen years were not exactly a fairytale Her father is a controlling psycho and her mother is a drunk She used to count on her older brother until he shipped off to Afghanistan And then of course there was the time she almost diedThere are sto [PDF] Unlimited á Drowning Instinct : by Ilsa J. Bick - Drowning Instinct, Drowning Instinct There are stories where the girl gets her prince and they live happily ever after This is not one of those stories Jenna Lord s first sixteen years were not exactly a fairytale Her father is a contro
  • [PDF] Unlimited á Drowning Instinct : by Ilsa J. Bick
    450 Ilsa J. Bick
Drowning Instinct

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  1. Among other things, I was an English major in college and so I know that I m supposed to write things like, Ilsa J Bick is Except I hate writing about myself in the third person like I m not in the room Helloooo, I m right here So let s just say that I m a child psychiatrist yeah, you read that right as well as a film scholar, surgeon wannabe meaning I did an internship in surgery and LOVED it and maybe shoulda stuck , former Air Force major and an award winning, best selling author of short stories, e books, and novels Believe me, no one is shocked about this than I unless you talk to my mother.

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  2. Insane This is the best word to describe Drowning Instinct Insanely good insanely terrifying i n s a n e Ever since I cracked the cover, I can t stop thinking about this book First, to analyze it, now, to figure out what the heck I ve just read It s the type of book that you just plow through because it makes you so restless that you must keep reading and reading, all the while knowing, just knowing, that the storm is coming So close it could be right on the next page Really, it s freaking brill [...]

  3. In my experience, the truly evil are few and good people, with the very best intentions, often make very bad decisions and get in way over their heads before they know it People drown, quietly before our eyes, all the time Ilsa J Bick in the Acknowledgements of Drowning Instinct I can never resist a compelling, unreliable narrator There are few literary techniques I find engaging than a strong, distinct voice especially one I m not sure I can trust And in sixteen year old Jenna Lord, Ilsa J Bic [...]

  4. That pain moves when you move it mutters between every breath it spikes your ears it rips You think pain can t be any horrible than that.Until you discover that the well is bottomless There s always I swear that quote isn t some slogan for chonic pain Which was a travesty it really should have been.Drowning Instinct Boring Shady Illegal.Inappropriate.Weird.Dull mystery.Nice narrator for audiobook though.And really beautiful cover.That s everything.Yup.rating

  5. Everybody breaks sooner or later Anyone can drown Sometimes you see it Most often you don t because the body protects and the skin hides, so drowning doesn t look like drowning and some people scar so nicely No, this isn t indeed your typical YA contemporary I should have believed the blurb Right now I am so tempted to tell you what kind or rather kinds of story this book has in store for you, but I wouldn t because it s very important that you find it out yourself and then you ll understand why [...]

  6. You can read my review at badassbookreviews tomorrow or belowIf you are reading my review, let me first start off with a small disclaimer, I seem to be the only one in the entire book universe that disliked this book In fact, most reviews speak of how much they loved Drowning Instinct I encourage everyone to read those reviews before you make any decisions on whether this book is right for you I had so many issues with this book But I am going to attempt to keep them down to a minimum However, n [...]

  7. 3.5 stars Deciding whether to round up or down was an extremely hard decision and I m still not sure why.I don t want to tell this story and you know why Because this is a fairy tale with teeth and claws.Have you ever finished a book and found yourself unsure of what to think I m having a hard time wrapping my mind around what I just read Part of me was intrigued by this story, while part of me is sitting here thinkingwait, what Jenna, please Please, look at me I did and that s when I realized t [...]

  8. 3.5 stars This is a compelling read, and I appreciate the complexity moral ambiguity that the author was trying to portray I felt very detached from these characters overall, however, and it doesn t help that I found the story to be predictable up until the very end I can see why this one has stirred up quite a bit of shock, especially with its titillating elements I can t help but feel that though the details of the two stories are different, Drowning Instinct has many of the same melodramatic [...]

  9. Review posted on Way Too Hot BooksThis book just blew me away This book has stolen my attention right from its very first line.It s stunning, scary, unpredictable and beautiful This book is a definite MUST HAVE An older man and a teenage girl Bittersweet romance Your first thought must be Lolita High school teacher and troubled student Sounds like a recipe for disaster or at least some jail time But, although situations like this would ordinarily cause me to cringe because I m a school teacher, [...]

