Strange Places

[PDF] Strange Places | by ✓ Jefferson Smith - Strange Places, Strange Places Spunky and irreverent year old Tayna is every villain s worst nightmare an uncooperative victim who refuses to play by his rules After living her entire life in a cruel orphanage Tayna discovers
  • Title: Strange Places
  • Author: Jefferson Smith
  • ISBN: 9780986693618
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Strange Places | by ✓ Jefferson Smith, Strange Places, Jefferson Smith, Strange Places Spunky and irreverent year old Tayna is every villain s worst nightmare an uncooperative victim who refuses to play by his rules After living her entire life in a cruel orphanage Tayna discovers that she may never have actually been an orphan and flees from nunnish captivity to search for her real family But time is running out and she has two entire worlds to searSpunky and i [PDF] Strange Places | by ✓ Jefferson Smith - Strange Places, Strange Places Spunky and irreverent year old Tayna is every villain s worst nightmare an uncooperative victim who refuses to play by his rules After living her entire life in a cruel orphanage Tayna discovers
  • [PDF] Strange Places | by ✓ Jefferson Smith
    475 Jefferson Smith
Strange Places

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  1. Inventor of worlds, founder of religions, shaper of destinies It s all in a day s work for a fantasy novelist Despite a lifetime of dabbling in things like technology a PhD in computer science and creativity theory and Hollywood animation, my first passion has always been writing If I was allowed to write my own reviews, the words irreverent, thought provoking, and funny would get used a lot But don t trust me on that After all, I tell lies for a living.

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  1. First off I want to thank the First Reads program and the publisher for giving me a copy of this book, but unfortunately it was not my cup of tea Strange Places is about an orphan girl who is trying to find her parents and embarks on a journey in a completely different and magical world In the beginning it was actually pretty great Very intriguing, mysterious and actually had lots of funny dialogue But once Tayna goes into the magical world, it dragged on and on and on and on Eventually I lost i [...]

  2. You can always tell my favorite books by their placement in my room Good books are on the bookshelf, great books are on the shelf by my bed and Strange Places is perched on top of the whole thing, overlooking my entire room, it s cover proudly presenting itself to anyone who comes through the door This book was definitely a thrill to read There are so many wonderful and varied characters that I can barely keep track of them, all with their own quirks and goals and ideas and they all somehow mesh [...]

  3. To be honest, I m not even sure this is a children book, children book involves Prince Charming and damsels in distress, well if this is a children book, I would say it s very very sophisticated I had a wonderful time reading it and all the time I was whisked away by the wonderland I was in.I would say that this book is sort of like Alice in Wonderland, yet another kind of unique altogether It s hard to describe, there s something about it that seemed special and strange, the sisters actually cr [...]

  4. This is a great fast paced adventure story about Tayna, a young girl who lives in an orphanage Throughout the book we follow her on her journey to find out about herself and who she really is This book is filled with elements of fantasy and magic and is a lovely read You will find yourself turning the pages to find out what happens next Plus it ends in a great cliffhanger to ekep you wanting You can read my detailed review here midnight orchids I received a free copy of this book from the auth [...]

  5. This is a fun and funny book with a lot of twists and turns you can t tell what s going to happen next in it The protagonist Tayna is one of the spunkiest book characters that I ve come across in a long while At times I wondered how author Smith thinks, as some of the imagery in the book was just plain weird Or icky Or both He seems to have a wild imagination all the better for readers I recommend this book for fans of Harry Potter it has something for young adult and adult readers alike I look [...]

  6. This debut novel from Jefferson Smith is an engaging read from cover to cover that is likely to entice and engage both young and old The story s protagonist and antagonist are classic archetypal figures and Smith does than well developing a suspenseful and rollicking series of adventuresome conflicts between the two Part Harry Potter, part Avatar, this story is sure to entertain while also give reason to reflect I, for one, cannot wait for the sequel

  7. I really enjoyed this book It was easy to identify with the characters and I couldn t wait to see what would happen to them next The writing flowed easily from page to page The cliff hanger ending left me eagerly anticipating the next book in this series.

