Free Read Pavankhind - by रणजित देसाई - Pavankhind, Pavankhind None
  • Title: Pavankhind
  • Author: रणजित देसाई
  • ISBN: 9788177661835
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Pavankhind - by रणजित देसाई, Pavankhind, रणजित देसाई, Pavankhind None Free Read Pavankhind - by रणजित देसाई - Pavankhind, Pavankhind None
  • Free Read Pavankhind - by रणजित देसाई
    171 रणजित देसाई

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One thought on “Pavankhind

  1. What a book Just love the way author describes all situations Use of figure of speech is too good It really feels like you are standing there are experiencing those feelings like victory, sadness, love about people And It shows how true leader behave in such difficult situation I am not only taking about Shivaji Maharaj but also Baaji, Siddi Jauhar ,Shahaji Raje, Shiva Nahvi and all other leaders Want to read books of Mr DesaiCheers to reading

  2. This is the first full work I read from Ranjit Desai I quite liked the narration style, the vivid descriptions, the language use from the period All of this this transports you back centuries Although the story is well known to most Marathi folk, the rendering, details and style in the book bring it back to life Looking forward to period books from Ranjit Desai now

  3. This book is great Author is a good story teller, story of legendary Baji Prabhu Despande the great maratha general of King Shivaji s army This book take you to the times of Shivaji and tell us the story of general Baji Prabhu, his devotion to the king kingdom, his courage and fight for hindavi swarajya.

  4. Ranjeet DesaiThe intense language glowing description, touches the Heart read about Inspirational personality BAJIPRABHU DESHPANDE Awesome Book

  5. Even though this is the story of Baji Prabhu Deshpande, one of the great generals in Shivaji s army, throughout the story you can sense the towering presence of Shivaji s personality in the background Whether it is the war against Bandals, construction of fort under the guidance of Baji or even siege to Panhala and subsequent escape plan, you can clearly see and feel the strategy and thinking of Shivaji Rest all generals were in awe with their king and there was deep devotion in all the soldiers [...]

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