The Frightful First World War

Unlimited The Frightful First World War - by Terry Deary MartinBrown - The Frightful First World War, The Frightful First World War The details of the dreadful war that affected everyone from peace loving protesters to the suffering soldiers There are ropey rhymes and sad songs rotten rules and sinister superstitions Here is the
  • Title: The Frightful First World War
  • Author: Terry Deary MartinBrown
  • ISBN: 9780590113205
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited The Frightful First World War - by Terry Deary MartinBrown, The Frightful First World War, Terry Deary MartinBrown, The Frightful First World War The details of the dreadful war that affected everyone from peace loving protesters to the suffering soldiers There are ropey rhymes and sad songs rotten rules and sinister superstitions Here is the horror and the hardships of World War I which lasted for four years Unlimited The Frightful First World War - by Terry Deary MartinBrown - The Frightful First World War, The Frightful First World War The details of the dreadful war that affected everyone from peace loving protesters to the suffering soldiers There are ropey rhymes and sad songs rotten rules and sinister superstitions Here is the
  • Unlimited The Frightful First World War - by Terry Deary MartinBrown
    325 Terry Deary MartinBrown
The Frightful First World War

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  1. A former actor, theatre director and drama teacher, Deary says he began writing when he was 29 Most famously, he is one of the authors of the Horrible Histories series of books popular among children for their disgusting details, gory information and humorous pictures and among adults for getting children interested in history Books in the series have been widely translated into other languages and imitated.A cartoon series has been made of the series of books and was shown on CiTV for a period in 2002.The first series of a live action comedy sketch show of the same name was shown on CBBC in 2009 and a second series is due.Terry is also known widely throughout children and adult reading groups alike for his True Stories series see below for series list.He received an Honorary Doctorate of Education from the University of Sunderland in 2000 His numerous accolades also include the Blue Peter Best Nonfiction Author of the Century Award in the U.K.

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  1. This one isn t a graphic novel, but it has a lot of graphics and comics in it, so I will keep it on the graphic shelf.I tend to really like Horrible Histories and pretty much anything Terry Deary does, though the humor is often groan worthy.This book is great It s easy to read and gives the reader a sense of how the war started how it ended how it affected the lives of civilians as well as soldiers, young and old, men and women, and to a certain degree wealthy and poor it makes pretty vivid the [...]

  2. My favorite passage in this book is this song people in England used to sing My Tuesdays are meatlessMy coffee is sweetlessEach day I get poorer and wiser.My home is heatlessMy trousers are seatlessMy God, but I do hate the Kaiser The book includes authenic recipes from the time and encourages people to remember that both sides of the conflict were people.

  3. This book is takes a humorous take on the First World War as does all the other books in the series It is split up chronologically by each year including the first shot, total war, the Somme, mud and exhaustion Timelines are used well to get events in order It is a very creative book that uses a range of captions, mixed media like poems and newspaper reports The reader is really taken into the mindset of the people at the time with a lot of interesting random facts.I like this book as it manages [...]

  4. As a child history was one of my favourite school subjects thus making Horrible Histories the perfect books for me.Nowadays children have the television series yet I belong to the older group that had the books Personally, I believe any child who has an interest in history should give these books a go They re truly gripping and so many topics are covered Honestly, Horrible Histories are well worth a read.

  5. A very quick, easy and fun read that touches on the various effects and realities of World War 1 with which my students can easily relate I had my students select certain readings, decide if it was a cause, effect, or reality and then do a role play for the class A fun and interesting way to learn about history.

  6. After 1 year, I still find myself revisiting this book after I bought it in London It shares all of the most horrible, terrible, facts about WW1 mixed in with a slight touch of humour.

  7. The Horrible Histories series is a wonderful collection of books covering a huge range of historical events, from the Egyptians through to world war 2 Each book covers key events through the specific time period in a way that gets the reader thinking without drowning them in information The frightful first world war by Terry Deary begins by explaining the death of the Austrian heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand Straight away a young reader is engaged by the comic strip style writing us [...]

  8. The facts known about First World War is very little, especially considering how it was completely overshadowed by the woeful Second World War an allusion to Deary s subsequent Horrible Histories book I consider myself to be fairly enthusiastic about history but looking back, I have read very little literature on the First World War as compared to the Second World War and hence, starting off with a Horrible Histories book is a good way to do it.This book maintained the standard that was expected [...]