  8. Disclaimer I received this book from the First Reads program.The first thing I want to say about this book is that you should not go into it expecting a typical swords and sorcery fantasy book If you do you will be greatly disappointed as this is not even close to what this book is about Rather than being an epic story of good vs evil as most fantasy is this is a book about a young orphan trying to discover herself and her past.The story starts with Tayna at an orphanage run by nuns who basicall [...]

  9. Updated I had to change the rating on this book from three to four stars Why Because it s been three years and I still check back every once and a while for the third book to come out Everything I wrote below stands, but if I m still waiting for after years have passed, it obviously resonated with me than I thought.While reading the first half of Strange Places , I was a little worried The evil orphanage, the spunky heroine who leads her band of misfits against tyranny, who turns out to be wel [...]

  10. After reading a character interview and finding out a smidgeon about the young protagonist Tayna, I just knew I had to read this book A likable, reliable and compassionate young heroine, Tayna also has gumption and an unconquerable spirit An orphan who is unloved and unwanted, she discovers quite spectacularly that there is a chance she may find out what happened to her parents After escaping from an orphanage, she gets lost and in so doing begins a journey of adventure and discovery that kept m [...]

  11. Strange Places Finding Tayna 1 is the first book in a series The story begins with Tayna in an orphanage and housed with the unlovables The cruel religious sisters who run the orphanage abuse all of the children, but especially Tayna s group As trouble brews it becomes clear to Tayna that she needs to escape to save herself She returns to the area where she was originally found With the help of The Watcher, she finds herself in another world with little knowledge of the customs She is on a quest [...]

  12. Four stars Definitely a four star book Why not five Lets go into some detail First of all as I first started reading this I was about to put it down for good simply because I was getting a very strong little orphan annie vibe off of it And then things started happening So many things I would describe it as a sort of whirlwind ride into a very strange world Not many things are explained sufficiently and you are just sort of sucked in and carried along with the story And now, with book one of this [...]

  13. This story is outstanding The characters and races are simply original and fresh The third person head hopping, however, irked me I think and feel that it was too much head hopping I enjoyed the story But I did not enjoy the book I am not sure if that will make any sense but I ll try to explain a little While I have nothing bad to say about the characters and plots I didn t like the way those plots appeared in this book Just as the head hopping took away from the voice The plot hopping took away [...]

  14. First of all, I would like to thank the author, Jefferson Smith, for sending an e copy of his book to me and for inviting me to review it.I found Strange Places brimming with imagination and being a cocktail of magic and adventure It connected the real with the fantastic world in a way that I m sure would make children from all over the world wonder Could it be me in her place The only thing I consider a minus in this book is that it was sometimes too rich in details I felt like some parts were [...]

  15. I already reviewed this wonderful book on , but I will take the time to do so again out of the sheer amazingness of this book It was a book of magic, friendship, and so much I love the characters and how well they are developed, especially Abeni and Elicand The Djin are brilliantly written up, as well as the imagery of the Gnomileshi I can t wait to read the second book.

  16. The writing was not that bad I read the first few pages and thought I would give it a chance It was too strange and disjointed in places for me to finish I agree with some others that this book could have been 80 or so pages shorter Maybe a novella or short story One woman s opinion.

  17. When the author agreed to send me a copy of this book, I was extremely excited to start reading it, because the premise was so good, yet left me wondering what it meant and how was the story developing around those ideas When I started this book, back in February, I knew I was holding something special not my tablet, but what I was looking at in the screen Unfortunately, life got in the way, school, scouts, exams, reading slumps, so I would like to apologize to the author right now for the long [...]

  18. This was one of the books included in the Immerse or Die 2016 Bundle on the Storybundle website It is the first part of the series Finding Tayna This book tells the story of 13 year old Tayna, who is the most senior girl at an orphanage run by nuns She is the only one of the orphans never to have been granted an interview with prospective parents Therefore she is labelled as one of the Unlovables, along with other girls who have failed interviews so many times that the nuns believe they will nev [...]