  10. I m sitting here like a retard wondering if the authors brilliant or really cruel.I DON T KNOW Here s a mini summary of the book I m not kidding I need to think about this.

  11. Whoa What an incredibly dark and well done novel I have absolutely no doubt that Ilsa J Bick will come to be recognized alongside authors like Laurie Halse Anderson She clearly has no problem plumbing the darkest and most terrifying of human emotions Like Anderson, she also focuses on teens, on the bad stuff not the shiny vampires and the sweet first loves.Reading this book s going to hurt Jenna is incredibly messed up You learn this up front She s spent a year in an institution, put there after [...]

  12. My brain is short circuiting.This is the kind of novel that makes you wonder whether the author is a normal human being or someone something with preternatural abilities of cognition and expression.You think I m exaggerating You think this is hyperbole Sorry to disappoint, but I m not, and it isn t.This book is FUCKING INSANE.And believe me, you will be shocked, terrified, horrified, thrilled and amazed.No matter how realistically absurd the things you expect are, what you ll find is going to hi [...]

  13. Actual Rating 2.5 stars.It s ok , I liked it just fine, did t love it.My big problem with this book is that it got tiresome at times actually, many times There are 3 main reason why I found the book tedious sometimes 1 There is a lot of pointless information and endless ramblings I wasn t interested in Too many unnecessary detailed mundane information I have no patience for Therefore, I skipped some paragraphs from time to time, made the book fluid and bearable that way 2 It takes a long time f [...]

  14. Reviewed by Sue Warning possible spoilers ahead To be perfectly honest, I had no idea what this book was about when I requested it from NetGalley I knew how I felt about the author s book, Ashes, so I automatically requested it out of the need to read of her writing It wasn t really even until about 70 pages in that I got the uh 0h vibe from Jenna s teacher, Mr Anderson that I even went I read the book info To say the book drew me in is an understatement, because one of the things I have a habi [...]

  15. This is a fairy tale with teeth and claws and here s what completely sucks you re going to want black and white, right and wrong I m not sure I can give that to you That s the problem with the truth Sometimes the truth is ambiguous, or a really bad clich Wow WOW I was NOT expecting this story to pack as much punch to it as it did, and have it be so effective as well Jenna Lord s life is like a Choose Your Own Adventure game gone horribly wrong Her dad s verbally abusive, her mother s a washed up [...]

  16. Ambiguo, tetro, sinistro, tremendo e strabiliante.Come si suppone che debba incominciare questa recensione Sono davvero in grado di parlare di questo libro, di rendergli giustizia Certo che no Quando il destino mette un capolavoro come questo sul tuo cammino, non puoi far altro che arrenderti e annegare.Annegare Annegare Annegare AnnMi chiedo quanto forte debba premere per far uscire il sangue Non forte, decisi.Qualche secondo, questo tutto ci di cui ho bisogno.Fin dal prologo sapevo che questa [...]

  17. Second Time Reading Edit Now we have the fifth star blank place filled and that willmaybeexplains why this book is my most favorite book of all the timee reasons are tiresome to mention they are like A lot Oh ,I m disappointed , sad , overwhelmed why has it ended that way what happened next Or let me talk to myself who told you to read this book and why the book at all felt right I did understand a lot of things due to human behavior , relationships , and Love I never thought love would mean som [...]

  18. AVISO S por un casual quieres coger el libro y leerlo, y eres de esos as que evitas los spoilers, no me leas Porqu para comentar lo que pienso, es imposible no relatar seg n que pasajes del tomo As pues empiezo No te enga ar engancha y mucho Es de esos libros, que aunque aborrezcas su contenido, uno es incapaz de separarse de l por el mero echo del que pasar ahora Vamos haciendo honor a la verdad por puro morbo Bien, haciendo un inciso en lo alto Te comentar por encima de que va Jenna nuestra pr [...]

  19. BookNook Young Adult book reviews4.5 starsHoly crap, Drowning Instinct was AMAZING It was so intense and wrong and heartbreaking all in one This book definitely would have been great to listen to as an audiobook I kind of regret that I didn t Basically, the story starts off with Jenna being brought to the hospital soaking wet, then a detective hands her a tape recorder and encourages her to tell her tale So the whole story is what she says into the tape recorder, which is why I think it would be [...]