  9. Okay let s talk about the Horrible Histories.You may be aware of them as a TV show, which I highly, highly recommend, but you may not be aware that they are also books Which I also recommend It s hard to talk about the Horrible Histories specifically They re hysterical short nonfiction books consisting of maybe 120 pages tops Aimed at children, they set out to tell you all about the really nasty side of history, which I am always down for They re smart and funny with great illustrations, and I w [...]

  10. Horrible Histories are a series of books written by Terry Deary and illustrated by Martin Brown These book are designed to get children to engage with history by not only simplifying the information but filling the book with fun facts and humour This book covers the history of the first World War, starting with the causes of the war only in a simplified manner than most textbooks What I really enjoyed about this book was the way in which it gets children interested in history, it still has all [...]

  11. I subscribed to the series after watching an advert online, and read them as soon as they arrived, and couldn t wait for the next one to come out They give such great facts about each time period and even on periods I knew about, the magazines contained information I had never heard before.I skim read this one the first time round I had never been a big fan of wars, but when I read the series again, I really enjoyed this one It gave a lot of information and certainly high lighted life in the tre [...]

  12. The Frightful First World War covers the basics of World War I using collections of stories, snippets of letters, and illustrations reminiscent of The Far Side As a book written for a young British audience the focus is on describing the daily life of soldiers during the war rather than on relating specific details of particular battles There isn t much in the way of organization other than a few brief timelines, but this book is not a textbook and the core message that the war was a bad time fo [...]

  13. Very well done light hearted look at the lesser known, but horrible, facts of WW1 I learned about the man with than 10,000 lice how boys could turn 19 after a walk around the block and the unluckiest shell of the war the one that killed all the Germans in a trench except one, the survivor Adolf Hitler Great for kids, but not so bad for grown ups either History can be horrible But each of us should find our nearest war memorial, stand in front of it and read the names Then say Never again If eve [...]

  14. The Horrible Histories series was consistently good throughout, but The Frightful First World War still manages to scare away the opposition with terrifying tales of trench foot, dead soldiers and dead horses Deary s writing is evocative and informative at the same time, and he delivers the perfect book for kids who love to read and who love history with the gory bits left in.World War I marked a period that we should never forget, and it s as important as ever for our youngsters to learn all ab [...]

  15. well, to be honest it was horrible, sad and a bit funny in some bits.The funniest bit was how the Austrain Hungray man kept on grabbing the bosian boy The weridest bit was how Kaiser Whilehm threw darts at his grandma s potrat his grandma is queen Victoria of England The saddiest bit when I was reading about all the dead bodies in the trenches And the most horriblest bit was how smelling your own pee could save your life in a gas attack.

  16. Bedtime Reading with Oscar It s history Jim but not as they taught it in the classroom As we know history is constantly being updated, what we thought to be fact yesterday will have passed in to the realms of myth by tomorrow This series written for kids is massively entertaining and will likely teach Mum Dad a thing or two It s no holds barred history that is humorous as well as educational.

  17. Interesting read I never though that they suffered from lice P and I always wondered why the gentlemen didn t wear hats nowadays compared to olden days This provided an interesting view answers indeed I m now off kissing the ground thanking God I d never need to go through what they went through.

  18. Humorous, informative and griping at the same time If you like reading history then this is the right book for you It will tell you the story of sweet pea, what the peace demonstrator in London demonstrated, batty war songs and poems and also you can learn secret codes that were used during the war time Highly recommend.

  19. I have always enjoyed reading the Horrible Histories series as I find them interesting and informative at the same time However, I don t find myself getting the same feel in Frightful Fist It is much too complicating and presented in a way high school students might not be able to understand.

  20. There is really no better way to get kids interested in history than by giving them a Terry Deary Horrible Histories I loved these books as a kid and I love to collect them now Deary s take on history is hilarious and interesting It may not all be true but you definitely learn something

  21. Awesome, many interesting facts You may think that war is just 2 trenches and people fighting against each other with guns But you just got 1 12 of it Learn what is the real truth and what is the fake lies.

  22. And just like that I learned in about five hours than I did in four weeks of History class Too bad a lot of the jokes were really cheesy but they compensated with a fantastic one right on the last page.

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