  19. First off, this book appears to be the first in a series, although there is no indication of how many books are planned for the series So it is possible some of the criticisms I have may be cleared up in future books But for now, all I have to work with is the book at hand.I really enjoyed the first half of the book The main character, Tayna, is a young girl growing up in one of the worst orphanages ever, yet she maintains a generally positive attitude, with a good bit of cynicsm mixed in She re [...]

  20. Strange Places by, Jefferson Smith Tayna is a thirteen year old orphan who has grown up in the Good Sisters Orphanage since she was three Sister Regalia runs the orphanage and she is a nasty piece of work She keeps a group of girls she calls the Unlovables on the fifth floor away from the rest of the orphans and makes them do all the chores One day a mysterious stranger comes to the orphanage Eliza Lies , Tayna s best friend, overhears a threat to Tayna s life and helps her escape Afraid and on [...]

  21. Strange Places is the first book in a series following the adventures of Tayna, a young girl who lives in an orphanage run by some pretty nasty nuns Tayna soon discovers that she might not actually be much of an orphan and that her parents might live in another world all together I didn t quite know what to expect from Strange Places I picked it up on a whim at an Entertainment Expo I had planned to take a break from YA for a little bit but I figured I d read this book first and I am really glad [...]

  22. Strange Places was an enjoyable fantasy adventure with a handful of interesting major characters and a well realized setting I would recommend it to other fantasy readers, and I intend to continue the series.Tayna, the protagonist, is a strong, capable girl with an amusing cynical snarkiness She solves problems and puzzles in ways that feel naturally clever, not contrived I started rooting for her to succeed quite early on, and she held my interest through the story.The setting itself, first in [...]

  23. Strange Places is a fairy tale to the last inch It starts with a protagonist, Tayna, who is an orphaned girl in a terrible orphanage run by terrible nuns They call it the Old Shoe and that, really, is your first tipoff that this is a fairly tale Things get worse before they get better and the next thing you know, Tanya is in a whole new world, advised that there is danger, but also that she may have parents somewhere that she hasn t known before.Tayna is an enchanting heroine She s enough a part [...]

  24. This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.Orphans, magic, strangers, and wonderfully strange places What else could you ask for An orphan for most of her life, Tayna suddenly finds herself on her own in a city she knows nothing about She wants to know where she came from, and no one is willing to tell When she finally finds someone willing to help, she must help them as much as they will help her.I thought this book was fascinating reading Being alone in the world forces a person to do things [...]

  25. This book was amazing D Just, amazing D I literally just finished it, like, a minute ago so my brain is kind of muddled by the amazing ness I can t stop saying that word, and I don t care and I m trying not to put spoilers lol.Tayna is such a brilliant character, so snarky and funny I loved all the characters so much, but I think she is my favorite D This was a brilliant book, the writing was fantastic and flowed really well The characters were really well developed and each had a unique persona [...]

  26. This was a great, fun romp through a unique fantasy world with a serious, compelling story and poignant moments underlying all the fun The main character, Tayna, is a very likeable character who comes out with some really funny, dry witty retorts There are other unforgettable, complex and unique characters in here as well Abeni for example, is one I ll never forget, on par with Hagrid from Harry Potter The different societies are well thought out and distinct as well The description of the Gnomi [...]

  27. Compelling story that moves at an agreeable pace The dialogue is ideal for juvenile readers, and the themes are applicable to young adults, most notably a very strong resistance to structured religion, any sense of higher powers, and a fatalistic approach to finding your other half This book creates a remote mythic landscape that somehow feels right at home the most vile of creatures, Gnomileshi are not always portrayed as entirely threatening or hostile, which cultivates of a sense of adventur [...]

  28. This guy is a genius Strange Places I came across quite by accident, when I took a class with the author himself I read it, as was pro quo with these kinds of classes and loved it I fell in love with a world based partly upon my own, and with a girl who s story plucks at every string in your heart, and keeps you laughing along the way I thirst for his upcoming sequel, and I can feel in my writerish soul that it will be just as good as the first Fall in love with Tayna, who is far from Annie, but [...]

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