  20. Rating 3.5 StarsI ve been wanting to read Drowning Instinct ever since I first laid eyes on its cover Admit it it s powerful Unfortunately, the story Bick regales is insane than powerful Granted, I appreciate the moral ambiguity of the characters Bick has sketched, not to mention the complexity of their situations, but ultimately, this novel lacked a little something Hope Heart Or maybe just purposeDrowning Instinct s first few pages are a dream, an intrusion into an original form of storytelli [...]

  21. See of my reviews on The YA Kitten Diversity Rating 0 What Diversity Racial Ethnic 0QUILTBAG 0Disability oIntersectionality o3.5 stars Someone failed to tell me about Drowning Instinct s unreliable narrator earlier, which is an act so egregious that it should be criminalized I love unreliable narrators and I heard a lot was going on at once, which is also a plus And yet it took four years and the set up of a TBR Jar system for me to finally read the book THANK YOU, SERENDIPITY If you want to re [...]

  22. Pues a adiendo por fin un nuevo libro a la lista de lecturas La verdad es que salgo bastante decepcionada No quiero dejarme nada y espero explicar bien por qu no me ha gustado este libro.Advertencia Este review puede contener SPOILERS M s bien sobre detalles, pero avisados qued is.Al principio me parec a una buena idea una adolescente con problemas, bamos a ver c mo los afrontaba Psic logos, autolesiones, bueno, no ten a mala pinta hasta ah Pero a medida que avanza la novela empiezas a ver que a [...]

  23. As seen on Ed and Em s Reviews Drowning Instinct is one of the most emotional reads that I ve read in a while in fact, it may be one of the most emotional books that I ve read ever.It s mostly the last hundred pages that did me in The narrator, while she explains her emotions often, seemed emotionless at the same time It was almost like she was holding in how she felt and forcing herself to be a robot I noticed this in the first book of Ilsa J Bick s dystopian series, Ashes as well I think it wo [...]

  24. Also found on Dreamcatcher s LairDrowning Instinct is one of those books that can t exactly be summed up in a review But there are certain things I can tell you Like, While the book description tells you a few things, it doesn t prepare you with expectations At least for me, it didn t Which means, that the experience that Drowning Instinct packs within those pages, may, in plain speak, blow your mind There s self harm and all kinds of abuse and other twisted things that will take you to dark pla [...]

  25. People drown, quietly, before our eyes, all the time Ilsa J Bick Acknowledgments in Drowning Instinct Wow.It s been long since I read a book that intense and believe me intense is just the word to describe it.Maybe it s the title Cause when you ve finished this book you just want to cry by simply reading this two words.By telling her story with a tape recorder to the police one feels incredibly near to the narrator, Jenna And she s not just any main character you have in random books, she s one [...]

  26. No matter how well intentioned someone is, the same doesn t stop them from deciding a certain thing and acting a particular way You come away from this knowing full well that there really are no stereotypical predators or victims Predators don t go around all skeevy and scary announcing to the world who they are and what they want Neither do victims And she was definitely one, time and again so this is me again torn DROWNING INSTINCT enthralled me Rare is the book that would get me to use that p [...]

  27. New and incredibly sad.Love comes from all kinds of things A shattered home, lost family, and a ruined self, yet love finds you unpredictably Mitch may not have been the ideal person, but his love was strong and pure, I only wish Jenna was able to express her feelings to him the way he expressed his He was a lovable kind of man, he did anything to help repair lives, for his past mistakes and his past despair Jenna is trying to live life day by day, Mitch showed her love is powerful than the kni [...]

  28. Serious mixed feelings on this one I ll probably make a video review in a few weeks Meanwhile I ll go try and do something with my thoughts, really over the place with this book

  29. The Short Story My favourite read of the year so far, Drowning Instinct takes forbidden romance to a whole new level Incredibly raw and undoubtedly powerful, Bick explores the complexity behind a romance that is morally wrong Dark, grim and utterly compelling, Bick s Drowning Instinct blurs the lines between right and wrong Refreshingly original and beautifully written, Drowning Instinct takes YA fiction to a whole new level.The Long Story This definitely isn t a novel for everyone, it explores [...]

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